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Global Collapse Well Underway Now

Thousands of wild camels have an invaded Australia’s town in a desperate search for water.  Over 6,000 camels have destroyed fences, water mains and even invaded an airstrip.  Trying to force their way into people’s homes has left many residents cowering in fear.

The “answer” chosen to solve this crisis is to shoot all 6,000 camels.  Somebody should send them a memo “climate change is a scam!!

Local shire chief Graham Taylor said: “I think the words ‘under siege’ are good words because it talks about people being stuck in their homes and looking out and seeing just numbers of camels at your front door.€

Fears have also been raised that the carcases of camels killed in stampedes at water storage areas are also contaminating the water supply.

In August, the federal government set aside 19 million Australian dollars for a scheme to reduce the wild camel population, including a possible mass slaughter.

Earth Attacked By Alien Death Ray

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center has revealed a startling report that the planet is being bombarded by an “alien death ray” from outside of the solar system.  This news has left many of the world’s top scientists deeply disturbed, as its origin is unknown and the effects are already starting to show up on Earth.

Dr. Alan Kingston, head of NASA Goddard Alien Affairs Department reports that this unknown energy source is apparently having a deep impact upon human life.

“Our instruments are not presently sophisticated enough to measure the full impacts, but we do know that humans are being detrimentally effected.  Right now, we have been able to determine that especially among the more advanced nations, a form of human blindness is being measured”.

Apparently, the death ray is detectable among scientists who have been using one of humanities oldest technologies. Those who are not using this are apparently among the most effected.

“Intelligence is quantifiable by using a number of tests.  We’ve been able to determine that within the advanced nations, intelligence and awareness do not go hand-in-hand like we once thought. The only explanation for this is the “death ray” we believe is being felt on the Earth.  Those that deny intelligence or bluntly put, fake awareness are those who are being most affected.  We believe that there are hundreds of millions of people, especially in the advanced nations that are affected, but we do not know the exact number”.

Scientists are convinced that unless this “attack” is somehow stopped, that the Earth’s inhabitants will undergo devastating transformation.  Dr. Kingston says:

“We will experience humanities worst fears, with “zombie like” humans roaming the Earth by the millions, unaware and uncaring. They will take over all manner of government and institutions and ultimately will cause humanity to engage in a series of disastrous decisions and policy that will lead to our destruction”.

Dr. Kingston is apparently not alone in his assessment, as the world’s top scientists are now deeply alarmed at the sheer magnitude of this crisis.  Already they say, this condition is being exhibited by the world’s top political and business leaders, evidence that they are also among the most affected.

Unless this threat is somehow stopped, humans will continue to embark upon disastrous decisions that will destroy humanity.

Cattle Mutiliations

Perhaps not unrelated, cow mutilations have been reported in Colorado.

This though, is probably unrelated to the sherriff losing public support and is just coincidental.

If I was going to mutilate a cow (as a prank of course), here’s how I’d do it: After abducting a cow, removing its organs and draining its blood, I’d relocate the animal to a new spot, being careful to not leave any tracks or evidence.

I’d even consider using the following: helicopter, hot air balloon or catapult from the back of my truck. That way, there would be no “sign” left behind.

That makes a lot more sense then the “alien abduction” of ungulates for “study”.  I cannot image entities with the ability to have interstellar travel being interested in repeated late-night abductions and “cattle mutilation”.  Even humans aren’t that stupid, but obviously, some are.

From So Very Doomed we have giant jellyfish swarms destroying Japanese fishing.

Finally, something real everyone can believe in.

Hey, does anybody know why that site has turned to crap for the last several months?  It’s like those doomer have just given up or something.

Kenya Collapses

Kenyans Draw Weapons Over Shrinking Resources

Another prediction coming true, Kenya is now at the forefront of climate wars and shrinking resources.  Desmonda Despair has been documenting the Kenya collapse and in Africa.

Africa and Australia are the most headlined collapse countries in terms of drought, but just the opposite occurred in England with torrential rains.  Humans are already looking at trillions of dollars in damage.

I think it is a mistake to place economic emphasis on the environment, because that will always lead to its exploitation.  Humans mistakingly believe the environment is a “resource” with a price tag attached.  We either “expend” the resource now or later, molding everything into the human economic model.

We convienently forget that it’s not ours to spend (exploit) and never was, for our exclusive benefit.

Collapse In Dubai

Debt in Dubai – This is nearly hilarious.  Debt-ridden Dubai cannot even pay its interest payments anymore.

The reason I find this funny is “have you seen Dubai?

This where the rich can go skiing in 120 degree heat (inside of course).  Where there are hundreds of manmade islands built right out into the sea.  Where they have to build giant desalinization plants to water palm trees and golf courses.

This entire area is going to be reclaimed by sand.  After the bankers of course, get their “fair share” first.

Go check out these pictures here.  This is one of the most wasteful, stupidest things I’ve ever seen.

Ghost Town Dubai – Soon to be inhabited by well, nothing at all.  Sand fleas I guess.

And the world wonders when hunger, poverty and inequality will be solved.  Don’t wonder anymore, it will never be solved.  Not as long as capitalism and greed exists, and not as long as we keep emphasising material wealth over human condition.

Saudi Arabia Flooding

Not to be outdone by England, Saudia Arabia has lost 88 persons to flooding.

This is quite tragic (and real, just so you know).

Usually this is what happens in the arid deserts of Saudi Arabia:

Future climate impacts promises to be just as violent.  As ridiculous sounding as the world’s climate scientists sometimes sound, their predictions of wild weather variations continues to prove to be true and correct.

Newsletter News

I do wish this newsletter was read by more people.  I’d like to send copies to the people in Africa, Australia, South America, Afghanistan and Iraq.  What they are experiencing is what the world will be experiencing one day.  That’s us for the neuron impaired.

Their real-life experiences would do more to convince the rest of us of the forthcoming tragedy headed our way more then anything else.  But their stories are remaining almost entirely unheard and unreported, especially within the main stream news “sources” in America.  We are only able to glean just the barest hints of what it must already be like for them.

I know it’s quite awkward at time to read about these events, but like the sandstorm picture above, it does us no good at all to continue to bury our heads in the sand and just “hope it all goes away”.  Apparently, nature is pissed off, rightly so too, and is working overtime to eradicate the virus that has taken over the surface of the earth.

The future promises to hold more of these “natural variations and events” despite the denialsphere chants of “it’s not happening, there is no evidence”.  I suspect that what wrong here is they are not holding hands in unision as they scream their mantra from the rooftops.

Somebody should send them a copy of these newsletters, I could suggest a few hints on how to better get their message across, but I’ll be honest here, I don’t think nature can read.

Relocation Update

One of the things I’ve forgotten on “where to relocate” is — don’t move to an area where there are abundant oil resources (like Venezuela for example), as you’ll soon be bombed into oblivion if you refuse “cooperation” with the benevolent Empire.

Despite the objections, I’ll bet that Australia’s uranium deposits will be “lifted” ungently from the Earth too, probably in a similar fashion like Alberta’s tar sands. The havoc there is horrendous.  Don’t live in either place either, you’d not want to drink the water or live amongst the stinking tailings.

Don’t live near oil or gas wells either, they’ll make you sick, cancerous and deathly ill and industry will keep pretending “it’s not their fault” that the water is brown and stinks.

Dimtry Orlov pointed out that living near a deep water port may eventually be a good idea.  Probably so, as sailing comes back to global commerce.  I’d guess that these locations will be a might crowded though, even more then they already are.

On your “no go” list, should be places that have oil, natural gas, tar sands, uranium, rare earth metals, precious metals and minerals like gold, diamonds, platinum and even silver.  That’s where you’ll find the mercenaries and land grabbers, global polluters and greedy land speculators, none of which make good neighbors or will be helpful when the chips are down.

None of these elements are essential anyway for your survival, but will be “danger lurking beneath your feet” and in your bloodstream if you live too close.  This isn’t the same thing as “gold fever” but might as well be.

You’ll also want to avoid things like oil and gas pipe lines, which are replete with sensors and motion detectors awaiting intrusion, and high-flying Predator drones (which I hear are now flying over Montana) carrying live missles.

Other things to avoid: drug “corridors” where drug runners operate frequently.  Border towns near Mexico’s (and the US) crime areas, belligerent states who publicly oppose the Empire (Iran, Venezuela, Cuba) and even those that are “quasi-compliant” over just lip service like Libya.

You’ll want to blend in and appear to be harmless along with everyone else.  Make sure your camo clothing stays in the closet and you’ve got your Nike’s on most times instead your combat boots.  Only wear the “good stuff” when things get really bad.  You’ll be able to tell when that is when your neighbors start disappearing.

Black Friday

I haven’t heard of any human tramplings this year, but I did hear about people camping out at Best Buy and Walmart for nearly 20 hours in advance.  I guess I missed the memo this year.  I stayed home, I even fixed my truck (mounted the plow and installed new shocks).  Dang!

Next time, there I’ll be, right there among the herd, milling around, waiting for that early morning “deal” that I just can’t live without.  I definitely don’t want to keep missing out on all these great deals.

My only dilemma is going to be do I setup camp at WalMart or should it be Sears?  I haven’t figured out yet how to be in two places at once, but I’m working on it.

I could always ask my wife to take on one store and I’ll do the other, but what in the world am I going to do if there is more then two great sales?  Dang it again!!  And what happens if she can’t carry it all?  Double Dang!!

Usually, we go together.  I run body blocks and sometimes I even have to use my stun gun a few times so that she can grab the last item on the shelf, but hey, its worked so far and nobody has complained.  I mean, it’s risky right?  You take what you can get, and sometimes you get a little shocked.

But I’ve got an idea.  Let’s all start a letter writing campaign and let these companies know that we consumers aren’t going to take this anymore!  I’m tired of this, aren’t you?  I mean, if we’re going to keep consuming all this stuff they keep producing, the least that they could do is make it available to us without expecting us to be in two, three or even four places all at once!

Hey, I’ve got it!  Let’s just do it online!!  That way, we can shop at everywhere at once!!  My browser can open up a dozen, two dozen or more windows all at the same time!!

Oh, wait, shiiiiiiitttttSomebody already thought of this!!! 

Damn it all to hell, I missed out.  Why didn’t I get the fricking memo??

Well crap, there’s always next year.  I’ll get me a bigger computer, with multiple screens and I’ll show them!!  I can consume with the best of them!!!

We should hold a contest!  Who can buy the most useless shit the fastest!!  I’ll even donate a year’s supply of food to the winner!  That’s a great idea!  At least, there will be something useful to come out of this!


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