I Want To Save The World – Resolution for 2019 and Beyond

The title says it all. In truth, nothing else really needs to be said, but saying nothing else also means it won’t be understood.

It’s 2018, almost 2019, and I want to save the world. Not because it deserves it (we don’t), or because I can (I can’t) or because it’s the right thing to do (it may not be), but because to lose the world is just more then I can honestly bear. And I mean that. I have no other explanation.

Climate change is unfolding faster and faster, talking lives, ruining hope, future and the opportunities that we have absolutely stolen from the next generation. I’m not sure we even know what that that really means, but I think that I do, I think I finally know. After all these years of writing and documenting what is unfolding, after keep decades of records, writing it down and recording millions of words, I think I finally know with ever fiber of my being.

But it wasn’t always completely real. Not until now. Now it’s real. Now it hurts with a pain that tears me apart. Now it places such an terrible burden upon me that I can barely take my next breath.

I am now a grandpa, and when I think about the future world that this beautiful young soul will grow up into, it breaks my heart, tears it open and shreds it into a thousand tiny pieces. It crushes my spirit and presses me down into a deep dark despair of eternal darkness and hopelessness. How could we let this happen?

No matter what answer we try to avoid giving to this question of questions, the ultimate answer is that we in fact did do this… and we are still doing this, and it’s nearly 2019, already deep into the 21st century and we’re doing almost nothing to prevent it. I can blame everyone and everybody, but ultimately the blame lies within me. I/we let this happen.

I want to save the world because I want humanity (and my grandson) to live. I want humanity to reach forward as it has always done, to survive and to strive for survival. To find their place in this world and in the Universe. To not go extinct. To not die out. To not suffer, gasp and expire like so many other species that we have destroyed with our wanton abandon, carelessness and indifference.

I do not want future generations to suffer because of our horrible mistakes that we have inflicted upon the planet. But I know, deep down in my heart, that unless we finally start to act truly desperate, and take truly serious decisive actions, that we have unleashed an unimaginable hell upon our grandchildren. And for that, I cannot forgive myself.

I am very much a part of that. I am just as responsible, just as guilty and just as conflicted as anyone else. It is my generation that helped destroy the world. And I, of all people on this planet, absolutely know beyond a shadow of doubt, that we need to declare a planetary emergency and do everything that we possible can to ensure the survival of our species.

The human race has come a long, long ways. When I look into his beautiful blue eyes, I can see the history of the entire race. Yes, really, it’s all there. He represent what we are, what we have become at the end of this long road, and where we might be going, if he gets the chance. He represents in every way possible all of the children of the world. What their lives are, the youthful innocence and exuberance for just existing. And what their lives might be, their hopes, dreams, aspirations and opportunities as yet undiscovered and unimagined. They are the inheritors of our knowledge, learning and capacities.

But now when I behold his face, I am deeply distraught, because I know that his life will be a life of hardship and suffering. He will never experience what I’ve had, or even know what I have seen lost in just my time on this planet. His world will be very different then mine and he doesn’t even know it yet. Nobody who is young truly understands this. Only the aged who have seen it all destroyed can grasp what is happening, and where this is all going. We are the the guideposts for what has happened. The reminders, and the story tellers.

We remember, because we lived it. Our experiences are not dry words just written in a book, but livid memories of what life on Earth used to be like. Our memories may not be perfect, but they are what created us, made us who we are, affecting our lives and ideas, beliefs and actions in profound ways. We dived deep into the life of the Earth and experienced all of it. And we took what we wanted with little thought to what that might mean for tomorrow. And because of all this and more, we robbed our grandchildren and our children of the life and experiences that they might have had. And many of us have yet to even realize this great tragedy that we have inflicted upon the world.

I love my grandson more then words can ever express. He is the entire world to me. I had absolutely no idea how I would feel when he was born. But as his personality developed and I began to see the beautiful soul that he really was (he’s beyond cute, he’s absolutely magical), my heart expanded almost to bursting. He is the world to me and I would do absolutely anything for him. I would climb Mt. Everest or fight off a horde of enemies with my bare hands, it doesn’t matter, anything to protect him and preserve him. But my heart breaks when I think about his life and his future. He’s far too young to know what he’s has to look forward to, and I’m not at all sure how I’m even going to tell him, or even if I will. But I know deep down in my heart what lies before him, and this next chapter of human history will mean.

Here is my promise – I will do everything I possibly can to help him and my son. He may very well be among the last generation of humans to walk the Earth. I hope not. I want humanity to survive – and to flourish. To experience everything that life has to offer. To explore the world and the Universe. To know what it means to live, to be human, to grasp the fundamentals of existence and the life that we have. The life that can be embraced. To live in joy, happiness and peace. To reach forward to understanding and comprehension of the world around us.

What I don’t want is to watch the world devolve into suffering and pain. Or succumb to lies. No matter what I think of the folly of mankind, or the stupidity that runs so rampant, I do not want any of that to happen. I want our species to live and to be a part of this planet. To cherish its existence. I don’t want to keep writing the epitaph of humanity, and to try to explain our folly with more words, and our mistakes and blind arrogance to what we really are. I know what we are, but that doesn’t matter. We haven’t changed, but we should. We should be more then what we are. We have the capacity, and the creativity if we are willing to express it. All that we lack is the will. We should all be trying to break free from the bonds that have held all of us back for centuries.

There is so much beauty in this world if we would just open our eyes and see. It’s everywhere if you know where to look, and how to appreciate what we have. And I want this, all of it, for my son and my grandson. I want them to have it all, the joy, the laughter, the meaning and the experience of being alive in this Universe, a thinking entity that can appreciate what it means to have life on Earth, this incredible unique planet that is so incredibly precious. To have a full life, and not one cut short or filled with suffering and death.

I love being alive, I actually look forward to this every day. We all do, but we get beaten down by the lies, the struggle and the stupid stuff that makes living hard. None of that is going away, but that doesn’t change anything either. We’re still alive, able to appreciate a deep breath, a sunrise or a snowfall, the chirping of a bird singing on the porch, the stately majesty of a tree reaching its branches out to the sky above. We are alive – and we should fight like hell to make sure we stay alive. And this is our task for the generations of the future – to stay alive.

To the children of the world, I urge you to hold on to life. Fight with all your strength and with all your heart. Don’t let this generation destroy you or what can be had. Don’t let it happen. Grow in knowledge, awareness and understanding, do everything you can to save yourselves and save the world from destruction. The world which we built does not have to be this way. It never did. But it’s what happened and you can change it, you must change it. Take is apart and put aside all the wrongs that we put into motion. Make it something better. Take apart all the shallow vapidness, the evil destruction and the senseless waste. Abolish all the greed. It’s your world now. Your survival on this planet depends upon it.

Humans would work for free. Remember that. We did before, we can do it again. We need to take apart everything that is destroying the world, as fast as possible, and restore the life-systems that give us sustenance, meaning and joy.

And for as long as I am here, I will be here to help you and guide you in anyway I can. Because of you, I will fight to my last dying breath. I will be here when you fall, and I will pick you up. I will support you and guide you and help you build a better world for humanity. It is all that there is left to do now.


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