This short article ties in directly with one of my favorite sayings, “We can’t replace the missing ice”. Antarctic sea-ice plays an important role in regulating Earth’s energy budget, but it’s not just Antarctica that matters, its the ice and snow worldwide that effects albedo and planetary warming.

Unfortunately for all life on Earth, much of the ice and snow has disappeared where it used to traditionally reside for millennia, a clear unmistakable sign that the Earth is dangerously warming up.

“The question of whether the huge loss in Antarctic sea ice can be recovered is important, given the profound implications for Earth’s radiative energy balance. The Antarctic has long served as a sort of refrigerator in the earth system. Breaking it beyond repair would really chip away at our remaining emission budgets, making it ever more difficult to meet our ambitious mitigation targets,” says Ryan Bright, a Research Professor at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research and one of the study’s co-authors.

I’m still unhappy with these scientists who still stupidly think we have an “energy budget” and worse, that humans can replace the missing ice. Neither are true and never have been. The Earth HAS been “broken beyond repair“, the hubris that it hasn’t already happened only fools the eggheads and uninitiated into the physical reality of what these measured losses actually mean.

Humans do not “control” the Earth, but we can certainly influence it greatly. The physical processes will respond to our activities (emissions and terraforming), none of which we can simply “reverse” or do-over.

Right now, global “leaders” (pretenders) are planning on making “commitments” (words) to the attendees at the COP26 meeting while still allowing their countries to keep producing enormous quantities of emissions. It’s already a bust, and only fools those who are not actually paying attention. Supposedly, their claiming their going to be able to “limit” warming with their words – but it’s definitely not going to work. Already there are many regions of the Earth that are well over 1.5C degrees which are unlikely to be seen again.

Supposedly, this “amplified warming” is “twice the warming worldwide” which is another load of horseshit. Already the Arctic and the sub-Arctic have experienced extreme levels of warming in the 3C – 4C range which covers the entire top of the planet, a region FAR larger then the Tibetan Plateau.

What is painfully clear to me is the gross dishonesty and misreporting that continues to plague the scientific community and planetary changes taking place. It’s almost as if they don’t know what’s really going on or don’t want us to know. Either that or staggering levels of incompetence and malfeasance is at play here. The horrible truth is the Earth in all the places that matters is dangerously warm RIGHT NOW.

VERY few websites will actually have the credibility to put this all together and issue the warnings that are so desperately needed. Those that do (the tiny few) are being widely ignored including this blog. Arctic News has been trying for years to get climate scientists to take up the shout with little support. The scientific community seems hell-bent on ignoring the outliers and warnings that are claiming that we’re already well into a planetary emergency. So I’ll say it again and maybe readers will grasp a little of what this means – We Can’t Replace The Missing Ice.

It’s a big, big deal. Stupendous, gargantuan, life-altering extinction level event. The loss of the global ice cover throughout the planet and how this regulates temperatures and albedo will trigger runaway planetary warming leading to our extinction.

Scientists have already made the measurements but most don’t seem to believe the meaning of their results. If the ice has disappeared, the meaning is clear, the planet is dangerously warming. It also means that the missing ice isn’t likely to come back. Some of this ice is thousands of years old and took a long time to accumulate. But it’s disappeared in just a few years. We don’t have thousands of years for this ice to return, even if it could.

What this means is clear to me – the claims, promises and assumptions that are often made about “combating climate change” and “limiting temperatures” are simply empty promises. Global leaders are quick to claim that they have the means to solve the climate problem and limit warming, but I’ve yet to see any factual evidence that this is true. So far, it’s just empty promises based on hopium, false understandings and dubious claims.





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  • October 31, 2021 at 1:08 pm

    The entire fiasco of ‘climate summits’ are being used to lull the ignorant masses into believing the system -creating money out of thin air and using that fake money to convert fossil fuels into waste- has  a future.

    With all ‘developed nations either falling off the self-created energy cliff and/or utterly dependent on purchasing energy from the few remaining nations that have any ‘surplus’, e.g. Russia, it is abundantly clear the globalised financial-economic system has no long-term future, no medium-term future and only a very short short-term future.

    Whether it’s energy depletion, massive overheating or collapse of the fake money system that will bring the house-of-cards down is still anyone’s guess.

    Until the collapse occurs, governments remain fully committed to making everything that matters worse, and making it worse faster in order to prop up the financial system.



    • October 31, 2021 at 3:17 pm

      Or if it’s resource collapse. Quadriple whammy, danger ahead! It is surprising how few people really understand what’s unfolding.

      They should declare ALL debts null and void and reset the entire economic paradigm. No more capitalism. No more profit over sustainability. Produce what is needed and essential, spend the rest of our efforts on saving what’s left, the climate from catastrophe (if possible), and adaption efforts. Give up on all the insane, stupid, selfish and greedy ventures perpetuating resource / energy collapse / environmental destruction. End the endless waste streams of emissions, pollution and toxic contributions to air, water, soil.

      Common sense won’t prevail however. It’s a lost art.

  • November 1, 2021 at 7:49 am

    One-third of the ice lost in the past decade came in just two hot summers—2012 and 2019—the research showed.

    Extreme Greenland ice melt raised global flood risk: study

    That is a stupendous amount of ice lost in just two summers. What does that represent in terms of time for the ice accumulation? Thousands of years? I know this is true in Antarctica where it is the driest location on Earth. Ice there takes tens of thousands of years (or much longer) to accumulate, but when it melts, it’s gone “forever” as far a humanity is concerned.

  • November 2, 2021 at 12:47 pm

    Now I know why the price of a packed of breakfast oats has gone from around $5 to around $7.

    Oat futures traded above 765 USd/Bu, the highest level on record amid lower crop production in North America due to drought and increasing global demand. Production in Canada, the world’s biggest exporter, fell by 43.6% from a year earlier to an 11-year low of 2.6 million tonnes. Also, the USDA said the 2021 US oat crop was the smallest on record at 39.836 million bushels, 39% less than in 2020, due to decreased planting across the oat growing region, either due to weather or producers switching to more profitable crops.

    Oat | 2021 Data | 2022 Forecast | 1979-2020 Historical | Price | Quote | Chart (

    I found the above via

    Breakfast briefing; Downward pressures building in China |

    It turns out that, despite the bizarre economic theories of mainstream economists, ice does matter after all, and once you’ve messed up climate stability, all hell breaks out.

    The other major aspect [in addition to the environment] that mainstream economists totally ignore, of energy availability and energy pricing, turns out to matter also.

    I don’t do much travelling these days -usually limited to a 100km circuit trip once every couple of weeks- but I have noticed that diesel, the backbone of the economy, has risen from just over $1 a litre to around $1.60 a litre over the past few months.

    Methinks the implosion of the banksters’ Ponzi scheme cannot be far away, along with a step up in the level of mayhem around the world, and a step up in the level of militarisation of control of the general populace.

    • November 2, 2021 at 5:17 pm

      I eat oat groats nearly every day. Buy it by the bucket (35 lbs), $59.40, 378 servings, so that’s .16 cents per 1/4 cup. You need to find a better deal somewhere.

      Anybody growing any grains in NZ? I actually don’t know, never looked into it. Food costs here have jumped up quite a bit, but if you eat simple it’s still affordable.

      • November 2, 2021 at 6:11 pm

        The South Canterbury region is flat and reasonably dry, and grains are grown there.

        Of course the flooding earlier in the year messed things up a bit, but there has been some recovery of the land. Roads and bridges take longer.

        1.3kg is about 6 pounds, and $7 NZ is about $5 US.  So 35 pounds of oats costs around $30 US.

        It’s the INCREASE in price, along with the increase in cost of pretty much everything else, that is the killer.

        For example, fruit tress I bought last year for $22 are now $33.

        I knew the economic meltdown was coming and converted most of my fiat currency into tangible stuff that [I hope} will be of value in the near future.

        I feel sorry for younger people who do not own a home and are caught in the trap of rising house prices (like $600,000 to $1,600,000) and rising energy costs and rising food costs and rising and falling employment opportunities. And a completely rotten government, the latest manifestation rottenness of a system that has been rotten for decades (centuries).

        I had a meeting with a local council officer half an hour ago and suggested that anything that doesn’t get fixed/sorted in the next few months will probably never get fixed/sorted.

        The climate fiasco in Glasgow is underway, with predictable outcomes.

        Must get back to my personal preparations





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