Is the 2nd American Revolution Really Underway?

Update: I believe Steve Pieczenik is a disinformation agent and the following videos are part of a massive psychological operation (psyop) to disinform and distract the American people. He has specifically tried to target those who present a risk following Tuesdays (s)Election. The information contained within the Pieczenik video is FAKE like an lot of the stories we are now seeing (posted November 6, 2016 – I should have updated this several days ago but I’ve been doing other research).

Some (potentially) explosive information regarding the Clinton crime family, pedophilia, Julian Assange and a coup for the Presidency of the United States.

I am not sure what to make of all this – it’s so outrageous that it defies easy acceptance. But it is absolutely astounding when you consider it all and who is now revealing this information:

First, read the article here – Steve Pieczenik: U.S. Intelligence Waging Coup Against Corrupt Clintons

Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker. His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare. He served the presidential administrations of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush in the capacity of deputy assistant secretary.

I do not know if this is a propaganda / pysops ploy right before the (s)Election or not. Decide for yourselves.

I have been watching for news on Julian Assange and have found very little of substance since his “disappearance” (Internet connection was allegedly cutoff). There has been no factual proof of life since. Conspiracies abound regarding what may have happened. This is just one (found on Reddit):

On the 26th of September 2016 Secretary of State John Kerry (self admitted Skull and Bones member) visited Colombia. WikiLeaks reported that inside sources had confirmed that John Kerry also met with Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa in Ecuador to personally ask Ecuador to stop Assange from publishing documents about Clinton. This was initially fervently denied in the press only later to be confirmed by the Ecuadorian embassy who admitted cutting off Julian’s internet due to pressure from the US. Ecuador wanted to appear impartial.

For over four years, the Ecuadorian embassy has been under surveillance and Julian’s human rights violated as he has been unlawfully detained termed “illegal arbitrary detention” by a recent UN ruling. During that time, it has been possible for intelligence agencies to gather critical information and build a detailed profile and plan to circumvent Julian’s dead man’s switch.

Both John Kerry and US intelligence agencies know perfectly well that cutting off Julian’s internet would have no impact on the release of the leaked emails that are damaging to Hillary’s campaign. It has been very clear for a long time that many US officials wanted Julian Assange dead, Hillary Clinton even has remarked, “can’t we just drone the guy”.

The cutting off of Julian’s internet access was not for the purpose of preventing the leaks of the Podesta and Hillary emails. Unless intelligence agencies are truly inept, they know that media organisations already have the entire leaked email database and a schedule for release, they also know WikiLeaks staff would continue to leak regardless of Julian’s ability to communicate.

Removing Assange would not be enough, they would need to circumvent his dead man’s switch and then tarnish WikiLeaks reputation. Removing Assange’s internet could have the effect of causing Assange to take steps that can be followed to prevent the automatic triggering of his DMS.

From the day Julian’s internet was cut off, a series of peculiar and uncharacteristic events started to take place. The same day that Julian’s internet was cut off, CBS reported that Pamela Anderson visited Assange and had “Tortured” him with a vegan sandwich. A few days before on the 14th, John Podesta tweeted “I bet the lobster risotto is better than the food at the Ecuadorian Embassy”. Then on October the 16th the SHA-256 prerelease keys were issued on WikiLeaks twitter feed, although these events are odd and seemingly inconsequential, combined with John Kerry being in the UK from the 16th to the 17th sparked concern among the community for Julian’s safety.

Assange supporters started to gather at the embassy to keep Assange safe and witness any foul play, some of these witnesses have claimed that a very swift police armed raid took place that lasted only 5 minutes while the crowd was kept under control and prevented from approaching, there have also been reports that they were prevented from taking photographs and that their phones were confiscated. A live periscope feed was also cut off. There have also been some reports of the presence of a mobile jamming van.

If Assange has been seized, any recognition by mainstream media would be detrimental to Hillary’s campaign. A covert operation with media blackout would be the only effective way of seizing him at this time. On October the 18th Fox News said that Julian Assange would be “arrested soon, maybe in a matter of hours.”. The was video was then promptly removed and articles relating to it have disappeared. However, one reddit user was able to find an alternative source and now the video can be found again on YouTube.

Although Julian’s primary DMS (the release of insurance file encryption keys) did not activate, on October the 18th one of Julian’s contingencies did activate, a script was activated that made publicly visible and set all the file date and time stamps to 01/01/1984 (Orwell reference). This file repository contains many documents that had not been released prior.

Staffers Kristinn Hrafnsson and Sarah Harrison, have gone silent while the Ecuadorian embassy is refusing to provide any updates on Assange’s fate. There is a recorded call made to the embassy by a journalist where the receptionist refused to confirm that Julian was at the embassy, she also refused to confirm that Julian was even alive. Julian has not made an appearance at the window of the embassy since being cut off.

WikiLeaks suggested in a tweet that its supporters were responsible for the DDOS attacks on the 21st. Neither Assange or WikiLeaks would ever insinuate such a thing. WikiLeaks deceptively tweeted a video of Michael Moore that was actually recorded in June. The video was posted on the 24th of October giving the impression that Michael Moore had been speaking with Assange in the embassy. Why would WikiLeaks do this when they know they are already under suspicion?

WikiLeaks have been using their Twitter account to give the appearance of his safety while providing no concrete evidence of his safety. They issued a poll asking what proof would satisfy the public that Julian was safe. WikiLeaks have yet to follow up on the conclusive result of a video or window appearance.

Julian Assange is known for his attention to detail and his consistently good spelling and grammar. Currently the twitter feed has very poor spelling, there are numerous uncharacteristic spelling errors, for example, an accomplished cryptographer knows how to correctly spell algorithm and so do WikiLeaks staff.

On the 21st of October, there was a massive widespread DDOS attack that disrupted US and EU internet. Also on the 21st of October London City Airport was evacuated. The next day (the 22nd), Gavin MacFayden is reported dead. WikiLeaks made a further blunder by stating his death as the 23rd.

There has been a number of high level WikiLeaks deaths recently too. John Jones QC – WikiLeaks U.N. lawyer died on April 16th 2016. Michael Ratner – WikiLeaks chief counsel died on May 11th 2016. Seth Rich – Employee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was fatally shot on July 10th 2016 and Gavin MacFadyen – WikiLeaks director died October 22nd 2016.

If WikiLeaks has been compromised, it is already preparing the scene for future discrepancy to seriously tarnish WikiLeaks reputation. Nothing WikiLeaks has shared since the 15th of October 2016 should be trusted until Julian has been fully verified as alive.

My speculative fears are that Julian has been seized and removed from the Embassy. His internet being cut not being related to the release of the emails, but rather as a component of a plan of 4 years in the making to as secretly as possible remove Assange from the embassy, circumvent his DMS and hijack WikiLeaks with the key team members silenced or under duress.

My fears would be confirmed by no future public (mass witnessing and recorded/televised) appearance of Julian Assange discussing recent topics. His death by whatever means after the US presidential election would be extremely suspect. Until proof of life, assume the following compromised:

SHA-256 verification Keys posted after the 15th. WikiLeaks submission process and/or platform. WikiLeaks twitter feed. Any WikiLeaks leaks after the 15th October 2016.

No idea if the points / facts referenced above are correctly deduced regarding what’s happened. Assange’s silence is very mysterious and could be taken in many different ways. There is an audio recording (phone interview) that some are saying is “proof of life”, but it’s pretty strange.

This audio recording isn’t actual proof. For whatever reason, Wikileaks (and Assange) have refused or cannot provide actual proof, which is highly suspect, despite tantalizing the world with endless promises (undelivered). The silence from the embassy and even Pamela Anderson of all people (one of the last people allegedly to see him alive) refuses to provide any comment.

Obviously, none of this bodes well and certainly none of this can be construed as proof one way or the other, however it does lend credibility to the conspiracy that he’s actually dead or in custody now. The sheer failure to provide factual incontrovertible proof screams volumes of conjecture and conspiracy.

Morever, an audio recording and still total denial from the embassy? Does this make any sense? Not really.

The ONLY reason I can think of that no clear proof has been provided (one way or the other) is a) no proof is available. He’s disappeared, there is nothing to provide. b) admitting he’s been taken or renditioned or killed at this time is deemed too dangerous for the embassy and even Wikileaks (who may not know much themselves).

On the other hand, promising proof (the poll) and not delivering it really stinks (it wasn’t really Wikileaks behind this) and quite uncharacteristic when you think about it. Defusing the situation perhaps? Letting time pass to redirect interest and anger? Who bloody knows… but definitely something is seriously, seriously wrong.

Yet – IF the videos above are NOT propaganda, it’s also possible that Assange is following orders to stay in hiding while the Clinton indictments and arrests are being processed. Maybe… if there was good reasons, but this doesn’t fit it well with the undelivered promises from Wikileaks since Assange’s disappearance.  Obviously, something IS seriously amiss.

2nd American Revolution? Well…. MAYBE. We’re seriously overdue, but a bloodless coup to rid the country of the hated Clintons would be a GOOD START.


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27 thoughts on “Is the 2nd American Revolution Really Underway?

  • November 2, 2016 at 8:23 pm
    It’s difficult enough for different federal agencies to coordinate with each other when they are working within established command and control hierarchies. How do these “rebels” from seventeen different intelligence agencies do their own coordination? How would they even meet up without anybody noticing or snitching?

    Yes, it seems reasonable to suspect a psy-op here. This Pieczenik guy has spun a fantastic story and given us no tangible evidence to believe him. And let’s say Hillary goes down, as she should. These “seventeen” different intelligence agencies can stand up and take a bow; they saved democracy! So, of course, we can trust them. They’re our heroes.

    Hey, I dunno know, but it doesn’t pass the smell test for me, is what I’m saying.

    • November 2, 2016 at 8:36 pm

      There have been a lot of stories and rumors for years surrounding the Clintons and pedophilia. This goes back many years, they’ve never really disappeared. I’m also aware of many other stories surrounding government officials. In “Transformation of America” and other books, pedophilia rings are linked to past Presidents. I do suspect there is something to these stories, which is pretty damned sick. Power corrupts absolutely.

      Pieczenik’s story lacks evidence (so far) and I’ve noticed it’s not being picked up elsewhere yet either. Could be it’s just too much for the msm to dare touch, or could be there is nothing to the story. But the story is now out there and Pieczenik has either been tasked with this effort (and therefore has approval from people who can or will protect him), or he’s just another nutter seeking his fame. His credentials are certainly better then most however (as far as I can tell). So if he’s real, and the story is real, there there is a fifth column at work in the U.S. Government and they’ve chosen this time to reveal themselves in order to sway this (s)Election.

      Of that (sway the (s)Election) there can be no doubt, that’s definitely underfoot right now. Wikileaks is also clearly a part of this.

      It’s all highly intriguing, but I do agree with you, it stinks. Too many loose and unproven threads so far.

      More scuttlebutt here (unproven so far) –

  • November 3, 2016 at 10:18 am
    There’s similar talk of pedophilia and rape in regard to Donald Trump—which by the way, I absolutely do not believe. I don’t think I have to suppose the guy’s an angel, or even any kind of stalwart moral bastion, to suspect he’s being smeared in this fashion:

    Trump’s Teen Jane Doe Rape Accuser Disappears Again

    An accuser who claims he raped her when she was thirteen, but is too scared to come forward. Because Donald Trump has a network of assassins, perhaps? Oh, wait, that’s rumored to be the Clinton’s.

    So, basically, my read on this is that the Clinton team knows this pedophilia and rape chatter is out there, and they’re trying to counter it with the above story.

    In the final analysis, I have no idea if any of this is true, but we do know Bill Clinton is an adulterer and possible sex-addict, and we know he booked rides on Jeffery Epstein’s Lolita Express (possibly a Mossad blackmail honey-trap). For Trump, all we have is, what, locker room potty mouth? Copping a feel here and there?

    Gees, this is fucked up. If the Clinton’s have to sink as low as accusing Trump of pedophile rape, I begin to suspect that that’s because they, themselves, are mixed up in it.

    Your milage may vary. Unlike Pieczenik I don’t claim to know. Since this shit is so wild and off-the-wall fucked up.

  • November 4, 2016 at 9:38 am

    By the way, in case anyone is actually interested. There has been no “proof of life” on Julian Assange since he has disappeared.

    Despite releasing dozens of videos and even more news articles, not one is current. The media does appear to be deliberately involved in this deception. The latest by John Pilger is just one of many released videos, but it isn’t a current production (post-disappearance). And the Ecuadorian “phone interview” was also suspect as being pieced together.

    Which means there is still no evidence of status. Since several weeks have now passed, this is definitely a bad sign as far as Assange is concerned.

    • November 4, 2016 at 4:50 pm
      “Everything’s under control.”
      “Everything’s under control.”
      “Everything’s under control.”
      “Everything’s under control.”
      “Everything’s under control.”

      As if there weren’t already enough poison in the fear-factory of my psyche….

    • November 4, 2016 at 5:00 pm
      Some speculation: I’m getting the impression from this video that whatever is going to happen next week, it’s not what we’re expecting. But don’t worry, patriots won’t let the corruption triumph, good people in the CIA, FBI and NYPD won’t let the bad guys win, so just stay calm, everything’s under control, everything’s under control, everything’s under control…

      Sorry, Acres. Something in that video really has me freaked out.

      • November 4, 2016 at 6:11 pm

        I don’t know. Piecznick supposedly talked to Alex Jones which discredits virtually everything he’s claiming in my opinion. Jones is a fraud through and through and any credible source would not even entertain discussion with such a creep / liar / shill / fraud / profiteer / faketriot as Jones is. So this is a big black mark on Piecznick (there is no hope for Jones unless he does us all a favor and kills himself, I’ll be happy to provide the rope but as I understand it, he’s had lots of offers).

        Could be simply another pysop operation, which is what Piecznick was part of in his past. Bear in mind that there has also been a obvious coverup with Wikileaks and Assange (see my most recent comment). With Piecznick claiming that he’s worked with Wikileaks is also pretty odd (allegedly, Piecznick represents ‘insiders in the U.S. Government – the same government that wants to assassinate Assange).

        Coming out with these public pronouncements is no doubt designed to distract (at the very least). Essentially, Piecznick is telling the people to “stand down”, alleging that it is all under control. First question: Why?

        This is a carefully scripted video (done with edited shots). His comments on Bernie Sanders are simply false – we know he was removed from the race and yet Piecznick pretends he doesn’t know why. This stinks to high heaven – and makes his other words / claims / associations very suspect. He did get it right about Bush stealing the election.

        He’s probably trying to defuse the reaction for the (s)Election. I doubt it’s anything else.

        So here’s my guess: It’s bullshit. He’s defusing what is sure to be explosive (reactions) if he can. He’s recruiting idiots like Jones and others (if he can, I don’t listen to this asswipe ever so make up your own mind). The alleged ‘coup’ is also probably bullshit. Instead, we have leaks, exposure, investigations and possible indictments on the Clintons, hardly a ‘coup’. Piecznick is quite probably very much in the employ of the U.S. Government and has authorization / instructions to perform (act) these videos.

        I call this all bullshit. It’s a pysops operation designed to defuse and distract, nothing more.

        • November 4, 2016 at 7:13 pm
          What is the US government expecting such that they would authorize Piecznik to do this? Keep in mind that it’s aimed at the fringe right (Alex Jones, etc), so those are the people intended to receive it.

          The message is “stand down.” But how violent, really, would (could) Hillary supporters get if she lost? It’s the Trump supporters who have the guns, its the Jones crowd that has the independent militia movement behind it. They’re the ones that could cause violent problems if Hillary won.

          And yet, the message is say, “No, good people within the security state apparatus have made sure that she won’t win.”

          So just what, exactly, is Piecznik trying to say to the Jones crowd, the fringe right, the patriot movement? Why would insiders in the government want him to say it? Or has Piezcnik simply lost his mind from decades of mind-twisty spook-work, an old man totally off his meds, imagining he’s significant?

          • November 4, 2016 at 7:35 pm

            Knee-jerk reactionary violence most likely. Both sides are quite capable of this. Jones does NOT have the militia behind him by the way – many truly despise him for the most part. He’s more trouble then he’s worth, a grandstanding fool of a pig.

            He’s stirring the pot, offering hope where there is none. He’s trying to defuse the situation from becoming violent. He’s claiming it’s all under control (with virtually no evidence of any kind). It’s psyops, remember? The idiot-right wingers don’t need proof or evidence (they’ve got morons like Jones to speak for them) and when it is presented, they will reject it if it does not meet their preconcieved notions and bias.

            He certainly got authorization. It would be too dangerous to make a video like this without it. That is exists, and is in the public domain, and now there are 3 of them, speaks volumes. He’s also alleging connections to Wikileaks which I now doubt very much. Piecznick then goes on to endorse all kinds of evil-doers in his past career – he’s definitely or was an ‘insider’ beholden to the system. We have EVERY REASON TO BELIEVE he still is. Once a snake, always a snake…

            It’s a false flag for certain. There is no “coup”. It’s offering false hope where there is none and a type of olive branch to defuse the anger since it’s “all under control” and “stay calm”. If anything, it’s a warning that there is going to be a lot of anger, but I already wrote about that.

            • November 4, 2016 at 7:44 pm

              By the way, I again went looking for updates on Assange tonight… there is nothing that I can verify that is current. John Pilger has a video coming out tomorrow. I can’t see it at the moment.

              Everybody keeps claiming these stories and videos are evidence of him being okay, but I don’t think they are. The rumors that he was taken to North Carolina by rendition jet may be more of the truth being hid from us, but I don’t know yet. I just know everybody is still lying about this (the media in particular, and a LOT of the right-wing “truthers” out there). They’re simply regurgitating old videos and stories, which are being picked up by the rest of the media. The whole thing is a farce (so far) and will remain that way until actual evidence exists.

              That this is so damned consistent on the StupidNet is alarming, because it means a) people are stupider then I thought; b) they’re very easily deceived; c) the media (all of it) except this blog is in on this (by stupidity or carelessness or complicity).

    • November 4, 2016 at 5:33 pm
      Further thoughts: Pieczenik mentioned two transitions of Presidential power, one when Nixon resigned (was removed), and one when Reagan was shot.

      Drawing a parallel, are we meant to understand that the transition of power during this Presidential cycle will once again take a form that is something other than the usual one?

      (I wish decoding this video were taking place in a classroom exercise rather than real life.)

  • November 4, 2016 at 8:48 pm
    There’s right-wing/Libertarian blogger named Christopher Greene who’s been reporting on the Julian Assange mystery. Some of his videos:

    Julian Assange to Speak Prerecorded RT Interview (11/5/16)

    Julian Assange DEAD Unless Proof of Life

    I agree that the situation is fishy. It would be a simple matter for Julian to make an appearance on the balcony holding up today’s edition off the London Times or whatever. Why not, unless he’s off somewhere being tortured?

    And then we have all this talk coming from former spooks like Steve Piecznik and William Binney (both on Alex Jones), claiming that it was US intelligence officers who were leaking things to Assange. Well, shit, if that were the case, why would these officers tell retired spooks what they were doing so that said retirees could announce it over YouTube? Seriously, if you were a US agent of any kind, and you were involved in a conspiracy to leak classified info, would you ever want it coming out? Because, you know, prison time, right?

    Wild shit, just truly, truly wild.

    • November 4, 2016 at 9:41 pm

      I’m 100% convinced Jones works for the Feds. Have been for years. With both of these spooks (and many others) turning to Jones, it just makes more and more sense that he’s a sellout. He’s very much a part of the smoke and mirrors crap to divide this country.

      The vids I’ve seen. Still not proof (yet). It matters because it brings into question virtually ALL of the Wikileaks dumps (intergrity is what we’re focusing on here). They claim he’s alive, but refuse to prove it, but we’re still supposed to “trust them”. Maybe, or maybe not. If the lies have begun – how long have they been telling them? And if not lies, then stop making promises / claims that cannot be verified. Tell the truth, as in “we don’t know” or “he can’t speak out right now” or whatever it actually is.

      I’m guessing that the Pilger vid isn’t current either, because “it doesn’t fit the needed narrative” as in “here’s your proof / evidence” claim now demanded by thousands. Nobody is doing that. So we are getting our chain jerked, again. Which is why trusting ANYBODY right now is very, very hard to do. So I don’t.

  • November 4, 2016 at 10:48 pm
    Well, this is interesting. Is this what psyops spook Pieczenik has been assigned to defuse?

    “This Quickly Escalates Into Open Warfare” – Why The Government Is Preparing For Post-Election Chaos

    It will be interesting to look back and see which of these predictions were correct. I honestly haven’t the foggiest as to how it’s truly going to go down.

    • November 5, 2016 at 7:21 am

      You can’t be serious. I gave up totally on Robin, he’s categorically refused to educate himself on the propaganda he’s been spreading. He always removes any commentary he doesn’t like (virtually anything that is critical of his posts).

      And Slave (Slavo) is among the worst of the worst for disinformation and propaganda. Nothing this guy publishes can be trusted (ever). He’s very much in bed screwing over the faketriots in America (for prophet [sic]). The shtf website is pure propaganda from and for uninformed idiots. Fear-mongering at its very worst. I put Slavo in the same camp as Jones, but worthy of deceiving thousands of morons and idiots and both worthy of being jailed (at the very least). Like Jones, virtually ALL of Slavo’s incessant ‘predictions’ have proven to be false (go look for yourself). It’s a website for the truly insane who are desperately grasping at anything that supports their warped mind-set.

      So, having said that – notice that this article only quotes itself and other sites like the dailysheeple and naturalnews (both proven disinfo sites)? That was a dead give-away.

      The rabid right-wing is HOPING for conflict and has been for some years. They’ve been stirring the pot as fast as they can. This article is pure speculative bullshit by one of the chief bull-shitters. Don’t post that shit here (seriously). I’m sick to death of these liars.

    • November 5, 2016 at 7:41 am

      Here is an example of disinformation –

      The claims being made here are false. 2016 will be one of my worst years in the food industry. It’s been dead slow, and I’ve checked with all the major suppliers we carry, same thing. But the media is very lazy and is simply accepting the propaganda (lies) they’re being told. It’s no different with the link you shared which is really just trying to quote itself. These stories are simply not true.

      The entire article is actually fake too. You can’t login, you can’t make any comments. It’s a pure propaganda piece.

      I went to the gun show yesterday – you’ll probably have read about people purchasing massive numbers of guns too. Those stories have been around for over a year now. Not here. Most dealers have gone out of business here. Sales are way down for the independent dealers, although manufacturers and major retail outlets remain high (as I understand it). Actual number of paying customers is very low at our local show. Many sellers can’t even make enough to pay for their tables (usually runs about $85 a table). It’s downright pathetic.

      There is a clear incentive to “create” fear in this country (guns, gear, grub) by the promoters behind this propaganda. They don’t mind lying to the media or claiming what isn’t true. The problem with this is how this fear is being marketed to absolute idiots who cannot tell they’re being deceived. They’re buying into fear and making decisions in fear. The profiteers don’t mind this at all. So they do everything they can to keep it up.

      Now here’s something else – the link I just shared is a “regurgitated article” (it’s been published before). I saw it over a month ago. So has my partner. NBCNEWS has apparently taken money or something from these companies and rerun the story. They’re trying to gin up their sales for their crappy food (we’ve reviewed their products).

      America is a land of deceptions. Virtually everything published in the media today has to be examined for accuracy. I can’t put figures on how much is smoke and mirrors, but it’s a large majority of what is published. The media does not represent what is actually happening here at all. It published only what the editors want and the advertisers demand. And yes, it is all about money. So you have to be pretty careful with what you promote and what you think is real and what is not.

      The whole Piecznick story is bullshit imo. But the right-wing rabid reactionaries will find a lot of traction because it fits their agenda. The irony is these stupid fools are being played and they don’t even know it.

  • November 5, 2016 at 12:35 pm
    Acres, do we have to have good regard for a site or a blogger to look at each article on the merits? Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    My point is simply this: If Pieczenik is not doing this on his own—if he’s acting as a covert government agent, consistent with his spook history—then his “Takeover” video has a meaning, call it “operational content,” the true message within the external verbiage. The operational content seems to be “The transition of power this election may not be of the usual form, but good people in our security services are on the job, trust them, and do not engage in civil unrest.”

    In which case the Robin article may reflect what Pieczenik’s handlers in the spook community are thinking might happen. (Which may be different, of course, from what will actually happen.)

    Will it happen as described?

    Of course I don’t know what’s going to happen. I confess the whole Pieczenik thing might be a load of crap. I’m just thinking, “Hey, what if this isn’t just some crazy ex-spook, what if this is a communication from the existing spook community, from them to the public? If so what does it mean, what might it mean?”

    So I’m trying to decode this thing, because somehow, psychologically, yes, it got to me. I can tell Pieczenik is trying to go beyond my conscious thinking and “insert” (for lack of a better term) some kind of programming. After decades of trying to house clean my mind, I have a sense for this kind of thing. (Obviously, you know exactly what I mean here.)

    Now, you seem to think it’s complete crap, and you may be right. Myself, I’m just wondering if it isn’t a legitimate psyop from the deep state, and if so, what meaning might be extracted from it, that’s all. I don’t mean to legitimize either it, or any particular site or blogger that may serve to help me decode it.

    Of course, I could be wrong, you could be right, there may be nothing there to decode.

    BTW, I understand your distant for Alex Jones. I consider him a mixed bag, myself. I think he’s right in claiming that there is an elite conspiracy to transfer power from representative government to elite controlled supra-national organizations, with the banking cartel as one of the primary drivers. I’m not sure what our elites gain by having him travel to Bilderberg each year and stick cameras in their faces. There’s that old verse about a house divided.

    On the other hand, he’s also one of those people who believe global warming is a hoax to tax us, and that the limits to growth is an elite lie fostered to cull the population. Yes, that kind of ignorance is repugnant, but … I’ve tried to understand where it comes from, and there’s some enlightenment there.

    Those on the radical right—the Libertarians, the Ayn Randers, the free marketeers, the anarchs-capitalists—they all embrace capitalism, which is to embrace infinite growth. If they were to see the full scope of climate change, of the thermodynamic nature of the economic process, of exponential growth—they would have to surrender their foundational ideology. Cognitive dissonance being what it is, they can’t do this, so therefore: culling and a hoax.

    Ironically, these same people are keen to the money-printing scam, which itself is an infinite growth scheme. So they understand, partially, that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but they haven’t extended that maxim far enough to encompass the earth system as a whole.

    • November 5, 2016 at 1:43 pm

      Of course it’s a psyop. But that also means it’s not real and therefore, no need for excitement. Just more programming for the masses.

      Nobody knows what is going to happen. It is however, evident that it’s all being orchestrated, so whoever these are people be behind this, they have the best knowledge on what’s going to happen. The rest of us are just guessing and making generally usless speculation.

      Bloggers that consistently lie, fabricate and deceive are not worth reading (for anything). It does not matter if they get it right once in a while, integrity demands a higher standard then this. It’s like saying it’s okay if you only beat your wife once in a while. He’s still a “good guy”. Obviously not. These blogger have ruined their reputations among people who expect honesty and integrity.

      If you can’t see the fraud that Jones is, you’re truly hopeless. I can’t make it any clearer then that. He’s bilked millions from his fan club who are beyond brain dead. Doesn’t matter that this guy always gets it wrong either, they don’t like such evidence shoved in their faces and will defend the indefensible.

      You already answered your own question on this. He has embraced connedspiracy on multiple topics that are provably false, climate change being one of them. How can you then possibly believe he’s not lying about anything else? He’s definitely a shill of the worst kind, all the points you made in your last comment.

      They won’t surrender their ideology because they have no integrity. Integrity demands honesty and even a willingness to change your stance when your knowledge and understanding increases (as it must, otherwise you deceive even your own self and anyone who reads you).

      Jones and his kind have consistently gone downhill, taking the wrong path despite knowing full well they are wrong. No respected scientist will agree with Jones. In part, they do this because it is fear that sells, so they have to cater to fear. The other part is because they’re too vested in this fear-selling (for decades now) and it’s simply not an option for them to change their stripes. There are millions of dollars at stake, and they’re simply too dishonest to change in accordance to the actual facts. So they don’t. That’s why their all sell outs.

      I did. I changed my opinions and perspectives quite radically. I was once like them, broadcasting and claiming the same things they did. But something was seriously amiss when you went looking for facts to back up this belief system and it’s many provably false claims. I discovered that it was false and I had to change as I grew in awareness and knowledge. They will not do this.

      They don’t understand even half of what they say either. You’ve pointed out the disconnects in their thought processes, endless capitalism, anti-climate, anti-science, anti-common sense and basic knowledge. The stupidity this crowd professes is absolutely astounding, it’s Dark Ages stupidstitions and rampant ignorance.

      Look at it another way if this helps. Information shouldn’t be sold like it is today, wrapped up in fear and marketing. It’s generally always wrapped up in some kind of scheme to convince you to buy something. And that is exactly what the Jones empire actually is, it is a pure propaganda scheme to deceive people into supporting Jones and his advertisers. And the “fans” are stupid enough to keep doing it.

      My “countrymen” are hopeless. They cannot see the forest for the trees anymore. The deceptions they’ve embraced are all coming from the same sources. And they can’t see it. I don’t try to disengage their programming much anymore. It’s a hopeless, thankless task (and a waste of life) and it often comes down to the “cult of personality”. That’s what you run into with every “fan” – they’re brain dead morons who have lost the ability to think critically.

      Follow this clown at your own risk. He’s been trying to stir up trouble for years, he may yet get his way. I hope he goes to jail because that’s exactly where he belongs.

      Once you see the connections between connedspiracy theorist, so-called ‘government insiders’ and the marketing / fear-mongering / propaganda they incessently shovel out (always higher and higher), then you come to know how extensive this crap really is. Americans are EASY PREY for these people too, having no ability anymore to think critically or demand evidence. Not all of us, but many of us. It’s a sad, sad state of affairs – and it helps answer why we could reach this crisis in this country – either vote for a con-man or a criminal, as this is the “best we can get” here now.

      Unbelievable. America has lost EVERYTHING to stupidity, arrogance, greed, indifference and deceit. It permeates the entire country now.

    • November 5, 2016 at 4:06 pm

      Thanks for the link – still trying to decide if it’s current (post-disappearance) or not. I’ve removed my former comments as I do not want to mislead anyone.

        • November 5, 2016 at 6:26 pm

          Thanks. Odd that there is absolutely no mention of his disappearance. Or anything related to it. Just the comment from Pilger about cutting off his internet, and Pilger even making the specific point “from the Embassy”. Kinda strange wording.

          The date of this interview is also missing – just like every other story or video regarding him. This is a strange consistency that bears investigation and begs the obvious question again, “Why?”, especially when there has been so much interest (and empty promises).

          I’m researching the entire timeline, found some interesting points for consideration.

          • November 5, 2016 at 7:05 pm

            More of the spin:

            It’s “minor” (disgusting, nonetheless) compared to the revelations on Hillary’s ties to terrorism. Could be more distractions. Enough for indictments, but leaving the Chief Clinton Criminal untouched? What a fucking mess this all is.

            Prince is a REAL SCUMBAG. Dirty actor (assassinations, coverup, political destabilization, murder, money laundering, you name it, he’s involved). So for him to step forward and stand in the limelight again like this is extremely suspicious. Why him? Why now this late in the game? Trust nothing he says, he’s not credible in the slightest. Just another rich ‘insider’ who’s bilked hundreds of millions from the American people for his murder-for-hire company.

            His comments seem accurate enough – it’s just wierd as shit for this guy to come forward (at all – he’s not clean himself).

    • November 5, 2016 at 6:51 pm
      Yes, I agree that we still don’t yet know definitely.

      If JA is still both alive and free, then the Ecuadorian government would not, presumably, have any further reason to deny him internet access after the election.

      So, after the election, things may normalize. Or not.

      You could always try to contact John Pilger through his website.

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