Insects Are A Viable Solution To Food Shortages

Enjoy your uh, ‘meal’ – Insects Are A Viable Solution To Food Shortages

Not sure I agree with their ‘adaption’ claims. Recovery from disaster is not adaption – Environmental journalists have a new beat: Coping with climate disaster

Real adaption would be very, very significant changes in location, lifestyle, consumption, energy, food and footprint. That is not happening. Anywhere.

By the way – I’ve been reading a ton of foreign articles (offshore to America) and it’s pretty obvious that other countries other then America are keenly aware of climate change and the need for action. It’s in virtually every article I’ve read. There are no “denier” articles being picked up (none that I’ve seen and I’ve read several hundred now). This kind of crap seems to ONLY get published in America for the brain-dead zombies that infect this country.

So imagine this being published here – There Is No Such Thing As Climate Change – a beautiful lie.

All kinds of articles from Iran, Yemen, Syria, most African countries, South America, Viet Nam, China all say the same things: We’re going to have to do something pretty big to survive what is coming (in so many words). Food shortages are at the very top of their priority lists.

Not here. Americans are stupidly sleepwalking towards disaster, with the Orange Monkey soon to take the helm and assure everyone that he’s got it all under control.

It is absolutely astounding what is unfolding here. Absolutely amazing.

Hope they like bugs.



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One thought on “Insects Are A Viable Solution To Food Shortages

  • January 4, 2017 at 2:38 am

    Life at the End of Empire on the Planet of the Maniacs.

    It is marginally better here in NZ insofar as climate change is officially acknowledged as a problem. But that is as far as it goes. All official policy is geared to making climate change worse faster.

    Saw a programme about Australians farming crickets for food.

    Not going to help much when the Aussie government is fully committed to digging up the place and selling it to China to burn or convert into steel.

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