I recently commented about the lackadaisical actions exhibited by “American Patriots”. While I’m not particularly fond of picking on them as a unique group, they do represent what is also true for the rest of America. Which is namely “nothing”. The “I Don’t Justify Involvement Today” syndrome (I.D.J.I.T.), where we refuse to look, see, learn, hear or take any direct action on the things that really piss us off.

So here’s one for you, the Amazon tribe, Enawene Nawe lays waste to a hydroelectric dam construction site that threatens their entire civilization. Awesome!

In an attempt to protect the Juruena river in western Brazil, an estimated 120 members of the Enawene Nawe tribe occupied the construction site of a hydroelectric dam on October 13, and then burned it to the ground.

“They came armed with axes and pieces of wood, banished the employees and later set fire to everything” said Frederico Muller, a coordinator working at the site. At least 12 trucks were destroyed, along with a number of offices and housing units. All told, Muller suggests that there was at least a million dollars in damages.

Reporting on the action, Survival International says that right now, there are 77 dams slated for construction along the river. “The Enawene Nawe say [these dams] will pollute the water and stop the fish [from] reaching their spawning grounds.”

The Enawene Nawe see this is a major threat because the relatively isolated tribe depends on fish for survival. They are one a few tribes in the world that do not hunt or eat red meat. Fish also plays a crucial role in their customs and traditions”¦ They say that if the fish get sick and die, then so will they.

Before the Enawene took action, they had been taking part in a “consultation process” (information exchange) with authorities, where they learned the full extent of the development. It exceeded far beyond what they had been told up to now, prompting the Enawene to immediately walk away.

Given the Enawene’s loud response, some form of reprisal can unfortunately be expected.

It is startling to witness the ongoing planetary destruction, but even worse to witness the I.D.J.I.T. response of billions of people.  At what point, exactly – are we going to start really caring enough to actually get involved?

The clash of civilizations is but one example of how we view these issues differently.  The Enawene rely upon the river for their livelihood and sustenence, we on the other hand (the modern world), rely upon the electricity and the jobs created by building hydroelectric dams.

But only one of these has positive environmental impacts, while the other is ultimately self-destructive.  One provides unlimited forms of life, from plants, animals, bacteria and humans for untold generations to come, and the other restricts life, harnessing the natural energy for just a single human generation, or two at most.

My sympathies don’t lay with Western Civilization (or the modern world), obviously.  But I share this to only share the concepts that our way of life isn’t forever.  Theirs is and therefore, they are justified in doing whatever they need to do to preserve it.  Including stopping us.


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  • November 20, 2008 at 7:30 am
    You asked: “At what point, exactly – are we going to start really caring enough to actually get involved?”

    Pretty simple really – Not until Americans survival is threatened. Look at the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, once they realized the initial deportees weren’t coming back, they woke up and fought back.

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