If I Were The Devil

If I were the devil, I’d fabricate a story about man, his creation, his history and his claim to dominance over the world, other nations and other people. I would put the story in a collection of books, obscure its creation in history, and kill its detractors. I would wage war for the benefit of the believers, subjugating the entire world to its tenants and teachings.

If I were the devil, I’d instill fear and terror throughout the world, raising armies of blind followers who would do my bidding. I would make sure it was the preferred religion above all others and I’d outcast, blacklist and even torture those who didn’t accept it.

I would erect richly adorned towers and cathedrals, appoint priest, preachers and evangelist to spread the story, and collect trillions of dollars in money and donations and make sure poverty, suffering and misery spread everywhere else.

I would ensure that all of mankind was subjugated to this new religion and would worship this story as the true history of the world. I would attack science, reason, facts and history, making sure that this was not taught in the schools or to inquisitive minds. I would divide and conquer, slaughter and destroy, laying waste to any and all who refused this new doctrine and teaching.

If I were the devil, the world would learn to tremble and fear this religion for thousands of years, waging war against one another, always staying ignorant and blind, always beholden to my story and my creation. I would rule as their lord and king, destroying reason and common sense, ensuring the chains on mankind stayed firmly clasped for as long as possible.

If I were the devil, I’d repeat all of the above with even newer stories, and newer religions, to ensnare the whole world to my will and bidding. And then I would rest from my labors, assured that mankind would eventually destroy themselves as they fought and argued over their gods, and who would rule and who would not, who would suffer and who would be rich.

If I were the devil, I would laugh in delight over my works and all that I achieved from nothing but a simple story. The folly of man is to know how simple he really is, and how easily misled he remains. All he required was a little push in the right direction and the rest, as they say, is history.


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