I Was Stabbed Yesterday

I got stabbed yesterday while in town. There was a man, grinning (I think) behind his mask, wielding a sharp instrument as I rolled up to a stop. He didn’t give me any warning, probably having done this hundreds of times before. He was quick, fast, an deadly efficient. In it went, drawing no blood at all. I barely felt it.

There were other people around, but nobody raised an alarm. From what I could see, this looked like a normal day, except for this one guy who went on to the next car behind me, repeating the same stabbing. WTF?

When I got home, I dug out my Acme Home Scanner & Microchip Detector I’ve been dragging around all these years. I performed a full body scan and could not detect any microchip implants. Nor did I feel any different. I seemed to have all of my faculties, and other then a sore arm, nothing seemed to be any different. I didn’t even need a bandage, but my arm was starting to get sore.

Today I trimmed up a bunch of downed trees for the possible conversion into usable timber. My arm is still sore, but the best way to overcome an unexpected injury in a limb is to use it, so chainsaw in hand, I put my injured arm to work. I’ve got many more days ahead of me doing this.

I read a stupid post by a well known idiot who claimed that if you got the COVID-19 vaccine, you’d be signing your death warrant; and if you didn’t get the vaccine, you’d be killed, so same outcome either way. According to this idiotic screed, the rich intend to depopulate the earth of quislings, leaving themselves the master rulers of…. nothing.  Kill off your own customers?  That’s never made any sense and neither does this asinine connedspiracy.

The fool promoting this has always been an online uber idiot, manufacturing endless connedspiracy and complete bullshit, none of which have ever come true. I’m surprised he isn’t in prison yet. I’ve no doubt that’s where he’ll eventually wind up as he defrauds his ‘customers’ by selling his brand of snake oil. There is an old saying, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. Eventually even idiots catch on.

But finally there is a bit of hope. As anti-vaxxers, connedspiracy fools and ignorant morons gather themselves together in tighter and tighter bands of quivering fools, the COVID virus will undoubtedly eventually find them, one by one. And as more people get vaccinated, the non-vaccinated will not have vaccine passports and will find themselves shut-out of normal living.

Living in a constant state of fear and paranoia can be a real bitch. It’s like living with a crazy in-law who won’t shut the fuck up, always ranting and raving, imagining everyone is out to get them. If that were true – they’d be dead already (long since), but that would ruin the plot. The story (fiction) must go on. It’s better to imagine the invisible, the magical and the fairy tales that entertain weak minds and the easily deceived who think you’re the sheep as they bleat and whine non-stop, conjuring up scary tales and secret codes.

I’m rather tired of having to accommodate the idiots that are dragging down society. They’re a huge time suck, energy vampires and overall waste of space. They’re just not bright enough to realize that their very actions, namely denial and refusal to participate, are the reason why the pandemic occurred, and why vaccination is now so utterly necessary. If they could have just followed some basic protocols, we wouldn’t be in this position today, but now that it’s here and it’s definitely here to stay, the non-vaccinated will find life increasingly difficult as they rant on about their “freedom” to infect, sicken and kill other people.

This is just like the gun debate, where in America, if you don’t own an assault rifle (and know how to use it), you must be a liberal. The right for anyone to become a mass murderer is considered sacred, enshrined within the Constitution and your children can just go to hell if you don’t agree, which is increasingly likely considering the sheer number of school shootings occurring in America. The right to kill, and the right to possess the means to kill in large numbers by any individual, triumphs over the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nobody is allowed to be safe from this terror. Freedom isn’t free, we’re reminding, the blood of little children and young teenagers needs to be shed from time to time to refresh the Tree of Liberty.

The propaganda that surrounds this topic is higher then the Himalayas. Americans demand the right to murder their fellow Americans, be it by a virus or by a gun. Quoting myself here and in an email I sent to Kevin (guess you didn’t see this – check your spam / junk folders), I said: “It’s pretty easy to die here now, and pretty easy to forfeit your future. Idiots abound and hate permeates everything here. I blame morons like Trump & Company, religion and the rise of extremism for unleashing stochastic terror. Since getting rid of that jack-off, it’s only gotten worse here.”

Trump is unemployed and still as useless as ever, much of the country has thankfully moved on, but he’s still stirring up hate and discontent and he still has a large audience. It IS easier to die here now then ever before, and that is NOT freedom. It’s terrorism, pure and simple, brought to you by the mentally ill, deceived and certifiably insane followers of that useless bag of dog shit.

Frankly, Americans need to put a stop to this domestic terrorism before it overwhelms the country. Those who are cheering on civil war has absolutely NO IDEA what kind of hell they would be unleashing. It would be too late for regret and remorse, and it would be too late to “get back to normal” too, if this were to happen.

Foreign readers may not be following the American media about the rise of domestic terrorism increasing in this country, but this is something I’ve been following for years. You can easily identify numerous correlations and connections between these groups and their type of propaganda and recruitment operations. America has a large number of domestic terrorists now and none of them are foreigners. They all live here, spewing their hate and vitriol, looking for an opportunity and the courage to go operational.

The vast majority of these people are actually cowards, spewing bravado bullshit and hiding behind their Kevlar. But there are enough who are willing to start a war, looking for opportunity, and a reason to blame their ‘enemies’.

2021 will be a repeat of 2020 at every level in my opinion, and in some ways, probably worse. Don’t let your guard down.







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  • April 13, 2021 at 11:57 pm

    I did miss that email. But you’ve said what you needed to say.

    I follow what is happening in America via ZeroHedge, Of Two Minds (Charles Hugh Smith) and Clusterfuck Nation (James Howard Kunstler).

    The tone of what I have been reading is: thank goodness to orange fuckwit is gone, but how did he get replaced by an ’empty suit’? And who is operating the ’empty suit’?

    All I can do is quote something I believe comes from Mackay (Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds’, 1841): “People go mad in herds, and recover one at a time.”

    I guess the recovery of sanity won’t occur until after the mad ones have killed off a large portion of the population.

    • April 15, 2021 at 8:19 am

      No, it’s fine. Are you noticing hugely delayed blog load times? Spotted this last night at 1:30 am (couldn’t sleep). Same problem this morning, taking over 3 minutes to load the home page.

  • April 15, 2021 at 11:12 am

    We have a particular problem with Internet because it is delivered via a wireless system, and that can get overloaded and slow up considerably.

    The NZ government has been pushing an Ultra-fast fibre system but we are yet to get a connection.

    Almost everything is slowly breaking down as the casino financial markets and money-printing rule the roost whilst all the fundamentals deplete of get messed up.

    I see the French wine industry is in turmoil, following an Artic vortex event that is a consequence of the elevated atmospheric CO2 level, and the disruption of the Jet Streams that planetary overheating has caused.

    ‘At least a third of French wine production worth almost €2bn (£1.7bn) in sales will be lost this year after rare freezing temperatures devastated many vines and fruit crops across France, raising concerns over the climate crisis.

    “This is probably the greatest agricultural catastrophe of the beginning of the 21st century,” the French agriculture minister, Julien Denormandie, said this week as the government declared an “agricultural disaster” and began preparing emergency financial measures.

    The unseasonal wave of bitter frost and ice hit suddenly after a bout of warm weather, which worsened the damage. The warmth had encouraged vines and fruit trees to develop earlier than usual, only to be withered by the sudden cold.’


    The sabotaging of pretty much everything by governments and the idiotic economists they listen to continues, via totally-unnecessary and usually-harmful consumption.

    • April 15, 2021 at 4:50 pm

      I’ve been really busy (working my butt off) and haven’t had time to comment or update. That was a good link you shared, thanks. Was going to buy the referenced book, but after reading the reviews, it’s pretty short and perhaps I don’t really need it.

      There have been some really serious slowdowns on the connection to the blog, haven’t found the problem yet.

      My latest news of concern is the Doomsday Glacier news (Thwaites) and other ice-melting that despite all the hopium and empty claims, nobody is going to stop from melting (no way, no how).

      In other news, the hydrogen ‘economy’ is getting some misguided attention: https://thenarwhal.ca/hydrogen-fuel-clean-energy-alberta-economy/

      I wrote to the author my thoughts:

      Hydrogen is not a “fuel source”. Hydrogen has to be created, using enormous amounts of energy. None of this creation of hydrogen is free of carbon dioxide emissions (none).

      Hydrogen will not replace oil (ever) because it is energy intensive to create (requires more energy to create then it provides). Being a non-fuel source to begin with, the amount of energy required to create
      hydrogen makes this cost-prohibitive.

      There is no such thing as net-zero economy. This is a fantasy dreamed up by economist (most likely) that have no understanding of industrial waste products (C02 for example) and the energy sources that are used to
      mine raw material and turn them into sellable products.

      If Canada does become an exporter of hydrogen, it will likely be because they chose to create hydrogen fuel from the burning of (even more) fossil fuels. This is a bad idea and clearly, not “net-zero”.

      There is really no such thing as “net zero” when all the energy inputs and waste stream emissions are calculated. It’s just a silly buzz word that means nothing other then somebody is trying to sell you a bridge.

      Hydrogen will never be a “clean energy source” since it requires fossil fuel input energy to be created. Most people refuse to admit that “clean energy” is an oxymoron (doesn’t exist) unless it’s photosynthesis.

      “Blue” hydrogen is pure hype. It’s not cost-effective and will not be done to scale, and therefore, irrelevant. Industry loves to lie.

      “Blue” hydrogen, produced from natural gas has a huge carbon footprint. It’s still dirty.

      There is no such thing as “renewable” hydrogen. Proponents love to toss out the meaning of words and redefine what isn’t convenient to make the sale (propaganda) of a “hydrogen economy”.

      Hydrogen does not offer any “hope”, it’s pure unadulterated hopium, appealing to the energy addiction of vampires (vs. lowering energy demands). Canada may choose to subsidize this, but it’s just going to
      make things worse (as always) for the climate and deceive people into thinking “it’s good”. It’s not.

      The Narwahl has good reporting (usually) and the author wrote me back (a simple thank you). The hydrogen economy is yet another greenwashing deception that will fool a lot of people, but not me.

      We are not going to ‘engineer’ our way out of resource collapse, energy consumption, environmental destruction or deadly climate change. Virtually everybody who claims otherwise is lying, perhaps not intentionally, but they’re not being honest about our inability to replace what is now irrevocably lost (ice, energy balance, fauna, etc). Humans simply cannot keep doing what they’ve always done and expect different results while calling it something ‘new’. Its the same old story with a new label – over-exploitation and consumption with a tremendous waste stream.

      • April 15, 2021 at 7:12 pm

        Nice touch there, the only green energy, the only genuinely renewable energy, is solar without technology.

        So yes, photosynthesis. That’s about it, though there is another ‘green energy’ available in some locations, derived from the natural radiation within the Earth: that manifests as hot water and steam coming from hot springs and vents.

        So if you find a suitable stick and skewer whatever you want to cook, and put it in the hot spring or steam vent for a while, you are using renewable energy to cook. The Maori did that. And I’m sure native Americans did before they got driven off the land and into ‘reservations’.

        Pretty much everything else is bullshit geared to someone somewhere making a fast-buck, which I have no difficulty identifying, since I studied chemistry to a very high level.

        With regard to ice, I look at the Arctic sea ice area data most days: we’re currently on a par with 2016, and could see an ice-free Arctic this year…though I think it will more likely be 2024/2025.

        Although the melting of sea ice has no effect on sea level will have a stupendous effect on climate stability, since all the heat energy currently reflected or facilitating melting will manifest as temperature rise.


        • April 15, 2021 at 8:18 pm

          I stayed at a campground years ago while living in an RV, that had natural hot springs. They stuck in the ‘straw’ and allowed the water to flow into a pool you could relax in. Don’t ask me why, but I never went into the pool, despite experiencing a -35 degree winter there. Geothermal still isn’t ‘green’ considering it enables the use of power generation which enables the further destruction / depletion of planetary resources and habitats. Where so humans go, death and destruction and devastation follows. We call it ‘civilization’, some call it Progress, others call it inevitable, but I call it death.

          Picked up two good books that I’m just getting started on, Arnold Tonybee’s “Mankind and Mother Earth”, and Fredrick Turner’s “Beyond Geography, The Western Spirit Against the Wilderness”. Both of these books were recommended in the Against Leviathan, Against Empire book I recently finished.

          Apparently Toynbee reneged on his previous hope and promotion for ‘civilization’, posthumously published this final work. Turner writes about how Europeans, lacking Spirit found in the Natives, sought to dominate and destroy. It will take me a while to read both of these, but I’m looking forward to it.

          We both know that they be lying to us about what the ‘science’ means regarding the latest measurements and understanding. Why this is still occurring, I can only speculate (and often have), but the sum total of these developments still means we are headed for extinction just like the dinosaurs.

          • April 15, 2021 at 11:04 pm

            Like I said, skewer something with a wooden stick and put it in the geothermally heated water: that is carbon neutral/sustainable. Everything else is bullshit.

            A portion of NZ electricity comes from geothermal. Somehow proponents forget that all the pipes and turbines and distribution systems and control systems are not carbon neutral, and are dependent on oil for maintenance etc.

            I recommend the work of Derrick Jensen (native American with science qualifications) if you have not seen his work.

            Video ‘End Civ’.

            Books ‘A language older then words’ Endgame’ etc.

            “Forests precede us, deserts follow us.”

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