I’m Rooting For the Protestors

Nine more police killed in Amazon protests is an article on the long-standing dispute between ancient land dwellers and corporate interests. Clashes have resulted in 30 dead Indians and 155 injured (and counting).

I’m rooting for the protesters on this one. Oil and gas exploration in the rain forest is a no-brainer. So is oil drilling, logging, mining and large-scale farming.

The government declared Sunday a national day of mourning. In Lima, anguished relatives holding candles held a wake for nine of the slain police officers.

Who’s mourning the Indians killed? The lands destroyed? The habitat ruined? Anybody? Nobody?

The last Free Peoples besieged by oil and logging companies

Peru: Government intent on privatizing the Amazon for implementing tree plantations

Peru/Brazil: The right to self-determination of indigenous peoples living in voluntary isolation


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3 thoughts on “I’m Rooting For the Protestors

  • June 8, 2009 at 1:34 pm
    If only a groundswell of resistance would sweep the world. The native population in the forests will be killed off ruthlessly.

    No one will mourn because the MSM will never dare cover this.

    Jensen is right.

  • June 8, 2009 at 1:47 pm
    “Manifest Destiny” as well as “have dominion over the Earth” both persist in full-throttle mode. Once upon a time, North American natives had collective wisdom and an cultural conscious/reverence/respect for life, NTM ‘balls’, too. Which didn’t protect them one wit from the torturous ruin forced on them by power-mad ‘civilized’ (aka insane) whitey. I don’t except that South American Natives have or will fair any better than NA’s now extinct cultures – hundreds if not thousands of cultures. Cultures may be sustainable but ‘civilization’ definitely is not. When/where civilization’ appears (metastasizes), cultures collapse – everywhere, every time. Civilization will destroy the entire Earth and everything on it in our preordained insatiable death-throws. Guaranteed. So, why I also “root” for the natives, I know I’m rooting for the loosing side, not by/for their ‘win’ but for our suicide.

    “Civilization degrades the many to exalt the few” is more aptly
    ‘civilization destroys everything to sustain an illusion’. The illusion is strong (still). Destruction Ho!

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