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Here are some informative / educational videos to watch.
Dome Greenhouse & Year Round Gardening:

Hydroponics On The Hudson:

Biking Revolution in Copenhagen:

Back To Nature in Russia:

Creative Houses From Reclaimed Stuff:

Landshare & Local Currency:

There are indeed, better, more sound ways in which to live, where we do not operate on the principle of consumption, oil dependency, political manipulation, endless wars and competition, global domination and control.

People all over the world want the same things, but if the truth be told — they are not being allowed to live lives that are free from these encumbrances.

However, there are groups all over the world that are trying. There is only one solution, and it will not be found within the existing death-domination machine that we all live under.

The solution will be people, taking charge of their own lives, reducing their dependency from corporate and political control.

These slave-masters have no interest in your real freedom.  If they did, they’d have made it evident already, there has been ample opportunity.  Instead, what we have today is the “buy and sell” mode of human existence, whereby you must enslave yourself to a lifetime of debt-banking and wage slavery system to “earn” the right to exist while still inadvertently contributing to the ongoing global destruction.  It’s a rigged system, through and through and it will only lead to one place.

This, plus endless competition for resources, widespread destruction and devastation, economic and environmental collapse, have led the world to the brink of global disaster while impoverishing billions.  Most of us are still waiting on these same people to “save us” which is simply not possible.  We will have to save ourselves.

There is a better way.

Transition Towns All Over The World:

The Power Of Transition Towns:


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