Newsletter – Issue 55

Last issue I had mentioned the attempts by the Obama administration to “reduce nuclear weapons”, and pointed out that this still left over 3,000 weapons in existence, and thus not reducing any nuclear threat at all.  But after publication, I then found something that is even worse then this:

As Politico has pointed out, the Obama administration has a tendency to describe their every action as “unprecedented.” In the case of the U.S.-Russia Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, this is actually true. Theoretically, the treaty agreed to by the Obama administration limits each side to 1,550 strategic nuclear weapons. In practice, it will allow least 200 nuclear weapons in excess of the U.S. and Russian stockpiles permitted under the 2002 treaty signed by the Bush administration. The administration is laying claim to a 30 percent reduction in strategic nuclear weapons while actually permitting an increase in the force. This is unprecedented.  Obama’s Nuke Deal With Russia

In what is now a very “typical fashion” for Obama, we’ve been lied to again, and again, and again.  Need proof?

“”The existence of thousands of nuclear weapons is the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War… I state clearly and with conviction America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.

To reduce our warheads and stockpiles, we will negotiate a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with the Russians this year. To achieve a global ban on nuclear testing, my administration will immediately and aggressively pursue U.S. ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Together we will strengthen the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as a basis for cooperation.” Barak Obama, current Liar In Chief

This is a whopper of a lie and demonstrates the warlike nature that this man really exhibits while smiling at the camera.  But there are many many more examples of this nature as evidenced by Obama’s policies.

What’s going on here is interesting.  The lies are being told as the “truth” and many of the people are accepting this, and not checking the facts.

I am not the only one that sees the world stupidity of holding 95% of the world nuclear weapons, still pointed at each other:

The treaty makes some modest reductions from the SORT limits but not large enough changes to make a qualitative difference in the nuclear standoff between the legacy forces of the two Cold War superpowers.  (If anyone can explain to me why we and the Russians continue to need over a thousand nuclear bombs, each five to twenty five times more powerful than the bomb that flattened Hiroshima, pointed at each other, please send me an email. I want to know what the beef between us is that makes that seem proportionate.) Hardly a Jump START

Something you might not know: the Defense Department’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) sold $10,996,180,000 ($11 billion) in arms to foreign countries in 2008, with $36,000,000,000 (36 billion) in agreements (future deliveries).  The business of war is very profitable for America.

Americans don’t really feel much when it comes to arms sales.  Or the bloodshed and broken, shattered lives that this causes.  We’re insulated from the real effects by a complicit “embedded” media who’s job is to pump up morale while hiding the truth, and even they know it, but are too cowardly to do much about it.

While the American media showcase US military power and the high morale of the American troops in what is described as a “war of liberation,” the Arab media focus on Iraqi civilian casualties and damage to Iraqi cities in a “war of occupation.”  Whose ‘truth’ is being reported? Christian Science Monitor

The Chris Hedge article included in the last newsletter brought on a few (positive) comments from some of you (thank you).  I only wish more people realized what we have become.


The hoopla over Iran continues.  But “We should all bother to do a little reading and get our facts straight.

If there was a case for new crippling sanctions or for bombing Iran before, the report adds nothing new.    The February report contains no new evidence of Iranian weapons work that was not already in the public domain. There is no independent IAEA assessment that Iran currently has or has ever had a nuclear weapons program.  Judging the Mood At The IAEA

But the American media continues to spin more brain sludge (b.s.) on this topic:

According to a recent article by the New York Times, Western intelligence agencies and international inspectors now “suspect that Tehran is preparing to build more [enrichment] sites”. This revelation, according to the newspaper, comes at a “crucial moment in the White House’s attempts to impose tough new sanctions against Iran.”

However, these “suspicions” come months after Iran publicly disclosed such intentions.

The Revelation of Fordow+10: What Does It Mean?

This is a tragic story, one which thinking Americans (those that care about their country) can scarcely believe is true: Victimized by American Depravity.  Tortured, repeatedly raped, beaten, this doctor in neurocognitive science is yet another victim in America’s endless war on fear and imagination.

Nonetheless, she was accused of being a “high security risk” for alleged Al-Qaeda connections linked to planned terrorist attacks against New York landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building, accusations so preposterous they never appeared in her indictment.

No credible evidence was presented. Some was kept secret. The proceedings were carefully orchestrated. Witnesses were either enlisted, pressured, coerced, and/or bought off to cooperate, then jurors were intimidated to convict, her attorney, Elaine Whitfield Sharp, saying their verdict was “based on fear, not fact.”

She endured a lot, some of the worst of it including “six men….strip(ping) her naked. All her clothes would be removed. She told this to the Pakistani senators too, that they would strip her naked, then tie her hands behind her back, and then they would take her, dragging her by the hair. You cannot imagine the cruelty they have done to her. They would take her like this to the corridor and film her there.”

After “beat(ing) her so much that she bled….they made her lie on a bed. Then they tied her hands and feet – hands and feet both tied so that she (could) not even… scratch her wounds. Then they applied torture to the soles of her feet and head. They put her in some machines to make her lose her mental stability. They gave her such injections on the pretext of medical treatment.” When she pleaded not to do it, “they would make her unconscious and then give them to her. Such is (their) cruelty.”

After years of horrific torture and abuse, a federal Bureau of Prisons psychological evaluation diagnosed her condition to be “depressive type psychosis” besides the destructive physical toll on her body.

I don’t know what to say anymore about any of this.  I’ve followed this story for a while, but there are many more just like it.  It has gotten so bad in America these days and with forced American policies internally and abroad that it just boggles my mind that we have not risen up and thrown off these oppressors.

What needs to happen in the States need to secede from this bogus “union” of torture, fear, intimidation and oppressive taxation and policy.  This would be an important first-step in dismantling the police state that this country has become.

I’ve argued many times before that cognative dissonance and deep denial is at the heart of problems.  This is still true, but there is also something else.  Cowardice.

We’d much rather avoid the truth the face up to the facts of what we have become.

Forbidden Knowledge

There are many types of forbidden knowledge that we are not supposed to know or understand.  Esoteric knowledge and mystery “school” teaching are one sort of knowledge.  Herbal knowledge and homeopathic remedies are another.  Insider trading and political “deals” and how Congress and the Senate really works are yet another.  Constitutional knowledge, tax knowledge, executive order knowledge… all of these levels of awareness are becoming increasingly “dangerous levels” of knowledge that are being a) considered unacceptable or tolerated; b) increasingly illegal to know or practice; c) punishable by arrest and imprisonment.

Lately, Obama has taken notice of these things.  On the chopping block will be the free flow of information that the public will be allowed to know.

Pay close attention here, because this is important.


I have been pondering the true meaning behind the rammed-through ObamaCare “bill” (pun intended) that nobody was allowed to read before passage (when have we heard that before?  Hint: Patriot Act).

I perceive that the real agenda of this action is not what most people think.  It is not about offering affordable health care, or about making sure the “uninsured” are taken care of, or about about capping of health care costs or any such thing.  All of these things are but smokescreens that they want you to believe in.

The objections over this so-called “universal health care” notwithstanding (which are vast and deep), the real agenda here is about creating an “umbrella” of surveillance, monitoring and taxation of every man, woman and child in America.

The media disinformation outlets will continue to spin the yarns about equal access and coverage, and how this will help “protect” us from predatory practices, but the exact opposite will now come even more true then it is already today. It will the same predators as before, only worse.

Anybody found to not have the mandatory coverage will face “enforcement” by the new Corps Obama has authorized, and the 16,000+ new IRS agents.  While many have already said that it would be “cheaper to pay the fines” (true, but only for now, and only once, after that they’ll have you) then to pay the mandatory premiums, that isn’t the real agenda here.  The real agenda is to sweep in million upon millions of citizens and businesses into this new surveillance and monitoring scheme, thereby creating a massive increase in the tax rolls and even more importantly, critical information links on every single American, both young and old.

Here is the scenario I see developing:  Anyone “caught” without mandatory insurance will be turned in.  This is the same thing as not having a “national ID card”, which by the way, will also be coming soon.  They will be forced to pay a fine and pay for the mandatory health care premiums.  The IRS will monitor and track the participants for compliance.  Non-compliant people will include anybody that does not buy health care AND people that do not file taxes. In other words, by bringing the issues of health care and taxes together, they will sweep up all the people that are in violation of one or the other or both, because they will now be able to check each set of records against the other.  This will be encompass tens of millions of people and be a huge “boon” for new revenue and control.

In other words, the gigantic shadow world of “outside income” and non-compliant persons will be swept up under this new legislation.  They will scrutinize everything you do once you are forced to participate, because now they will know about you and all that you do.  Remember, this is mandatory.  Mandatory means you’re going to have to prove your income and where it comes from.  You’ll need to prove your place of employement, your marital status, the names and ages of your kids and so on.

Mandatory means that they will scrutinize your entire life and see whether or not you have complied in all that is being demanded of you. Why else do you think they need 16000+ enforcement agents?  Your income, your status, your place of employment, your health history, your children, their health history, literally everything will come under federal scrutiny.  Any violation will be rectified through increased demands and fines.  Offenders will be fined and perhaps even imprisoned, but probably under a different code, such as IRS tax violations (which is something Americants already have become accustomed to).

Catching you will be easier and easier as time goes on and more and more people bend over and comply.  Either you will get sick and need medical services, or something else will trip you up.  You may only need prescription or an health exam for job, or a mandatory drug test or emergency room visit for a broken finger, but what they’ve done here is to ensure that:

a) all persons are accounted for;

b) all sources of incomes are accounted for;

c) all businesses are accounted for;

d) all business incomes are accounted for;

e) all private and commercial activities such as banking are accounted for;

f) all required taxation are accounted for;

g) all mandatory health premiums are accounted for;

h) all compliance and requirements are accounted for.

The healthcare bill is all about making sure that everyone is forced to participate in both the IRS taxation and mandatory health care.  With this information, they will be able to identify, track and monitor all persons and all activities with a much greater degree then what they are already doing today.

Participants will now be forced to reveal things as part of these new monitoring programs that they have long considered private or personal, but will now become the absolute purview of the federal government (and the States by the way, who will share the information), such as your bank accounts, your assets, your property, your health status, your childrens health and such like.

It is very easy to imagine the type of power and control this will now give to those that dreamed this up.  Using existing records and databases, you will now discover to your dismay that you have no more privacy, no more rights, no more freedoms and no more health care except that which is “allowed”.  Nothing will be sacred or left private.  You may even find that your health care is “cancelled” as punishment because of past or present non-compliance.

I’ve long said that privacy and anonymity is a cornerstone of freedom, and a very important one.  Without anonymity, you are capable of being monitored in all that you do: what you buy, what you eat, where you live, how much money you make, how much tax you pay, how much fuel you consume, your political views, your religious affiliations, your habits and routines, whether or not you harbor “dissent” or compliance and so on.

What the government has done with the health care legislation is create this huge possibility to track every American, every source of income, every bank account, every asset, every job, every employee, every employer, every business and on and on and on.  By making this “mandatory”, they will convince tens of millions of people to just go along with it, with many thinking that this is necessary and good.

They have absolutely NO IDEA what they are going to be giving up.  This will be your worst nightmare realized, the absolute relenquishment of all personal privacy and abandonment of individual rights and soveriegnty.

And I’ve yet to say anything about the fact that no government has the right to dictate what you do or do not do with regards to your life or your health, or to hold you hostage, forced to pay into a system that you neither want, use or need.  But that is exactly what is going on here.

This could go much further — such as everyone is forced then to accept a national ID card, non-compliant persons are not permitted to buy nor sell anything, reward programs for doctors, nurses and staff to catch the ‘outlaws’, mandatory registration of all new births, forced vaccinations, closure of ‘renegade’ businesses that fail to provide coverage, seizure of business and personal assets, rationing cards for food, fuel, electricity, biometric implantable ID chips being declared “essential” to “streamline” and make this all work more efficiently, etc.

By going after “all the people, all the time” which is effectively what the current legislation already proposes, with two systems now in place, they have opened up a gigantic window into the lives of every Americant.  They have effectively doubled or even quadrupled their ability to govern very important aspects of your life.

And we let this happen.

I think this is partly why they rammed this crap through and passed this into ‘law’.  They do not want you to realize what is really going to happen here.

If you want health care — it was always available to you.  But now we’ve got this federal monster removing the lint in our back pocket and looking over your shoulder at everything you do.

What's coming next....


Somebody send me some lottery tickets.  Maybe I could buy my own doctor or at least a nurse.


I know I’ve suddenly sent out several of these newsletters after a short absence. This is because some information is more meaningful if shared in a timely fashion.  I promise to sink back into the woodwork now where I belong.


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