In Other News, Antarctica Is 70 Degrees Hotter

It’s 70 degrees warmer than normal in eastern Antarctica. Scientists are flabbergasted.

I’ll say. It’s only March. In the Southern Hemisphere, this means it’s autumn, not spring. But 70 degrees (average, it was actually 50 to 90 degrees above normal) is simply unheard of.

It’s also the lowest sea ice level on record. Sea ice over Antarctica just shrank to its smallest on record

I’ve already shared the news that the Western Antarctica Ice Sheet (WAIS) is destined to collapse. This was already a known certainty – now it will collapse faster. When it does, enormous amounts of ice will make its way to the ocean, raising sea levels dramatically.

I’ll keep saying this until it finally sinks in: We can’t replace the missing ice. Ice regulates ocean currents, global temperatures, albedo and energy absorption to the planet. Once the “multi-year” ice is gone – it’s likely gone for good, irrevocably warming up the planet and there is NO stopping this. Along with sea level rise inundating cities and coastlines, severe storms, droughts and crop failures will be the established future for the entire planet. That means rising food costs and even starvation as crops fail from excessive wet-bulb temperatures.

THEN the real trouble begins with heat-related deaths, species die off, more forest fires, coral reef collapse, and ocean currents failing as excess solar energy is absorbed by the planet. It doesn’t all happen at once, but it’s ALL already begun while the world dickers and twaddles over their pathetic response to deadly climate change.

Climate change on this scale is an extinction level event, all mammals will die, including humankind, and so far, global leaders and even climate scientists are still miserably failing to address this catastrophe.

If you are under 30 or thereabouts, you will likely see it all happen with your own eyes. You will experience hellish conditions that have never been experienced by humans before. And you will curse the heavens and your ancestors for the folly and stupidity.

There is a reason people are rightly concerned about deadly climate change. It’s unfolding right now and only portrays even worse conditions to come.



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