Arrogance on Wheels

The refusal by the Repugnatin leadership to ‘discuss climate change’ is downright criminal now. Claiming that this in an ‘inappropriate time’ is a pathetic attempt to declare that there is never a appropriate time to discuss what has become the nation’s #1 problem.

Not only should Trump be impeached, but every RepublicRat that denies climate change should be removed from office, asap. (Example: The president’s dismissal of scientific research is doing nothing to protect the livelihoods of ordinary Americans).

It is clear that in the aftermath to come of these storms, that these assclowns will attempt to dissassemble and distract from their culpability and guilt. Nobody should forget any of this and what these morons steadfastly claimed – even in the midst of disaster.

Then there’s this shot to consider:

This exemplifies what is wrong with America. Monster trucks, gas guzzling, carbon-emitting monstrosities being used to transport a generator for electricity being lifted by fat, overweight people.  You are supposed to only notice the heroic ‘rescue’ effort, but there is another entire side to this picture. No rescue would be needed if all of these things didn’t exist, and we didn’t keep trying to ‘save’ them, or build them bigger, badder, faster and louder.

This is what America has become. Arrogance on wheels. Full speed ahead and damn the consequences.

If there was no ‘devil may care’ attitudes towards climate; or an industry that thrives on petroleum extraction to spawn these monster trucks and trillions of tons of greenhouse gasses being dumped into the atmosphere; or the overweight, overfed people who are attempting to restore the exact same civilization that caused this destruction, we’d all be living in a vastly different world – one with a real future, instead of the world we live in now (slated for destruction).

It is so obvious that we are never, ever going to learn a damned thing. A few others are taking notice of this fact:

Because every single one of us knows the truth … EVERY LAST AMERICAN KNOWS that when it comes right down to it, beyond opening our wallets for the obligatory ten buck donations, and the apparent wisdom to not send it to the Red Cross, beyond our sincere prayers and inner empathy, with our eyes glued to videos and photos of the destruction, bearing distant witness, maybe dropping some stuff off at our churches to be shipped down there — clothing, toilet paper, bottled water, toothpaste, snack packs — that we have no intention of changing even one thing about our lives or lifestyle in the face of Harvey’s unmistakable message.

Harvey’s message being, “Global warming is so going to kick your asses.”

We will change nothing.

And frankly, we’re just fine with that.

Hurricane Harvey, we yawn in your direction

More of this particular expose on our escalating stupidity here:

What You Didn’t Do

After Hurricane Harvey struck and it was for sure that Mother Nature clearly gets the last word, and that we’re the most inbred, back-assward know-nothings on how to construct a meaningful and sustainable built environment, and essentially satanically deluded and in denial on our excessive and addicted consumption patterns, how many things about our lives didn’t change at all?

We don’t care, And we’re gonna yawn again. And again

We’re never going to care. Our drip-feed life addiction to destruction through our gulping connedsumption of oil, and our denial of reality and how utterly fucking stupid we’ve become pretty much ensures that we’re going to take self-destruction up the ass, while partying on.

We can’t stand what we see in the mirror, so we pretend it’s just not there. The images are just too horrible. It’s the Grim Reaper grimacing back at us, because he is us.

It really never was my intention to have this blog turn into an indictment against the human race and the escalating levels of willful stupidity, stupidstitions and outrageous actions of the denialisphere, but it can’t be helped. These are the morons that are going to destroy us all. I mean really kill us.

And we’re letting it happen. Therefore, we are just as culpable, just as guilty, just as responsible.

The reality is you didn’t do shit. Neither did I. A few million words published here didn’t accomplish anything. Asking for participation and support was met with stony silence. The Life Project proposal still hasn’t gendered any real interest. Nor has anything else. This has been repeated EVERYWHERE with everyone that tried, desperately tried to galvanize the public to action and real change. You’ve all just given up. And you didn’t even begin to fight.

The message is clear – we really don’t care, and we really never will. This is why I’ve turned against you. You’re helpless, pathetic, subservient worms. You’re going to stay silent and do absolutely nothing to save yourselves while letting the stupidstitious idiots take over and destroy what’s left. You’re either too afraid, too cowardly or too disinterested to join the fight. In any case, you’re absolutely fucking useless. Just another useless eater taking up space.

Go on, admit it. Maybe it will shock you out of your slumber. Or not – and you can rage at me, I don’t care one way or the other. I’ve got no use for slugs in my life. I’m still searching for intelligent, compassionate, concerned life. People who really do give a damn.



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