IPCC Tries Again And Fails – Again

How many people are aware of the latest dire report from the IPCC? If you’re like most people – it won’t make much difference to you. The IPCC hasn’t managed to maintain public attention (or credibility according to more then a few experts), and most policy-makers and government types and industry, won’t pay particular attention to the latest warnings anyway.

While much probably could be done to change these perceptions, the entire climate debate has become political theater of the absurd. In effect, whatever warnings are issued, no matter where they are sourced, they no longer carry real meaning to the rest of the world. The reason is we’re in political climates around the world that are decidedly hostile to real climate facts, climate science, climate studies and climate projections.

And some people ‘believe’ that we’ve already adapted to the ‘new’ climate conditions that were projected, and we expect to adapt to whatever future climate conditions we might encounter.

We’d be dead wrong to go on believing this, but it sure to happen anyway. But there’s always a silver lining, right? No – absolutely not. The dishonesty in this article is typical of the hopium encountered with all things climate. It needs to stop. If it were really this easy – we’d have done it already. This isn’t a “solution” or “negative emissions”, it’s bullshit. There is no “carbon budget” for starters, we’re already well into the territory we should have never entered.

A real “solution” would address root carbon problems – such as “why are we continuing to emit more carbon in the first place?”  The failure to fundamentally change the energy imbalance of human demands and energy creation / consumption isn’t being solved – at all. This is also why I don’t support a carbon tax. It’ll be a great way to “spend carbon” budgets by rich countries (with poor countries selling their carbon credits) and to keep poor people from ever having energy equity, but it won’t do a damned thing for rich countries and rich people (by comparison) to stop living and consuming with wasteful lifestyles. The carbon “footprint” in other words – won’t change at all, and will likely worsen for the wealthy populations. It will be just like it is now – business as usual.

Here are a couple of things to always keep in mind as you read climate news and stories:

There will never be any ‘zero’ emissions when it comes to human-devised energy sources. It’s a physical impossibility.

We cannot replace the world’s missing ice. Another physical impossibility.

We won’t be able to restore the world’s permafrost.

We can’t draw the carbon out of the atmosphere or oceans faster then we’re emitting it (37 billions tons vs 10 billion projected).

The New IPCC Report Offers Climate Solutions That Depend on Magic

I’ve been stating this for over a decade. It’s a fools game to pretend that we’re going to solve this and continue to grow. Having an economy that totally ignores waste products like greenhouse gases is just stupid. But it worked for a while – until we discovered that we changed the chemistry of the atmosphere, soil and oceans so badly that now planetary habitability is in doubt.


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