Increasing the Police State

Well, here it is folks. We knew it was coming and now they have just announced it. You and everyone else you know is now considered a terrorist.

“counter potential criminal terrorist activity in all modes of transportation,”

The States ever-present stupidity in “protecting” us has morphed into even more police-state tactics and surveillance of the common peons. Please bear in mind that this is just a “test” – so fight back. Let these jack booted thugs know exactly what you think of their police-state tactics, or this test will be over and so will your liberty to ride public transportation without being harassed by these thugs.

It’s not like these boneheads have a reason to be doing this, in fact, they don’t:

Federal officials said there is no new intelligence indicating that terrorists are interested in targeting transportation modes.

Rather, the Transportation Security Administration is trying to expand the role of air marshals, who have been eager to conduct surveillance activities beyond the aircraft, and provide a beefed-up law enforcement presence at bus, train and public transit stations over the busy holiday period.

Of course their “eager” to grab more police-state powers, bigger budgets, more personnel and harassment of the general population. Either we put a stop to this – or you can expect this test program to be instituted permanently.

Air marshals “assigned to support the VIPR team will also be looking for individuals attempting to avoid or depart areas upon visual observation of the VIPR teams.”

So leaving the area is now a “suspicious activity”, where you might get shot like that guy did in Miami.

“In one word, this is absurd,” to put air marshals in bus and train stations,”

It’s not only absurd, it’s insane. It is a clear grab the federal thugs to intimidate the citizenry and lord over them while demanding even more police-state powers of oppression.

Listen up people – you knew this was coming and it can only get worse from here unless you fight back. Now. Do it now while you still can. Before this Gestapo crap becomes even more common place. Don’t put up with this shit, it doesn’t do any good anyway and never has. The idea that terrorist would be intimidated or caught by this type of surveillance is the height of arrogance and stupidity. Apparently the Transportation Security Administration never heard of private cars.

These people are stupid beyond belief. And they are the idiots running this country and in charge of our “security”.

Some of these idiots will be easy to identify –

Some members of the team will be obvious to the traveling public and wear jackets bearing the TSA name on the back.

Give ’em a piece of your mind. When you confront one of these assholes, look ’em straight in the eye, since avoiding eye contact is a sure sign of “suspicious activity”. Expect to spend a day or two in jail for dissent, which is also now illegal in the land of the slave. While you’re sitting there, I suggest you start contemplating what it’s going to take to stop this federal power grab. Maybe you should cancel your Christmas plans and stock up on some ammo. You’re going to need it.


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