Idaho Lt. Governor Goes Nuts

Idaho’s wackadoodle idiot: Idaho lieutenant governor bans masks while governor away. Words cannot describe the sheer level of stupidity these whackadoodle idiots keep revealing about themselves.

That picture is real, the Lt. Gov. is a christian fascist in case you need a caption.

Anybody that promotes their religion while holding a firearm is clearly deranged. Neither guns nor religion guarantee “freedom” (and neither has anything to do with freedom either). Apparently, the Lt. Governor has no concept of life or liberty or the true meanings of the words for her fellow Idahoans or neighbors.

Ordering the public to ignore public health orders is utterly insane. How leadership, as insane as they may be, presents itself on critical issues is important. Putting bogus claims of “freedom” that are just factually wrong ahead of the need to end this pandemic is the wrong message, but typical of this women. She’s not too bright.

Politicians are not:

  • Public health officials
  • Medical experts
  • Experienced in medicine or palliative care
  • Virologists
  • Epidemiologists
  • Statisticians

They are however, willing to lie, cheat, deceive, distract and fabricate whatever suits their political agenda. Nobody should need any examples, we’ve just been through four long years of the worst political climate in our entire history. But they’re still at it as I have been warning. Still lying, still pandering and fabricating and claiming that our freedoms are under threat.

Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin should be prosecuted for manslaughter for the first person who dies from her executive order. Politicizing the pandemic is the wrong message that far too many will follow. On the one hand, we might be rid of a few dunderheads, but on the other, many innocent people are being harmed by these pandering politicians. We are fast approaching 600,000 dead Americans, just a few thousand more to go.


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12 thoughts on “Idaho Lt. Governor Goes Nuts

  • May 28, 2021 at 11:27 am

    I think we need to be a little hard-nosed about the idiots and their idiotic behaviour, and other people following instructions to behave idiotically. The world is grossly overpopulated -arguably by around 7 billion at the moment, and we need a massive population die-off.

    So to the idiots who practice self-destructive behaviour, I say, “Thanks for volunteering.”

    When it comes to idiots in power orchestrating the deaths of others -either deliberately or through gross incompetence- it’s a different matter, of course. We still need rapid global population die-off, but it’s now a matter of criminal charges being laid against the perpetrators and them being placed in a place where they can do not further harm to society and the Earth’s life-support systems.

    The real problem at the moment is that we have idiots amongst the voting public putting idiots into positions of power, and idiots in the corporate ‘news’ system promoting both idiotic behaviour and their own premature deaths.

    In many instances it is difficult to distinguish between a person being and idiot or being a professional liar.

    We do know that the majority of elected representatives are professional liars. but we don’t always know who they are serving (as well as serving themselves).

    We know the professional liars that constitute most governments are not serving the general populace, of course, especially not serving the children of the world.

    Kunstler conjectures that George Soros is behind a lot of shenanigans we are currently witnessing:

    ‘As is always the case, history the trickster is taking us to a place we didn’t expect to go. Personally, I don’t lose a lot of sleep over Klaus Schwab, the James Bond villain who runs the World Economic Forum (WEF) and is behind the widely touted Great Reset campaign. The Great Reset proposes to reorganize all human endeavor going forward from the top town, directed by an elite cohort of technocrat commissars, to produce a “green” utopia — mainly for their own benefit.

    It’s an elaborate joke, really. The human project is surely going somewhere. The direction is determined not by technocrat megalomaniacs but by the process called emergence, which means a self-organizing reality of more dynamic forces than any coterie of megalomaniacs could hope to control. These dynamic forces are not necessarily hidden; many are working in plain sight and you can make pretty good guesses as to what’s up with them. But they control the gameboard, not Klaus and his legion of economist-engineer nerds.

    One of the forces at work is our old friend from physics class: entropy, the god of disorder, randomness, and uncertainty. He is very active lately in American affairs especially, to the degree that we have no workable consensus for running this society, so that all our standards and institutions are crumbling. It’s gotten so bad that we don’t even get the news about the crumbling because The News is one of the institutions that has fallen apart. Instead of events relayed in packets that comport with reality, we get “narratives” uniformly concocted in bad faith, that are knowingly in non-compliance with reality — which is as opposite as can possibly be from what The News once aimed to do.

    The worst thing about the Trump years was that he enabled his adversaries to get away with turning bad faith into the greatest virtue of all. That’s what you got in the connivance of the anti-Trump Deep Staters and The News bringing you three years of RussiaGate, Robert Mueller’s coverup operation for RussiaGate, and Rep. Adam Schiff lying his ass off without any penalty. And now you’re getting more of it courtesy of Attorney General Merrick Garland allowing political adventurers like Deputy AG Lisa Monaco to go fishing for charges against Rudy Giuliani for the express purpose of burying him in “the process” and leaving him bankrupt. The Justice Department is a broken institution now, and there isn’t enough good will or good faith around these days to put it back together.

    The Woke hysteria, on the other hand, is lately revealed to be a patent hustle, and is finally inviting pushback in the schools as parents begin to loudly object to “white privilege” struggle sessions for eight-year-olds and workshopping sexual confusion with children who are not ready for any version of sex, real or fake. The Great Reset’s connection to Wokery can be seen in the efforts of George Soros to finance the elections of district attorneys around the country, and that game is unwinding as their blatant incompetence is revealed. Kim Gardner, installed in St. Louis, now faces losing her law license for the malicious prosecution of former Governor Eric Greitens. The Missouri Supreme Court is conducting the investigation. A recall effort is underway to recall Soros-backed LA DA George Gascon, who doesn’t believe in prosecuting criminals. And the DA-equivalent, State’s Attorney, in Chicago (Cook County), Kim Foxx, another Soros installation, is on the rocks not just for covering up the Jussie Smollett hoax, but for allowing the county to become a free fire zone. What was Mr. Soros thinking?

    Whoever thought a year ago that the fumbling old hack Joe Biden would be sitting in the oval office, fronting for his old boss, Barack Obama? Don’t you wonder how much Mr. Obama has in some fashion been behind all the culturally-destructive shenanigans since he “retired” across town to his Kalorama stronghold? Do you wonder how much of the shadowy activity in the DOJ has simply been an effort to protect Mr. Obama? The former president has done a good job of seeming to disappear into the woodwork. I think before long we’ll understand the role he continues to play in the country’s affairs, and it’s going to be an unappetizing discovery. It might provoke a whole different kind of reset.’

    I like the fact that Kunstler has reminded everyone that entropy is still working away quietly in the background, nibbling away at all the false gods people tend to worship these days.

    • May 28, 2021 at 12:28 pm

      If a right winger can be marginally right sometimes (most of his claims are pure conjecture here, speculative nonsense). I gave up on Kunstler years ago. He’s an apologist for Israeli crimes as I recall and after reading that, I refused to read another word. I also do not buy the George Soros connedspiracies, or that Obama is directing Biden. That’s just fucking ridiculous. Do me a favor and don’t post this kind of conjecture, it’s misleading. You also have to string together a lot of conjecture and assumptions to lay all the blame on Soros. Looking for a ‘villain’ is a useless exercise, they’re all villains these days, even the average Joe who refuses to pull his head out of his ass and advocate for what is right. Kunstler is an apologist in his own right, he doesn’t belong on this blog.

      • May 28, 2021 at 1:21 pm

        I agree with you about Kunstler. I caught him out many years ago, and his response was to insult me!

        What I find amusing is that he subsequently did a U-turn on the very point I had made -that it made no difference which party was in power, the result was always the same: further destruction of the habitability of the Earth and further enrichment of those at the top of the social-financial pyramid. At the time Kunstler was beating the drum that Obama was going to turn things around….remember “Hope and change you can believe in”?


        Apparently Kunstler was sucked by “Hope and change you can believe in” for a while.

        I saw through it straight away. Someone we’d never heard of before suddenly appearing out of nowhere and becoming POTUS. Background -Chicago lawyer; that says it all!

        Kunstler’s recent defence of police officers deliberately murdering black people was crap of the highest order.

        But at least Kunstler does occasionally write about aspects of social arrangements that other commentators either don’t even know about or refuse to acknowledge, like declining energy availability and entropy.

        So, as with most things I read, I celebrate the in-touch-with-reality portions and ignore the out-of-touch-with-reality portions.

        I must congratulate you at Survival Acres for being, in my opinion, spot on most of the time.

        I believe I am too.

        I wish I wasn’t spot on, and that we really were headed for a ‘Better, Brighter Future’ (a National Party slogan from a few years ago).

        The recent iteration of that got National nowhere in the general election of 2020.

        The LINO (Labour In Name Only) party slogan ‘Let’s Keep Moving’ got them re-elected.

        What the advertising agency or party propagandists that came up with ‘Lets Keep Moving’ slogan omitted were a few important words.

        What it SHOULD have been was ‘Let’s NOT Keep Moving In The Wrong Direction’.

        Even better would have been ‘Let’s Start Moving In The Right Direction’.

        But we already know the banks, corporations and opportunists that run the show would not allow even the tiniest smidgen of honesty, let alone anything so blatantly honest.

        So the lies continue.

        (Apologies of occasional typing errors. I have so much to do before the meltdown of finance hits!

        The grandchildren (really good kids) are amusing themselves, oblivious of how corrupt and rotten everything is now, and on the brink of the biggest collapse in history.

        For the moment it’s better they don’t know.

        But all adults NEED TO KNOW. And take appropriate measures.

        That’s why I am ‘wasting my time’ talking to the local council, who have been systematically lied to by politicians and bureaucrats in central government over many decades and are totally unprepared for what is immiment.

        • May 28, 2021 at 2:39 pm

          Good thing I didn’t see that. I would have called him out on this too. But I do not read Kunstler and simply won’t. I’ve no room for connedspiracy idiots in my life. Been there, done that, lived to tell my tales. Most people can’t seem to get out – I did. They’re still spewing the same utter garbage, always with a new slant, always promoting their incessant lies. They are part of what is wrong with country, poisoning the minds of people with utter bullshit. As far as I’m concerned, Kunstler is just one step ahead of Alex Jones.

          I have much to do too. Spent part of the day splitting wood. Repaired the splitter and stopped when I hurt too much. Looking at what’s left to split, not sure I actually have enough. But I have other logs that I can cut up.

          You do what you have to do. You’re not wasting your time if it something you believe in. You’re only wasting your time when you put unrealistic expectations on your audience. The crowd of corrupt fools that are running the world’s governments, even at the local level is stunningly stupid. They will smile and listen and tell you ‘thank you’ while ignoring everything you say. They’ll vote against their own best interest, every time. Seen it, done it, have had enough of it. But you’ve been fighting them much longer then I have. I’m the type that once I get screwed over by these people, I’m done. They do not get to see me again, because I know what they are, and what they will do.

          We now have a new local government. The pro-polluters are still in office. They’re still not listening either, so this town still limps along with no progress, no essential development. Next door, in Idaho of all places, the town in literally split in half across the state line. All kinds of growth and development going on there. New buildings, new businesses, new jobs. But not here on this side of the line.

          A perfect, close-to-home example of how local governments can vary quite a bit, sharing the same geographical location. Both are setting themselves up to fail.

          But I’m not pro-development. Most people are. Most people think that this is all good. The problem here is my state wants to pollute more (serious levels of pollution, ie., a toxic smelter). That’s their idea of “development” while the local businesses dry up and close their doors by the dozens (for real).

          Across the state line, their idea of development is to attract businesses, there’s a tractor supply now, a new supermarket, new coffee stand (big one), new auto parts store and a new dollar store. The area does need these type of businesses to service the community, but “we” have to go to Idaho to get it. It’s about a hundred yards from the state line, so quick trip.

          I’m unable to provide the items these businesses sell. Like everyone else, I’m 100% dependent upon the survival of the “economy”. We both know deadly climate change is coming and it will absolutely devastate ALL local economies around the planet. This is a Catch-22 situation. We can’t survive without them, and with them, we’re perpetuating the destruction of the planet, one purchase at a time.

          This is a microcosm of the global crisis, growth means opportunity, jobs, local economy, availability and so on. But growth also means destruction, pollution, and habitat reduction. Many of these products are shipped from thousands and thousands of miles away. Humans will die in VERY large numbers when all this trickles down and finally stops. We know that’s going to happen.

          These towns, all over the planet, are not setup to take care of themselves. It’s MUCH worse in highly developed societies like America, which is why we will suffer the very worst, having no fall-back plan. They are not prepared for any kind of slowdown and certainly any kind of shutdown. Recall all those restaurants and workers that complained of closure during the pandemic? They never recognized that they were in industries that would FAIL in this type of crisis (and many other types of crisis). It’s like that all over the damned planet. Idiot humans convinced that civilization is perpetual. Building industries that make it worse and worse. Buying things that will be totally useless. Ignoring what matters as long as possible. Allowing through complicity and cooperation everything from gross polluters to criminals to corrupt and poison everything. And then to pretend they have no responsibility for any of this.

          I set this place up to sustain me and my family, but it’s still dependent upon civilization functioning. I spent years looking for a truly sustainable community (that didn’t fail) and found none. None even fit the requirements of “sustainable”. I know now that this concept is grossly inaccurate, nobody other then primitive hunter-gatherers are actually living sustainably. The next tier up would probably be pastoralist groups who only require a minimum of external support. Both are illegal in the United States and many other places. “Ranching” doesn’t qualify, neither does “homesteading”. Both of these are just rural living lifestyles, still totally connected and dependent upon civilization continuing to function.

          So we’re fucked, all of us. The global economy will eventually end, and the local economies with wither and die. Billions will be dead from the inability to feed themselves, take care of basic medical needs or from violent conflict (fighting over everything from ideology to water supplies). I have no doubts about any of this at all.

          So how do you prepare your ‘community’ for this unfolding reality? They’ll laugh and show you the door. They don’t believe in wet-bulb temperatures killing off the food supply. They don’t believe in super storms wreaking the power grid. Many of them are still imagining they’ll simply be Raptured away before anything ever gets too bad.

          There are a thousand data points that reveal human civilization is fucked. Unlimited greed and unchecked growth have wrecked the future habitability of the planet. Not many people see it. Fewer understand it. Politicians don’t care about it. Civilization is not prepared for it. Nobody wants to really talk about it. The planet is inhabited by selfish idiots.

          Every effort will (eventually) be expended to ‘save civilization’ and the status-quo. Big mistake. Repeating the root cause of our global failure (at nearly every level) is clearly stupid. But they’ll do it, until they can’t. And then it will be FAR, FAR too late to take the steps that SHOULD have been taken years ago.

          So yeah, we are truly fucked, I know it, you know, and a handful of others know it.

  • May 28, 2021 at 11:45 am

    By the way, these figures are a good indicator of the current meltdown predicament:

    Atmospheric CO2 reported on

    April CO2
    April 2021 = 419.05 ppm
    April 2020 = 416.45 ppm

    Up 2.60 ppm in the year-to-year comparison.

    This is what is really keeping me interested at the moment.

    The lake level is now on par with the record low of 2016 but has been falling at a much faster rate than in 2016.

    • May 28, 2021 at 12:21 pm

      It’s been cool, a little wet, and VERY windy here for May. Wind is very unusual here, it’s usually very calm except for the occasional storm and sometimes, micro-burst. But this month, wind all the time. I don’t think any of this precipitation will make it’s way to the Colorado River, there is no doubt that this year will break all drought level records in Lake Mead. Meanwhile, Las Vegas is back in business. Of course they are going to ignore this, right up until the time that they can’t.

      • May 28, 2021 at 1:42 pm

        Higher wind speeds are to be expected as the Earth overheats. All that extra energy trapped in the oceans by greenhouse gasses has to manifest somehow. And, of course the super-typhoons or super-monsoons that have been hitting southeast Asia with increasing are just one of many manifestations.

        What is amusing, in a black humour way, is that the proponents of wind power forget that wind harnessing systems generate no power when there is no wind and have to be set to lower efficiency when there is too much wind. Even worse, of course is that really high winds cause them to disintegrate, as do severe lightning strikes.

        The region I have shifted to is prone to hot, dessicating NW summer winds, whereas where I was before suffered very cold SE winds off the mountain that froze sensitive leaves of plants.

        Ya just can’t win unless you’re an itinerant hunter-gatherer. And the government won’t let you be one (unless you live in Siberia).

        • May 28, 2021 at 1:55 pm

          We’re fucked. I have zero doubts about this now. Governments and populations are utterly INSANE now. Non-stop lying. Non-stop selfishness. Did you see what just happened in America? We no longer have a functioning government, totally lawless. At EVERY juncture, they’re unwilling to do what is right, needed and necessary. It’s just all so much bullshit now. Non-stop propaganda and lies.

          Why people are tolerating this is beyond me. Everyone is divided, fractionalized and atomized. There is no cohesion. Connedspiracy rubes and fools rule the day. I just told my son that he’d better get his family out of this country while he still can, and I’m dead serious.

          • May 28, 2021 at 4:30 pm

            ‘I just told my son that he’d better get his family out of this country while he still can, and I’m dead serious.’

            Chile is probably one of the best choice for anyone living in the US, though a crash course in Spanish would be useful for non-speakers.

            NZ has been regarded as a ‘lifeboat’ for decades; that’s how I ended up here. Getting in used to be easy, but not so much now.

            The NZ government wants wealthy people to come, prop up the slowly-collapsing economy, or very poor people, here on a short-term basis, to do shitty jobs for poor wages. Covid messed-up the latter bigtime. Get this; the Russian crew of a fishing boat came here with undetected Covid and were the source of an oubreak (fortunately contained).

            NZ has been featured in several prominent magazines as a place to run to, with several notable ‘celebrities’, an awful word, having bought up chunks of the country as bolt-holes for when it gets too shitty in other places.

            The NZ government has made some really ‘smart’ moves in recent times, like facilitating the conversion of most of the high-productive land, that Maori fought battles over, into unsustainable, toxic suburbia.

            I’m living in a small settlement that people like to think of as a village, in a region of low population density, the biggest problem for the future, apart from the poor availability of surface water (plenty in the aquifer), being Christchurch to the south.

            The good thing about experiencing a major earthquake and being let down in e very direction by ‘authority’ is that people don’t believe in it any more.

            I was talking just two days ago to a newly-made friend who had constructed a composting toilet following the Christchurch earthquake (2011), as no one ‘in authority’ knew what to do, other than organise orange-and-white plastic cones and hazard tape.

            The soil is quite good once the stones are removed -a slow and arduous job; otherwise it is a bit like trying to cultivate a stony beach.

            The great advantage NZ has is its location away from other land masses.

            That was regarded as a disadvantage in the past but since the pandemic has been a saviour.

            There are people in NZ who are so sick of the incompetence of the government of the lack of perceived rights they are migrating to the potential death-trap of Australia, likely to be one of the first nations to go under as a consequence of the collapse of the globalised economic system, he prime business model being to dig up the place and sell it to China.

            And, of course, Planetary Meltdown will clobber Australia.

            Some people with children who have rare diseases were recently told by the finance minster there is ‘no money’ ti fund them. They said they will have to leave NZ to reserve their children’s lives.

            The government accepts refugees who know nothing about the culture and who have no prior connection with the country. People who live here are frequently treated with contempt, and continuing to do so will undoubtedly result in a revolution of some kind.

            There are two things I know of to be infinite; the universe and human stupidity. I’m not sure about the former. (Borrowed from Einstein.)

            • May 28, 2021 at 4:35 pm

              I meant to say

              The NZ government has made some really ‘smart’ moves in recent times, like facilitating the conversion of most of the high-productive land AROUND AUCKLAND, that Maori fought battles over, into unsustainable, toxic suburbia.

  • May 28, 2021 at 5:22 pm

    Idiots abound: Mendocino cafe owner says he’ll add an extra $5 fee for mask-wearing patrons

    Up is down, left is right, right is wrong, ånd wrong is right. Why anybody would want to perpetuate the pandemic is a mystery. But roughly half of this totally fucked up country wants to do exactly that. Stupidity abounds in American and yes, you too can qualify for the $5 “reward” while bitching about the pandemic (and hypocritically accepting the government handouts as you complain about Biden’s “socialism”). Fuck these people. They haven’t got the mental capacity of gnat.

  • May 28, 2021 at 5:29 pm

    Matt Gaetz Tells Crowd They Have ‘An Obligation’ to Use the Second Amendment on Big Tech Companies

    This is what I call a truly dumb motherfucker. The 2nd Amendment is for upholding of law. The faketriotic claims of the rabid right know next to nothing about the intent and meaning of the Amendment. “Well regulated” doesn’t mean lawless behavior. Only the Governor can call out the militia – not some pansy politician.

    I hope this fucker rots in prison, soon.

    If these dumb fuckers think the 2nd Amendment gives them a right to break the law and to attack people, businesses, institutions or government – they’re all going to wind up dead or in prison.

    God – do I have to explain it for the morons? You don’t have to use “Big Tech”. You don’t have to be on social media. You don’t have to have a computer, cell phone or GPS tracking device in your Covid-19 shot. You don’t have to participate with any of the technology if you DON’T WANT TO. But you don’t have a right to murder, kill, threaten and intimidate with your fucking “2nd Amendment” misinterpretations you dumb fuckers.

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