ReadRevisiting the case of Julian Assange and the reality of the “rule of law”

ReadWhy is the Biden administration turning a blind eye to the Trump regime’s crimes?

Either article, and certainly both, reveal the illegitimacy of government. Acting with lawlessness and impunity and a complete disregard for the truth, the U.S. Government and England government are working hand-in-glove to cover up the crimes of their predecessors, which is a criminal act in itself.

I do not believe in Trump’s Big Lie of a “stolen election” as I haven’t seen or even heard of any legitimate evidence, but that still does not make the U.S. Government legitimate. Politicians who are persecuting truth tellers are criminals themselves. Politicians who are abusing the rule of law and / or refusing to act lawfully are illegitimate politicians engaging in criminal activity. Politicians covering up the crimes of other criminal politicians are absolutely criminals.

Just because the State declares itself as having the legitimate authority to “decide” doesn’t make this claim true. We all have that same authority. We all have to decide for ourselves. If we abdicate that decision then we are likely as not going to be misled and deluded.

The power of the State allegedly flows from the power held by the people, who authorizes the State to act and decide on their behalf. But what we have see for a very long time is that is rarely the case. The State is not deciding on our behalf, and the State has proclaimed supernumerary powers we never authorized it to have, and the right to choose and decide issues of life or death, including planetary ecocide all of which is against the will of the people. Indigenous people know this truth full well. Challenge the State or any of its agents and you forfeit your life.

When the State acts illegally, it is illegitimate. When the State acts to serve its own interests and not the interests of the people, it is illegitimate. When the State passes laws that are designed to protect itself from the truth, it is illegitimate. We are all accustomed to the above facts, but what we are unaware of is the illegitimacy of the State itself.

The non-accountability of the State for its crimes of persecution, oppression, torture, war, assassinations, genocide, ecocide and planetary destruction risking the habitability of billions of people is a criminal act. The laws that prohibit these activities are not being enforced. Nobody is being prosecuted, nobody is being held accountable.

The reality is we have a sham democracy where the rule of law and legitimacy operates capriciously and arbitrarily. Just enough outcry and dissent is allowed to prevent rebellion, but no more. Just enough attention is given to human rights issues but no more. The State invariably protects its own. The U.S. military does the same, rarely if ever prosecuting one of their own. None are truly held accountable. The same crimes committed by the State and by the military if committed by private citizens would receive the death penalty, but this almost never happens to a service member or a politician employed by the State.

State sanctioned murder is considered legitimate State activities, be it one or a million dead. How it happens isn’t reported or allowed to see the light of day, but we know it happens, and we are not authorized to do anything about it. We cannot hold the perpetrators responsible. State sanctioned torture is also considered a legitimate activity. We know even less about this, being barred from knowing, reporting or telling. Those that languish and die in prisons around the world are hidden from our eyes.

These are crimes, enforced and practiced by the State, declaring themselves immune from prosecution and accountability. But there’s more.

State sanctioned crimes against the biosphere are considered legitimate activities. Its perfectly acceptable to poison and pollute the environment resulting in millions of unaccountable deaths. The State authorizes pollutive industries to operate throughout the Earth, tearing out the guts of the planet, leaving toxic wastes behind. Exporting much of this activity to foreign countries with impoverished people who lack the means to even report these crimes is common. We ourselves rarely object because we are the beneficiaries of the production and we know that the pollution created is “someplace else”. We’ve all been taught to remain obedient and silent to these environmental crimes.

The State erected international law to protect this activity and where law does not exist, lawlessness rules. Corrupt countries and corrupt States continue to abuse their environments, despoiling vast tracts of lands and oceans of all manner of life is being swiftly extinguished. Any complaints of the common people are drowned out by the shower of profits and production. The pollution and wastes left behind will soon eradicate any meaningful protests as the people die of cancers and disease. The State ensures that these crimes too go unpunished, protecting both politicians and corporations behind layers of byzantine rules and authorizations to practice ecocide. When necessary, corrupt lawyers and judges are employed to ensure almost nobody is held accountable, with pathetic fines and puny punishments.

There isn’t a legitimate government on the planet. I personally know of no place on Earth that has a democratically elected government that is accountable to the people. There are countless examples of illegitimate government operating on the planet. None are lawful. None are accountable. None will honor the truth. None will fully prosecute their own. None are not beholden to money, wealth and power.

If you are deluded and do not believe the above, you have not looked closely enough. States operate under the guise of terrorism (of their own populations) to enforce obedience, acquiescence and suppression. It is the model of State government and rule found throughout the world, including in “democratic” countries. Although “authorized by law”, it is illegitimate terrorism, immoral and unethical and how they continuously retain power. It is not through elections.

Elections are a sham. Qualified candidates are weeded out as unsuitable to the State’s interest. The most corrupt and the most bought are allowed to run. The institutions and rules of elections ensures that wealth and power will be protected at all costs. This is why the State will never fully self-investigate. The State will never hold itself accountable. The State is not even designed to do so. Elections are designed to provide a “cover” for the real operations going on behind the scenes.

We all live in an illegitimate world governed by illegitimate governments. None are accountable to the people. Sham democracies have been erected worldwide to provide a pretense and thin veneer of democratic lawful leadership. From my own reading of history, this is apparently the best that we can do. But now, it is very clear that this state of affairs has led the world to the very brink of ultimate disaster, where unaccountable governments refuse to act in the best interests of the people throughout the entire planet which is being rapidly destroyed, imperiling the very fabric of life and habitability of the planet.

We are now in peril as a entire species from the illegitimate State’s operations, ostentatiously on our behalf. They clearly aren’t operating in our best interests, and the State won’t do the right thing nearly every time. They lack the means, mechanisms and certainly the motives to do so. Their institutions are designed to inflict obedience and punishment and acquiesence, not liberty and justice when it is the State itself that is illegitimate and corrupt. Corruption and crimes are the defining characteristics of democratic institutions throughout the earth.

The rise in global rebellion is the generalized awareness that the State isn’t a legitimate institution anymore, anywhere on the planet. It is inevitable for this to happen as awareness grows. Yet too many people still believe that they can replace one form of government with their personal preference or party affiliation, but that won’t change anything if the institutions itself is not rebuilt. The very documents forming the State are corrupt, inadequate and weak in critical areas. Money permeates the halls of power and needs to be forcibly ejected. If none of these things are accomplished, then nothing at all will change.


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  • June 15, 2021 at 1:56 pm

    I agree with almost everything you have written, but I do wonder about Cuba, because the empire was kicked out of Cuba, and has been kept out for nearly 50 years.

    As I understand it, there is free medical care -just about the best in the world because it is focused on the health of the people and is very well staffed- free education to university level, with huge support for any talent -from music to ballet and a very low income differential between the top and the bottom….like doctors earning maybe three times the average wage.

    Cuba developed an impressive almost self-sustaining economy and food production system after it lost its cheap oil from the USSR -attacked and destroyed via deceit and sabotage in the late 1980s to early 1990s by the US and its satellite states.

    Of course Putin slowly nibbled away at the corrupt systems and people that had got into power or positions where they could loot with impunity [prior to Putin]. So now Putin is vilified by the utterly corrupt western politicians and the utterly corrupt corporate media.

    America can no longer apply the ‘if you disagree you get annihilated’ policy to Russia because Russia has better weapons that the US; far better n fact. And acquired at about one tenth of the cost, from what I understand.

    Much the same goes for China. The US cannot bully either Russia or China these days, so has to content itself with military posturing in places like Lithuania or Ukraine that other nations -especially Iran, North Korea etc. laugh at.

    Just one other point:

    ‘State sanctioned crimes against the biosphere are considered legitimate activities. Its perfectly acceptable to poison and pollute the environment resulting in millions of unaccountable deaths. ‘

    The financial-economic-political system promotes and rewards the looting and polluting of the environment via its completely phony financial and economic indicators, such as GDP. GDP is a always presented by the criminals in government as something to be worshipped and something that ‘has to grow’.

    Yeah right!

    GDP actually stand for Global Destruction Process -founded on and facilitated by the
    conversion of fossil fuels into waste.

    And I also like to think of GDP as Global Deceit Paradigm. Because not only is the measure fake in itself (counting negative activities and negative outcomes as positive) but it is promoted under entirely false pretences -that GDP growth leads to a higher quality of life when in fact the reverse is the case and the more growth of GDP there is, the worse our collective predicament becomes.

    In other words, governments make everything that matters WORSE. And they are v very good at making everything that matters WORSE, and doing it via entirely phony narratives.

    The only reason the system is able to keep going [in the short term] is because the vast majority of people cannot be bothered to become informed about anything that matters.

    I should point out that the entire fiat currency money system is fraudulent, and was established via fraud.

    When the Bank of England was established in the late 1690s, the investors did not fully capitalise the bank, and a substantial portion of the ‘capital’ was in the form of tally sticks -pieces of wood with notches that were split down the middle that had been issues as money by King Henry II centuries before. Bill Still explained it all magnificently in ‘The Money Masters’ back in 1999.

    Same thing: hardly anyone knows anything about the money system because they can’t be bothered to watch a video.- unless it’s cats playing with dogs or corporatised sport or something else of absolutely no significance.

    • June 15, 2021 at 2:32 pm

      Cuba still tortures people that dissent with the State. Cuba has done well for itself and could have done more if it wasn’t for US interference. As for the rest of your comments about Cuba, you’re right.

      Putin is a mass murderer, I’ve no love for him at all and how he rules over Russia. He’s actively killed his enemies, political and otherwise, and set himself up to be in power for decades. The new laws passed ensure that. Trump is so envious.

      Poisonings in Russia are a common method. Navalny is likely to die in prison on bogus charges while trying to survive his poisoning, they almost managed to kill him. Putin hasn’t agreed to the question that Navalny might die in prison, he doesn’t care. Navalny was the only real opposition Putin had.

      All these governments are illegitimate. None actually serve the will of the people, none derive the power from the people either. They all rule by force, oppression, imprisonment, surveillance, torture and threats.

      I saw a report yesterday about the U.S. wanting to get into digital currency so that they can protect fiat money. WTF? The banking system already fabricates money out of absolutely nothing now. But if they gain control of the digital currency market, they could put an end (eventually) to cryptocurrencies. I am not a fan of phony money, crypto or otherwise. I’m also not a fan of fiat money. Someone said that they don’t care what the laws might say, as long as they can still control the money, the laws won’t ever matter.

      Our leaders are nuts, corrupt, inept, selfish and self-serving. I strongly suspect (without visiting these other places) that it is like this all over the Earth. Non-representation is the status quo now. Non-accountability is normalized. Refusal to protect the welfare of the people while justifying their own support and actions is accepted practice. Even Cuba has this problem, the people suffered greatly while the leadership continued to live in luxury, hoarding to themselves whatever they wanted.

      It’s just business-as-usual, writ large, all over the planet. Few care, fewer pay attention, nobody can put a stop to this. The answer most people chose to persue is to gather as much wealth as possible for themselves by learning how to play the rigged system while ignoring the suffering and poverty caused.

      Ironically, Mckenzie Scott is going to give away another 2+ billion dollars of her $59 billion dollar fortune (from Jeff Bezos, Amazon). The wealthy still chose to protect themselves and drip-feed life support philanthropy to charitable causes. Somehow this is “better” for humanity then choosing to go all-in (despite promises by these billionaires that they would give away their fortunes) and solve the fundamental problems already here. It’s a shell game of epic proportions, meant to distract and deceive while solving nothing at all.

      They have the means to fix it all, but they still choose not to. What does that tell you? Like the governments they control and instruct, they’re just as illegitimate and fraudulent too.

      • June 15, 2021 at 8:04 pm

        ‘Someone said that they don’t care what the laws might say, as long as they can still control the money, the laws won’t ever matter.’

        Amschiell Mayer Rothschild, I believe. In the eighteenth century.

        (Haven’t got time to check the spelling)

  • June 15, 2021 at 3:33 pm

    G7 fails to take responsibility for West’s role in global crises

    Well, of course not. To take responsibility would imply accountability, of which there is as usual, none.

    On Friday, the G7 leaders will convene in the UK to address the major global challenges. Judging from the statement approved by the group’s foreign ministers earlier last month, their ability to deal with them effectively seems questionable – to say to least. The document conveys no momentum, nor any inspirational vision for the world.

    Instead, it reveals a harmful rearguard attitude – an obsession with defending the crumbling world order and drafting prohibition lists. In other words, it reflects the usual, increasingly indefensible and outdated exceptionalism, complete with anxiety-prone tips more akin to psychoanalysis than international politics.

  • June 15, 2021 at 3:41 pm

    Khashoggi killers flew to Egypt to collect drugs used to poison journalist: Report

    More illegitimacy. Government sanctioned murder (and coverup, including by the U.S. Government to this day).

    After entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Khashoggi quickly realised he was to be forcibly drugged and “tried to run away”, according to notes from Saudi prosecutors during a closed-door trial of the killers.

    He was then pinned to a chair inside the office of the Saudi consular general, where Salah Tubaigy, a forensic doctor from the Saudi Ministry of Interior, “injected Khashoggi in his left arm [with] a drug whose sale is illegal and which he brought from Cairo in high dosage that would be enough to kill him”, according to the notes obtained by Yahoo.

    The new detail points to an indication of Egyptian operatives being involved in the killing of the Saudi journalist and also contradicts claims by Riyadh that the hit team had no intentions of killing Khashoggi prior to landing in the Turkish city.

    Khashoggi, a Middle East Eye and Washington Post columnist, was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October 2018 after he entered the premises to obtain paperwork for his planned marriage to his Turkish fiancee, Hatice Cengiz. His remains are yet to be found.

    Saudi authorities had initially insisted that Khashoggi left the building alive, taking two weeks to acknowledge that the journalist had been killed. Still, Riyadh claims that the assassination was a rogue operation that happened without the approval of top officials.

    There’s no doubt that official “approval” to engage in murder of a journalist was “go ahead”.

    Saudi crown prince and former UK PM Cameron went on camping trip a year after Khashoggi murder

    Complicit, cooperating and covering up – governments all over the world – GUILTY.

  • June 15, 2021 at 8:09 pm

    Reported today: 173,000 children in NZ require urgent dental care (extractions and other major interventions). Severe pain and trauma for the kids and their parents.

    Despite the ‘promises’ and ‘pledges’ to reduce the waiting list, it is just as long now as it was 6 months ago.

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