Newsletter – Issue 50

It’s taken me a little while to publish this 50th issue, because I have been pondering some deep questions about the future of humanity upon this planet. 

At issue here is the notable accelerating environmental collapse factors, and how we have singularily failed to stop a single one of these issues.  It is now plainly evident that we cannot stop, and the following short long essay is why. 

I wrote this in a couple of hours on February 11th, late at night in one sitting.  I’m going to take a break now as it’s time to let this all sink in, for you and for me. I will return to publishing… when I feel like it!

Collapse Is Built In

We need to build a new way of living; therefore we must design it from the ground up, as this present model has demonstrated itself incapable of self-change.

I see this as needing to completely unplug and to disconnect; to remove our dependencies from the system on what we require to survive; to provide for these things for ourselves as much as possible; and to share them amongst ourselves completely outside of the present system of control and distribution and material exploitation.

Unplugging is also the fastest non-violent way to bring down the machine.  It is this machine itself, fueled by us, that is headed towards self-destruction.

The very existence of the First World existence (living standards and demands) encourages the rest of the world to seek after the same things as we do. This in turn will always lead to increasing levels of consumption throughout the world.

I have come to understand that the notion that we will voluntarily restrict ourselves and our levels of consumption is provably false, this we will never do.  We may in fact be completely incapable of doing this as a society (which I do think is true now).  We even experience extreme difficulty in doing this on an individual level.  This alone demonstrates the extremity of our present situation.

Therefore, multiply our level of consumption and living standards by the population of the earth.  7 billion people are seeking to “come up” to the first world expectations, or some higher measure then what they already have (including us in the First World).  Many could never acheive this as their environments have already been entirely denuded and stripped of resources.  But the point is, this is simply not possible for all of humanity and has been widely documented. It is completely and factually unachievable.  We do not produce enough food, energy or material goods for this to happen.  There is not enough resources left either.

But these living / lifestyle standards for the entire population is also highly undesirable too, as the Earth itself can only truly sustain one lifestyle above all else, and this is the hunter / gatherer lifestyle, of small groups of people living and using local resources.  Alll other lifestyles require increasing levels of consumption beyond true sustainability and eventually results in systematic breakdown of the Earth’s natural systems as population grows.

It was the abundance of energy the broke the imbalance of human population and the natural equilibrium of living.  Once this was broken, it was never regained as energy sources were continually exploited to greater and greater levels, fueling human population growth of the planet, while destroying and consuming the populations of everything else.  Extensive species extinctions have always followed after growing human populations.  It was only where this did not happen did human populations remain low enough that sustainable living still existed, but even these areas eventually were “discovered” and then consumed, and have now experienced the same and often, worse results.

Everywhere this natural threshold was exceeded, resulted in environmental collapse.

Here in the First World, it has been exceeded by ten thousand percent.  This is leading to a breakdown of natural systems the world over, as the First World now imports the majority of its consumption and materialism.  This is also now completely irreversible, due to non-sustainable population levels now in existence world wide.  Nothing can now stop this decline.  Nor can we simply “stop” our consumption as has been often suggested (including by me). We neither have the will to do so, or even the means anymore.

In America and many other places in the world today (especially the First World) it is actually illegal to do this, as we are forced into participation into higher material standards and consumption.  An important point, but not my main one.  This just demonstrates how we have made it more impossible.

We are dealing with a form of Jevon’s Paradox in every human endeavor.  Every efficiency and “gain” that we develop in technology or energy usage, allegedly to help us control our consumption, simply leads us to even more consumption.  This in turn continues to fuel higher population levels.

The only solution to this is a total energy collapse, with horrific results for humanity.  If I may ignore that for huge topic for now, all other human-devised solutions are self-defeating and completely unrealistic because they do not actually gain both efficiency and reductions as alleged.  We always find ways to take advantage of these things and increase our numbers, instead of decrease our actualy consumption.

Examples are efforts of voluntary reductions and consumption. This has proven to be undoable for humanity already.  Voluntary management, even self-management on scales larger then a few individuals doesn’t work.  Even simple efforts such as limited lawn watering doesn’t change overall consumption by measurable amounts.  At issue here is the lawns themselves, they should not even exist, but that is a lifestyle change that hasn’t been effected.  But an even deeper issue is the lawn owners themselves, who should have never come into existence once we passed non-sustainable levels of human populations.

Other solutions tried are enforced management and oversight of human activities, but this too has already proven to be undoable. Cases of piracy, sniping, smuggling, illegal logging and fishing, excessive waste and wanton destruction, dumping, polluting, and simple “extermination”, the killing for the sheer “pleasure” of killing abound.  Laws cannot actually stop bad behavior, only punish after the crime has occurred, but by then the damage has been done.  Legislation and enforcement actions have miserably failed all over the world, largely because we cannot control behavior through such actions.

In effect, we are already at the point where we cannot “save ourselves” by enforcing behavioral changes on ourselves by any means.  We cannot do this with legislation or with armies, we cannot do it voluntarily either.  All that we have succeeded in doing is documenting our failures, bringing attention to the issues, and preserving a few miserable species and examples in museums and zoos.  But out there in the real world nothing has actually changed.

This is hugely significant, because it means that collapse is built in. I’ve long suspected this, that once we began this cycle energy exploitation, leading to material consumption and resource extraction, we launched ourselves upon a death spiral, permissible only as long as the energy sources might last.  But I’ve come to realize that it is much much more then just this.  Even if we had an unlimited supply of energy (and we do, it’s called the Sun), we would still collapse from over-exploitation and degradation of everything else.  It was only a matter of time and the rate in which we allowed ourselves to revel in the material greed we employed.

We are now seeing many, many examples of these issues right now.  We’ve proven ourselves incapable of self-regulating and management of human behavior.  Every conceivable tactic and approach has been tried too, including international laws and treaties, armed invasion, even blowing up ships and buildings, and limiting human activites to the nth degree, including outright bans, arrests and prosecution.  Nothing actually works, nothing effectively stops the cycle, and nothing ever will because we ourselves have proven to be incapable of change.

I know that this is a hard statement, but it remains true for a society and for a civilization.  Anthony Marr reveals in Omni-Science and the Human Destiny that a society or a civilization is an organism, having all the required attributes for this biological definition.  This is also true for nations and countries by the way, they are living, breathing organisms themselves, made up of millions of parts, of which you and I are also a part of.

Organisms consume and they grow.  They are incapable of doing anything else.  You can no more stop the growth of a nation as an organism then you can stop the growth of a baby, it will happen.  The very notion that we can restrict our consumption through legislation (which is ignored) or by voluntary methods (also ignored) is ludicrous.

But here is where I depart again on my own thoughts, many which I have recorded before: Only organisms exhibiting self-control can do this.  And they have only minimal effect in reality, and furthermore, they can only do this for short periods of time.

I can personally restrict my own consumption of food, energy, material goods, even housing, but I cannot do this forever.  As a living organism, I will require a minimal amount of these things to live.  But even this minimal amount of essentials will cause population growth in reality, which in turn will cause more material consumption, which in turn leads to environmental collapse, and other things eventually like global climate change.

Only if I limit my consumption to my local environment, and its natural sustainable rates of replenishment, can I ensure that none of the things will happen.  I must effectively adapt myself to living within the limits to the local resources. This is exactly what most species do by the way, everything except humans.

But I didn’t do any of these things, and neither did anybody else.  Civilization itself is factually incapable of doing this.  So is society, and even a city, as all require far in excess of what the local environment and natural sustainable rates of replenishment can offer.

Therefore, collapse is built in to our civilization. We actually designed it to happen. Collapse is built in once we exceed the natural local thresholds.  Once we went beyond those boundaries, it was only a matter of time.  Only when humans lived within their local resource limits (which forced down population levels) was this avoided. Where they didn’t do this, like Easter Island, they collapsed.  Read Jared Diamond’s How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed for understanding on this issue and how often this has happened so many times before.

It is simply beyond our capability now to avoid this, because we have long since exceeded local sustainable levels and resources limits.

As an organism, speaking of the whole of humanity, we simply cannot stop our material consumption now, this is factually and even biologically impossible.  Therefore, we will continue to place incessant demands upon the whole of the planet, in support of our way of life and material needs and our desire to simply survive.  We will do this too, far, far in excess of what we “need” too because we cannot stop this insatiable craving to have more and to voluntarily restrict ourselves.

We’ve already proven this point.  Many people have written about how we can self-regulate ourselves to sustainable lifestyles, but this is factually impossible now.  It will never happen, not with current population levels, and not with the varying world living standards.  Moreover, it is beyond the ability of the human organism as whole to do this.  Growth for this organism is also built in, which is what we will continue to do, as long as we can.

But on the other side of this is the finite resource limits which are now being reached throughout much of the natural world.  The soil, air, water, fish, wildlife, even the minerals and petroleum resources have been severely depleted, yet the human organism with its voracious appetite and need for growth continues to exist in greater and greater numbers.  It is simply inevitable that collapse will now occur, forcing back human populations in a very catastrophic way.

For many months now, I have been pondering this issue and the obvious questions that it brings up.  Mostly what can I do about it.  Here are my conclusions:

A) First off, nothing can be done about it for humanity.  This is built in and it cannot be prevented.

B) We cannot stop our consumption, anymore then we can stop breathing.

C) We cannot stop the collapse that will ensue from this consumption.

D) We cannot save people who will not or cannot change.  They are incapable of being helped against their will.

E) We cannot even save ourselves unless we are prepared to make radical changes of a rather extreme nature, and even this does not actually guarantee anything, only that we have tried for adaption, and nothing more.

F) But this (E) is also the only hope that humanity actually has in reality, a hope that requires forethought and action and dedicated purpose.  I am not speaking of wishful, do nothing hope as proposed by almost everyone else, but radical lifestyle changes for localized living and planning to cope with extreme weather variations and critical food production.  Nothing else is going to last or work, period.

Obviously, (F) requires a lot more explanation.  A near-zero, non-consuming, non-to-low energy based existence is a radical departure from what others propose for collapse / energy survival.  It negates technology nearly altogether and does not require any of the inputs being proposed for a “transition society” (a concept I find equally ludicrous for the same reasons shared above).

Previously on the old blog, I had written quite a bit about three levels of collapse:

1) Pre Collapse

2) Collapse

3) Post Collapse

Each required different levels of responses.  We are now at stage 2, Collapse.  It is now apparent that collapse is a personal event, happening to millions of people as I write this, and that society / civilization still continues on.  This too was predicted, because collapse is not to be thought of as a single event.  Possible, but unlikely.

Civilizations collapse is now happening in various stages and events all over the world.  Effectively, we are using up the last of the resources we can find, recycle, steal or obtain by some measure (including through new technology) in an effort to prop everything up as long as possible.  This is in reality, a natural defense of the human organism.  It may be highly destructive, but so was our First World living standards when there was a large abundance of these resources.

Obviously, we are loathe to give them up even now, and even though we are going to be forced into doing so in time, we will fight tooth and nail over them as long as we can.  We are seeing this now, as “squatters” occupy homes that they’ve lost to foreclosure, cities enacting voracious taxation to prop up declining tax rolls, armies invading and attacking countries with resources (but ignoring the others who are resource poor), forests being cut down even though few trees still remain, and waters being diverted to build more hydroelectric plants, displacing tens of thousands of villagers.

The human organisim is reacting quite defensively to it’s threatened existence.  This should be obvious I’d think. We’re going to do everything possible to “save ourselves”, even if it means continued energy and material consumption (which it also obviously does) even if this means we’re just digging ourselves into a deeper and deeper hole which we can never come out of intact.

In effect, the human organism is the mathematical product of energy consumption.  Energy resources multiplied by energy efficiency equals higher populations and correspondingly higher levels of material consumption, with natural resource depletion and degradation and environmental destruction.

HO + MC = E x EF – (RD + ED)

The only possible “reversal” of this linear energy consumption and the growing human organism is from resource collapse (energy, food) or from population collapse (disease, starvation, die-off by any measure) or from environmental collapse (global warming, drought, flood).

Sadly, all three are now happening, but as it turns out, this too was built-in.

Once this imbalance of humans population and human demands breaks the natural environmental and earthly equilibrium of resource availability and natural replenishment rates, it can never be regained again because population levels simply won’t allow it on the time scales that are required.

Finally, the Earth itself is an organism, with many natural processes making up its many organs and functions.  Humanity has disrupted many of these organs, including changing the atmosphere, damaging or depleting the soils, removing the forests and releasing a lot of carbon into the atmosphere and oceans.

The declines we have seen in the Earth and it’s natural systems are largely (and in many case, exclusively) the result of human activity.  In effect, we’ve poisoned the host with our behavior, and it is quite clear the Earth is very sick.

Only a great amount of time to allow for the natural healing process to take place will effect a cure.  All else, such as employing techno-wizardy and earth manipulation by humans will not work as expected, because we still do not exert the level of control and manipulation to pull this off without harm, and even if we did, the side-effects are largely unknown but estimated by science to be quite large.  But we don’t have the time anyway to undertake dangerous experiments like this. It is far, far safer and more sure to simply allow the Earth to heal itself, over time, which is has always done best without our help.

But this is in opposition to the human organism itself, which requires unending growth and consumption of the Earth’s resources.  This effectively negates any possible healing of the Earth and the damage to it’s living systems and biosphere.  There is simply never enough time for healing to occur, it’s like an old wound in the hand that we pick and pick at making a permanent scar, and we keep doing this, year in and year out, and eventually the entire arm falls off.

As the host organism, the Earth cannot but react to our effects, no more so then we would if we were to place our hands in a fire and not pull back in shock and pain.  The living systems of the Earth are reacting themselves through the process of natural adaptation.  Forests are making way for savannah, grasslands and deserts. Species deletions and extinctions make way for new species.

In both of these examples however, it’s not good, as we have already seen.  As forest are carved up and release their carbon into the atmosphere, they are being replaced by “nothing” that can do what forest used to do (retain soil, water, provide habitat for wildlife, create rain, store carbon for example).

The same is happening in the oceans, as acidification is wiping out marine life and over-fishing is badly depleting fish stock, being replaced by “nothing” except things like jellyfish.  But the coral is going extinct, and so are the mangroves (breeding grounds).  It can’t be long now until most life in the ocean is dead.

We all know what the food chain is, and when it’s toppled, the Earth and the living systems left react. New species inhabit empty niches, but it’s (rarely) good from a human standpoint.  We experience infestations of pests, rodents and insects, outbreaks of disease, and species collapse and extinctions.

It is the imbalance of natural systems which humans have disrupted, and nothing can stop this or fix this except time and the restoration of balance.  And that balance, from a human standpoint, can never be regained while the human organism exists like it does now.  This is factually impossible, a pipe dream in reality that fails to account for the natural regulation of life itself on this planet.

Therefore, once again, collapse is built in now.  We cannot exist here if nothing else is allowed to exist.  We cannot survive here when nothing else is allowed to survive.  We can neither grow, breed, consume or build when we allow nothing else to grow, breed, consume or build.

As an organism, humanity has long since exceeded its natural niche, and only because of our ability to dominate and control other life-forms, and the natural abundance that once existed, have we lasted this long.  But we are reaching the very end of that journey now, and we can no more avoid our collapse, or stop our consumption then any other species can stop itself.  All must grow to live, and when they exceed their natural growth limits, they collapse.

Final Thoughts

I’ve long believed that we must do everything we can, as fast as we can, to ensure that some of us survive what lies ahead.  I’ve been called the most “doomerish” writer out there on civilizations collapse and probably for good reason.  There is simply is no evidence at all to suggest that we can avoid this, and more and more scientist are now making the same predictions.  I now believe that this is biologically impossible at this point in our existence (and size!).

There remains no evidence that indicates humanity is prepared for what lies ahead.  Most proposals, articles and even authors are woefully under-informed on how severe the situation already is.  They’re also peddling a brand of false hope and wishful thinking, suggesting to varying degrees that techno-wizardy can (somehow) solve this problem (while still continuing our depletion of the environment of course), and that we can “transition” our way through without tremendous amounts of pain and suffering.

I disagree with this and always have. Because the human organism will continue to do what it has always done, we cannot transition to anything as a whole.  We can write about it, talk about it and pretend we’re “on our way” as if this were true, but the real facts remain the same. The transition for humanity does not exist. It is not happening. What miniscule efforts are being applied are negated by the larger facts of a world that isn’t transitioning at all and never will. They will seek to grow as all organisms do even when you are in your personal collapse.  Look around, this is happening right now!

The human organism as a whole is no longer sustainable.  We have long since passed this point of no return, and it will be a long time before we can make it back.  In the meanwhile, you and I and all the rest of the world will see and even experience efforts to prop up this civilization at the expense of the Earth and its living systems as long as humanely possible.  And it will not work.  It will not work because have long ago exceeded ALL natural limits by ten thousand percent, and every effort to make us more efficient will result in Jevon’s Paradox.  We will GROW in either population, consumption, materialism or all three.  And that is absolutely bad news for everything.

All we can do is forestall what will happen for a time.  I do not know how long that is and I don’t even care to be honest, because we’d simply use that time if we knew what it was to try and “save” civilization. This would be a terrible mistake, but I already know we’ll do this anyway.  It is already clear that this is where 99.99999999999% of the energy, effort and money is going to go as this meme becomes more commonly understood.  But I think that this is a mistake, because we simply cannot continue what cannot be sustained, all we could possibly do is forestall the inevitable.

Our efforts should first of all, be to abandon the above efforts.  Forget trying to save civilization. That will free us from foolishly wasting our time.  The next thing we should do is abandon all thoughts of the material living standards that we have become accustomed to.  None of these are sustainable either.

We must also abandon all hope of “saving humanity” as this cannot be done, and this too is also not sustainable.  We should not prop up any institutions, corporations, businesses, industry, agriculture, etc., in effect, we should support nothing.  Let them fail, as they will fail anyway.  Which is better?  To let them fail now, or in 25 years, after spending billions or trillions and wasting 25 years and increasing the population even higher?

Let me let you in on a little secret here.  I’ve already revealed that the Earth is an organisms as much as a human is, but so is a nation.  Even a corporation is an organism by definition.  There are in fact many organisms that exist, having the same requirements as biological beings.  But the point here is to understand this: some organisms (that we created) should not be allowed to exist, because they are dangerous to the health of the whole.

As an example, which of us would support a global government?  This is an organism by definition, but do you want to allow this to exist?  Or what about something from science fiction, such as the Federation Planets, run by space aliens to govern the Earth?  Would such an organization / organism be beneficial to humanity or would it seek to control humanity?

If history is any guide, they would seek to control humanity, putting onerous restrictions upon us all, while reaping the benefits of our labors (and heaping riches to themselves in the process).

There are organisms / organizations that should not be allowed to exist.  There are in fact many, many of these on the Earth today, all run by humans (I think thye’re humans, some said Bush was a reptile).  Their sole purpose is to exploit and grow the human enterprise.  And this is factually dangerous for all life on this planet, because this organisms activity was destructive and detrimental.  We accepted this once before, as a fair exchange for our lives, even our livelihoods and ways of “making a living”, but it is now clear that their very existence can no longer be tolerated.

Organization / organisms that are self-serving, destructive, voracious, predatory or damaging (most bad organizations / organisms exhibit one or more of these qualities) should not be allowed to exist. But we’re far, far beyond the point where we can stop them in reality.  I’m simply saying we should not support them anymore.  We should not buy their crap, fund their failures or bail them out.  They should be allowed to die the death that they deserve.

In point of fact, this “death” is a natural event in reality, no different then the death of biological organism. It is is tragic mistake for us to put them on life support, as they will do nothing but what they have always done.   Our life support that we have given them is in fact, an unnatural event, functionally the same thing as reanimating a zombie, so that it can continue its bloodthirsty rampage.

The only organisms that should be supported now are the ones that do no harm.  This is a basic tenet of life itself that everyone should already know.  Live and let live, but do no harm.  But we live in a very, very different world then this today, whereas most human organisms, and many humans themselves, live to do harm, it is their bread and their butter, their way of life, their warfare, and their control.

They should not be allowed to exist.  They should not be supported, they should not be funded.  They are, in point of fact, the very reason collapse is happening to us all and why the Earth is now so sick (and why I have to write these long missives).

There is absolutely no point at all in keeping any of them alive any longer.  The longer we do, the more they will destroy.  It should be obvious that none of these organism exhibit self-control.  They are actually the opposite of this, having long exceeded their own natural boundaries and expanded themselves into regions and areas and resources for pure profit and control.  And they do this by domination, war, murder, theft, occupation, buyouts, leverage, intimidation and a whole host of other activites, none of which is without harm.

Forget trying to save these organisms, even if you work for one.  You can transition yourself as an organism to a new way of living, but you cannot do this with the larger organism, as this defeats it’s very reasons for existence.  But it does not defeat yours.  In fact, it reinforces your reason for existence and it frees you from their imposed slavery.

All of our efforts should now be concentrated on returning to local living at sustainable levels, and supporting the organisms (humans / people / essential businesses) that we still need. This is the only real solution there is.  It is the only hope humanity even has.  But this is not a do-nothing kind of hope preached from every pulpit every Sunday, the kind that defeats you from doing anything, this is the kind of hope that says you have to get off your butt and go make it happen in your community.

This is not a message that is going to endear me to anyone.  I have long taken a lot of flack from people who hate my anti-war views, who can’t read a thermometer or that believe we can “fix” what is wrong by waving a Mobile Oil sign around and make it all better.  I see no point at all in pretending that we can sustain the unsustainable or do the undoable.  That is just plain stupid.  What we are really saying when we present these arguments is that we refuse to deal with reality, and that I’m intimately familiar with.

But it’s silly, nonetheless. We can learn now what is staring us in the face, or we can go on pretending that it will all just go away.  I’ve no doubt at all what 99.99999999999% will do, which is yet another reason we will collapse.  In the meanwhile, I’m going to keep working on the .00000000001%, because this is the only real hope there is.

News Clips

Here’s something I’ve been following for a while – Frying Our Brains With Cell Phones (link lost, sorry)

Technology is not benign and the claims that we can expose unnatural levels of radiation to our brains  (and bodies, don’t ever live near a cell phone tower or even high tension power lines) without harm cannot possibly be true.

I’ve restricted phone usage here in part because of this problem.  Sure, it’s costing me some business, but I’ve gone to extensive lengths to try and get my customers to actually read what’s posted on the website (a lost art, I admit).  I don’t like having a phone jammed up against my ear endlessly repeating what’s already clearly written.  Heavy users of cell phones have reported all kinds of health issue, with the most serious issues being cancer, tumors and death.

This is another case of burying the message and making sure you’re not properly informed.

Airport Body Scanning Raises Radiation Concerns – I didn’t need anymore reasons not to fly, they had me when they started groping my underwear and sniffing my shoes.

India Forms New Climate Change Body – Climate deniers are going to seize on this as “evidence” to support their beliefs that climate change isn’t happening, and that there are problems within the IPCC (duh!).  The real problem with the IPCC is “data lag”, and the new Indian Institute of Himalayan Glaciology will be more responsive on India’s climate results.

India already knows it has huge problems, a major issue for this new body and the study of its ongoing water problems.  The Himalayan glaciers are rapidly melting away, affecting water supplies for millions of their people.  This new organization won’t make any of it go away, but it might help provide a more accurately and timely assessment of how bad it’s getting.

The UN panel’s claims of glacial meltdown by 2035 “was clearly out of place and didn’t have any scientific basis,” he said, while stressing the government remained concerned about the health of the Himalayan ice flows. “Most glaciers are melting, they are retreating, some glaciers, like the Siachen glacier, are advancing. But overall one can say incontrovertibly that the debris on our glaciers is very high the snow balance is very low. We have to be very cautious because of the water security particularly in north India which depends on the health of the Himalayan glaciers,” he added.

The new National Institute of Himalayan Glaciology will be based in Dehradun, in Uttarakhand, and will monitor glacial changes and compare results with those from glaciers in Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan.

Politics aside, this is probably a good thing overall. There is absolutely no doubt about the rapid melt of glaciers worldwide, the “canary in the coal mine” sign post of global temperature increase and lower precipitation on mountain ranges.  The Andes of South America have also been deeply impacted by climate change, affecting even millions more people, many who have had to completely abandon their villages for lack of water.

All of this water is eventually being dumped into the ocean by rivers or increased precipitation, resulting in higher sea levels worldwide.  The so-called “giant” storm in the East is a result of higher temperatures increasing evaporation, leading to higher levels of precipitation.  We will be seeing a lot more extreme weather like this in the years ahead.

But frankly, the idea that science “ought not to make predictions”, which is at the heart of this so-called debate and contention regarding climate change is just utter bullshit.  Why not?  If not science, then who is better qualified?  Economists?  Capitalists?  Politicians?  Theologians?

By 2035, I expect the climate to be so severe that most life on the planet will be dead.  I am not kidding here.  The trends for rapid climate shifts are well documented and the inability for most species to adapt to such extremes in such a short time.  We are forcing the climate at 10,000 times its natural rate of change, it’s simply not possible to realistically expect adaption under such rates.

I found this EcoShock broadcast (mp3 file) very interesting – Dr. Garret reveals that our expectations for the future are woefully underestimated, so much so that we are facing total collapse.

“Climate change is unstoppable”.

“If we were to stabilize emissions, the economy would have to be zero”.

His views are very similar to mine in fact, and come from a scientific perspective.  Our energy consumption has now exceeded all possible mitigation efforts, including nuclear, coal, solar and every other “energy” project we could devise.

We would need one new nuclear powered energy source built every single day to avoid energy collapse.  But this is not the only reason we will collapse — listen to the broadcast.

Richard Heinberg – Beyond Copenhagen, Now What? (Youtube video)

The future of humanity is at stake.  The problems that need to be solved are huge, and “we are in for some very, very difficult times”.

Farewell America –  This is a free book on the assassination of President Kennedy.   The following work by the pseudonymous “James Hepburn” is largely accepted to be authored by French Intelligence (Their equivalent to our CIA) as the “real” story behind the Kennedy assassination.

Heatwave in Rio Kills 32 – Increased global temperatures increase evaporation, which leads to higher precipitation (like the DC snowfall) and increased rainfall (like Australia now) and droughts.

There is a bunch of great stuff on Desdemona Despair:

Organized Crime Pays Indigenous To Kill Tigers

Global Warming Desynchronizing Biological Cycles In Britian – This is actually happening all over the world now, as seasons are radically out of balance, bees fail to pollinate, wildlife is born too early, fish migrate at the wrong time, plants bloom too early or too late, etc.

Thirty Eight Percent Of the World’s Surface In Danger of Desertification – The title says it all.

Syria Faces Catastrophe From Historic Drought – Now joining over 50 or 60 other countries in stages of severe collapse.

Climate Change Impacts of Soils Severely Underestimated – It’s pretty badly underestimated, as high as 50%.  This is a real “I told you so” moment too, I’ve been warning everyone that science is having to play catch up to new data results and assessments.  They’re getting there, but have yet to “arrive” as it were on how this effects the time we have left as I have.

Seaweed Beds, the Cradle of the Sea, Vanishing – 4/5th of the world is ocean.  When you see the pictures and read the stories of what we are doing to the oceans and the life they used to contain, you will be shocked.

Amazon River Water Stolen and Bottled Abroad – Another “revelation” coming true.  Water is the new currency.

Shrimp Trawlers and Sediment Trails – More strip mining the ocean.  Unbelievable. Does anybody honestly think this can last much longer?

Oceans Reveal Further Impacts of Climate Change – Shsshh! Don’t tell the deniers this, I keep getting emails amounting to “it’s not happening”.

“The oceans are a sink for the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere,” says McClintock, who has spent more than two decades researching the marine species off the coast of Antarctica. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by oceans, and through a chemical process hydrogen ions are released to make seawater more acidic.

“Existing data points to consistently increasing oceanic acidity, and that is a direct result of increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere; it is incontrovertible,” McClintock says. “The ramifications for many of the organisms that call the water home are profound.”

Tuna Commission Mismanaging Albacore Into Extinction –  Eating anything out of the ocean now is dangerous, but we’re achieving extinction levels by our consumption on many species.

Global Ocean Protection Measures Have Failed – Obviously so.  Nothing works.  Nothing changes. No legislative body, no rules, laws, permits, licensing, regulation or enforcement is stopping this.  The reality is obvious now – nothing can.  That’s not defeatist, it’s honest and realistic.  Unless we stop (and I pointed out above in the essay why we won’t) we will strip the oceans bare while filling them with plastic.

 Drought in SW Australia Linked to Snowfall in Antarctica – Global climate change means extremes, everywhere.

Artic Sea Ice Melt and Freeze Trends 1979 – 2007 – Pretty clear what’s happening there (see the pictures).

Top End of Australia Too Dry To Become Food Bowl – The plans of mice and men oft go astray. Australia is running out.

Loss of Species Hits the Economy – It’s tragically sad that we put an economic price on every furball and fish and sentient being on this planet.  But it’s just as sad that nothing else will get out attention.

Fewer Then 50 Wild Tigers Left In China, South China Tiger Probably Extinct – China is a HUGE country, once the natural home to many tigers.  But not anymore, they’re going the way of the albacore, cod, bluefin and mammals species throughout the world.

More Proof, Global Temperatures Going UP – Still.

Water At the Core Of Climate Change Impacts – And water wars in our future too.

Pollution Suspect In Blackbird’s Plummenting Numbers – Declines of up to 99% are extinction level events.

Torrential Rains Swell Australia’s Rivers and Dams – (in some areas).  More extremes.

Americans Belief About Global Warming – Graphed.  But belief doesn’t mean “change”.

Amazon Rainforest Very Close To Tipping Point – Once the Amazon stops making it’s own rain due to deforestation, it’s all over (for everything).  This article should have read “If we lose the Amazon, we lose the world”.

Tibet Tempertures Highest Ever Recorded, Rainfall Record Low – The pictures of those grasshoppers reminded me of something…

Russia Dumped Toxic Waste Into Baltic Sea – The world’s most polluted ocean just got a nasty update.


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