Newsletter – Issue 43

Someone sent me this Youtube video link of how to get even with an airline that screws you over.

I think it’s great that we can exact our revenge upon the indifferent corporations (sometimes), and always cheer when it works (as it did in this case, but the damage was done).

When it works I should say.  My own position against American Express and Discover has resulted in many lost sales to me (and to them I’m sure) over the years, but these two credit card companies grind on, screwing over customer and merchant alike to this day.

We don’t often win, but when we do, we get to celebrate the victory.  And here’s a tiny one.

But these victories are a hollow.  These things shouldn’t happen in the first place and when they do, we should not be forced to go to such lengths to get restitution.  After the fact “victories” can never be considered complete or sufficient.

And sadly, they are always too few, too little and too far in-between to actually accomplish much except those momentary feelings of satisfaction that are quickly replaced with growing despair.  If we the people were “winning”, we’d have ample evidence of this already, but we don’t. It’s been one losing battle after another against large and small, again and again.

This is an essay well worth reading.  It’s a bit long, but elequently states why civilization is our true enemy, and how the proponents of civilization (including some of you) are working against us all.  You don’t have to be in the educational system either, you just need to be one of those tiny little cogs in the machine that is grinding everything to powder in the insatiable voracious quest for “more”.

More money, more growth, more resources, more people, more power, more everything, leaving behind a planet-sized wasteland of discarded bits of dust — you, me, the air, water, soil, fish, animals, minerals, literally everything, swallowed up, ground down, spit out and fashioned into human-shaped temporal morsels of connedsumptive ‘feasts’, soon to be discarded away and left to rot.

I think this essay makes a great case for homesteaders by the way, where the abandonment of civilization is our only possible hope for a living future.  We could just abandon the planet to the cockroaches and rats, who remain quite adept at proliferating on our wastes and discards, but I’d rather not.  There is something deeply troubling about omnicide and the human apathy behind it that I just can’t shake.

This essay did give me a moments inspiration — only a single generation is necessary to shut it all down for good, if they could all just “quit” their slavery and walk away.

A fine fantasy, but one that would never be permitted as insect-sized drones with lethal loads would pour forth from militarized cookie factories to kill the global walkout — and act which would be justified as being for “our own good”.  There is no doubt that we are considered better off dead then departed, it would do well for everyone to keep this in mind.

However, a boycott of all that is wrong, evil, and self-perpetuating of civilization is necessary and long overdue.  But why do I get the sense that it is also futile?

Is it because we worship at the gnashing altar of technology and progress? Or because the gods of war who decide the “right to life” are utterly indifferent to common sense, compassion and sensibilities?  Or because my fellow Americans remain with rootly transfixed into meek submission with infotainment and sports scores?

Still bored?  Then try the sex robot, a little makeup and bad lighting would probably do wonders for most of these beer-swilling gut busters.

Walk Out

We need to honestly ask ourselves — are we EVER going to willingly walk away from it all? Or are we not in fact, going to keep pursuing it all, even if it kills us?

Introspectively, I suspect that we can’t walkout.  We’d have a revolt on our hands in short order.  But then again, we’d have a revolt on our hands by any other means too, such as “designed collapse”, which is a sure sign of our addiction and dependency.  But we don’t need any “sign” or evidence now do we? This isn’t the issue.

The issue is us, it’s always us and how we live, how we act, how we respond and how we go about our lives on this world.  Too many of us are completely immune from the earthly connections that supports us and how and why this is even possible today.

Our approach to land stewardship and use is a science of measurements, we know if we provide these kinds of inputs x, y and z, we can properly expect these kinds of outputs, 1, 2 and 3.  We’ve become pretty good at this too, but it is this very act of scientific analysis that has helped disconnect us from the larger reality.

Our connection to the life itself in the land and throughout the earth has received a divorce decree by domination and control. Since then, we have been whoremongering with technology and technowizardy, making a witches brew with DNA and genetic manipulation, ever-coaxing just a little bit more from the already strained earth life support systems.

Enveloping it all, right down to our petroleum produced plastic buttons and rubber plantation clad feet, is our throbbing civilization powered by ten trillion sacrifices. When we say omnicide, we mean to kill it all, microbes, bacteria, mold, slime, jellyfish, vertabrates, invertebrates, birds, fish, reptiles, human, fauna, even the very atmosphere we breathe and the soil beneath our feet.

This is no joke.  This is happening all over the planet. It is deadly serious and growing worse each day.

I still contend that it is nearly pointless to read more words, any words including mine, about these things.  Mere words, essays and informative articles will never be enough.  We need something else entirely.

Total Liberation

Thomas Paine’s corner has another good essay on Total Liberation which I recommend you read.  Of course the environmental movement is intimately connected with the animal rights movement, neither can exist in a vertical vacuum one from the other, as both are entirely dependent upon the same fundamental principles and values.

Total liberation to me means many things, and there have been some excellent authors who have penned their thoughts on this that are similar to mine.  But I am most interested in what happens beyond the words.  What is actually being done, now — here — there — everywhere.

In the end, I came to realize it was entirely up to me to do what needed to be done.  I have no control over anyone else, and cannot even directly or efficiently influence anyone else.  There are billions of words now available for anyone who would self-educate themselves to the truth, no matter what the subject, and billions more words available to motive you / them to do so.  But the choice and the decision remains yours and theirs and nothing and nobody is really able to make this happen any faster or even better then what each of us decides.

Life is after all, a series of choices, provided to us by opportunities and circumstances. If some outside agency were to force change upon us all, then we would still explore all the available opportunites given the circumstances.  And this is fundamental to my original question — are we ever going to willingly walk away from it all?

The answer is no.  Not unless we have been offered some functioning alternatives.  Even the primitivist today knows this — if the land won’t directly support them, they won’t try to live off the land, they’ll do something else.  The Amish know this, the farmer knows this, everyone fundamentally knows this.  Those emeshed within confines of civilizations lulling embrace are comfortable (for now) where they are, and they won’t willingly leave unless they are offered some functioning alternatives.

It may be forced upon them through collapse — but that isn’t the point of this discussion for now. The question was, could we do it as a matter of choice?

Even though we can now understand the terrible effects of our lifestyles and how our militarized and industrialized civilization is creating self-destruction, I suspect that this answer is still a resounding “No”.

More education and more awareness is not making us change in sufficient numbers or more practically speaking, in sufficient ways, even on an individual basis, for us to embrace the new ethics and modes of living that are absolutely necessary.  I think this is a critical point by the way, because it reveals our propensity to be self-deluding and self-destructive.

The truth be known — we know enough now, already to create change in dramatic and essential ways.  But we’re simply not willing to do it, not while civilization continues to seductively charm us into apathy and indifference.  We’re addicted to our lifestyles in truth, especially here in the West, unable to willingly wean ourselves off this sugar-coated tit of stylized living.

The alternatives needed (and long overdue) are almost entirely absent, and they offer most of us nothing but fantasy and illusion right now, a certain romanticized notion of “how it could / should be” if we truly had lives worth living, and lives that were consciencious, truly sustainable, autonomous, democratic and meaningful.

This then poses both a particular problem and a much-needed solution.  It is not a connundrum however, but an opportunity.  But one that is neither forced upon us (just yet), but one that can be willingly, if but by by sheer force of will (effort) made a reality.

Can it be done?  Of this, I have no doubt at all, as there are functioning societies today that are already doing it.  They are almost entirely alien to us, but that isn’t even relevant — they’re doing it and they’ve been doing it for thousands of years.  I am of course talking about indigenous tribes and bands that are presently living and alive today.

I admit that nobody in the western world would hardly consider “joining in” with them to live as they do — even if they are entirely self-sufficient and sustainable.  Nor would we even be much interested in modeling ourselves close to them.  We are always exploring our other alternatives and opportunities as I’ve already said.  We expect and even demand much, much more then they do.  At issue here is our unqualified demands and what we think we need to exist.  They are neither reasonable or sustainable, but nevertheless, they exist and are very real to us, multiplied by billions of humans, and thus the “problem” and predicament we have today.

It is clear that we must by sheer force of will, choose what we will actually do.  More words will never be sufficient, we must now act, individually and in unison.  We must choose to leave the coal in the ground, to stop commerical fishing, to stop logging, to stop deforestation, to stop industrialized agriculture, to stop driving, to stop flying, to stop eating fast foods, to stop eating factory farmed meat, to stop burning petroleum, to stop voting, to stop giving our consent, and to stop our addiction of the corporate culture of “connedsumerism” in all its forms and practices.

And that’s just for starters.  But there is no doubt that none of this can happen unless we categorically stop examining our “preferred alternatives” as being even remotely beneficial to humanity or the life on this planet.  Stopping the above activities is only barest minimums necessary to ensure that we will even have life on this planet in a hundred years.

But perhaps most important, a point that I would like to drive home is that we must in fact, learn to stop.  Stop by choice.  Stop by necessity.  But the message from industry, the media and the government is just the opposite.  We’re not supposed to stop.  They will use anything, coercion or force or illusion or misrepresentation or any such thing that tells us that we cannot just “stop”.  Of course we can, by sheer force of will.  It is a choice.

Stopping is an action that you can do.  It is a choice that you can make.  And it is a necessary action to free your mind from corpocracy and the life support dependency that they have forced upon you.

This is the path of total liberation (to me) and it means all of this and so much more then this.  I can easily envision a world where there are no laws, no businesses, no corporations, no jails, no prisons, no police, no airlines, no cars, no buildings, no roads, no … well, now I’m off in fantasy land and I’ve completely missed the boat here.  Where are the alternatives that I spoke of?  If I stop, what then do I do that I might live?

The alternative action is for us to learn to live in cooperation with the land, from the natural abundance of the land and what it can locally support, instead of from the constant depradation of the land and its continual decrease. 

We CAN do this — if we so choose.  And we can do this right now, without asking for anybody’s permission or waiting for corporate “leadership” (deception) or government alliances or any such thing.

Land that is damaged like where I live can be restored bit by bit.  I don’t / didn’t have the luxury of living where the land is pristine, but then again, there isn’t much pristine land available anywhere.  I’m homesteading here, learning to let the land be and only take what I need to exist.  I will do some intensive gardening as there is nothing much in the surrounding forests for me to eat.  This is both a compromise and an “alternative”.

In turn, I will (have) stopped driving, stopped flying, stopped supporting corporate culture (employment and box stores), stopped hunting, stopped fishing, stopped eating fast food, stopped eating fish, stopped voting and a bunch of other little steps to “stop” my willing and even unwilling participation into what is killing us all.

Also in turn, I will coax the land into providing me my actual and real living, in terms of food, heat, water, and shelter.  My own “generational plan” encompasses 100 years here, about the limit of what I think I can reasonably do and plan ahead for.

Long term, I hope that this entire area will revert back to the wild, several thousand people lived here in perfect health long before my civilization came and destroyed them.  Ironically, several thousand people live here now, about the double the same number, but every single one of them requires massive inputs of food, water, energy, oil, materials and of course, money.  Obviously, this cannot last, not here, not anywhere on the planet, and planning ahead now for how to live here in the future makes good sense.

So, returning briefly to opportunities and circumstances and choices.  Make it happen in your life.  Create the opportunity.  Choose wisely as I am fond of saying.  Choose with consideration what your future could be and even should be.  It is up to you to create functioning alternatives to your present lifestyle.  They do not have to be the same (and shouldn’t be).

Start Your Tribe

The future requires humans to develop cooperative communities within their land base / resource area.  This is the past repeating itself again, as long trial and error of human existence has shown that tribes are the only sustainable societal structures humans have ever developed.

I hope to create a tribe here — once my neighbors get a clue, hopefully before collapse in their life sweeps them away.  Deek recently wrote to me about a global proposal for ‘landocracy’ and the right to return to living on the local land base without all of the damaging restrictions being demanded of us now.

I think this is a great idea, one which I would fully support.  I will in fact support almost anything that will destroy the world powers that be and reduce them to rubble and ashes, because these agencies and institutions and vested interests are not even remotely helping me and mine or any of you, but they are definitely behind our common destruction.

I hope to write more on the landocracy ideas as I learn more, but the restoration of the people back to the land is the essence of the human future on this planet.  It MUST happen, otherwise we will remain their slaves and connedsumers enlisted in our own destruction.


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