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Must watch – developed by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center and NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Scientific Visualization Studio, this is a visualization of carbon dioxide distribution over the entire planet (taken from NASA’s Aqua Spacecraft).

Holy cow! Talk about getting hammered!

Hollow Happenings – I found this link by accident, and know nothing about this site, but the pictures there are amazing and say all that needs to be said.

Three Gorges Dam Review – and why it’s such an environmental disaster. 18 million people have already been displaced with more to come. China Environmental Review has some pretty good stuff on what’s happening there in China.

Dated, but then again, it’s not.  Youtube video on how we are (still) cooking the planet.

This is scary (VERY) –

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels may have been lower in warm eras of the Earth’s distant past than once believed, scientists reported this week.

The finding raises concern that carbon dioxide levels from fossil fuel burning may, in the near future, be closer to those associated with ancient hothouse climates.

More immediately, the work brings one line of palaeoclimate evidence “” that deduced from ancient soils “” into agreement with other techniques for studying past climate.

“It makes a major revision to one of the most popular methods for reconstructing palaeo-CO2,” says Dana Royer, a palaeobotanist at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, who was not involved in the work. “This increases our confidence that we have a decent understanding of palaeo-CO2 patterns.”  Soils Give Clean Look At Past Carbon Dioxide

Arctic Ocean’s Ice-Free Past May Shed Light on 2100, Study Says:

Evidence that the Arctic Ocean was ice-free 3 million years ago, when average global temperatures were similar to projections for 2100, may shed light on how the far north will change as the Earth warms, a U.S. scientist said.

Fossilized shells recovered from the seabed show the Arctic Ocean was ice-free for at least part of the year during the mid- Pliocene era about 3 million to 3.3 million years ago, U.S. Geological Survey researcher Marci Robinson said in the journal Stratigraphy. The average temperature globally was about 3 degrees Celsius (5.5 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than today, in line with United Nations forecasts for 2100, she said.

Robinson also found that during the mid-Pliocene, the Arctic warmed more than the global average. The summer sea surface temperature in parts of the Arctic Ocean ranged from 10 to 18 degrees Celsius compared with about 0 degrees now. Warmer parts were further north, a “counterintuitive” effect that may be due to altered surface currents, the researcher wrote.

The findings provide a possible comparison “to future climate conditions if the current rate of Arctic sea-ice reduction continues,” Robinson said.

So”¦ the evidence suggests that [1] we get more warming from a given amount of atmospheric CO2 than previously thought, and [2] we get a huge shift in Arctic ice (with all the implied ramifications) for not unreasonable projections of warming. Of course, that level of ice loss contributes significantly to the warming; the albedo flip feedback isn’t as attention-getting as the potential destabilizing many gigatons of carbon in permafrost and methane hydrate deposits, but it’s already happening, and it’s virtually certain to keep making its contribution to warming well beyond the year 2100.

Combine these effects and you get an uncomfortably large multiplier on an already very uncomfortable situation.

Worth reading – An Apology.  He’s saying the same things I’m saying about the forthcoming collapse with a nicer way of saying it. But I think everyone should read this apology and pass it on to their kids, friends and family members.

Video of James Hansen – Storms Of My GrandchildrenIn Storms of My Grandchildren, Dr. James Hansen””the nation’s leading scientist on climate issues””speaks out for the first time with the full truth about global warming: The planet is hurtling even more rapidly than previously acknowledged to a climatic point of no return.”  There is a website dedicated to this new book here.

Quote from Peter Goodchild:

The greatest danger of fossil-fuel depletion, on the other hand, is that human life itself will come to an end. This is not a topic to stir the patriotism of the sheltered souls of Middle America. It is a nightmare. The simplest arithmetic shows that 7 billion humans cannot be fed with the products of pre-industrial agriculture. We can try to hide from that reality by planting a few rows of tomatoes and lettuce up at the cottage on a summer weekend, but deep in our hearts we know that human life requires far more than tomatoes and lettuce.

Even more frightening is the thought that those doomed human beings will not float up into the sky and enter some other dimension. Their deaths will not be anesthetized. Death by famine is slow and painful. It is not just hunger, and it is not just fasting. After a few weeks without food, the entire body starts to fall apart. Not a very nice topic for a high-school essay. It is far better that we allow our teenagers to continue their air-conditioned lives, to dwell in what Ibsen called a doll’s house. Oil & The Environment

Peter Goodchild got the above right, but he errs greatly when he claims that our oil addiction / collapse will “make our environmental problems go away”. That is absolute bullshit. We will rape and pillage and plunder with an intensity the world has NEVER seen before when this happens, and that destructive force by nearly 7 BILLION humans (a number which will probably be even higher then this) will cause such environmental havoc that even I fail to comprehend.

In other words, we’re going to burn it all, anyway we can.  We’re definitely not just going to lay down and go quietly into the night.  Eventually, as our human numbers are reduced, the environment stands a slim chance to restore itself, but we’re still a long ways away from that time frame.  By then, I honestly do not expect there to be much left.

Time Warp

I think it is actually possible to leap-frog ahead in thought (and action) on what it means to have a destabilized climate.  The climate we have been accustomed to, and the one in which we built and adapted our entire civilization around, is changing in unpredictable ways.

But we do know enough about these changes and variations to understand that we can no longer count on what we’ve experienced in our past.  This would included all of our assumptions about fresh water, agriculture and crop production, population stability, industrial and economic activity, even things like the nature of warfare.

The point is, we know that we are facing some very terrifying scenarios, which is why we must be doing everything we can right now to attempt to mitigate these effects.  How we do this, and what we do have long been a point of bitter contention.

I’m going to leap ahead and give you the answer to all of this.  Local sustainable living is the only possible solution. It is simply too bad that this is a message and a lifestyle that is being resoundly rejected, since it represents the near-death of industry, the economy, governmental control and global domination.

The oil industry and indeed, all of capitalistic society demands that we continue with our business as usual approach and will do absolutely everything that they possibly can to ensure that you are bamboozled into believing that this is “for the best”.

I should also add, that they want you to believe that this is “the best for everyone”, but that’s not true of course either, because there are only a relative few that are being benefitted, while everyone else on a planetary scale, including all future human generations and all living species is going to be paying for this exclusiveness.

These industries and pillars of our society care absolutely nothing about your children or grandchildren (or you), all they care about is the money in your pocket, today.  We cannot look to these agencies for any solutions or answers at all, and in point of fact, all that they have offered us so far is more greenwash, whitewash and hogwash.  Hybrid cars and solar panels and wind turbine and algae biofuel production — so we can keep doing what we’ve been doing, which is consume more energy, use up more resources, continue to overpopulate the planet and make these bastards even richer. They’re trying to profit at huge increases from our growing peril.

I say fuck ’em all.  I reject the notion that we are going to be able to continue life as we know it by greenwashing our lifestyles. A switch to a new form of energy production / consumption will most definitely not save the planet or stabilize the climate.  How could it? This is a pipe dream and a lie. The lie is much deeper then this however, because it continues to embrace everything that has led to our declining planet.  Even if we could make this switch — should we?  Or are we just doing the same kinds of damage and destructive behavior as ever?  None of these technologies address our lifestyles sufficiently enough to change the outcome of anything.

I’ve long written about future generations in past articles, it is irresponsible for us to be so damnably self-centered about our lifestyles that we’re willing to sacrifice future generations like we are.  There is plenty of evidence that we’re not even mildly concerned for our own kids!!

This is a terrible indictement of our the real nature of our “humanity” and why I’m am truly appalled at how apathetic and indifferent we have become.  It is no wonder was can stand in silence and watch Gaza turned into the largest open air prison ghetto in the world, we simply do not care what happens to someone else.

The worst case scenarios projections have humanity going nearly extinct in a very short span of time (less then 100 years) as climate feedbacks and the collapsing dominoes of resource destruction fall.  That’s pretty serious issue.  So why are most of us still naively pretending that we don’t have a rather major problem on our hands?  Even if this were only mildly true or had a small percentage of happening, risk assessment teaches us that we simply cannot afford the risk — at all.

I know I rant on this a lot, but we cannot fix what we cannot honestly admit to.  When we lie to ourselves, we lie about any possible response we might be able to come up with.  We engage in a self-deluding path of egregarious behaviors that can only result in furthering our risk and dangers.  The truth must be acknowledged, no matter how painful or discomforting it is.

We cannot adapt to what we pretend isn’t happening.  We can’t pretend either that it will only take some of us to get involved to take corrective actions either. If a few thousand or even a few million people all by themselves were left to try to fix or adapt to these things, what good could it possibly do?  It would do absolutely no good at all, it would be as if they had done nothing at all despite all of their efforts.

I honestly hold zero hope (ZERO) that our best intentions and efforts will effectively forestall our collapse. We will collapse inevitably because we cannot stop what we are doing and because there are always going to be too few who will do enough and finally, because we have already done too much damage. We’re simply too vested in the status quo and all that this means — and we’ve done such incredible levels of damage already that we have already “built in” our forthcoming collapse.

I know that not a lot of people see that, but they’re also working within verticle disciplines and viewpoints. That prevents them from connecting the growing dots from all over the world and seeing the bigger picture.  That, and an unwillingness to accept the facts as they really are.  The decades leading up to this one have taken a terrible toll upon the natural environment and earth systems, we are being unbelievably obtuse to think that we are simply going to rectify this damage overnight.  There are still too many industries and human activities (read: people) still robbing the earth for sustanance and energy.  Until that problem goes away, all else will utterly fail.

If the image below doesn’t show up, here is the direct video link, Stealing Our Reality.

You really MUST watch this video.  What I’m seeing is a “consensus” of doom is forming that is in alignment with my own expectations.

I really liked this video, but if you have watched the whole thing, and I suggest that you do, here is a point I would like to make:Do you want to base your hopes and your future and that of your survival and that of your family on the idea that we are going to (finally) receive effective leadership and action and world-wide cooperation, which will factually result in your survival, or do you feel as uncomfortable with that notion as I do?

While I agree that this would be great, it not even remotely realistic.  From a practical standpoint, this is sheer suicide.

Ross is very persuasive, but he’s making the issue at the end of the video that we WILL all wind up working together to find avenues of “unprecedented cooperation”.  Really?  Will we?  What evidence is there that we will do this?  Is it working yet?  Why not?  When might it finally work?  Do we have time to wait for this magical event of global cooperation which is really against basic human nature and all the divisions and lines we’ve drawn around ourselves? Can we honestly base our hopes on this?  What did Hopenhagen actually demonstrate to us about global cooperation and effective leadership in this day and age?  What did it tell us about timeliness and commitment and firm action?  Is the human tribe consciencious enough, small enough and manageable enough to actually and finally get it right this time?

The planet is firmly in control (emissions wise) of the global elite and mega-corporations, and we have ample evidence that they will NOT change our industries and supporting infrastructure fast enough, completely enough or even adequately enough, in time, to prevent our collapse.

Therefore, it is patently absurd for us to pin our hopes on sheer hope for the sake of being “optimistic” and clinging to straws and even good ideas.  Hope without action is dead already, hope requires you to do something to change your reality. On a global scale, hope requires humanity to get off its collective ass and stop listening to these proponents of industry and expansion and literally go out and save themselves.

Ross himself admits we are already looking at 4 – 10 degrees anyway. This has already been shown to be catastrophic for plant, animal, fish and human life throughout the entire world, and with it we will have the totalitarian fascist response of dangerous and ill-guided desperation by nations all over the world.

You Are On Your Own

I don’t suppose that I really need to explain why I’m persuaded that you are on your own, but a few comments on this are in order here.

First off, it is not going to be possible to save everyone. Or even save “civilization” as we know it. Civilization as we know it today is the interconnected business and commerce (exchange of goods) on a planetary scales in support of nearly 7 billion humans.  That’s not going to remain even remotely possible anymore.

Our energy and nutrient requirements have (long) exceeded the capacity for the earth to sustain us. We’ve been living off the actual and real decrease of the planet for decades now (thus the reason for collapsing fisheries, deforestation, aquifer depletion and resource depletion).

The only reason we have expanded and grown so much is that there was once an abundance of resources easily “harvested”.  Many of these are non-renewables, but even the renewables were raped from the earth so quickly and so completely that they can never recover again within the span of human existence.  These were the essentials for our lives and our growth: suitable soils, fresh water, natural resources, fish, timber, minerals and of course, oil.

But now all this easily plucked low-hanging fruit is all gone, and we are left with teeming populations that still demand them all. The only possible answer to this is increased competition, strife, diminishment, depletion, warfare, contraction, population reduction and collapse.

Eventually the majority of the people will awaken to this decline, but even if and when they do, it will be too late for them.  Essentially, their window of opportunity to compete will have come and gone in direct relationship to their economic health, military superiority and resource availability. If you pay particular attention to these points, you can easily identify the countries that are already in collapse today.  Those that aren’t in serious collapse now have either one, two or all three points working in their favor (for now).

Obviously, this is why the United States is doing what it is. We’re fighting for survival right now, even though the average American remains absolutely clueless why and is being misled for the real reasons. But this conquest of empire cannot last forever, and it is a very poor “strategy” overall anyway, because it absolutely fails to address and deal with the root causes of decline.

There is not one country on the planet that is making the switch over to truly local sustainable living. Some efforts are being made, especially in Europe, but they are incomplete and inadequate, depending far too much on outside “downstream” energy and resource sources to create their version of “sustainable”, when it really isn’t.

This appears to be the great unanswerable question — how to create a truly sustainable society — but I contend we are asking the wrong question here and expecting far too much with the answer.  The implication is we can still have it all when it is becoming increasingly obvious that we cannot. Our every attempt to continue to have it all continues to exacerbate the root problem.

There is also the assumption that we can maintain society at the same or near the same levels and standards of living that we have today.  This is only true if we totally discard all notions of what sustainable actually means.  Anything ripped out of the ground for our use is never going to be sustainable.

We also assume we can: maintain world population levels; eat non-locally; travel wherever we want; continue to take resources from any place deemed necessary, even if this means conflict, war, oppression and even overthrow of other countries and peoples; always claim a certain level of preeminence and privilege over other nations so that we can have “ours”; maintain this ethnocentrism with the constant sacrifice of our sons and daughters to the devils of war; not destroy ourselves with our own hubris and folly and indifference; and indefinitely maintain our “global dominance” through military superiority and manpower.

In summary, we wrong-headedly believe that we are in fact going to be able to continue the business-as-usual paradigm of global conquest and domination and all that goes with it through technological superiority and economic control of entire economies and military domination.  Of course, underlying this all is the earth’s natural support systems and resources, and when they fail, then our plans of course fail too.

There is only one possible outcome to this arrogance and why collapse is inevitable. It is exactly why dozens of former civilizations collapsed too, we just get to do it now on a planetary scale.  When you exceed the resource base by a thousand-fold, and then support and expand this problem globally, there comes a time when it simply cannot continue any further.

Building a civilization on principles of constant expansion and growth was simply stupid beyond belief. This petri-dish experiment is actually well understood, but in our arrogance, we ignore facts, and because we will continue to ignore facts, we will collapse.

What You Can Do Right Now

So get ready for what is inevitable. Collapse happens to you, one by one, each and every single one of us. It will not (in all likelihood) happen everywhere at once, it is a personal thing when your entire world caves in.  You can make preparations to avoid this now if you want, and by so doing, sustain yourself far longer then if you had done nothing — or relied upon government “intelligence” or handouts (or folly).  Moreover, you can make a huge contribution for your kids and what they’re going to need to survive the decline of civilization.

This last fact is especially important. We are doing next to nothing for the benefit of our progeny. We are in fact, wildly spending their inheritance with an reckless abandon.  This needs to stop — immediately.

Here is what I think should be done (on an individual level): build a sustainable homestead as quickly as possible. You will need land, water, soil, sunlight and hopefully, natural and local resources to help.

Cooperate with others in your community if you can, otherwise, do it anyway.  Plant trees, bushes, shrubs for cover, food, wildlife, firewood, grow crops, herbs, mushrooms, work from home (stop driving), limit all forms of petroleum travel, ride a bicycle, recycle your garbage and “used” goods, develop sustainable water systems (well, cistern, rainwater collection, etc.), store food, tools and equipment and supplies, learn to live in cooperation with the land and the area / climate instead of in opposition to it, support community actions and incentives to return to local living, local production, local food, recycling, low-impact and community support, get practical about your life and living.  Get off your butt and do something.

Your goal is to become self-sufficient and self-reliant. This is the path to sustainable living in case nobody ever told you.

Start thinking for yourself and accept that responsibility that this requires. Start realizing that you alone can make a difference and that you do not need or require any privilege, permission or even the support from anybody else.  Start living your life, conscienciously with full awareness of what it means to be alive, responsbile and a self-authority.  Learn from others who can mentor you and provide you with guidance and instruction in all the things that it means to be self-reliant and self-sufficient.  Pick them carefully.

Just as important, there are a ton of things to stop doing, most of them legal, many of them not. First all, stop accepting the myriad of excuses of what “can’t be done” and just do it.

Stop supporting “development” and destruction of natural habitats, waterways, streams, rivers, lakes, forests and fields, stop working for companies that are actively engaged in military production (anything from clothing to equipment) or “monkeywrench” them into oblivion.

Stop buying from big box stores, corporate enterprises and multi-national companies, stop driving, stop consuming (buying) useless trinkets and toys (snowmobiles, RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, planes, etc.), stop flying altogether, stop eating out, stop eating foods from depleted fisheries, stop eating meat (or raise your own), stop the constant trips to the “grocery store” and buy in bulk (or raise your own).

Stop expecting a “handout” or “help up” from government (or anybody), stop supporting illegal and immoral government (use your imagination here), recycle your television (get rid of it), cancel your magazine subscriptions (buy a few good books instead), stop following conspiracies and all the news hype out there anyway (there is nothing you can about any of it anyway), stop trusting government, stop believing in fairytales and superstitions and get your life and your mind on track to reality, stop taking drugs and medicating yourself with alcohol to make your “problems go away”. Stop thinking the world is going to get better unless you personally do something about it.

Stop putting up with all the bullshit that crowds our lives, walk away, shut it down or leave it behind, just don’t tolerate it anymore. Life is NOT about “toleration”, this is a fabricated social construct that is supposed to be aligned with democracy (it’s not) and “fairness”.  There is nothing democratic or fair about allowing tolerance to permit death, destruction and disfigurement of land, people, animals and even life itself. Tolerate only what is moral, reasonable, fair and just — reject the rest.

You won’t save the planet by doing these things — but you may save yourself, and help your kids to survive what lies ahead.  You will be doing a lot to unprogram yourself and unlearn all the dependencies that have been force-fed into your life since birth.

If you have ANY DOUBT about what lies ahead, read Steve Lendeman’s latest on WarBama.


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