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Better Business Bureau Scam Alert

The Better Business Bureau has been bugging me again lately, and I’ve finally had enough of their coercive tactics, and have published the following complaint of my own.  It’s going to stay there too, for life.

Strange that business owners need to fight back against firms like the BBB, and I sure wish more businesses were courageous enough to do it, but it seems like everyone is out for their slice of the pie.  I’ve long known how corrupt they were, but if you aren’t aware of this, be sure to read the comments from other business owners and consumers on Ripoff Reports.

Now I don’t think for a minute that this will solve the BBB and their chasing me around, they can be rather dense.  Most of the time whenever anybody stands on principles, it gets “expensive”.  As one lawyer told me recently, “Principles are expensive”.

Profits Among Us

I am often asked to “rate” other websites, Internet broadcasters, shortwave radio hosts and talk radio hosts.  I have lost track of the number of requests this has now come to over the years, but not the names.

Any honest response that I make almost always backfires, because up till now, I’ve not been willing to pull any punches when it comes to unveiling what I know.  In some cases, I have first-hand experience with the people in question, in others it is the long exposure to their hype and drama (and failed predictions) and their methods used to gain their following (and fleece your pockets).

However, telling the truth here still angers people for some bizarre reason.  Maybe they’ve gotten sucked in to the fear-mongering, or sent them money or whatever it is, I don’t really care.  But it’s probably a mistake for me to try and “educate” anyone anymore on these bobble heads, so I’m not going to respond to these request from here on.

Go figure it out for yourself.  Every time I’ve taken a stand against the fools and charlatans and self-prescribed “experts” and profits, people have reacted pretty badly in turn.  I have publicaly stood against them on many occasions, and will continue to do so because I hate deception and dishonesty — but I won’t respond to private request for information.

Public Education

It has long been clear that “educating the public” at large is an exceedingly difficult task. Due to the huge number of propaganda outlets and disinformation out there, what is widely called “news sources”, which are extremely well funded, disputing or correcting bad information or even bad sources of information is nearly impossible to rectify.

Plenty of people don’t really seem to care whether or not they’ve been told the truth, almost anything will seem to do. The persuasion of belief, truth and views is closely tied to whatever “news” sources that they listen to.

Most information outlets are modeled for profits, not information, deliberately designed to suck you into their “business model” with images, videos, stories and what passes for ‘news’.  Heavily interspersed in all the cracks is their hook, line and sinker of advertising, marketing and the ubiquitous public “programming” (brainwashing).

The ones involved in these kinds of activities are very successful at this too, as witnessed by their giant profits, dominating “markets” and expanding outlets. You rarely hear about the business (profit) failure of the media outlets, unless it’s a tiny one.

We’ve all experienced the programming by the media, accepting this as normal, even acceptable state of affairs. If you take but a few moments to consider how we receive and digest our news stories and information they give us, and how little this actually affects us, you’ll easily see what I mean. There is a stupendously huge ‘disconnect’ on what is being reported and how we feel and react to it.

Even much of the ‘alternative media’ is replete with the same techniques (and profits), they too are often nothing more then spiked sources of infotainment, disinformation and thinly veiled advertising promotions disguised as “news you can count on”. Many are owned by the large media conglomerates, their bread is buttered by the same philosophy.

But even the little guys and so-called truth outlets can be pretty bad, and many are outrageously worse. Some websites and radio shows literally scream “FRAUD” to even the casually aware, but the fact that they are still around and still shoveling their level of bullshit tells me that people are still supporting them.

It’s been very hard to go against the grain here and denounce these activities and tactics and the shills that run them, and it honestly never feels like I’ve made any progress.  The job is monumental and far too much for me to even remotely handle. Many others have tried also, and some have done a really great job, but the task still remains mostly undone.

Please do not look to this newsletter to entertain you and tickle your ears. The very best that I could possibly do is to plant a few seeds of awareness in the minds of some readers, who are then responsible to let these seeds germinate into new levels of understanding and awareness on their own. But at no place in this process am I responsible for anyone’s self-education.

A primary goal of mine has been getting some people to educate themselves, to make them more self-aware of their beliefs, actions, inaction and responsibilities.  To point out some of the errors, discrepancies, direction and the assumptions and values that have helped keep us all enslaved.

I am finding this a very, very hard road to walk in truth.  Denial, disagreement and simple disinterest are huge obstacles and very difficult to overcome. Nobody is helping in this effort either, beyond some donations and some links being shared.  All of the writings here are original and like the blog, still takes up a lot of my time and energy.

I’ve been encouraged many times to restart the blog. One reason why I don’t is I’ve grown weary of publishing truth that is so widely ignored. We live in a world where disregarding truth is becoming exceedingly dangerous. Our complicity to evil and wrong-doing goes hand in hand with our disinterest. At our worst, we are the willing and even eager participants in ecocide, genocide and omnicide.

I had hoped that the newsletter format would do what the blog didn’t, but have found that this is failing too (imo).

Survival Acres Institute of Learning

What is needed is an institute of sorts, where critical information from reputable sources can be pulled together and made available to the interested public. The goal here would be to help people stay informed, learn to be proactive and self-responsible, and unlock the pathways ahead leading to a better culture, a better ‘civilization’ as it were, and a future that humans can all embrace.

I am aware that several such institutes already exist. There are also some very good website that synthesis much of this type of information.  However, none of them appear (to me) to be very successful, and probably suffer from what all such efforts suffer from, such as a lack of participation, support, money, volunteers, commitment and time.

Any institute worth its salt wouldn’t just be theoretical, but practical, having real, working examples of what they were trying to accomplish. I’d be the first to admit we do not need more words to follow after, but living examples of adaption and modification of how we can live today.

But even these examples do exist today in case you didn’t know. They often unheard of and are being drowned out from the cacophony of our civilization, and they have had only minimal success in their impact and growth. As “change agents”, they’ve only been marginally successful. It is my personal opinion, and has been for a long time now, that they too will succumb and largely disappear.

The problem as it were, is these living by examples are being overwhelmed by outside forces. The outcome of our civilization remains quite firmly fixed now, as the momentum, population, consumption, reluctance, poor education and the overarching marginal awareness drowns the critical desire to change.

Most of these efforts still in existence are woefully prepared for real depth and meaning of our collapse, and are themselves geared towards transition outcomes to a new economy and new methods of living. That would be nice if it were to happen, but I’m not persuaded it will, and for this reason, I find them naive and unprepared for what I suspect will happen.

These are eco-villages, communes and communities for examples that are seeking to find truly sustainable ways for humans to live. There are other groups too, such as patriot communities, survival communities and intentional communities engaging in much of the same activities. Each has weaknesses and strengths, but all will have to adapt considerably further then they are today as collapse overtakes them and their regions, and even as personal collapse happens among their own members.

What Is Missing

There has been a lot of material written on these groups and their focus, intentions and abilities. I personally have always found quite a lot missing. I don’t suppose this is intentional, just overlooked as ‘big picture’ thinking isn’t always being considered.

Because of collapse, the decline of everything our civilization will need to continue to exist in its present form (food, water, climate, soil, energy, oil, transportation, production, manufacture, resources and economy), we can fully expect there to be a tactical response deployed by very powerful forces to secure resources.

You can see this in any disaster situation, or even in any severe decline. Cuba and Argentina both did this when they collapsed, so did the Soviet Union and now Haiti. The only way to control people and critical resources is going to be to implement some pretty draconian measures in public and private activities.

This is a huge area that is often overlooked, but it will become a big problem in a world that is competing for everything. Do not confuse tactical response with military response by the way, as they are not always the same things, but they do often coincide. Many tactical responses are legislative, and some are coercive, using the military or even private contractors.

There are many people that hope for a quiet and calm transition to a new society and a new type of civilization, but I am not at all persuaded that this is even possible or even likely to occur. There are many, many reasons why I think this is a pipe dream, but I won’t go into that here.

The groups that are voluntarily doing this now, making ‘peaceful transitions’ are still very small, still ‘living on the excess’ of society (the production and abundance and availability of all that they could possibly need) and they also doing this with present permission of society.

They’ve got our support, or at least we’re not trying to interfere with them too much. In reality, they’re very existence is allowed by the fact that there has been a fairly stable and democratic society in which they might exist.  But this isn’t guaranteed in the future, and likely to change somewhat, or even quite dramatically when people are hungry, cold, miserable and deeply impoverished or when there are critical resource shortages. During such times, things like democracy, tolerance and patience disappear very, very quickly, and so does justice, honesty, fairness and even the law.

We are getting a glimpse right now in Haiti how going without can descend a society nearly overnight into instant chaos. Even the humanitarian organizations and groups that have long been there are being overrun.  This is exactly the kind of thing that can happen in collapse here (or anywhere). Those ‘peaceful villages’ cannot possibly handle the influx of people and needs.

It is going to take a tactical, military response to resolve this situation. This is what the future holds, as a vast tactical response utilizing huge numbers of military resources are deployed to secure the essential resources for the future and control the population.

We will see a huge ‘up-sweep’ of military activity in the future as more and more resources are secured for each nation by threats or actual use of force. This will cause quite a lot of additional problems too with human rights, freedoms and democratic standards. The agenda is already clear with new crowd control weapons, new military and surveillance technologies and new military commands being designed and developed to specifically suppress more and more urban populations.

I fully expect this to be a huge growth industry in the immediate and long-term future, as governments seek to ‘stabilize’ their populations during resource / economic decline versus actually help them make the transition to sustainable economies and lifestyles. This is tragic I know, but it’s exactly what is happening now.

The United States in particular, will be one of the worst offenders in this regard. This is rather unfortunate, but already being seen. Right now, we could be developing the infrastructures necessary, including education for a very different future without oil and how to deal with the effects of climate change, but instead we are seeking to secure more resources with more manpower and more lethal technology. This is a huge and tragic mistake, and it will come right back to bite every American in the ass.

We are also still seeking to suppress our own population with more restrictions and fewer individual rights. This is still getting worse, even under the “change” Administration. This too is a mistake, because it suppresses innovation, breeds public distrust, resentment and anger.

The United States remains committed to the ridiculous notion of total domination in the face of global depletion, abroad and here at home. This is all a terrible mistake with gigantic consequences, all negative, but the stranglehold this determination has upon our government and our political leaders remains unbroken and unchallenged.

That last sentence is more then a hint — we must stop submitting with meek acceptance to this draconian future that they are proscribing to us all. We must challenge the status quo and what this is going to mean for any future worth having. It is clear that they will respond in the only way that they seem to know how.

Tactical Response

We are all facing the tactical response of collapse from mega-corporations and their hired hands, who are already using the US military to support their demands (there will be private armies too).

Other countries will follow the US example where they can, but I’m optimistic that not all of them will do this, as they have far fewer resources in place. The resource and manpower limits and some of the public dissent will stop or slow down a few countries, but not here in the US. Americans have come to fully accept the carefully crafted deception that our military is protecting us here at home by going abroad. What they are actually doing is securing and protecting resources for American businesses and corporations at a terrifying expense.

Of course, this can’t last forever as contraction occurs in energy supplies. As contraction occurs, these same forces will be used here at home. If you need a timeline, think a few decades of this as energy supplies remain available on a national scale.

We will see even more troops patrolling the streets of America, suppressing American freedoms and engaging in activities that would make us all blanch.  Many people have argued that “this won’t happen here”, while admitting that we will do it everywhere else and think nothing of it. The difference is very, very small, it is easy to demonize any group, even your own into being the “enemy”. Ultimately, soldiers will do what they’re told. Never forget that. This is how atrocities and genocide is committed.

We have all managed to look the other way as our media defined “enemies” were attacked and killed on “our behalf” by our soldiers. The enemy was demonized in the media and by our government and by our politicians and all the talking bobble heads, and most Americans bought it all, hook, line and sinker.

Pay particular attention here, because this is happening again in America right now. Groups are being singled out for hate, distrust and even being labeled the “enemy” among us simply because they oppose policy or disagree. These people are Americans, just like you and me. Some of them being targeted today are even people like you because of your beliefs and / or activities.

This is what any individual / group / community / village must prepare for. It is inevitable and a foregone conclusion. It is also the same type of response to collapse and contraction that will be used by bandits, thieves, gangs, the “dangerously homeless” (those that resort to coercion and crime, not all of them do) and even organized crime rings who will take advantage of the people’s plight by attempting to exercise their power over them.

It is very unlikely that we are going to see everyone peacefully turn into willing farmers, homesteaders and workers at the local co-op, walking or riding their bicycles back and forth to work and sitting down 6 days a week to a slice of brown bread and potato soup for lunch. Due to many factors in human nature and the strong sense of entitlement that many people still have, crime including organized crime will sweep upwards to a huge level. There are always people that will seek to exist off the back of others, by any means necessary.

Nobody should think for a minute that our social stratification is going to ever change, where the poor and oppressed will be liberated, or the different classes of society will be melded into one, or where justice will reign for all. Never forget, if we truly wanted that, we would have long since already had it. There has been ample opportunity for humankind to achieve justice, fairness, equity, but we never did. We’ve long had everything we needed to do this, but it is a naive mistake to think that we will ever be allowed this.

Your First Response (there will be many more)

Communities must prepare for this eventuality. Notably, this type of preparation is actually illegal today, but that’s another subject altogether. Communities and even individuals must be strong and well-versed in how they will need to protect themselves and defend themselves. Nothing is going to stop an all-out assault, so don’t be naive either. Nothing is going to stop a well-armed organized group. The best defense is going to be offense. Stop this activity in your area before it gets off the ground. Don’t let anyone in your area / community participate.

I am also referring to “legitimized oppression” by the way, specifically the expansion of military domination. Many will join up (enlist), believing that this is better for them and better for everyone else by participating in the “defense” of our nation (and having food in their belly). Empire has distorted the role of the military into a legalized gang for nation building, corporate expansion, oppression and resource control. The difference between the two gangs, one legalized, the other not, is actually quite small, morally and ethically.

No wars would be fought if nobody showed up. No countries would be exploited, oppressed, divided and conquered, no blood would be shed in war, no lives would be lost in “occupation” and no stolen booty (or bodies) would be carried home. No people would be disarmed, or have their homes stolen or blown up, or have their lives lost, their children killed, their land irradiated if it wasn’t for our participation.

At some point, we decided to be a part of this and it is this simple fact that I am trying to emphasize. We do not have to do this.  As simplistic as this is, it is still the truth.

We Are The Problem

We must finally admit that it is we ourselves, that is making all of these things possible, even today, right here, right now. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the Philippines, everywhere we go, doing what we are told. We will do it there, again — and we will do it here too, because that IS what we do.

The future holds much more of this, as written about here:

But on another far more important level the real objective of this endless series of wars is the attainment of geo-strategic advantage against any country or bloc that potentially might undermine Washington’s dominion over world affairs. Obama’s Foreign / Military Policy

We are the ones who are making this possible, but it is very simple, we don’t have to. Nobody does. Therefore, we need to make a choice, the sooner the better, because the more of us that enable this type of activity, the faster we will deplete the remaining resources and the worst things are going to get for everyone on the entire planet.

Your first response is to refuse. Don’t go. Don’t participate. Don’t join up. Don’t be a part of one of the most destructive forces on earth. The US military is one of the worst environmental polluters on the planet. Don’t join any gang, group or organization (legalized or otherwise) that is specifically designed and tasked with the business of death, destruction, occupation, resource control and furthering Empire (even your empire).

And that’s just for starters. It’s simple I know. It’s naive, I know, but it’s still the truth and it IS something you can do, quite easily. Stay home. This is where you are needed.

The world does not need a stronger military presences, it needs a lesser one. I’m all for a strong military, but believe that they should be here, at home, solely tasked with protecting us instead of protecting “American business interests abroad”.  Our freedoms (what’s left of them) exist because of what happened here and no place else, despite the bogus claims otherwise.

We wouldn’t need but a fraction of the manpower that we have now, and we’d be spending trillions and trillions less then we do now, polluting less, destroying less and literally saving countless lives and “collateral damage” in far flung campaigns meant to secure and safeguard resources for American corporations, who then in turn gouge the American people with ridiculous profits and insane executive bonuses.

Our militarized industries could be turned into something much more humane and productive. But America thrives on the business of death, we are responsible for more wars then any other nation on earth. Our industries are heavily geared towards war and the vast profits of war. It is what we do.

It is simply not possible to “defend American freedoms” 12,000 miles from home, or even American “interests”. American laws, American democracy, American freedom, American liberties and American security have nothing whatsoever to do with the actions or activities of other sovereign nations on their own soil. If that notion were true, then every country on earth would have had to occupy or invade or attack every other nation on earth to “protect their freedoms”. But this is obviously not the case, but it is the rather disgusting lie being promoted here in America.

The only thing being “protected” here is American business interests, and it is this practice that has led to the creation of real terrorist with real complaints tossing real bombs at us, and real wars with millions upon millions of lives lost through countless decades of occupation and oppression, with a planet reeling from the constant boot-stamp march of “Empire”.

It takes an awful lot of heavy handed propaganda to keep this illusion up about the so-called defense of Empire, enough so that we will keep gladly sending off our sons and daughter to die in the deserts of Iraq, the mountains of Afghanistan and the jungles of Vietnam (soon to be Columbia). They’ve become extremely adept at manufacturing false pretension, false patriotism, false pride and a false sense of “obligation and duty” to keep us going along with this sham.

Your duty is here, at home, with your family, your friends, your neighborhood and your country. It is HERE, where patriotism exists, where honor, duty, defense and support are undiluted by lies and deceptions and massive levels of brainwashing and indoctrination.

Never forget, that dissent is the highest form of patriotism there is. You do not have to remain brainwashed by their lies.

American uses its military manpower and might in truly terrifying ways, and it all happens because too many of us totally fail to see the big picture. In a volunteer army, you can also volunteer to stay home, because this is where you are truly needed.

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The Holocaust We Will Never See – Monbiot and Avatar, but it’s really about the history of the western world and the march of Empire, and it fits right in to what I’ve written above and what we can continue to expect too.

The genocide, ecocide and omnicide continues right up to this day, but will anyone admit to it?

The far right does hate the Avatar message and a sappy as it was (I saw the flick), it underscores the boot-stamp of the American Empire. Check out this screed, from a real idiot that loves Empire and all that it stand for, she even thinks DDT should still be in widespread use, poisoning your children, your water and the soil.

You will never hear the truth from this source, she’s blinded by her own deceptions. I’m astounded that such ignorance prevails, but this fits right in with my comments above about the alternative media and the disinformation that they’re still spreading. Be very careful about what you accept as truth.

Book Reviews

Primitive Technology: A book of Earth Skills – Cool book, recommended. Pictures (b/w), diagrams, examples and instructions. One of the best books out there if you’d like to learn “how they did it” back when.  I really like this book.

Yurts: Living in the Round – Pictures (color), narration, diagrams and examples. Thinking of building one or two of these myself. I like the idea of “simple” very much. Examples of all kinds of yurts, including hard-sided designs. Recommended if you need some ideas.

Omni-Science and the Human Destiny – By Anthony Marr. Just got this book today, saw an interesting review on this and thought I had to have it. I’ve long been looking for a “synthesis” of thought that deal with human existence and reason. I have not read hardly any of this book yet, but it looks mighty interesting.

Catastrophe: Risk and Response – by Richard Posner. Interesting book I’m still reading that depicts various potential catastrophes for planet Earth and humankind. Some amazing possibilities in there. Natural catastrophes, scientific accidents, other unintended man-made catastrophes, intentional catastrophes, cultural, psychological and economic factors, risk and response, and why we ignore risks, etc. Pretty interesting book.

Encyclopedia of Country Living, 10th Edition – by Carla Emery. Huge book, how to on almost everything you’d need to know to homestead and live in the country. Many practical applications for wherever you live too, even in the city. Sections on land, love, schooling, animals, gardening, resources, even burying the dead.  Great book, recommended.

Canning & Preserving Your Own Harvest – by Carla Emery and Lore Forkner.  Haven’t read this yet, picked it up, looks good. Good A – Z “how to” for canning, contains some recipes too.  Since it was also written by Carla who did the huge tome above, it’s got to be good.

Would anybody mind if I stopped writing and just read my own library of great titles?

Check out the Amazon reviews if you are interested. I think some of these titles are available on my essential book page.

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