Invoke the 25th Amendment

Well, just when you think it can’t possibly get any worse, it does. Of course, I’m talking about Donald J. Trump and his pathetic efforts to retain power.

He’s made a new video apparently, looks to be legit, where he embarrasses himself and the entire country, fabricating one lie after another. I mean, c’mon – if there was ANY evidence of his many ridiculous claims, the Courts would have seen it by now. Yet in every case so far, they tossed these b.s. stories out for “lack of evidence”.

Yet here he is, once again, the Commander in Chief lying to hundreds of millions of Americans, undermining democracy and what election officials have widely declared, the most lawful, legal, fair election in American history with a huge turn-out.

Watch it for yourself:

What an embarrassment this man is. This wasn’t a speech (and he didn’t write it), it was another unhinged rant, filled with conjecture, lies, fabrications and falsehoods.

Update: Even the Australians thought this was laughable – Donald Trump posts speech on Facebook repeating US election misinformation

I suspect this is yet another ploy to gain more money from his base of loyalists – stir them up and hope they keep sending him hundreds of millions of dollars in this bogus “fight” over the election. I guess they just don’t know that none of this money is actually fighting for Trump election “fight” (fraud), because they don’t bother to read the fine print or listen to real news. Whatever – as they say, “a fool and his money are soon parted”.

It’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment before this unhinged idiot destroys this country.

Trump can still go fight in the courts, there won’t be anything stopping him, but removing him from office before he does more damage is now at a critical stage. He’s inciting American to riot and civil war – which is illegal for the President to do.

He’s turned on America and believes that only “his” America should survive. God only knows what that actually is in his mentally deranged state, but it’s not the America any of us grew up in.



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2 thoughts on “Invoke the 25th Amendment

  • December 2, 2020 at 4:55 pm

    More total lies from the Liar In Chief (WHO DID NOT WRITE THIS SPEECH). If there were fraud, the Courts would have seen it. But they were totally unable to present any evidence at all, tossing out EVERY claim for “lack of evidence”. Trump’s entire speech is a fabrication of lies. Trump himself told his base to NOT vote by mail, resulting in the Election Day voting to show a lead for Trump, THEN they started counting all the mail-in ballots that he ALSO demanded they NOT be counted before Election Day. The tens of millions of mail-in ballots took DAYS TO COUNT for this reason – all Trump’s doing and demands. Trump blames Biden for what TRUMP “already knew was coming”. Trump falsely claimed fraud in the weeks BEFORE the election. Everything Trump says – TRUMP DID. So far, zero evidence. Hearsay is NOT evidence and the Courts know this. Trump is once again, trying to DIVIDE THE COUNTRY, desperately trying to stay OUT OF JAIL. ZERO EVIDENCE that the Democrat Party “sent out tens of millions of ballots”. The Democrats don’t send out ballots – the State’s do, to the voters on their rolls. REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS AND JUDGES changed procedures just like Democrat politicians did – AGREEING that mail-in voting was permissible and LEGAL. The fact is, Trump set himself up for failure, unable to shut his big mouth. Every single claim Trump is making here is conjecture. NO election official has agreed with Trump’s claims of fraud. Republicans and Democrat officials agree that this was a safe, secure, legal election, one of the most lawful and best in American history. Donald J. Trump is whiny loser, soon to be headed for prison. He’s desperate to cast doubt on the best election America has ever had in our entire history. NONE of the Courts agree with his lies, fabrications and falsehoods.

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