Information Victims

I’ve always had issues with the so-called “right wing” spreading lies and falsehoods. They’ve reacted to all the fake news articles that have recently come out, targeting them and their websites.

But there is of course, as one would reasonably expect, no end to the fake news from these sources. They always have to “up the ante” in a gigantic bluff of hysteria and distraction.

Infowars once again tosses down another deception along this line of lies: Trumpocalypse? Suddenly Liberals Are The Ones Stockpiling Food, Guns And Emergency Supplies

I will not link to the site (and neither will you), you can simply put this into your browser search bar to read the article. It’s all lies. Nobody is stockpiling food right now. This December has been the worst I’ve seen in 21 years. And gun sales are way down too.  I’ve seen it myself, first hand.

This story is not true. We are one of the largest food sellers in America ( People are not stockpiling at all now. Nor are they buying guns, since we also attend many gun shows in the region. Food sales are very slow and very low, December is the worst we’ve seen in 21 years. Same with guns sales, dealers are having trouble even paying for their expenses to show up. I have also checked with the food canneries and they report the same, very slow sales. This story is not well researched and is probably just another ploy to scare people into buying products. More fake news here folks.

Michael Snyder crawled into bed with Alex Jones years ago. Both are paid through affiliate advertising which makes them desperate in downturn times to publish anything to gain advertising revenue. If Snyder or Jones thought that being butt-naked in front of the camera would help their standing, their pictures would be plastered all over the StupidNet.

The Net is infested with dishonesty that poses as information these daze. The delusionally addicted don’t seem to mind. If you can stomach the hatred, read the article and then the comments. Like puppets on a string, the vitriol pours forth in a torrent of hate. THAT is what is worth noting since everything else is a lie.

Humanity, especially in America, often acts like a herd. Easily stampeded. Easily scared. Easily deceived with distractions, infotainment, dishonest and misrepresentation of news. It is not harmless. It led this country to war. It killed millions of people. It fosters hatred, distrust, division and even more deception. It punishes the weak and glorifies the strong. Whoever shouts the loudest is the only one heard, even when they’re wrong.

Jones has been wrong for years and years. Nobody cares, nobody is listening. Same with Snyder. Nobody cares, nobody is listening. Eventually one of these idiots will be silenced or retire with their millions in ill-gotten gains. And then the herd will look for another profiteer to follow. It’s rather sad and pathetic.

Why has America come to this? Why are we herded into different camps and groups? Why is there such deep divisions being planted and cultivated? Is it to pat to say that we allowed this to happen? After all, we did this to ourselves and each of us has a choice on whether or not we are going to be information victims or not. But to be honest, it appears that America has already made that choice and nothing can change it now. No amount of exposure of the lies and deceit changes anything.

It’s ironic, but the same deep distrust that these sites claim against all other groups and individuals is exactly what they practice and promote themselves. In effect, they’ve left the playing field of discourse and discussion and are now off somewhere else entirely, writing their own rules and making up their own games. If you don’t realize it yet, it means they won’t be coming back. They’re entirely off on their own now in an entirely different reality.

Isn’t that really what has happened to all of us? We’re all on different playing fields, acting as if our reality is all that matters. From our perspective, it is the most important one. But what if that were not true?

Indeed, that is the real truth here. Our reality isn’t the most important reality to be found. But you must first become aware of this before you can comprehend anything else.

I have long suspected that the outcome of humanity would be based in the failure of the surviving human populations to grasp their reality. The more distorted our world-views and opinions, attitudes, beliefs and behavior are, the more likely we would fail as a species. This is what history teaches us about our past failures and we are not immune from it happening again, it already is.

When we tolerate lies and deceptions about the true reality that we all live in, it simply makes things worse and worse as the lies gain their own momentum, snowballing with terrifying effects. Jones and Snyder and all of their kind are nothing more then piss-ants, promoting their own false realities but not without consequences as they breed more hate, more fear, more profiteering. It’s not doing anybody any good. But until we start caring about this, nothing will change. Which is why nothing does change. We simply do not care enough to try and stop this.

Not many people will manage to equate the years ahead that still remain and what people like this are doing to us all. But I have. They are making it worse. In a time when communication is absolutely critical, when factual, honest information is required, when understanding of our common predicament is utterly essential, these clowns are making it worse. And it will have terrifying consequences as we find ourselves facing down their delusional armies of brain-dead moronic followers who will be acting like puppets on a string.

They’ve already done incalculable levels of damage as they promote the ongoing destruction of the biosphere through ignorance, hatred and greed. They’ve deliberately skewed the entire narrative towards more destruction for temporary profits. And now they’re coming after intelligence and common sense by creating even more divisions, hatred and lies.

This is why the future is always going to be worse – we are infected with stupid. Very few people are even bothering to try and counteract any of this. Most just get on board with it. The lies get repeated and shared all over the StupidNet by millions and millions. They get bigger and worse. Then new lies and distractions are promoted and the entire process repeats itself.

Meanwhile, our common predicament is widely ignored as we edge ever closer to self-destruction. The consequences of our meek and silent acceptance of their false reality and incessant lies has terrifying consequences. These are the morons you’re going to be faced with in the near-future in a life and death struggle for survival, because that is what it is going to come to. And if you were silent, you helped it to happen. Because when you had the chance to counter-act their lies and deceptions, you didn’t take it. You didn’t let your voice be heard. You left that up to others who were always overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the task.

99.9999% of you never post here. I do not know why. But your silence is telling me you are not engaging in the struggle for our common survival. Your reality is to not participate here for reasons known only to you. But it is not helping.

If you are another information victim like everyone else is, there is something you can do about it. Participate. Stop the spread of the lies.


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3 thoughts on “Information Victims

  • December 24, 2016 at 5:42 am

    The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” William Gibson
    … YET … Coming soon to a theater of operations near you.

  • December 24, 2016 at 8:28 am

    Alex Jones put out a ‘red alert’, warning that the biggest crash in history was coming within a few weeks or months. I think that was 15 months ago.

    The combination of fracking, drilling, chopping down jungles and forests, printing phony money, building houses, and sucking water out of ancient aquifers etc. -all of which is presented as progress en route to a better tomorrow by the mainstream media- looks capable of sustaining the global industrial system for a while longer. If you can believe the figures, annual economic growth in China is now ‘only’ 6.9%.

    2017 will probably be the critical year with respect to several environmental factors because, according to some sources, 2015 and 2016 were exceptionally hot as a consequence of El Nino and 2017 will be cooler. If that coolness fails to eventuate we can certain we will be toast in a fairly short time.

    Until the critical month of May 2017 is reached we can just watch and wonder.

    Latest update for atmospheric CO2 is 405 ppm (about 130 ppm above the pre-industrrial baseline, and about 175 ppm above the long-term average for our species).

    • December 24, 2016 at 9:52 am

      He’s had thousands of failed predictions, many documented here. All of them do. It does not seem to matter to those that read their propaganda.

      The heat buildup in Arctic waters continues through winter 2016 / 2017. Gigantic rivers of warm water are melting Antarctic ice shelves (scribbler). The amount of fresh water building in the Arctic is measured at 7,000 cubic kilometers of water that once released into the Atlantic, may stall the Gulf Stream.

      This signals huge and dangerous “weather” ahead. I would not use the word probable here – the certainty of what is coming is irrefutable.

      And yet nothing I say or do is being heard. People complained every time I stop publishing, but won’t lift a finger to help when I do publish. When I point out facts, it remains ignored.

      There were only 4 food sales this month. Just 4. From the company with the largest food offerings in the industry, and one of the oldest. The canneries are nearly shut down, hibernating until people wake the hell up to their predicament. But the lies being told about this and people ‘preparing’ are just the tip of the disinformation iceberg being spewed forth by these talking idiots. I am absolutely sick to death of it.

      If there is no greater participation here then this, I’m closing this blog down forever. I’ve absolutely had it. People, get off your asses and participate. Otherwise, I will assume you want to sleepwalk your way into disaster.

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