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We’ve long seen a pattern of spiked news stories, but I’ve been seeing something else that I’ve reported on before, but still, feel to comment on again.  Spiked comments by disinformation agents are on the rise on many websites.  Either these commentators are woefully under informed (possible), or they are deliberate provocateurs (also likely).

What they are doing is recycling old lies, over and over again, so much so that it’s quite noticeable. They’re also spamming sites with huge volumes of comments that are intended to dissuade or support the articles.  There have been a number of stories now reported in the media that countries like Israel are employing teams of agents to do exactly this, but they’re not alone by any means.  The US government has long utilized tools to monitor the Internet and the public opinions being expressed.  There are even software programs that use these comments to gauge dissent and if you can believe it, predict the future.

Oftentimes, this online activity is being done by grass root activists who are trying to shape public opinion by overwhelming the posts.  And sometimes it works, because it gives reader the perspective that there is either a lot of support or a lot of dissent to the article in question.  And this says nothing by the way in regards to the article itself and its accuracy and validity.

But basically what I’m saying here is the comments posted are becoming increasingly worthless since honest and intelligent opinions and even expertise is oftentimes being drowned out by all the white noise.  You have to wade through incredible volumes of stupidity to find the real intelligent and informed comments these days.  Many of these sites that have been bookmarked by activists are now absolutely worthless for this reason.

I’ve long said that Internet “existence” online is dangerous.  Anything and everything can be found out about you.  And what you post is also used to profile you.  Sites like Facebook and Myspace are often checked by insurance companies for personal posts (so they can rate you or deny a claim).  Many business “require” an email address — don’t give it to them, even when they insist.  You don’t have Internet access…

Be careful of what you do online, and be careful of what you read online and be careful what you accept as either fact or balanced public opinion.

I really enjoyed these two posts from the Archdruid ReportEnergy Concentration Revisited and The Logic Of Abundance (also energy related).

You should probably read this in the same order I’ve listed them as it would make more sense that way.  It’s good to see someone cut through the propaganda and hype in regards to our energy needs and how some of it is going to dramatically change.  But more importantly, the where we are going to apply that energy is also covered in some areas.

Unspoken (yet at least) is some of the difficulties both rural and surburban areas will have in generating their own electricity.  I agree that many areas will simply be cut off and left to “die” energy wise, and if these locations intend to survive electrically, they will need to find ways to generate their own electricity.

Not everybody will “need” electricity mind you, but the majority still will.  Mostly to do essential tasks like pump water (a high priority) and provide at least some illumination and run some essential machinery.  Doing laundry by hand is possible for example, but probably one of those areas I’ll definitely be trying to get done by electrically powered machinery.  It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s because I work hard everyday and pretty much ruin whatever I’m wearing on a daily basis, thus my own need for a constant fresh laundry supply.

But how will this electricity be generated?  Rural areas have more options then suburban and that’s what I hope the druid covers in future issues.  We have hydro (moving water), solar, wood, wind and geothermal, depending on where you live.

Suburban areas have some of these possibilities, but have the disadvantages of too high a concentration of people and a higher energy requirement, significantly fewer options for hydro power, and fewer sources for renewables like wood. I can easily envision in an energy collapse that wood sources would be quickly stripped bare for cooking and heat and eventually, completely destroying any forest, parks and groves of trees.

Whenever there is too high a density of population such as found in a city, the immediate surrounding area is never going to be enough to sustain it.  This is why by the way, that a return to “local living” will never be able to support the mega-cities we have today.  They’re too demanding in terms of essential resources (and non-essential resources too).

They do have similar possibilities for solar and wind power generation, and perhaps even a few tiny advantages, such as setting up turbines on top of high rise buildings.  But the amount of power such a building would require, say an apartment block, would be far higher then the number of turbines that could be erected on the roof.

Most likely however, is the deconstruction and abandonment of highly populated cities. This would happen for many reasons, energy being only one of them.  The lack of proper sanitation / sewage facilities (very energy intensive), water, food production, heating and raw resources would cause most cities in an energy-depleted world to simply collapse.  Even today, they can only exist because of the massive levels of inputs in terms of materials, power, fuel, food and water being trucked and piped and wired in from thousands of miles away.

Since transportation would be one of the hardest hit sectors of our civilization in an energy collapse, these basics for survival would no longer be easily met.  Most likely, there would come a gigantic exodus from the city to the country side, the “great dispersion” of dispossessed people who would be seeking a more sustainable lifestyle (and someplace where their needs can actually be met).

On the other hand, with the development and massive investments required in something like nuclear energy, some cities would stay viable for a fairly long time yet.  They would still require all those basic inputs mentioned above, and it is very likely in my opinion that the ongoing rape of the planet will continue long after most species of life are brought to extinction.  Therefore, if nuclear power takes hold as it just might, then some cities will still be possible, but at a significantly higher “expense” in terms of the biosphere.

All other power sources and “alternative” energy technologies won’t support a city’s energy demands, and while I don’t want to see nuclear power take hold, it probably will.  It makes much more sense to me to address our wasteful use of energy first, including the need to build or maintain cities at all and examine our lifestyles before we blithely continue on this path of planetary destruction.  But of course we won’t do that, the pathway ahead is increasing complexity and dependency first and foremost, then we get to collapse from our stupidity and shortsightedness.

All of this is all rather important in today’s world, but just to show you how it will all play out as I have long said, read this: Government set to unveil offshore drilling plan. The second paragraph is an absolute lie — you cannot drill (and discover) oil and “reduce greenhouse gases”.  What do you think that oil is going to be used for?  Cooking?

There’s more here: US Coast To Be Opened For Oil Exploration

Drilling Our Coastlines

This is more business-as-usual-despite-all-the-warnings I’ve long warned about. Sure, we need to wean ourselves off foreign imports, but not so that we can continue our wasteful ways, but so that we can stop using oil to power our civilization.  That will require a bottom-up approach to everything we’ve built.

Sadly, “big numbers” like “4 billion barrels of oil” and “10.5 billion” will bamboozle mathematically challenged Americants who will stupidly believe that this is going to actually help us more then hurt us.  The sad truth is this is less then a two-year oil supply at our present rates of connedsumption.  To do that, we’re willing to risk it all – which is exactly what we’re now going to do, making this an absolutely disastrous decision.

The article spins yet another yarn – “To put that in context, the United States imports about 2 billion barrels of oil a year from OPEC nations”.  This is supposed to make you think that 4 + 10.5 = 14.5 / 2 = a 7 year oil supply of this hypothetical-yet-to-be-found-and-discovered-and-developed-oil.

Ho hum.  I see this kind of stuff everyday now, something I mentioned at the top of this newsletter.  We’re not being told the truth on nearly anything anymore by anybody.  This is no accident either, but a deliberate plan of malfeasance to keep us blind, dumb and stupid (and completely powerless).

It’s important to actually think about what you’re reading, watching or hearing, since so much of these days is absolute b.s. (brain sludge).

Related is a local story I just heard from a history teacher – he claims at our local high school, that they are no longer allowed to teach history, or the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.  Almost nothing is being taught to these “graduates”.  He sees (his own words) that this next generation is some of the “dumbest people on the planet”, but he thinks that this is deliberate.

Bitter Laugh

You should read / watch and listen to this: Bitter Laugh (thank you!)

There is no doubt that the United States is Murder, Incorporated.  Several hundred conflicts have been launched / engaged in by the USA (pdf file), with the lions share of the US economy based upon so-called “defense” production.  The amount of devastation and lives / freedoms lost by these actions is truly incalculable.

Read the list of these conflicts in the pdf file.  If you want to know another side to “how America was built”, this will show that through violence, oppression, murder and occupation, the nation we have today was constructed upon the bones of the defeated.

A careful read will reveal the objectives: to suppress dissent, to occupy and control lands and resources, to ensure compliance and “cooperation”, and to squash true freedom and “lawlessness”.

On the other hand, some conflicts arose because of true human rights abuse and a clear need existed for intervention as a “last resort” (having exhausted diplomatic means).  But these events are in the minority, where the majority are conflicts that arose because of the exact opposite: greed, oppression, control, ownership and resources.  Tossed into the fire have been hundreds of millions of citizens, who are expected and even demanded to lose their lives in “sacrifice of freedom” or so the saying goes.  But it’s more b.s.

War is a racket, chess pieces moved about on the board of life, sacrificing both pawns and bishops so that the knights, kings and queens can remain in power.  It matters not who is turned into hamburger or how many, the conflict is the point and the profit.  Funding and supply both sides is often the goal (and where a lot of the money is made).

The recent conflicts of America are no different and have been exposed to be senseless, selfish and slaughter, but this is after all, what America, the “land of the free” actually does.  The illusions that we are a lawful nation interested in human-rights and freedom remain, but a reading of the true history of this country will reveal something else entirely different.  We may be pampered and privileged here, but we achieved that through the exportation of death and destruction, and this is how we still manage to maintain this “privileged” existence today.

If war were to stop, and if America were to withdraw its foreign occupiers, close its offshore bases and withdraw all military intervention and involvement overseas, and return all of these troops home (dream on), then this country would: a) not be attacked; b) be radically different in terms of lifestyle, debt, production and economy; c) dramatically cut our expenditures, pollution, oil consumption and resource use and resource destruction (including contributing to global warming); and d) would return this country to a respected place among nations.

But this would put many Americans out of a “job” (slave labor for Murder, Inc.,) and cannot be allowed.  The defense industry and corporate America, in league like ticks on a dog would never allow this. This country will remain committed to war for as long as it continues to exist.

Obama is making a pass at nuclear arms reduction, but the only way this would actually be meaningful is to eliminate ALL nuclear weapons. The reality is, there would still be over 3000 nuclear weapons in existence, which makes “reduction” rather meaningless.  Just one nuclear weapon detonated would forever change how the rest of us (survivors) would live — we’d be in constant fear and under constant supervision and “management”, a situation which would be much, MUCH worse then it is today.

This is unbelievable, but true.  Repeated tasering of a visibly pregnant woman who would not sign a traffic ticket was upheld by the court as being “ok”.  Not once, not twice, but three times she was tasered by these revenue agents who were far more interested in obtaining her (forced) signature for a stupid ticket then her own health and welfare and that of her baby.

Some land of the “free” we have here.  Pay as you go and pay / sign / do not cross the dotted line or else. Even our corrupt courts are in on the action (of course they are, or none of this would be going on anymore).

Homeless and Elderly.  Wow.  This is going to rise an expected 30%.  I read a set of comments on some forgotten website where you need $2 – $3 million dollars in assets before you can “safely retire”.  Unbelievable.  Definitely a pay as you go (die) if that’s what it takes to survive here.  Since I have nothing whatsoever like that and I doubt most of you do either, we’re all screwed.

Humans “Too Stupid To Prevent Climate Change” – James Lovelock making some final comments.  I say we’re simply unwilling and we will continue to make the wrong choices.

“Climategate” Phil Jones Exonerated – Not unexpectedly either, the hoopla over the stolen emails never did amount to a hill of beans about anything.  This was always about deliberate misinformation and media spin and grassroots b.s. (brain sludge) disinformation provocateurs promotion.  The science, you know, the stuff that really matters, was never affected and the conclusions remain the same as always.

The report states that the focus on CRU and Professor Phil Jones, Director of CRU, in particular, has largely been misplaced, and that Dr. Jones’s actions were in line with common practice in the climate science community, and the CRUs analyses have been repeated and the conclusions have been verified.

The review by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee began in January in the wake of the Climategate media frenzy.  While the committees report recommends that climate scientists should seek to improve transparency in their work, release raw data when possible, and provide more detail on their methodologies, the committee firmly concludes that there was no dishonesty on the part of Dr. Jones and the CRU.  The committee compared the results of other independent analyses of climate data to that of the CRU, and found that they are consistent and independently verifiable.

But I’ll betcha that this won’t change anything in the denialsphere.  The only thing that is going to work there is a 2×4 between the eyes, or the wake-up call of when the Pine Island Glacier breaks off and a sudden 2 meter sea level rise wipes out, oh about 500,000,000 people.  Many more then that live too close to our current sea levels, so I’m being conservative here, but I hold nothing but disgust for the people that cannot see what is happening right in front of their eyes.  “Denialists” is too pat and comfortable a term, willfully stupid is better.

Oh, by the way, it appears now that the Ready Reserve Force is in the bill signed by the Prez.  Many websites are calling this the new private army.  The bad news nothing is going to be done about this obamanation either.


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