Newsletter – Issue 45

This is very bad news.  Methane levels in the Arctic have jumped 33% in just five years.

This is more doom on a global scale and very, very serious. It is an indicator of runaway greenhouse effect (global warming), and impossible to stop or even slow down.  Giant releases of methane will accelerate warming considerably faster then any previous models predicted.

Check out CO₂ Now, plenty of links there to understand the science of measuring CO₂, and what it means for the future.

I’ve written about scientific reticence a number of times, and I’m still seeing statements like this:

The reasons for tree mortality in a warmer, drier world have been narrowed down to three main scenarios — greater prevalence of insects and diseases in a warmer world, the drying out of plants, and a third mechanism where water-stressed trees stop photosynthesizing, called carbon starvation.

While researchers are still debating the relative merits of the three, scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory have pointed to the last scenario as the most relevant for tree mortality. Carbon Starvation Killing Trees Globally

Climate science is not exact, as there are still too many unknowns.  It is however, close enough to make reasonably accurate predictions and understand the cause and effects.  All of the denialists claims with regards to climate science have been repeatedly disproven for example.  That leaves us with “what we do know” and what we do know is actually quite a lot.  It is not complete, but it is enough and it is growing every day as more analysis and measurements are made, verified and provably demonstrated.

So why the scientific reticence? It’s important that we understand what this does mean, and what it doesn’t mean.  For instance, while science knows that trees are dying from three main factors, they’re not willing to predict (in a big way) what this means for our forests.

I have no such limitations placed on me and neither do you.  We can make reasonably accurate predictions just by using some common sense.

Let’s try this then: forest are dying from dehydration, insects and diseases and failure to photosythensize (create food for themselves).  Three rather big “dots” of a global picture of the world’s forests that each, by themselves indicate that we are going to lose a lot more trees.

Billions of trees in fact, billions and billions, entire forests.  With it, we will lose many other species of life that depend upon these forests for their existence. We will also have disrupted rain patterns, which will lead to dry and drought, fewer fish in the rivers, more forest fires, and even an increase in grass and shrub lands.  Some areas will even turn into deserts.

It’s all connected, and it leads in the same general direction, but we’re only rarely being told how interconnected it is and what the future outcome is likely to be.

In addition to human caused deforestation by logging (as opposed to trees simply dying from other causes) which continues to increase globally, the other effects of climate change are going to wipe out a huge portion of the world’s trees.  Wit’s End has been privately documenting the tree deaths in her area for some time now.  She’s received little to no response from raising her concerns to officials.

We can see if we but look at what is happening. Science looks but only reluctantly predicts future effects. This is because science itself is a rigorous discipline of measurements, which take place from historical and empirical data.

The future is a wide number of variables of unknown proportions, quantity, quality and many other factors.  These “unknowns” are variables that cannot be accurately measured today, only estimated.  If they are taken on, each variable is subject to many other future variables, causing complex interactions and probable outcomes, which makes future predictions by scientists a form of professional suicide.  Some scientist do engage in these scenarios, with cautious caveats that they do not really know what may actually happen.

But we non-scientists do not need to wait for science and the slow-plod of data collection and analysis of “after the fact” effects, before making our own non-scientific predictions.  We can even be reasonably accurate while doing this, if we are careful how we begin, and what data we have taken into consideration in the process.

At some point, with enough consideration and study, we can reasonably predict for ourselves what the future holds, based upon the data we already know.  Science does this too, but because of professional standards and the very real risk of professional ridicule (death to a scientist) they are very unwilling to claim too much, even if they privately think that the future is very bleak indeed.

My own future predictions are based upon what I know, what science has already told us, what science expects to happen (as far as it goes), what is already “built in” as cause and effects can take decades to show up, what human nature really is and our propensity to ignore clear warnings, thus continuing to do what is obviously not in our best interests, and finally, what my intuition is telling me when I assess it all.

It is not scientific, but it is based upon clear, measurable trends in earth systems, human nature and behavior and the accumulated results.  The “future” as I see it combines all of these effects and activities into a sum total of what I think will happen.  While admittedly unscientific, it has already proven to be very accurate, even surpassing what science itself is claiming.  Notably, science continues to update their own assessments, coming closer and closer to my own. But this is only because many areas of science are verticle disciplines, which require such updates, whereas I’m trying to be much more open to others issues that are effecting the future today.

There are a handful of scientists and authors who are stepping far out onto a limb and making their own future predictions and scenarios.  They’re worth reading, as they can help anyone understand from a professional science viewpoint what they expect in the future.  One of the most know is James Lovelock (who is not a scientist), and James Hansen (who is).  There are many others, I do not keep a list handy, so you’ll need to assess your own.

I do suggest everyone read everything that they can, unless it’s pure trash and drivel from the unwashed crowd of the denialisphere.  I used to read their screed and outrage until I abandoned them due to faked data sets, psuedo-science and outright lies.  They’re still slinging the same swill around as ever, hoping you’ll swallow it and supress your automatic gag reflex.  Every so often some do-gooder tries to “convince me” of one of these dated lies.  Please don’t bother, been there, done that and it’s the same crap as always.

Check out Greenman’s videos on “It’s so cold there can’t be Global Warming” and “32,000 Scientists“.  He’s doing a great job of debunking the so-called debunkers.  But there are many, many more that are doing this too, such as AGW Observers section on the “anti” crowd.

It’s a lot of data to absorb if you’re even half-serious (and I’m deadly serious, so I’ve spent thousands of hours on this now), but I’ve had a particular interest in this for some time now, as the future continues to be diminished.

For a more scientific discussion of this very topic, check out Climate Sight’s Manufacturing Doubt.

Internet Safety

The advent of the Internet has been considered a gigantic boost in personal freedom and information sharing.  While I only agree with the latter (we are no more free then before), there are many dangers to using the Internet that your momma probably never told you about.

Anything ever recorded anywhere on the Internet can be later dredged up and found.  There are many websites and resources dedicated to this archival feature. Imagine you posted a negative comment about your boss on an obscure forum, “safe” in the knowledge that nobody you know would ever read it anyway.  Wrong. Using archival retrieval software, many of these sites are automatically indexed and stored away.

There are programs and protocols that are supposed to stop bots and archival services from “reading” and storing, searching or finding information posted, but they often do not work.  Robots.txt for example is a poor “firewall” that is supposed to stop search engines and other bots (automatted programs) from reading certain files or directories, but are often and widely ignored.

Directories and even files on servers can be password protected or denied public access through simple settings, but even this is not really secure against determined hackers.  These techniques will usually work for stopping bots, but then again, you just never know.  My own WordPress directories for the old blog have had their protection levels mysteriously “reset” to open public access on more then one occasion.  Usually when this happens, I find that the WordPress files were also corrupted by some unscrupulous company that is embedding pornographic links in the WordPress files.  I never have figured out how the directory level protections can be overrode, and neither did my ISP.

I don’t Twitter and never will.  Twitter is a dangerous ‘social practice’ that will be used against people in time. Too much personal information / activities is being revealed by twits, a veritable gold mine of information for anyone (not just the feds) that wants to know anything about you.

I feel exactly the same way about Facebook, Myspace and any other ‘social’ website, including Digg, Reddit and others. They all are used to coax you into revealing personal details about your life.  It is very easy to dig stuff up on almost anybody these days as a result.  What you post there, reveals an awful lot about you, your beliefs, activities, what you support, what you don’t support.

For example, I’ve had several people try to cheat my business with either stolen credit cards or “borrowed” credit cards.  In just a few minutes, I have been able to figure out who they really are, where they really live, what they do for a living, where they work, what their wife’s name is, where she works, and other personal details (and I’ve ruthlessly gone after them, as I truly hate thieves).

This is all possible because these websites and many, many others, such as forums, blog comments, email addresses and such like are all encouraging us to leave little “crumbs” behind, where we post our two-cents about things we like and things we don’t like, things we do, things we don’t do, where we work, how much money we might make and so on.

It is pretty easy to learn about your spending habits, what websites you visit (even rarely), what your opinions are, what your voting registation probably is, religion, who you like, who you don’t like and on and on.  In fact, there is so much information now being posted to the Internet by people about their private lives that it is truly overwhelming.

Data Mining

The NSA and other federal agencies have long been data mining these sources of information, including using bogus encryption software sold to the public, and sweeping up gigantic volumes of information for archival and reference.  Don’t think for a minute that this has not been going on since the inception of the Internet, because it has.

Despite the alleged “illegality” of this, it matters not.  The United States has long had cooperative agreements with other countries, such as England to permit them to spy on the American people, and we spy on the English.  This is no joke, they’ve been caught doing this a number of times.  Furthermore, I have absolutely lost track of the number of times the US government and its agencies have engaged in illegal activities.  Even when they’ve been “shut down” such as Carnivore, they’re not.  Like Blackwater, they just morph themselves under a new label and go right on killing people, err, back to business (as usual).

Any electronic information that you share should be done with deliberation and consideration for its necessity and need.  Do you really need to share online, to the entire browsing / snooping / indexing world that your brother in law is a drunk?  Or that your boss is having an affair with your sister?  While it may make you feel a little better by getting this muck off your chest, the harm that this can do is nearly incalcuable.

Many Internet predators and stalkers have used the resources of the Internet to commit murder, rape, stalking, theft, bribery and blackmail, the list here is nearly endless.  But the staggering truth is, this is only possible because people have stupidly posted tidbits of information about themselves (or someone else) online, never thinking for a moment that it might come back to bite them in the ass.

It is not only the predators you have to watch out for, and the swindlers and email marketers and the government themselves, but the corporate “collectors”, who are paying billions of dollars now for data mining.  These are your insurance companies, medical providers, even grocery stores and doctors who are finding out everything that there is to know about you by the crumbs you have left behind.

The FBI has long boasted that there are least 57 “files” on every man, woman and child in the United States.  These records are available to other agencies of course, with none of them actually looking out for your best interest.  You want to adopt a child?  What about that post where you bragged about taking those drugs when you were a teenager?

These kinds of tidbits we innocuously post about our lives, our activities, our beliefs can and are being used against us.  It does not matter one bit that these may be events that took place decades ago — whatever you are revealing about yourself online is quite literally the same thing as writing it up in the sky for all to see.

This is by the way, how many groups have been surrepitiously infiltrated, because one or more of the members got stupid and said something online somewhere.  Bingo! Now they know that there is a group forming or dissent fomenting or whatever the mention was.  Vast resources have been dedicated to monitoring the Internet for these kinds of things, including in chat rooms, forums, blogs, readers comments on websites, anywhere where personal crumbs are being left behind.

True Privacy

There is a simple “rule” that everyone should follow.  Do not use the Internet (at all) for anything you do not want everyone to know about.  This would include browsing, buying, reading, visiting, commenting or sharing anything that you do not feel comfortable announcing to the whole world, because that is actually what you are doing when engaging in these activites.  It may not be available to the average person, but there are many, many people who are professionaly employed and highly skilled that know exactly how to make this available and to whom.

Knowing that, here are a few other comments and observations.  Lately, there has been a very noticable trend in published comments by alleged “readers” of main stream news articles.  Most of these sites require pre-registration before you can post comments.  Some of these can be bypassed with password sites such as where you can “borrow” a password and login.  Sometimes this works, but you’re still leaving a breadcrumb with your comments and your IP.  There are browsers that will attempt to hide your IP too, but if you’ve gone to that length, then you’re already aware of everything I’ve already said.

The trend that I have noticed lately is the clear tendency to filter comments that are largely favorable to the article (in many cases).  But the inverse is just as true, an outrageous article will be published, which appears to be deliberately designed to elicit published dissent.

I do not think either of these are ‘accidents’, but spiked stories to a) persuade public opinion; b) root out the IP addresses of people who disagree with the status quo.

It would be very easy to imagine that a map of the United States probably exist in several somewheres, where tiny warning flags are placed showing where the most troublesome and potentially problematic people / areas are.  Hell, I could develop this myself in truth, creating tracking profiles of people that “stand out”, cross-referencing them with their posting history, personal information and even buying habits.  It’s just not that hard in truth, and the Internet actually makes this so damned easy.

Chip Me, Please

There’s more.  There is a clear trend to microchip humans, to control literally everything in their lives, what they earn, where they live, who they know, what they do, what they buy, what they sell, what they eat and even track their movements.  This is no joke — the technology already exists and is in trials in many parts of the world today.  The US military has used these chips to track shipments, from factory to battlefield or to warehouse.  Human trials have been underway for some years now.

The technology is being further advanced with chip-enabled computers that can only function for the right operator who has been personally chipped to interface with them.  While this may be a data miners wet dream, it bodes ill for privacy advocates and personal freedoms.

It is a very easy thing to couple tracking chips with data mining and vast databases that will profile everybody. We are making this draconian task much easier for them by our love and embracement of technology, and by innocuously posting information about ourselves, our wives, our families or our friends, or even information about those people that we do not like or support.  Complain about the government?  It’s not going unnoticed, it’s going into a file that ties it directly to you.  Think you’ve got a disease and want to see a doctor?  Keep it to yourself, or your insurance company may find out and use this information against you one day.

Privacy Equals Freedom

Freedom can only exist where there is personal privacy.  Anybody that knows everything about you or your life is very prone to start making rules (or laws) against you, or certainly to take advantage of what they do know.  Why do you think that there is such a clear agenda to collect everything possible about you?  Where there is no privacy, there is no freedom, and there is only a prison.  You become either a victim or a market, where you are targetted to buy stuff, or taken advantage of.

There is a clear agenda at work with the Census taken every decade for example. They are now using GPS (global position satellite) to locate you and your home right down to the inch.  They’re “reasons” for doing this makes no sense at all, but what makes even less sense is the crap that they are asking from you on the Census.

First off, you do not have to answer those questions being asked.  There is no law that states that you do.  Nor has anyone ever been fined by refusing.  The threat of fine is there, so you decide.

Here is a simple rule to follow: if you want freedom, then stop revealing information about yourself, about your opinions, about your dissent, about your approvals, about everything.  We no longer live in a society where freedom of speech is protected.  Get that fact through your head.  It is not protected, it will be and is being used against you on a daily basis.  We lost that battle.  All we have left is the illusion that our practice of free speech is protected.

Technology, as “enabling” as it seems, is being used against us, especially in the area of information.  Your telephone calls, faxes, email and Internet activities are all “wonderful freedoms” that are being vacuumed into gigantic archives by our plantation owners, because of one simple fact: they don’t trust you and never have.

Everyone is suspect, everything you do is suspicious. The damnable Patriot Act saw to that, but this suspicion and distrust predates this abomination by decades.  Some of you remember McCarthyism and the lynch mobs taking place even then.  It’s only gotten worse since that time, and technology has made it unbelievably easy to do this.  The GPS chip in your phone, your car, soon to be in you and in your money proves this beyond any possible doubt.

You should find it very odd that we are not allowed to know what goes on in the closed door sessions and back room meetings of Congress and their ilk, but they want to know exactly what color of underwear you buy and how much you drink and who you got this from and how much you paid.  There is a one-way street of totalitarianism going on here, when it should be exactly the opposite.  We have become the servants to the masters, instead of the other way around.

Don’t forget that this is actually all coming from corporate slaveowners in reality. Government is jumping at their beck and call, even our politicians come from corporate as part of the (s)election process.

The true plantation masters are private / corporate businesses that are seeking to make merchandise of everything: men, women, children, information, resources, land, animals, water, even the very air we breathe.

They’re the ones after you and are the driving force behind the invasion of privacy in your life.  You are nothing more then an economic unit in their mind, bred and born to work, buy and die in accordance to your position in life.  If you ever wanted to know why we cannot break the social class / racial class barriers, it is because we are not being allowed to.  They’ve got us almost exactly where they want us in truth and the “business as usual” paradigm we can’t seem to shake off and break is coming directly from them.

Disinformation As A Weapon

I have only barely scratched the surface of what is really going on here, but it starts with you and your level of awareness and understanding.  You are in a position to control much of this still, and here is how:

You must learn to walk softly and with wisdom.  Do not reveal anything about yourself online.  Do not fill out any forms where you don’t have to.  On those that you do “have to”, simply lie about everything you possibly can.  None of this information is being used to help you anyway and it is actually illegal to collect it in many cases, but that obviously is not stopping anybody from demanding this information from you, so you have to wise up and deal with the hand you’ve been dealt.

It can be great fun to mess up the databases and collection efforts by feeding them bogus information.  During the public heyday of Project Carnivore, many people smartened up and started embedding their emails and posted comments with trigger words to cause this giant computerized vacuum to flag anything and everything as “suspicious”.  While this probably didn’t work, it did help people to wake up to what was going on by their own government and the surveillance society that was being built.  It is a relatively simple thing to program software to ignore these kinds of “baits”.

Stay offline with your comments.  Stop posting them.  But if you do, post wisely.  Keep in mind that you’re not posting in secret.  There is every reason to believe that you are typing in a dangerous minefield.

A New Cyber Army Is Called For

Online, Covert Agents Promoted By Obama Administration

There are literally thousands more references to snooping, spying, investigating, collating, analysing and the collection of stupendous volumes of information about all electronic activity (Internet, phone, fax, microwave, email, satellite, literally everything).  If you are not aware of this, it behooves you to immediately smarten up about what has been going on for decades now.

The collection of information is an incredibly powerful weapon, and has long been used to tightly couple the media output of news, even controlling public opinion, perception, belief, and issues like trust, calm, fear, support, racism, xenophobia, consumption and of course, our ever-present materialism.  Put a little more clearly, you, me, everyone is being programmed for behavior, belief, reaction and response just like a computer, since birth. The more information / data collection they have on us, the easier this task is for them.

This is a type of passive programming, which gives you something that they don’t have (yet).  You can unprogram yourself by decoupling from these programming sources as much as possible.  You do this by unplugging yourself from their inputs into how you are supposed to think, act, buy, believe.  The entire scope of how to do this is going to be beyond this newsletter.  For now, realize that you can take personal authority over all of this if you want to.

In addition to this, what media sources you read, watch and listen to need to carefully considered for their accuracy, completeness, honesty, integrity and usefulness.  The American media in particular is some of the worst sources in the world for these criteria.  If you don’t already know why this is, I won’t try to explain this right now, so that this post isn’t too long.

Propaganda As A Weapon

There are a LOT of so-called news sources and media outlets that are pure propaganda mouthpieces, and even within the so-called “movements” (patriot, right-wing, left-wing, dissent, anti-war, you name it) media sources, a great deal of this information is propaganda and disinformation too.  Just because a group or news outlet fits your worldviews, doesn’t make them right, accurate or truthful.  Their data sources and facts must be checked for accuracy and completeness and any propaganda that they spew forth simply rejected.

Almost all, if not all, news stories are deliberately “spiked”.  They’re ALL vetted by editors and reviewers to toe the party line and push a particular agenda.  They’re spiked with seemingly innoccous statements to plant particular viewpoints and opinions in your mind.  If you look for them, you can find them everywhere, here is an example.

Did you spot it?  It’s the last statement in the article (there are several others too).

While the Pakistani government publicly condemns the strikes as violations of its sovereignty, it is thought to have a secret deal with Washington allowing them.

You are left with the impressions that they want you to believe, without providing any proof or evidence that this is true.  This is a very common tactic and accomplishes exactly what they want it to accomplish: to lull you into meek acceptance.  The message is clear, if our government is doing it, then it must be okay, especially if they’ve brokered a “deal” with another government.

There are many other spiked messags in this same story by the way, see if you can’t pick them out yourself.

They’re intended to desensitize you to what is really going on here.  Here are just a few things you are being lulled into acceptance on this particular article:

that “they” are bad, and we are (somehow) good; that they are protecting us (somehow) from “enemies” thousands of miles away; that an entire American industry is very busy at work building highly technical and complex devices to kill total strangers to us and that this is all well and good and must be okay; that we can meekly trust our government in these matters; that they are acting on our behalf (somehow) and to our benefit in some mysterious but not fully explained way; that all of the people that they kill in our behalf are all our true enemies and they are all deserving of death without trial; that any collateral damage of civilians, bystanders, women, children, men and property is necessary; that repeated actions of this type are still condoned; and that we should just shut up and go along with it all.

There is a real problem with this type of propaganda, but we see this sort of thing all of the time.  The many hidden messages contained within are fully intended to create your acceptance, questioning nothing, accepting everything.  It is even considered “unpatriotic” to question any of it!

The Bush Administration took this type of propaganda to unbelievable levels, claiming that “anyone who isn’t with us is with the terrorists”.  Terrorists, by this definition, was every single person in the entire world that George and his kind did not like or that did not support the actions of his administration.

George W. Bush and all of his ilk made it very clear — do not think for yourself, question nothing, object not and accept whatever we tell you as the unvarnished truth — and that is all you need to know.  Ignore our lies, our manufactured “evidence”, even our corrupt activities, including blowing up some rather big buildings.  Just go with it people!!  We’re here for you!

My gag reflex was so bad during his corrupt Administration that I developed constant heartburn.  But Obama is no better, this man has taken lying and propaganda to entirely new levels.  I suspect that they take lessons on how to do this.  But I know where the real power is coming from, and I hope most of you are catching on to this.

The Unvarnished Truth

New sources are generally pretty bad for presenting biased information.  I can’t provide anyone with a list of trusted sources, as they probably don’t actually exist.  You’ll have to learn to filter out what news is valid and true and what isn’t.  This is a learned skill, in truth, and you must learn to practice this daily, as your world and your worldviews are what is at risk here.

There is a gigantic battle taking place for the minds of men, all over the world, obviously including yours. If they can control what you see, hear, believe, buy, accept, support, condone or even what you are told to be disinterested in, then they have in fact, turned you into a zombie.  If you ever wanted to know why so many Americans are so apathetic, unlearned, disinterested and self-serving, there you have it.  They have been programmed since birth through ten million sources to be exactly that way.

A few pointer then are called for: if you don’t read, start. Reading will open your mind up to many possibilities and sources of information.  It takes a large volume of reading to learn to unlearn the propaganda and myths we’ve all come to believe and accept as truth.  One book won’t do it, ten books won’t do it either.

I buy a lot of books and I read them all.  I spend many hours each day reading, my bookmarks is huge for sites I prefer, but I still have to be very careful.  There are sites that are pretty good but spike their stories with absolute bullshit, stuff I know isn’t true, because I’ve taken the time to learn from qualified experts and researchers on that particular subject.

A few subjects to simply prove a point is the history of the Founding Fathers of this nation and what they actually wrote and believed.  Other such subjects is the US Constitution, Articles of Confederation and the Bill of Rights.  Others that once held great interest to me was the creation of the Federal Reserve, the Holocaust, American history, 911, the Armenian genocide, the history of the bible, even the known facts surrounding the year 2012 and Mayan prophecies.  But there are many, many more, areas of interest that I’ve undertaken to the point of saturation, until such time as I come to exhaust my own personal interest and understand the true history of these things.

Not everybody will do this of course, which is why you really do need to be pretty careful and don’t let your mind become “one of theirs”.  This is after all, what the propagandist are after, since if they can get you to believe what they claim, then they can also get you to obey what they want.

A Free Mind

A free mind is a very powerful weapon.  This is why so much information is deliberately hidden from people, they do not want people to have the ability to truly think for themselves and learn.  One reason why indegenious groups were so easily controlled is that they withheld very important and critical information from them, and then they took advantage of that.  They also withheld education (another form of information), resources and money, but that’s sort of beside the point here.

It IS what you don’t know that can and probably will kill you in the end.  Your lack of knowledge will also help enslave you, just as much as your embracement of false information and myths.  Never forget that there are chess pieces being plotted out several moves in advance by our controllers.  What information we have that is being regurgitated for public consumption is no accident, it is deliberate, methodical and diabolically planned out to always gain the advantage and to leverage control over the public.  It is how they are still overlording over the people and keeping us almost entirely ignorant of what they are really doing.

Ever wonder why the law was so complex and full of legalese and hard to understand language?  It’s an old trick, going back thousands of years.  They did this too when they developed religion, making it hard for people to speak the language, read the words or even understand the full significance of the rituals and rites.  We have that same situation today in our courts, our laws, our corporations and the so-called rules of governance over them and throughout our governments of the world today. Let’s admit it — we barely know what they are doing, and this is absolutely no accident at all.

There is no such thing as “open government”.  This is a myth, and is meant to deflect you from serious inquiry.

Only the highly trained, versed, studied and educated lay (qualified) claims to understanding what is that they do, and try as they might, they’ve only been able to share just a little of what is really going on.

There are protective barriers, walls deliberately erected to keep the people from revolting. There have been a number of highly placed people throughout history that have made exactly this claim — that if the people really understood what was going on, we’d burn their houses down.

So read, learn, watch and listen.  Self-educating is always better then vegetating anyway.  What you learn may just save your life one day, or that of someone else.  It’ll certainly make you a better person, with a stronger intellect and a stronger sense of intuition, understanding and capabilities.


This is interesting, Secrecy News just sent me this in time for this publication, definitely related to the points I raised above:


The Department of Defense has issued a new publication (pdf) to update and clarify its doctrine on “psychological operations.”

Psychological operations, or PSYOP, are intended to “convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator’s objectives.”

PSYOP is among the oldest of military disciplines, but the new DoD doctrine continues to wrestle with basic definitional issues.

It endorses a new, negative definition of the term “propaganda,” which had formerly been used in a neutral sense to refer to “Any form of communication in support of national objectives designed to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, or behavior of any group in order to benefit the sponsor, either directly or indirectly.” From now on, propaganda will refer only to what the enemy does:  “Any form of adversary communication, especially of a biased or misleading nature, designed to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, or behavior of any group in order to benefit the sponsor, either directly or indirectly.”

The new doctrine also dictates that the term “perception management” shall be eliminated from the DoD lexicon (pdf).

DoD acknowledges that PSYOP is limited by legal constraints, including statutes, international agreements, and national policies. Among other things, the DoD doctrine states, there is a “requirement that US PSYOP forces will not target US citizens at any time, in any location globally, or under any circumstances.”  Yet in a near contradiction, the doctrine also states that “When authorized, PSYOP forces may be used domestically to assist lead federal agencies during disaster relief and crisis management by informing the domestic population.”  Perhaps the PSYOP forces are supposed to inform the domestic population without “targeting” them.

Fundamentally, psychological operations are tethered to the reality of U.S. government actions, for good or for ill.  As the new doctrine notes, “Every activity of the force has potential psychological implications that may be leveraged to influence foreign targets.”  But PSYOP cannot no substitute for an incoherent policy or rescue a poorly executed plan.

See “Psychological Operations,” Joint Publication 3-13.2, Joint Chiefs of Staff, January 7, 2010.

Don’t buy into the propaganda of “legal constraints”, it has never stopped them before, they just go underground and do it anway.  You remain the “foreign objective”, PSYOP’s has long been known to be practiced by corporations and government throughout the world.

Never forget, if we’re being told about this in “disclosure”, that in itself is an admission that there is much, much more going on.  Even disclosure is part of an agenda, and is part of both damage control and propaganda in itself.


Trijicon, maker of rifle scopes and weapons sights, just got found out, they’ve been putting Bible passages on their weapon sights sold to the US Military (and probably others).

Apparently, they’ve been doing this for a rather long time, I’ve got one sitting right here next to me (attached to you-know-what) and yep, it’s got this on it.  I’ve had this one for years too.  Guess I need to remember who I’m serving as I send that bullet down range into the head of my enemy.

Nothing like proselytizing for Christ with the business end of a gun.  That’ll get the message across, albeit a bit late I’d think.

Unbelievable. Trijicon must be the stupidest company on earth to try this.  I’ve always known that Iraq and now Afghanistan is a holy jihad for Christ (look it up if you don’t believe me), but this takes the cake, mostly because I got taken myself.

Plenty of other places to spend your dollars on quality sights.  Recommended: Aimpoint, Eotech, NightForce and Schmidt & Bender for starters.

Food Price Increase

I took the time to calculate out the cost of food from 2006 to 2009.  The bad news is prices have gone up steadily and substantially, some of the 4 year plans have jumped over one thousand dollars since 2006.  It’s not going to get any better either.

If, and I say “if” so that there is no mistake, the 2010 harvests turns out just as bad as others have claimed will happen, then everyone can expect this to be reflected in the grocery stores and on places like my own food website.

Food as a weapon is no joke and is being used in many stricken areas of the world.  If you’ve been following the Haiti story, food and water is in critical short supply right now.  This will probably continue long after the earthquake “relief” stops too.  Strangely (or not, Haiti is as corrupt as any nation gets), some people are being turned away already and there is still a great deal of search and rescue to do.


I saw a review of the “mass graves” a few days ago, where they were already claiming of having buried 70,000 people (by hand) and the opinion there was “not possible”, and that this was mostly just media disinformation, likely planted by Haiti and perhaps a few others, all hoping to get their hands into the cookie jar at a time when world attention was on the nation.

This is unbelievably tragic, but possible for sure.  Haiti has had US help for a very long time, but remained one of the most impoverished and corrupt places on earth (hint: I just told you why). That hasn’t changed, even in crisis.  Images of looting, burning and crime are what we’re being shown, but images of coordinated relief and recovery (in the early days) and mass graves on the scale they were claiming were almost entirely absent.  We saw people using sticks and hammers and their hands to rescue survivors, but no heavy equipment.

Everyday that passes now for this stricken country will undoubtedly worsen their real and imagined need.  However, the problems Haiti has remain as acute as ever.  Deep corruption contributed to staggering levels of poverty.  Over ten thousand organizations have sought to bring help to Haiti, which remained the poorest place in the northern hemisphere.

The underlying tragedy of Haiti remains the same as ever, even if there had been no earthquake.  The real and accurate count of Haiti’s loss will probably never be known.


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