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Hi everyone,

It’s been a deliberate while since I wrote another newsletter.  Exactly 27 days in fact, which is a long time for me, as I usually crank out too many of these things.  For several reasons, I decided to slow down.

I’ve been very, very busy myself with little spare time.  The non-winter here created workable conditions to get a very early jump on spring projects. As usual, I bit off more then I could chew and have worked almost every day on getting many of them done.

Taking a break from writing has been good for me.  I’ve been looking for an iron nail to pound into the heads of the deserving, and a (big) hammer to do it with.  I think I found it.  All I had to do was wait.  Events are now happening at a breakneck speed.

In the last month, a lot has happened. I expected 2010 to be “catacalysmic” and in many ways (it’s only March still) this has already occurred.  The Chilean Earthquake followed on the heels of the Haiti Earthquake, and the ground hasn’t stopped shaking yet, with tremors being recorded all over the world. The death toll in both quakes was widely misreported, but this is par for the course these days in our highly controlled media environment.

This and many other events have probably been responsible for the huge surge in food storage orders, which has kept me very busy (and very tired).  China is reporting over 120 million people facting severe water shortages and is expecting some really massive crop losses. This explains the gigantic demand for export orders.  China is also buying up agricultural land with good reason.  Much of China is in severe drought and not likely to change any time soon.

Market Skeptics explains in Top Soil Crisis, that the world will need to boost it’s food production by 50%. Definitely so, but definitely not possible. One grossly overlooked area is all agricultural lands that can be farmed are being farmed.  As the climate worsens and the planet heat up (of which there is absolutely no doubt about) the general idea is that populations will migrate northwards to avoid dangerous temperatures.

This will not happen as expected, as food production requires suitable soils and adequate climate.  Ignoring the climate issue for a moment, the soils (topsoil) “up north” will NOT support another 50% increase in food production, not even close.  Nor will it support our current food production requirements either, as we find ourselves lacking in soil, water and a suitable growing climate.  In fact, the soils up north are generally considered poor and are not suitable for food production at all.

So all this “talk” of increasing food production is basically so much horseshit. What we need and what we have are two different things altogether.  In the meanwhile, the biosphere destruction continues at an increasingly rapid pace, underwriting a non-secure food future with insurance.

This is a fact being reported in the Market Skeptics article link above.  Exporters are now importers, unable to feed their billions from their own production.  Brazil will accelerate deforestation at a break-neck rate now, taking advantage of the market demand, and this in turn will of course lead to faster and faster rates of deforestation at a time when this activity is exceedingly dangerous for all life on Earth.

One of the unspoken problems with Brazilian production is Brazilian soils are generally very poor.  Deforestation is taking place to make room for more farming, but after only a couple of years of monoculture, the soil is so badly depleted that almost nothing will grow there.  Then more forest is cut down, and slashed and burned to make room for new farming, and the process repeats almost endlessly.  Finally, left behind are hugely vast tracts of ruined forests now turned into scrub deserts and ruined watersheds.

At best, this ‘buys’ the world just a few years of “security”.  All told, less then fifteen years of “production”.  The great tragedy here is what goes deliberately unreported in the MSM – deforestation wipes out critical plant species, uncountable and even unknown animal species and turns the “lungs of the Earth” into carbon-emitting savanna and deserts.  As the trees are cut down, they take with them the critical elements for a healthy soil, and instead of remaining carbon-capture forests, the land becomes exactly the opposite.  Wiped out are critical watersheds, rivers, streams and millions and millions of animals, fish and wildlife.

What’s happening here is predictable and knowable – climate change impacts everything and everybody and is already a global event.  It’s not a “unseen event” or an unknowable cost.  This has global impacts on a staggering scale which are being measured and reported every day.  Nations will do what they have to do to survive — and they will exploit whatever resource they (still) have, whether it be “natural”, human or animal, these are all resources and all can and will be leveraged as the world enters into an era of food insecurity.

Merchants Of Doubt – mp3 file.  How Climate Facts Are Being Deliberately Distorted. I listened to every “issue” of EcoShock, because there is always some good information there.

There is also this, Early Warning: The US in a High Emissions Scenario. All this stuff fits right in with what I’ve been saying for years now.  We keep ignoring the warning signs to our own peril, pretending that this will all somehow just “go away” when it obviously won’t.

I’m hoping (probably falsely) that the passage of the health care “bill” (pun intended) will awaken the sleeping masses of Americans to the tyranny being practiced by the federal government. This SHOULD be THE 2×4 right between their eyes right now, a real wake-up call on what has been going on for a long time.

This is more then just another tax, it places the responsibility for your health into the hands of the US government.  The staggering stupidity of this move is mind blowing.  This will be followed by several other “necessary steps”.  Putting the tracking of non-compliance into the hands of the IRS should wake you up big time.  If that doesn’t do it, then the National ID scheme that will be forced upon everyone might.

You can expect a gargantuan amount of new legislation and laws to come down the proverbial pike on the heels of this passage.  Already the states are lining up to sue the federal government over the increase in Medicaid this will require on their budgets.

How many Americants are aware that the war on terror will only be won win YOU have had enough? Do you realize that the real terrorists in the world (not the badged ones, but the bad guys in black) are waging a war that they are fully expecting you to eventually participate in?  They understand that they are putting pressure on the US Government and in turn, this pressure is increasingly being put upon Americans through ridiculous laws and “safety” measures.   American politicians are still stupidly claiming that freedom and liberty must be sacrificed for “security”.

With all the laws, legislation and decrees being issued (executive orders), the people of the United States are being indirectly recruited to assist terrorists, but this is a recruitment that is coming from other Americans (politicians and law enforcement).  It’s just a matter of time now before this happens on a broad scale.  The growing dissent and unrest in this country is directly related to the increased tyranny being practiced.

Steve Lendeman as usual, does a masterful job of showing how Barak Obama has betrayed the American people and reneged on every promise he had made.  Mr. Yes We Can has shown to be Mr. No We Won’t.  Following in absolute lockstep to the hated Bush Adminstration, Obama is the Dark Knight, taking vengeance and wreaking absolute havoc upon everything. The only beneficiaries of the Dark Lord’s reign of terror has been banksters, corporations and fat-cat bureaucrats.

Effectively, it remains business-as-usual, something that I promised everyone would continue should Obama be (s)elected, and this would have happened if that other guy and his clueless sidekick / sideshow got (s)elected too.  As always, it’s “more the same, only worse”.

Mark my words – many of us are going to have to figure out what to do as increasingly levels of tyranny, and intrusion into our daily lives makes living nearly impossible. The rest of the people, well, they’re going to do what they’ve always done, which is exactly nothing.  Any dissenters, objectors, “outsiders” and non-conformists will find increasingly lower levels of tolerance and outlets of expression, as new laws and legislation are passed, outlawing the individual and forcing higher and higher levels of conformity.  The health care bill is one such instrument.  There will be many more.

What do you think exploding breast implants, RFID chips and Internet monitoring have in common?

I predicted the RFID grocery cart fourteen years ago. Not only will they know what your buying without having to go through a checkout, they’ll know who is buying what.  Instantly. This will open up a gigantic market in direct marketing on an individual level. This might be a boon to merchants, but it will be the death of privacy (and the beginning of rationing).

The new car tracking technology (notice the use of unmanned drones over civilian airspaces) will be used for all kinds of nefarious purposes.  So will taxi drivers.

But are any of these things making us more free, or less free? Are they making us more secure or less secure?  From whom are they all coming from? From terrorists with bombs and guns and evil intentions to do us harm, or from “well-meaning” politicians and businesses out to make a buck (and control your life to the nth degree)?  Are you enjoying a higher quality of life now or a lower quality of life?  Do you know why that is?

We have only seen the tip of the iceberg.  A lot of this activity has already been going on behind the scenes for years, but now there will be an accelerated effort to make much of this mainstream and commonly accepted (and legal).

Causing the acceleration is issues which I’ve long covered – war, climate collapse, peak oil (energy collapse), resource collapse, oceans collapse, environmental collapse, overpopulation and civilization collapse.  All of these toppling dominoes creates an increased demand for “management” by the people that do such things.  Every effort is going to be expended (and I mean every effort, including population control and reduction) to keep our civilization on the straight and narrow path of connedsumerism as long as possible.

It should be obvious that none of this is either necessary, needed or beneficial to any of us. The manufactured “crisis” of terrorism is being very poorly handled and has created more problems then it will ever solve. The fake “Green Movement” proposes to “fix” what it secretly promotes.  The Tea Party, Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats and every other political movement is already still-born. The change promised to this entire country on every television set throughout the nation does not exist.

We are being conned, on every side, manipulated and managed (and mangled) into meek acceptance of what they deem is “for our own good” and the promised “return” to the good old days, which is just a rerun of the same connedmercials of the past.  Do NOT believe it.  Do NOT go along with it.  Do NOT stand is silent acceptance and watch it happen.  I still advocate the total abandonment of what is clearly wrong. The longer we continue to support this aging monster the worse things are going to get.

I liked this Manifesto – I am not a consumer… I am not a user…I am not a debtor… I am not an employee… I am not a resource…I am not an owner… I am not a leader…. I am not a believer I am a complicity and I am a part.


Kevin – thank you for your support!


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