Idiot – Fun With Words

Let’s have some fun. Go to Google – type in the word “idiot”. Click on “images”. Or just use this link: idiot

Use the same steps (Google, word “whitehouse fool”, images). Or just use this link: whitehouse idiot

Notice anything?

Now try this on Yahoo search. Use the same terms for comparison.

Notice anything?

Supposedly, this is “news” (not – the vast majority of the thinking world totally gets it).

Some of the old crones in the Judiciary Committee still remain pretty ignorant about how algorithms work. Popularity has a lot to do with search results, and words like “idiot” bring up Trump – every time.

Still not convinced? Watch the video clip on this page: Your President is a Gotdamn Idiot – And This Clip Proves it Once And For All

Just random, nonsensical bullshit spewing from his mouth at every possible moment.

I want to apologize on behalf of this fucking idiot and our country in general to everyone who may have been harmed or triggered by his statements. Please know that the vast majority of us here in the United States are concerned for your safety and well-being.

We sure aren’t over here taking victory laps over the number of people who have died in these horrific storms.

Can we impeach him already?

Still unconvinced? Like clean water? No? Clean air? No? Then you’ll enjoy this toxic stew:

Trump administration rolls back clean water protections

Trump to lift carbon-capture mandate for new coal plants

The facts are inDonald J. Trump is an idiot’s idiot, and his idiotic Administration is walking the world lockstep towards disaster.


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