I’m Baaaack….. barely

I’ve come to believe that our decline (collapse) as a country is being helped along by our behavior.  Let me say this again a bit more clearly: We are helping the decline because we continue to behave badly.

We refuse to accept what is happening as being any of our responsibility, individually or collectively. Or we want to blame this on some other group, just anybody but us.

It is this kind of thinking (non-thinking actually) that lead us to make bad decisions. If we cannot hold ourselves to any levels of responsibility, then how can we expect anyone else to be responsible either?

I am personally approaching the future with this thought constantly in my head: What can I do NOW that will help me ensure that I can be well prepared for THEN?  What is coming our way is dead obvious (to me anyway), and there is exceedingly little I can do about it — except acknowledge that I must change and adapt and prepare. This also means I must recognize what is occurring (without any garnish or b.s. draped all over it).  If I need to change — then I change, because ultimately, I must.  Better to do it now on my terms and timescale then when I’m forced into it.

I’m not interested in joining any “movements” or protests or any such thing, knowing full well that such efforts have all been tried with exceedingly dismal success. It’s rather pointless, to me anyway, to continue to do the same things over and over again and expect different results.  New tactics, including individual responses are what is needed, but I see very few websites or blogs that actually deal with this on a realistic level. Most are still champions of what has long been proven not to work.

The only reason I can think of that this type of action is still being promoted is because of the lack of “system awareness” by the authors. They’re not connecting all the various data points into a cohesive picture of what is actually occurring, and more specifically, what is being virtually orchestrated as the “people’s choice”.  All we’re seeing is programmed response actions, which as I’ve already said, amount to virtually zilch.

More and more Americans are being thrown into survival mode, by circumstances or by design.  This is keeping a growing percentage of the population focused more and more on simply staying alive.  This is where adaption and change must become a driving force in order to assure you continued “success”.  System awareness of why this happened will help you immensely make some practical and reason based decisions (versus panic). If your putting this all together, then you will realize that many of the things we’ve long taken for granted are no longer guaranteed and may never be seen again.

However… we’ve yet to act like many of us believe this. The same tired themes play over and over again on an endless loop in our minds… such as things will get better and we’ll return to the same prosperity we had once before….

What if it doesn’t? What if the combination of data points are all converging to something we’ve never, ever experienced in our entire lives?  What if they somehow manage to culminate to a new state of “equilibrium” that leaves no place for human civilization as we know it today?

Impossible? I think not.  I think that this is exactly what is happening and we’re struggling mightily to comprehend the magnitude of this event.

Everyone is. Governments, leaders, industry, citizens — we’re all trying to figure out how we “fit” in the “new” that keeps unfolding, always just a bit worse off then before.  But this is not a stable condition — we have not reached the new equilibrium and are in fact a long, long ways away from this still.  We are in a transition phase now, which will last a generation or perhaps more, but it will never be like it was “before”.

It may be helpful to those that are struggling to understand to try to envision the “worst it can be” and then to consider how you would plan and prepare for that should it come true. What would you need to do?  When would you need to do it?  Who would you need to do this with?  Where would you even start?

It’s a good thought exercise and will put you on the right track to what is actually facing humanity.  There is now a growing consensus of scientists who are basically saying this very point: it’s going to be a lot worse then we thought and it is going to happen a lot sooner then we once told you.  So you can either take their word for it or simply consider all the evidence for yourself and make up your own mind.

The transition we’re all living through will be the hardest times of all, because we’re still stuck in the “old” way of living with our expectations and demands and the “new” reality that continues to unfold upon us day by day. We’re going to wind up spending almost all of our energy, time and money on maintaining the “old” as long as we possibly can, which I will state flat-out is a terrible, terrible mistake.  We’d be far better off comprehending the new and embracing this reality as soon as possible, saving time, money, energy, effort and ultimately, lives.

I’ve previously mentioned that we are “behaving badly” and indeed we are, in many, many ways.  This last point is yet another one of these ways in which we are not behaving like rational people, but instead like spoiled children having a hissy fit in the middle of a supermarket. I’m still seeing a awful lot of that type of behavior these days and it’s becoming extremely wearisome.

We’re going to need to move on from such behavior (and such people), virtually leaving them to die if they must in their own self-pity and despair, since they can do nothing to help themselves.  We cannot offer them anything either, because what they want is no longer reasonable or an increasing number of cases, even possible.  They’re failing to adapt, by their own choice to put it exactly, insisting that the “old” always be maintained at the expense of the “new” (and explicitly for their exclusive benefit).

This cannot be tolerated and will give way to increasing levels of social unrest and civil response. It won’t be pretty, it will be downright ugly as this devolves into a class war of who “deserves” and who actually “gets” what is going to increasingly more unavailable.  Caught in the middle will be everyone who will wind up in this firefight by the simple fact of their existence.

Not a pretty time, but real change never is.

Be ready. Study what is happening and identify where you will need to adapt and make change in your life.  You will be at the forefront of what is now underway if you do. Or refuse, and deny and denigrate and point fingers and make fun and just stick your head in the sand and insist that the “old” will forever by yours until collapse happens to you, and then live with a lifetime of regret and remorse.

Adaption is a choice, but an easier one when you are well informed, given time to decide your course of action, and allowed a running start.


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