Newsletter – Issue 44

I hope readers are savvy enough to keep up on the so-called “climate debate” issues of interest, which are taking up plenty of useless space on various blogs and forums. The real scientists are easily disproving the so-called debates, which are almost entirely made up of manufactured lies and quotations.

This is eerily similiar to the so-called Climategate fiasco, where messages broadly taken out of context were supposed to “disprove” the science.

Good websites will do a credible job of exposing these frauds, such as Real Climate, Climate Progress, the Island of Doubt and many others.

There has been a lot of climate news lately, all bad, but all more or less predictable for a warming world. Increased methane release bodes ill for the planet, snow cover over the U.S is shrinking (despite the cold snap much of the U.S. is experiencing), the pine forest of British Columbia are now net carbon emitters, Australia just broke its own all time record for the warmest decade, ocean surface water temperatures continue to increase, with this kind of thing leading to increase jellyfish blooms.

We just survived the hottest decade on record as global warming marches on.

Many people are confused about the temperature variations and the precipitation variations that are experienced when the climate becomes unbalanced. These oscillations are expected.

Due to increased evaporation, more water vapor is carried aloft into the atmosphere. Land surface temperatures and lower albedo effects from less snow and ice cause shifts in regional weather patterns (among many other factors). There are even changes going on in ocean surface tempertures and deep sea temperature changing the thermohaline and ocean currents. The end result of temperature shifts is changing weather patterns. Some areas will experience increased drought effects, others will experience increased precipitation (rain or snow).

Overall, much of the land surface is actually drying out. Some of this is caused by deforestation which is changing regional rainfaill. Some is being caused by glacial melt, which is rapidly increasing all over the world choking rivers and causing many villages to fail for lack of water.

Spiked stories of “increasing levels of ice” in the Arctic are deliberately misleading, because you’re not supposed to read the entire article for facts, which reveals that ice thickness has significantly diminished. Thinner ice each year is a clear trend of a warming Arctic. More on this below too.

I expect the next decade to be substantially hotter as a result of this and many more source articles and scientific publications. Fresh water will become critical for many countries and regions. It’s probably no accident at all that the George Bush family bought most of the land over the Guarani Aquifer back in 2006, one of the world’s largest aquifers.

We must keep in mind that the chess pieces of the global elite are often moved well in advance, such as the new seven Columbia military bases being built. The new Africom military command is being assembled to enable the United States to go after more resources in the decades ahead. Yemen, and now the Horn of Africa are in the target sights with more to come.

None of this has anything to do with freedom, democracy, national security or even justice, it’s the same business as usual model of taking resources from wheresoever we want by coercion and force, and using American sons and daughters to do it (or proxy armies coerced into helping us). This is “business”, the tried and true methodology of Empire.

I’m hoping readers understand where this is all heading. Like climate change and the so-called “raging debates” surrounding anthropogenic effects on the world’s climate, the issues that surround Empire, expansion and dominionist policies will be just as vehemently denied.

The So-Called Hidden Dot

Why is it so hard for people to connect the dots? There is a very clear connection that can be easily seen if people but look with open minds, discarding preconceived or ill-guided notions and misinformation.

Alas, it really is hard for many people to see what is developing, where it is heading, and what the inevitable conclusion of all these things will be. I feel like I am beating my head repeatedly against a wall.

There is a saying that goes well here. Forewarned is forearmed. There is no need to be taken by surprise when your country engages in yet another senseless war — you should have seen this coming. It doesn’t particular matter where this occurs next, you just know that it will. And you’re going to be expected to pay for it of course, or rather, your great-great-great-great grandchildren are, because that is how far out we are into the future in terms of financing our military debts and global occupation.

Our generation is, beyond any doubt, the most complicit generation to ever grace the face of Earth. Despite our feeble protests and disagreements with what we are aware of that is going on, we are almost entirely powerless to effectively do much about it, but this is primarily because we won’t do what it takes (revolt). Nothing else will work (if it did, we’d have that evidence).

So we stand is shocked horror as our country engages in stupidity after fiasco after knee-jerk after coverup, again and again and again, ad naseum.

I could do this all day, but won’t. Already some of my readers are bored with this newsletter, finding that it does not meet their expectations or interest or viewpoints. I’m not sure what people expected. It’s the same format / tone / theme as the blog. I’ve fallen into a rut so to speak, of cajoling, encouraging and pointing out what is gone wrong with our society, our nation, our world and how humans are in fact, responsible for all of it.

The Divine Plan Of Human Imagination

This is no divine plan as one person suggested, sorry to let some of you down. I checked that out, very, very carefully for a long time, and nope, we are not fulfilling anything other then our own selfish and largely stupid desires with the corresponding consequences such childish behavior brings about.

We’re not getting rescued by Christ or a mother ship, we’re not going to greet any saviors or aliens (with the later being more likely if anything were to happen), an asteroid or near-earth flyby may suddenly disrupt things, but much more likely to happen is we are going to continue this ever-present downward spiral towards self-destruction by our own hubris.

But you say, “I’m too negative”. That I am. One person said I’m overly pessimistic at times, and then overly optimistic. I’m both. When it comes to government, the public trust and / or awareness, the plutoacracy or any other institutions, I’m overtly pessimistic because the evidence squarely proves that these things never change from within. They are too self-serving and protected and entrenched by their own expections and rules to change for the better.

I’m optimistic however on what can change, which is the individual, a tract of land, even an act of kindness or compassion, something we can individually directly control. These are things within our power, within your power and my power and we can actively work towards these positive things by sheer choice.

But it is not possible to apply these optimal choices to things much larger then ourselves, which I’ve pointed out “would have happened already” if they could. Many, many well meaning activists, politicians from years gone by, authors, writers, and self-prescribed “change agents” have worn their fingers to the bone trying like mad to change the unchangeable. After many years of effort, they will quietly admit that they have almost totally failed, that what can be changed is not what is self-protecting and self-serving, but what is individual and under your direct control and influence.

Of course, not everyone believes this, even I didn’t for many years, but now I do. And admittedly, I’m hoping that some of you do too, because we are more effective by engaging in activities that actually do work, then uselessly throwing ourselves upon the well-worn gears again and again.

This is a rather big point, and one I wish more people would come to understand. Do what works — not what doesn’t. This is simple common sense, but it’s not common, otherwise we’d have long ago gone ahead and abandoned efforts that never go anywhere and tried something else.

I think people think I suggest giving up. Not at all. That is the last thing I’m advocating. I have long suggested that you unlearn the lies and deceptions and the misleading information that controls your life. That’s not giving up, not at all. I have also suggested that people use common sense and see things for what they a really are. That’s not giving up either. And finally, I have encouraged people to think for themselves, to stop accepting the status quo as being either normal or healthy or that it will self-govern itself into a fair, equitable or just society.

You need to learn to be able to see through the lies and the deceptions before you can think clearly. And once you think clearly, take action in direct accordance with your new vision and beliefs. It is not sufficient to stand in silence or mutely and do nothing. You need to act decisively. Hanging in the balance is you and your life, and how it contributes or takes away from the developing problems and issues in the world. If you do nothing and remain a slug, then you are complicit, even contributing and making things worse. If you do something, a choice and a decision that is yours alone to make, then you have at least done something.

It is because there are too few of us doing something (anything) and too many of us that remain dependent slugs, having no original thoughts or actions that aren’t already pre-programmed into us, that convince us we remain powerless, caught in this web of deception and defeat. We think we’re doing something by participating in democracy, such as voting or writing to our Senators or some other such nonesense, actions that don’t work, but we’re actually not doing anything at all by such actions. These actions are already signs of total defeat and submission, they are neither empowering or enabling and they will not accomplish anything.

Is it so hard to see? Let me put this another way — if you are not challenging the Machine, then you’re really not doing anything. Your life here on this planet can only count for something if you are trying to make it a little bit better, and there are many, many issues in which you can get yourself involved in. Because the Earth is in such crisis now, and because there are so many, many human issues too in which to be concerned about, we must take our compassion and our concern and engage at least a portion of ourselves to make them better.

If we don’t do that, then we are selfish, caring nothing for the injustice or the suffering and the wrongs going on all around us. We must do something, an ethic that has long been taught throughout all of human history because it is truly essential for human survival. We may live only unto ourselves, and be entirely selfish, always “taking away” and never putting back, or we may make a contribution by engaging our compassion in effective ways.

Religious Deceptions

I remain disgusted by those that claim the faith of Christ, yet abandon all sense of personal responsibility and accountability for their own actions, or the injustices going on in the world today.

These concepts are diametrically opposed to one another, and I can only account for this dichotomy through long research which has revealed that Christianity as taught today opposes human responsibility and the results this brings.

The blame, these humans reason, rests upon God, or the “will of God”, or the devil or some other such absolute nonsense, or human weaknesses and our notions of “sin”, and therefore “justly deserved” forms of punishment are divinely enacted through human agents or “natural” events, including death, maiming, torture or any other forms of horrible suffering.

This is a damnable doctrine of excuses and irresponsibility and is behind much of the suffering in the world today. It teaches zero accountability for human actions and permits all kinds of terrible excesses and behaviors, excusing them all under the will of God.

For many years, I taught the scriptures as some know and I almost never speak of it now, because it is such a huge sword that divides asunder the fake and phony from the lies and their deceptions. Christianity had long been co-opted into an abomination of doctrine and deception, which is why genocicde remains one of Christianity’s most troublesome practices, but continues to this day.

Ecocide and omnicide is another false embellishment of the Christian life today. The propensity for self-deception and delusions of grandeur, preeminence and domination is legendary within the Christian walk. But to be fair, it is not limited to Christianity alone, but most of the world’s major religions, who make it a special point that theirs is the only one true religion.

Common sense dictates an obvious truth — humans are not the only sentient species on this planet, or even the most populous species, or the only species that “deserves” to live here, but it is human actions and activities alone and none other, that have threatened the extinguishment of all life on this planet.

Ecocide and omnicide notwithstanding, extinctions are now occurring at ten thousand times the natural rate — all of which is being caused by humans, with many of these same humans that are indifferent, uneducated and misled into believing that this is all some asinine “divine plan” (on a global scale no less) that we should go forth and literally subdue everything into total extinction.

This warped idea is ridiculous on its face, any God that would deem such activities as being “planned” by Him is deserving of neither worship or regard.

The sheer idiocy of this notion boggles the mind, but I have met many, face to face that honestly and truly believe such nonsense. They believe that human dominion over all things on this planet is the divine will of their notion of God, and that there is no price too high to pay to accomplish this fact, including genocide over non-believers, ecocide and omnicide. There are many, many more such outrageous fantasies and illusions held by this influential group that mirrors this level of staggering stupidity.

They always have an excuse too for their actions (and their indifference). People that suffer are either being “punished” for their own good, or because they’re not the right faith, right color, right sex, right country or the right government (take your pick). How utterly convenient this is for them. Their xenophobia and hidden hatred is legendary.

They connect all bad things that happen to mythical legends and creatures, utterly failing to recognize the obvious fact that it is human predatory practices that is making other humans and the environment a living hell. They excuse these actions as being part of some warped divine plan that somehow always manages to leave them alone in the exclusively privileged and pampered preeminent positions where they can look down from their ivory towers of judgement and scorn.

The recent Pat Robertson quote on the Haiti earthquake was so utterly vile and disgusting that this should make people of all faiths run like hell for the exits. But Roberson is not alone, there are now thousands of comments from “believers” who claim that the crushing of men, woman, children, homes, hospitals and schools is the will of God, who takes some kind of perverse pleasure in mangled bodies, pools of blood and shattered lives. If you believe this — then you are one seriously fucked up person. Depart now, because you are the true workers of iniquity and I want absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with you.

To these people, I shout “Wake the hell up”. It’s time you learned the truth of your bible, your faith, your church history and your actions and the contributions you and everyone else is making towards a veritable hell on Earth. Not one of you has any excuse for accepting dogma over fact, fiction over evidence, doctrine over common sense. Your prophets are profiteers and charlatans, fleecing you fools into total submission and stupidity while they greedily heap to themselves ill-gotten riches. You are not alone, but you are large and you are definitely having an effect on life of this planet, and it is not good.

I rarely (by choice) delve into these matters, believing that people have the right to choose for themselves what they believe in matters of faith. But it is simply dishonest to not take the time, from time to time, to make mention of how our beliefs such as this can lead us (all) to destruction by our own hand.

I’m done with this topic, for now.

Marine Mammal Force Protection – Enlisting sentient marine mammals for military use. We all know there is no end to the level that the military will go to “dominate”.

Amazon’s Chernobyl – Cancer, toxic waste pits, denials, destruction, entire region destroyed by Texaco. Typical corporate American behavior.

Global corporations need to be completely shut down. They should not be allowed to exist. Their constant environmental depredation and destruction must stop. They are rarely held accountable. Their sheer size, influence, power and money in a world that worships these false ideals makes them nearly untouchable. I’d like to see all their executives, lawyers, loggers, defenders, drillers and deniers strung up. No people, no country, no region and no humanity should put up with their lies and deceptions.

Pine Island Glacier is now past the tipping point – So are a lot of other glaciers, we’re just willing to come out and say it yet. Sea levels are going to rise dramatically.

Antarctica Losing 24 Cubic Miles of Ice Per Year – And this trend is accelerating.

Return To Small Farms Could Help Alleviate Environmental, Social Crisis – Seems like I heard something like that somewhere before. This is the future, whether we like it or not, as the world winds down and a return to local living is forced upon us.


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