I’m still here

Let’s see, today is Thanksgiving, a traditional American holiday of gluttony and greed. Still, there are some good things about this day, a chance to argue with your mother-in-law, or disapprove of your sisters’s choice in husband, or get drunk and make rude jokes. Have another slice of pie, this is America, land of the red, white and blue and home of the slave.

We can always be thankful for the the truth though and even though it is unwanted, unheralded and unrecognized, there are many, many people who are demanding the truth. And the truth is stranger then fiction.

A prominent Utah lawyer, working on an explosive Coca-Cola patent case appeal linking five U.S. Supreme Court justices with taking Coke bribe money in the Bush v. Gore decision, was hospitalized last week in Salt Lake City under suspicious circumstances.

The story makes for some very interesting reading. Whether you believe it or not, when you consider the incredible series of events that led to the installing of George W. Bush into the Whitehouse, you come away with the sense of the surreal, and “this can’t be happening”. Oh, but it is happening Georgia, and it happened again in 2004. Another “fix” was in, now widely documented and evidenced by the tens of thousands of complaints of vote rigging and Jerry-mandering of a rigged election. This time, they didn’t need to resort to the bought-and-paid for Supreme Court just(us)es to swing the election their way. What does 2008 bring? Something evil this way comes….

It should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention that the murder attempts upon lawyers is a common tactic of this Administration (and past Administrations). Most are actually successful. Remember Vince Foster? Or the recent reports on Saddam’s two assassinated lawyers (and the 1100 more that just quit)?. Targeting lawyers works. If not assassinations, then bribery, threats, intimidation and exposure.

On this gluttonous day of greed and “Americanism”, we can always be thankful for George W. Bush, our Potentate Protector. His protecting hand over the continental United States and her territories, his unending war upon terror worldwide and his (lone) insight to God Himself. If this describes you, then BushisLord.com will be a fun romp for you.

Such parodies notwithstanding, I do have a few things that I’m thankful for. I’m still here. Despite Homeland Security, the new federal Gestapo, despite the Patriot Act and the war upon Americans, despite the rightful anger and sworn vengeance of a billion Muslims, and despite the destroyed economy, failed international policies and miserable performance by your so-called Commander in Chief, despite the wrecked environment, the toxic waste and the corporate monopoly and global pollution of the food chain, and despite not one, but two illegal wars whereas tens of billions of dollars have now been plundered and wasted, hundreds of thousands now killed, maimed and disabled in a radioactive wasteland, and despite poisoned pens and disappearing Americans, I’m still here, hanging on, documenting the collapse of America and the world.

Why do I get the feeling that “still being here” is probably a double-edged sword? Probably because I have no doubts whatsoever that America is destroying the entire world and vengeance, whether by nature or by man, isn’t pretty. Leading the charge to global domination and hegemony, the American leadership is fast approaching godlike untouchability, seeking removal from all possible vestiges of accountability and responsibility.

And to think we let this happen. Right under our noses. But we’re not helpless, not yet and not ever. The day is fast approaching when we the people will have to drag these bastards from their high horses and have a public trial and hanging. We are being left with no choice. Not going to happen? Don’t bet on it. Americans will only tolerate so much, just like people around the world and when we’ve had enough, we won’t tolerate anymore.

“In the current era, any supposed Insurrection of the American common folk, using the Second Amendment or otherwise, in opposition to the quiet enforcement and submission to Federal ‘Court Orders’, will be met with brute military force, primarily by the several hundred thousand foreign troops almost permanently resident on U.S. soil, but little known to most Americans.”

So what? Ten million, fifty million angry and pissed off Americans will lick these bootlickers for lunch. It’s the very reason they haven’t just used brute military force (openly) in this country, we won’t tolerate it. We are an armed people (if you’re not, get cracking) and though we are being picked off one by one, we won’t tolerate a military force kicking us in the teeth in broad daylight. If the law refuses to protect those for whom the law was written, and is instead used to usurp the authority and the peace of the people, then those who are enforcing these laws have by definition, become the enemy of the people. I for one, already know this, having witnessed countless cases and evidence.

So add THAT to you Thanksgiving list. You’re still here too. And you still have a chance to make a contribution towards righting all the wrongs being perpetrated in your name. Or you can sit on your fat ass, satiated and satisfied, uncaring, unseeing, oblivious and indifferent to all of it ’cause it don’t mean nothing to you. Well, it does, whether you can admit it or not and if this describes you, then don’t come crawling to me expecting my help and assistance when they come for you.

To the rest of you, the few, the proud and the true, it’s time to make your plans and your preparations regarding your future and what you intend to do about it. This is your country, not George Bush’s or the Republican Party. You’ve seen what he’s done and where he’s going and what he’s quite willing to do to get it. Is that what you want? Me either. But behind this madman lies a whole bunch of mad men and woman who are bound and determined to suck the life out of every living human being on the face of the earth. They don’t all wear black robes. They care nothing for the people, the common man. If you’re not with them, you are an enemy combatant to them. Make sure you get that and understand what it means, because it’s happening right now, here in America and all of the world. This is a war against the common man, the people, being waged by power hungry greedy globalist.

It’s time to put some common sense back into the people, the knowledge of right and wrong and responsibility. And if we demand this of ourselves, we can demand no less then from our appointed leaders and the processes we have used to put them into office. We cannot settle for anything less, because it leads directly to the place where we find ourselves today, this ungodly and unholy alliance with Satan himself.

So on this day, be thankful you’re still here. There is still a chance for you to make a difference. But don’t just stop there. Do something with that chance, with the opportunities that present themselves. Make a difference. Before it is too late. For you.


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