Infowars Money Bomb – What you are not being told

For Alex Jones followers and fans, there is an ‘event’ being held to tomorrow to fleece your pockets of even more money.

Infowars is holding another ‘moneybomb’ event, trying to raise another million dollars for Alex Jones and his alleged television broadcast.

I’ve never liked this moronic clown, finding him a dishonest creep; a true faketriot extraordinaire. Virtually NONE of his claims have proven out as I shared in More Spew From Connedspiracy Idiots.

He’s obviously part of the opposition. By controlling the narrative in the alternative media, his media empire has drained the energy and the money from those who could have done something.

It’s more then “just getting rich” off the connedspiracy crowd. It’s about control. Framing the focus, debate, attention and energy of the people who are interested in seeing a real change. Unfortunately, Jones has led his merry band of deluded followers in the wrong direction.

Jones is not who he has claimed to be and for the fans that still follow this talking fool, here are a few sites and points to take note of:

Alex Jones Exposed – hiding his multi-million dollar divorce from his fans. Maybe that’s why he’s now needs to raise money to pay his ex. Both of them will still be multi-millionairre, it looks like they’re splitting around 8 million dollars.

Alex Adultery Alleged – many links.

How Matt Drudge Serves As Alex Jones Web Traffic Pipeline – this is the other guy I truly despise, Drudge publishes fake headlines daily.

Alex Jones Infowars MoneyBomb EXPOSED – definitely worth watching

Tons more fraud links and claims found here.

Update: If you want a real laugh, and to see just how fake this clown truly is, go visit today’s “auction items” he’s trying to raise money with (ebay link). But you’d better hurry before they’re gone!

I saved a copy to my hard drive for later laughs. If this is the best a multi-millionaire faketriot can offer his fans… wow… most of it is totally worthless junk not worth the price of postage.

So your choices are A) give him free money; or B) Buy some worthless junk (at the highest bid). You can even have a “collectible item” signed by Jones himself (who does this clown think he is?).

Perhaps it will go up in value once this idiot is in jail. So far, he’s raised nearly $250,000 (allegedly) from a bunch of other idiots who still haven’t figured out the fear-scam or asked for refunds.

It’s rather sad that the so-called ‘patriot’ community cannot see through the lies and deceptions and endless layers of bullshit being put forth, but for whatever reason, they can’t. Not even when this clown has been so consistently wrong on his predictions year after year.

Jones isn’t alone either, he’s got plenty of company among the faketriot ‘leadership’ that is trying as hard as they can to keep up the incessant fear-mongering. I’ve warned about the dangers of this sort of lifestyle several times, Breaking the Dominant Paradigm In The Survivalist Movement” and in other articles.

It’s now far past the Jones’ prediction dates, and we’re pretty close to October. The September Surprise seems to be err, a bit late….

Jade Helm didn’t result in martial law. We didn’t get invaded either. Nobody got nuked. The dollar didn’t collapse. September is going to roll on into October – and we’re still here.

Why is it that Americans can only seem to react to bad information while ignoring good information? Has our reality bone gone to sleep or been surgically removed? Or do some humans just prefer to live in fear and fantasy? Or are we really just Bat Shit Crazy?

Faketriots continue to support the wrong people, again and again. Apparently there is no required ethical standard, no proof of validity, honesty or a litmus test for anything. The lowest common denominator seems to be “he who screams loudest”. The trademark bullhorn Jones used for years and years was his method of bullying belligerence to his ‘opponents’. His website is carefully monitored to ensure dissenting commentary is never published, creating a ‘fake’ consensus among his fans. My own comments about the lies and conjecture he spreads have been removed for years.

I’m glad to see this clown get some of the comeuppance that is due to him, it’s way overdue. He’s done more damage for honesty, integrity, truthfulness, accuracy and importance then anyone else I know. As the guy said on the first video link – don’t send this clown a dime of your money. Infowhores obviously doesn’t “need” any of it and you probably do.

Plenty more online –

Alex Jones all Koched Up

Alex Jones CIA Family

Alex Jones Snared in Sex Scandal (many additional links found here)

Alex Jones Exposed – What Jones really is (CIA / false front / money-grubbing media whore)


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