Integrated Food Security Phase Classification

Integrated Food Security Phase Classification

The aim was to establish a consistent definition, so that the world would never again turn its back on catastrophic starvation (which it does anyway).

The classifications are:

Phase 5 — famine or catastrophe: Catastrophic rates of starvation deaths, with acute malnutrition rates of more than 30 percent of population, a mortality above two people per 10,000 population per day and severe food shortages for more than 20 percent of people.

Phase 4 — emergency: Severe food shortages, very high rates of severe acute malnutrition leading to high numbers of hunger-related deaths.

Phase 3 — crisis: Widespread hunger and higher than normal rates of severe acute malnutrition.

Phase 2 — stressed: Families sell their belongings to survive.

Phase 1 — minimal: Families can meet their basic food needs.

I’ve been following the starvation levels unfolding in different parts of the world. But what I note is how Phase 1 and Phase 2 are very widespread already in the United States. There are also many thousands of cases of Phase 3 in this country being reported.

So despite the classification efforts – hunger is still very widespread – already. Even in ‘wealthy countries’.


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One thought on “Integrated Food Security Phase Classification

  • January 22, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    There are at least two types of starvation.

    1. Lack of sufficient calories (Joules of energy) per day to maintain normal bodily function.

    2. Lack of essential nutrients.

    Whereas there are hundreds of millions of people in the ‘poor’ countries of the world who struggle to meet their daily energy requirements, there are also hundreds of millions of people in ‘rich’ countries who are ingesting ‘food’ that lacks essential minerals, vitamins, oils etc. and is overloaded with semi-toxic substances.

    ‘Phase 3 — crisis: Widespread hunger and higher than normal rates of severe acute malnutrition’ is now occurring in New Zealand, historically noted for its exports of lamb, beef, fish, fruit and vegetables. Much of this acute malnutrition is occurring because low-nutrition industrially produced ‘food’ is now offered 24/7 by supermarkets and takeaway outlets.

    The combination of refined grains, cane sugar, corn syrup and vegetable oil with sodium glutamate, together with the products of confined animal farming has led to an epidemic of obesity throughout the western world as people ingest crap and fail to acquire what their bodies need from it, so they ingest even more crap.

    Couple the ingestion of crap food with lack of exercise and we can see exactly why a great die-off is about to occur in mot western nations.

    The men who made us fat.

    This is video about big American food companies, and good and bad intestinal bacteria also very interesting.

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