Inside the Fall of the CDC

Back in December, I was carefully chronicling the coronavirus outbreak in China with deep alarm. It was already obvious even then that a massive coverup was unfolding, as more and more people sickened and died. Images of people dropping dead in the streets and incinerators burning thousands of bodies have not been forgotten. I still do not accept the “official” Chinese death toll numbers, but what really bothered me was how the United States massively failed to take this soon-to-be global pandemic seriously enough when it was already beyond obvious that it was going to go global.

There are now tons of documentaries and videos and article uncovering and reporting on the Trump Administration’s gross incompetence, lies, coverup and deflections that unfolded in the early months, thereby ensuring that the United States was grossly under-prepared and unable to prevent massive spread. ProPublica now has an article about the role of the CDC in those early months, and the direct interference ordered by the Trump Administration in how they were ordered to NOT protect the public adequately.

Inside the Fall of the CDC

This is indeed why Donald J. Trump and his Administration should be charged with crimes against humanity, now resulting in the deaths of nearly a quarter million Americans.

No single article that I’ve read so far conveys all of the crimes and coverup that has transpired under this inept “leadership”, but this one covers what happened within the Centers for Disease Control, or as we call know it, the CDC. The CDC has taken a lot of bad press and vitriol over the past many months but most of it is totally unwarranted, precisely because they wound up doing what they were told by non-experts and political appointees who had ZERO knowledge or experience on how to best protect the public.

No agency is without culpability in the Trump Administration – there is always the right to say “Hell NO”. And “fuck you” (risking career and personal professional future) to Trump and his ill-advising henchman who are hell-bent on destroying whatever vestiges of science, fact, truth and public concern that still remain after nearly four-years of gross incompetence, defunding, denial and running off the world’s best science experts, ordering them into silence and removing words like “climate change” from public reports. I would FULLY support a tribunal to take the Trump Administration to task for ensuring that millions of Americans will now die from their anti-science policies. They should all be prosecuted and imprisoned.

But I digress. At issue right now is how the CDC has been absolutely gutted as being an effective agency to help deal with public health. And not to put too fine a point on this serious issues – this all happened ONLY under the Trump Administration. Past epidemics were adequately handled and suppressed by former Administrations. They didn’t pretend to override the real experts and those with the actual experience in dealing with public health crisis. But this Administration did – repeatedly, and still is to this day.

If you want to know why the COVID-19 “response” has been so damned convoluted, so inept, so contradictory – look no further then the ineptitude, meddling and gross negligence exhibited by the Trump Administration and how they forced the CDC to fuck things up so badly, thereby ensuring massive levels of American deaths. Yeah, harsh words, but way overdue. This is EXACTLY the same tactics that this Administration has done to climate scientist and other areas of critical research affecting human habitability and our future survival on this planet. So this is nothing new for them, it’s par for Trump’s master course in ineptitude, incompetence and overall fuckery.

We cannot be rid of these bumbling, arrogant, incompetent fools fast enough. They have already cost the country a quarter-million American lives and countless suffering and long-term illness. There are real-life DEADLY consequences to being the stupidest person in the room when it is your JOB to protect the public. Fire these morons – asap. Remember to VOTE.


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