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In my last post, I shared the article about Al Gore’s environmental video, “An Inconvienent Truth”. The collapse of our environment is certainly that, coming at a time of unprecedented globalization, widespread disillusionment and disgust with the present state of affairs.

What would our world be like if Al Gore had been allowed to be President? I suspect not much would have changed, although whatever changes would have been implemented, we would be in a better place then we are today. We’d not be in Iraq, or Afghanistan, there would be no Abu Ghraib prisons, or Guantanamo Bay torture camps. Environmentally speaking, stricter policies and new laws to preserve and protect the environment would also be in place. But it’s doubtful that much would have really changed.

The forward momentum we are all being carried along with is nearly irreversible. What changes in environmental conditions we are witnessing have taken decades to reveal themselves, and even longer (much longer) to be initiated. What puny efforts humankind can make in a few years to reverse their destructive practices are exceedingly tiny compared to generations of ecocidal and genocidal practices.

Al Gore should have been President, and we’d all be in a different place. How different? No one knows. But it wouldn’t be this place, or this time. We would be debating far different issues and the entire perspective of the American people would be on other (and far more important) issues than what we have today.

We’d not have had another stolen election in 2004, or a 9/11. There would be no Patriot Act, no NSA spying on Americans, no rabid “patriotic” foaming at the mouth by moronic idiots. America wouldn’t be so widely hated and we’d have at least 50,000 uninjured men and woman in uniform still able to function in our society. There would be no widows from the Iraq war and at least 150,000 Iraqi civilians still living.

There would be no manufactured crisis of “war on terror”, no color charts and no Homeland Security. Thousands of students and residents would still be in school. The disappeared would still be at home with their families. We’d even have a Congress that had some spine. We’d truly be in a different place, in a different debate, focusing on issues that weren’t so xenophobic, but common to all.

The pain that George Bush has caused this country is truly incalculable. Many more human lives would still be living if it were not for George Bush and his chronies. Bush has forced us to debate a great number of wrong issues that shouldn’t even be on the national agenda. They’re very real today, but need not be, nor do we need to be expending billions and billions of dollars (paying the elite) to deal with them.

But not to make light of that, we’d still be in the same place in regards to our collapsing environmental conditions. Bush didn’t overfish the oceans, or pollute the planet (well, yes he did, with hundreds of tons of depleted uranium in Iraq and other cases, but that’s really a side issue to the global collapse already underway). Bush inherited a capitalist empire and turned it into a global vendetta on life itself, accelerating the global collapse. Of that, he is guilty as charged, (along with war crimes, genocide and treason). But the environmental collapse that is well underway was already well underway in 2000 when Bush was hand-picked by the Supreme’s, undermining the entire electoral process.

Gore would have begun the reversal to this path of self-destruction. I’ve not yet seen his video, but hope to, if only to see what changes are being advocated and what documentation is being shared. I know the environment is collapsing, just like I know 9/11 was fabricated, Iraq wasn’t responsible and Bush lies repeatedly. I know because I can read and I can think and I can use the mountains of evidence on any of these issue to realize that the spin put forth to the public is never the truth. And I know that if you simply follow the money, you will find the motive and the beneficiaries, which is certainly not the American people.

The corruption that Americans tolerate is truly beyond my comprehension. Most of us feel powerless to do much about it, I too feel this way. There are millions and millions of Americans who realize something is deeply wrong with this country and we are quick to look to the top of our national leadership for its (many) faults. This is both accurate and true, but we are not without our own blame, because we also have a responsibility to each other, in our behaviors and actions (and largely, what we do not do) and of course, by what actions we do do.

In 2000, there should have been a coast-to-coast massive disobedience. To hell with the Supreme’s, who had no right to decide an election anyway. The people should have insisted upon a fair and accurate recount right down to the last hanging chad. Oh, the battle was fought, but not fought hard enough. Stealing this election, the Bush cabal made sure that 2004 was also in the bag. We now know that this election too, was stolen and now we are in this place, together, stuck with the manical monster from Texas who continues to destroy the hope of the nation and the fabric of life.

We CANNOT let this happen again. By whatever means it takes, we cannot let the neo-con fascist Nazi’s destroy what’s left. In my opinion, the future hope of mankind lies upon this fact. Bush has repeatedly proven that he cares nothing for the environment and is willing to destroy whatever is left. Drilling for oil in ANWR is going to solve nothing, but will indeed create massive amounts of disruption to a extremely fragile environment. Cutting the funding of the National Park system by $100,000,000 only demonstates Bush’s hatred for the enviroment. If he can’t make a profit, he’s not interested.

There are many more examples of the oil-soaked Bush crime family running amok on a global scale. Read the news and follow the money. It’s unbelievable what this man has been getting away with.

It’s time we abandoned the concept of living for profit. Money cannot be our motivation if we hope to have a habitable planet to live on. If that were the case, then we would truly be in a different place then what we find ourselves today, a different world altogether. If change is what we really want, we’re going to have to get down to the fundementals that make us tick. What motivates us? Quality of life or corporate profits? Do we want a habitable planet, at peace amongst ourselves, or a desert radioactive wasteland where the survivors are constantly at each others throats, warring over whatever little remains?

That is the road to ruin that we are all on, riding this highway of hell to its final conclusion. Leading the charge on this fireball of death is the Bush cabal. We know this must change, but so should we. We should NEVER accept another like him. And we should never accept our own complacency and indifference, embracing and emphasizing all the wrong transitory things that are also furthering our own destruction.

We will either learn to live on this planet together, or we will all die together, extinguishing all life in the process. Now that is an inconvienent truth. Go watch the video if you can and see if that isn’t what the real message is already saying.


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4 thoughts on “In A Different Place

  • June 5, 2006 at 7:15 am

    Al Gore ain’t no saint but Bush and Dickhead are literal spawn of Beelzebub – aka Destroyers of Worlds.

    Nice rant.

    WRT the craptic [sic] “624012”, this is not a zipcode, SSN and too big for a hat size. Perhaps it’s the number of site hacks by or perhaps this blog’s file number at NSA.

  • June 5, 2006 at 8:32 am

    Maybe its a prison camp number. I don’t know what these blog verification thingy’s mean.

    No, Gore ain’t no saint and this isn’t an endorsement in case any should be confused. The fact was, if the electoral process hadn’t been jury rigged, he would have been President. Funny how Gore and Kerry both had to concede their Presidency’s to Bush.

    Donald Duck would make a better President, so would Goofy.

  • June 5, 2006 at 9:26 am

    As a disappointed republican,I do appreciate some of your views. Personaly, I do not believe man can influence the environment on a global scale short of a necular exchange. The only issues that have pressed me to prepare for my young family’s needs is a coming time of intense government control (regardless of party) and economic breakdown. How have you prepared for this impending crisis?

  • June 5, 2006 at 10:30 am

    Maybe you could watch the Inconvienent Truth video? I don’t know what it contains, but I’ve read enough material over the years to be fully convinced that human caused activity is indeed severely affecting the environment. I can only suggest read everything you can get your hands on if you want to be convinced that human activity is the cause. If you don’t want to be convinced, then no amount of reading or evidence would convince you anyways!

    I’ve prepared for the crisis you’ve mentioned in a number of ways, many which I simply can’t publically or privately post. Here are some that I can:

    a) self sufficient homestead, something I work towards each day;
    b) alternative business (income opportunities) for post-crash;
    c) community cooperation and support.

    None of us will be “alone” in the coming crisis (whichever of the many happens first) and will need to be connected in some way to deal with this as best we can.

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