Idiots Are Ruining Everything

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over this article: Brazil Is Looking Like The Worst Place On Earth For COVID-19. From the sounds of it, Brazil has it’s own share of Presidential idiots, right-wingers and ignorant morons who think that the virus death toll is something they can ignore. If this tropical incubator creates new virus versions (four already) that take over the world again, we are all in trouble:

“Brazil now represents a threat to global public health,” said Dr. Pedro Hallal, coordinator of Epicovid-19, the largest epidemiological study into the coronavirus in Brazil.

With the virus out of control, he said he believes Brazil is a breeding ground for more variants that could prove even more lethal and spread to other countries.

“The virus is circulating so widely in Brazil that it is possible, and I would say likely, that new variants will appear in the near future. We need to stop that urgently,” he said.

France is reporting a serious spike too. But people are “tired” of the virus (which doesn’t tire or care about your stupid politics) and they want to just ignore basic precautions. That’s the reason why we are all in this mess – too many arrogant, stupid and poorly informed idiots all over the world who couldn’t be counted on to do the right thing at the right time. One year later and they’re still making it worse for everyone else on the planet.

I’d still like to know “how many dead?” will suffice to wake people the hell up. You want normal again? Then STOP ACTING LIKE IRRESPONSIBLE CHILDREN. We are NEVER going to return to “normal” if we don’t all cooperate and do our part to stop a public health pandemic. The longer this thing is around, the more mutation will exist.  Nobody knows if the current vaccines will stop the mutations or even the existing strains. So if that’s your “plan” to just rely on a vaccine (which you may or may not get), that’s no plan at all.

This is not rocket science. Whenever a highly contagious virus is found in just one human, it has the potential to spread to all humans. If that virus has a death rate greater then zero, then some humans will get sick, and some will die. The longer the virus is around in human-transmissible form, the more human-transmissible virus mutation will be found, which can render global immunization attempts and vaccines ineffective and useless, and the entire process starts all over again (more infections, more variants, need to develop new vaccines and vaccinate everyone – all over again).

The United States saw over 5000 deaths per day, Brazil is the second-worst country with a high death rate (over 3,000 per day). It’s just a coincidence that both countries had idiot Presidents that denied the virus threat. Those are HUGE numbers that represent enormous financial costs, staggering levels of human suffering and the very real potential to bring down entire countries.The long-term effects of COVID-19 infection are still barely understood – but 7 out of 10 people hospitalized are STILL suffering months after being discharged.

Since the pandemic began, there has been nothing but non-stop spread and death. The American media claims we’re in the second or third “wave” of the pandemic isn’t true – we’ve never stopped this virus to get to the next “wave” because we cannot get our citizens to act responsibly. We are still in the first wave – over a year later.

Is this where Americans want to be a year from now? Two years from now? Five years from now? Because that is exactly what it looks like will happen, and why I advocate for the arrest of the idiots and their incarceration. These idiots are killing their fellow citizens right now with impunity. Nobody should tolerate this, but the situation is still getting worse and not better. Now, these same morons and fools are threatening lawmakers and business owners for trying to enforce public health measures. It’s time for an executive order to silence these stupid fools for good.

I hate big government, but when you have a citizenry that will not behave, will not act responsibly, will not protect themselves while insisting on harming others and making threats and attacks on other Americans, it’s time to step up and put a stop to this. If that happens – and I hope it does – this will be their fault, having brought this response upon themselves and on everyone else. It does not have to be this way, but it will probably happen.

Just like the gun control measures now being considered, lawless gun fools murdered Americans in staggeringly high numbers. The gun “lobby” (corrupt liars) won’t do anything about this and has further enabled these mass shootings to occur by refusing corrective legislative action. Gun owners themselves also bear responsibility by supporting these anti-legislative lobbyist groups and refusing to take action. It’s plain as day that not everyone should have the “right” to an assault weapon by hiding behind the 2nd Amendment. We’ve seen countless times the result of that attitude. It’s clearly wrong and clearly very deadly.

This all translates into more Americans dying because Americans and their pathetic leaders won’t put a stop to mass killings. They try to explain it all away and proudly proclaim that this is somehow a “right”, but this is NOT what the Founders meant when they created the 2nd Amendment. There is NO language in there that gives individuals the right to commit mass murder with a gun while hiding behind the 2nd Amendment. Nor is there any “right” enumerated within the US Constitution that gives Typhoid Mary’s the “right” to mass murder other citizens.

If you want to “protect the 2nd Amendment” as a “right” – the ONLY way to do that effectively (long term) is to be put a stop to the terror being inflicted by lawless gun owners. Otherwise, this is going to come up again and again and again until finally, the gun rights of owners IS so heavily regulated, tracked and monitored that the 2nd Amendment rights will be considerably less then they are now. It is the reason THOUSANDS of gun laws are now in existence. The failure of the gun lobby and gun owners to recognize this simple truth is astounding.

This is the same principle that is failing the “anti-masker” crowd. Draconian legislation WILL be enacted, and you WILL be require to obey it because bad actors and faithless fools refuse to act responsibly, endangering everyone else. In short – idiots are ruining everything for everyone else. It’s always been this way (and the reason we have so many damned laws now) but it’s getting significantly worse as these trumptards and rabid fools come out of the woodwork and demand their lawless activity which is KILLING other people.

The very freedoms these morons are demanding by acting with impunity will be taken away from everyone. They are acting against their own best interest and demands. The Capitol attackers did the same – by attacking the Capitol, they put themselves in jeopardy and face prosecution, with new legislation to be enacted to ensure this “freedom” never happens again.

If you want more freedom – stop hurting people. Prove you can be trusted by acting responsibly. If you can’t be trusted with the freedom you have now – it will be taken away (and you won’t be able to stop this with all of your guns and puny plans). This is the way of all civilizations and this one won’t be any different.

Much of the onerous burden of government, legislation, rules, laws, procedures and precedents all exist because somewhere in our history, some idiot did something stupid and to protect the public from this happening again, restrictions were passed into law. But laws do not change immorality or the willingness for people to act irresponsibly. Decent human beings do not harm other people, but immoral, unethical and lawless people do. Perpetuating the pandemic is a immoral activity and demonstrates unethical behavior. If it wasn’t killing so many people, it would be tolerated, but this isn’t the case at all and it’s NO DIFFERENT THEN A MASS SHOOTING which everyone agrees needs to be stopped.

So don’t be surprised when Americans are facing even more onerous legislation to enforce behavior. They will have brought this upon themselves and upon everyone else.




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  • March 26, 2021 at 7:05 am

    Climate change will TRIPLE LETHAL HEAT –

    Don’t fall for the empty words that falsely proclaim “the warming can be contained” because it’s utter bullshit. Contained how? By who? When? Why isn’t this already being done?

    This is examples of media lies and dishonesty – pose false optimism based on nothing but hopium.

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