Inhabited Island Disappears Due To Rising Sea Levels

Over 10,000 people have lost their island. Lohachara island in India, drowned beneath the rising waves, displacing thousands of people. It’s not the first island to disappear, but probably the most inhabited “to date”. This will continue to happen, eventually displacing millions and millions of people. Estimates run as high as 500,000,000 will eventually be displaced around the globe.

From another article:

This is the moment when the world seems to get the message at last: climate change is serious and unavoidable.

The rather pathetic attempts by ignorant politicians to curb climate change are still stupidly being scheduled for years and years from now. Of course, this makes absolutely no sense at all. Every year we delay these belated and meager actions, will greatly increase the effects of climate change we will experience.

It takes decades for the effects of climate change to reveal themselves. What we are now experiencing is the effects from 1970’s emissions. Our pathetic “reductions” today and in the years ahead won’t even be revealed for at least 10 – 20 years, and by that time, we will be experiencing some of the worst effects caused by our human-activity.

Consider this: Governor Schwarzenegger of California is embracing the environmental “movement”. His plan is to reduce the emmissions to “1990 levels” – in 13 years.

This year he signed the nation’s first environmental law of its kind, committing the state to lowering its greenhouse gas production to 1990 levels by 2020 and setting up an international program that provides manufacturers with incentives to lower carbon emissions, which is supposed to begin by 2012. He has vowed to fight any attempt to drill for oil off California’s coast.

What politicians seem to fail to understand is 1990 levels helped create the conditions we have today. And waiting 13 more years to “achieve” this “reduction” only guarantees with certainty an uninhabitable future planet.

But only the naieve can believe that we could simply stop our toxic emissions, and no politician would last more then a year in office if they tried. This means only what it can possible mean – it is up to each and every human to voluntarily reduce their emissions and consumption. This is the message that should be being shouted from the housetops by government, politicians and even the corporate culture. The political process is glacially slow while rivers of melt-water are being dumped into the oceans.

The Environmental Protection Agency has long been a road block to effective legislation. They are beholden to political (corporate) interests and have had their fingers caught in the profit-mill more then once. Expecting a political solution is foolishness, in my opinion, because it will continue to be resisted by those that stand to profit the most – and these are the same people that control the resources, media, markets and public perception.


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