Imminent Peril

I’ve been trying to get the warnings out in my own fashion, regarding the number of serious issues facing humankind. The fact that our world is in severe peril and growing worse every day should be of significant concern to every living, breathing human on earth.

It is, unfortunately, probably too late. This is the worst kind of ‘too little, too late’ you can possibly imagine, since what we are talking about here is the eradication of the human race – and all other life forms on the planet.

Our situation is dire – and quite probably, utterly irreversible.

the planet cannot sustain our current levels of consumption, much less the projected increase in consumption of the U.S., China, and India

That’s not really saying it strong enough, “projected increased consumption” makes it sound like we’ll somehow manage to stop, slow down and reverse this trend towards planetary destruction and species extinction (including us). But that is most certainly not happening. What is happening is this:

the planet has already passed the point of no return for global climate change.

He advises the world’s governments to plan on how to secure food and energy in a global environment run amok, and warns that coastal cities must be protected from rising sea levels. He expects a population crash, with the survivors living in what is presently the Arctic, and a few other places on the planet.

What is causing all of this havoc is human greed. Resource depletion worldwide, environmental pollution, excessive extraction and overused land and water areas. Driving it is mega-corporations – who seek to deny the damage while raking in billions in profits.

Current world events are being played out against a setting of resource depletion and other environmental problems which are not recognized by most people, nor even acknowledged by many of the world???s decision makers. In fact, there is a concerted effort by many corporations and economists to dismiss these problems as nonexistent. Corporations choose to dismiss these problems because they do not want to admit their own culpability, and because the solution to these problems will prevent them from carrying out business as usual. Economists refuse to face these problems because to do so they must admit that their pet economic models are deeply flawed, and because these problems point up the unsustainable madness of capitalism with its market mechanisms. Yet the scientific community reached a consensus over the last decade and has attempted to sound the warning bell.

Obviously, the corporations are not alone. Each of us is responsible for our part in this life-and-death drama now unfolding.

A short (and incomplete) chronological history of these warnings, beginning in 1992, reveals how a decade plus later, we are still ignoring these warnings. The significance of this should be obvious. Widespread global disaster is now a certainty.

This is but one of many (thousands) of reports and warnings that have been issued, revealing how our present way of life is ensuring the future destruction of our planet. I simply haven’t the time to document them all, but I read them every day. These hard facts seemingly somehow fail to sink in and have not made much of a dent at all in our way of ‘doing business’ on planet Earth. Unfortunately, its soon to be too late for it to matter much.

Life as we know it is about to get much, much worse. TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) is a very real event. I hope you’re making ready.


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