I, Robot

The newz and viewz being pasted across the various screens of the world (including the one in your mind) are competing as always, for your mind. I’m somewhat reluctant these days to join this bandwagon, because frankly, I’m hoping everyone that reads this particular blog already knows what to think, what to do, and where they should be spending their time.

For starters, not here. This is the exact opposite of the hidden themes you find everywhere else. Do not spend your time here, because if you do, you will be unproductive towards yourself. Read what is already found here and move on. But don’t spend your entire life online either.

So a few newz bites: Obama does not want gun owners to stock up. Make up your own mind is what I say. Anybody filling out those stupid yellow forms should have their head examined. You could always trade your guns for food.

More on Obama, Supreme Court won’t hear the case regarding his birth certificate. Make up your on mind is what I have to say on this too. There is plenty of pro and con on this entire issue to read. Just because the SC won’t hear it doesn’t make the allegations against the BC true. But in the end, it will not matter. We had a mass murderer in office for two (s)Elections, you think that exposing Obama’s birth record is going to change anything?

The idea that we are a nation of laws that will be obeyed is beyond ludicrous. Those laws are for YOU and none of the elite. This disparity has always existed. It will always exist.

Justice is not ours and never will be, unless you wreak your own vengeance.

I am still amazed at how the system continues to be tried (manipulated) to somehow “set the record straight” and get the real evildoers out of our midst. Bush for example, will not be punished for his crimes, nor Rove, Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz or any of this crowd unless someone takes it upon themselves to do so. And that is unlikely as hell.

Most of us just want to be left alone to live our own lives. We’re not on any particular crusade, unless you’re one of the indoctrinated. But even if you’re not, are you somehow offended that your side is not being given its fair share?

I’ve with you all that I’ve visited a number of boards and forums and read the commentary by the readers posting there. The “left .vs. right” argument has become the only “defense” anymore, and it is not a defense at all. This should be properly called “Right .vs. Wrong” syndrome. The polarity that is being driven deep into the American psyche is absolutely pointless. I’ll go so far as to also claim you don’t want to go there if you can help it.

We’re being driven, enmass to stampede over the various cliffs set before us because of this poloarization. The Republicans / Religious Right did this with Bush, getting him (s)Elected twice, resulting in a terrible toll of massive human suffering all over the world. The Religious Right continues to defend this mass murderer too, because this herd has lost all ability to think for themselves and judge anything accurately. They are utterly incapable of it at this stage.

But the Left is no different, their (s)Election choice was met in an huge stampede of sheep who all failed to see the “danger, cliff” signs clearly marked ahead. The dude is not even in office yet and he’s already considered a failure. Arguments that he is not “my president” because of the fear that he’s not lawfully (s)Elected, or because he’s black or because he Muslim or because we just don’t like him are being shouted back and forth incessantly. All going nowhere, as usual.

The media loves to spin all of these yarns, which are picked up by blogs and forums worldwide, and repeated ad nauseum, making them the absolute most useless human institutions on the planet for teaching you anything.

In the meanwhile, the planet turns. The revolutions (literally and figuratively) remain the exact same as they always were, even though the names and sometimes the locations change. But the death and the struggle for life continues. The genocide goes on and so do we, never realizing how far into the danger zone we really and truly are. The destruction of our planet, our biosphere, and our future remains unabated and unresolved. When will we ever learn?

Get off the bandwagon people. You’re wasting your time, your life, your money and your efforts. You’re not changing anything because you really do not want to change anything. All you want to do is bitch, moan and complain and blame somebody else, anybody else for something you should have done.

For starters, take charge of your own life and your welfare. We love to have “jobs” and “careers” and “pensions” to protect us from the cold, dark world, and we join the bandwagons to make sure that we are protected and preserved as long as possible, selling our souls and our conscience in the process. We never question what this fundamentally means.

There are countless examples of this. Work in the defense industry? Then you exploit human death and suffering, all at the expense of our natural environment too. Work in the auto industry? Then you help destroy this place we call home. Join a union? Then you believe in racketeering. Do you even hold a job? Then you support the most corrupt government on Earth.

The problems is we live in a world that demands our polarization. You have to join something, or rather several somethings in order to even survive here anymore. Doesn’t anyone besides me realize that this is fundamentally flawed?

The concept of a single human being has been utterly lost, which is why we do not care about anything anymore. We care about groups, but not individuals. We care about associations, but not humans. We care about corporations, but not a single job. We’re relegated to irrelevance as individuals, mindless and even unnecessary cogs in an indifferent machine that has become too big to be useful.

Actually, we only pretend to care about these things, because we’ve demonstrated that we are quite willing to break them up and sell off their parts or exchange them for something else (equally as bad). But the human beings in these equations are not important, only the associations are.

This is why we do not care about the Palestinian people for example. To Americans, they are not even people at all, they are all terrorists, which itself is a broad brushed term applied to any group we are told we are not to like. Israel on the other hand, is a group that we are told we are supposed to like and support, because they are like us. The incredible human suffering going on in the Middle East is the direct result of American and Israeli associations and how we are brainwashed into accepting them.

It is the associations which we are told to judge, not the events, which is dead wrong and the reason we are so easily led by the rings in our noses.

Our entire world, at least from my own American perspective, is to be judged for its associations. I see this effect everywhere, with the deep polarization of views, beliefs and lifestyles, all fanned to raging flames by a very complicit and disgusting media, truly hell-bent on creating division and discord among us all.

These divisions and dividing lines are no accident. The “savage people” of North America were wiped out by our forefathers because of these associations and the support of the national population. They “judged” not from experience, but from incremental brainwashing, just like us. But the defenders of the indigenous people who took the time to come to actually know them, slowly realized that these judgments and associations about them were dead wrong. But this did not prevent the genocide in the end, just like today. We do not care enough to understand the people, or even the issues.

The polarization of people and viewpoints goes on with full force and effect to this day. All the ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth by all of these proponents and profits [sic] of polarization should simply be utterly ignored. It is a total waste of your time, your life, your money and your effort. Move on.

Somewhere in the midst of this cacophony of civilization, there are supposed to be people. Human beings, with flesh and blood, hopes and dreams, lives to be lived. How can we have forgotten something so basically fundamental? We’re quick to “kill” with words, with attitudes, with instantaneous judgment based upon fear and misrepresentation, manipulated by a lying media and a extremely manipulative government. How can we trust these people after all the deceptions that have pulled?

We cannot.

We forget that all too often because we see nothing but the association. Pigeon-holed and buttoned into little boxes of our own minds, we were taught to “hate them” (anyone not like us) for something that they haven’t even done.

If this isn’t a waste of life, I don’t know what is.

We’ve become mindless robots, zombies that are dead within, unable to think, act or even respond effectively. You can’t even kill one of these zombies today, who just like in the movies, are nearly bulletproof. Not unless you get a good head shot. They just keep mindlessly stumbling about, eating, consuming, breeding and creating more zombies just like them.

This is exactly how this life was meant to come out. The dumbing down of Americans has been widely documented as a deliberate, intensive effort to make you incredibly stupid. To make you act without thinking, to buy without needing, eating without hunger, shop with compulsion and slave away all the days of your life like a robot with no mind or an original thought of your own.

You can’t deprogram one of these zombies unless you smack them up aside the head with a 2×4, repeatedly. You have to kill the programming they’ve been drenched in to “get through”, but then you wind up with a near-useless blob of human jelly on your hands. The problem is nobody knows how to think anymore, or take responsibility for their lives, or act ethically or even to make sound judgment. Those “associations” are always there, intricately linked to our acceptance or carefully scripted revulsion.

So “be careful”. Your efforts to rescue even one zombie are fraught with hardship. You will often as not, wind up with nothing to show for it. It is too easy for everyone to just stay dead.

We humans are pathetic, weak creatures, encouraged to be simply in “existence” with the false and phony dreams of a “better life” intermixed with infotainment, constantly waved in our faces as a distraction, gagging us into meek submission and acceptance. This is utter bullshit.

It is defeat.

Question nothing, accept everything, join whatever association “suits you”, never realizing that none of these outlets are ever going to help you or anyone else either.

We live on this planet at the death and the expense of every other living thing that dwells here, including our fellow humans. Make a profit on the stock market and you’ve just robbed from someone that suffered a loss. Enjoy a barbecue in your backyard and you’ve just helped the factory farms with their utterly inhuman treatment of animals. Our lives are entrenched in death and destruction and we cannot even question this.

There is nothing we do, zombie state and all, that does not have consequences. But you are not supposed to aware of these effects.

Don’t remind us of our footprint! Don’t remind us of what it takes to be human these days and live in a modern world! This is the job of the media, to soothe your pain and your guilt and your complicity to a world that thrives on death and suffering. Making you a robot with a pyschotronic brain, programmed by the programmers to accept standard inputs and give standardized output. All for the benefit of the plantation owners.

Question nothing! Do as your told! Accept everything! Life goes on, but we’re still dead.

The exceptional people of the world reject this artificial caricature of life to the nth degree. I am not one of them. I am aware, nothing more.

I am a robot, just like all of you, dwelling in this world as I can, as I know how, doing what tiny bits I can but realizing the utter futility of it all. I despise this civilization as the death of all things living and yet-to-be-born. I know what the outcome of our indifference will be. I am absolutely convinced of this fact. Nothing I have seen has changed this view in ten years, only reinforcing it over and over again.

I have moved to my crashstead in preparation of this global death we have created to come. My world, your world is crashing down faster and faster, I don’t want to be caught in the midst of these flaming hailstones. I have made it very clear that I would not always do nothing, because this is not even possible for me. I will not join any groups or associations of any sort, ever again. I’m working on my robotedness, trying to deprogram my pyschotronic mind and figure out what it means to be human again.

I was once human too, just like you. When I was a small child, wondering at the marvelous beauty of the world and astounded by the things I touched, tasted, smelled and seen. Life was a joy, an experience to be relished, renewed each and every day as a wonderful gift.

But over time, the numbness and indifference of the world took hold in me too, as I aged and gained experience and dealt with the reality of the indifferent and uncaring world, killing off the joy and appreciation of being alive. I slowly became “one of them”, the mindless, unthinking, uncaring and indifferent zombies that occupy our planet by the billions today, raping and being raped daily, pillaging and plundering whatever we wanted, never caring, never interested, never even really living. Just going through the motions of life on a well-worn “life” track programmed into my brain by people I had never even met.

And then something happened. I awoke with a start, realizing that I was finally and truly awake to something I had only faintly sensed the existence of before. Maybe it was a fault in the software, or maybe it happened because of the hard fall I took, or maybe because I threw my television away for a entire decade, but something jarred me awake and I came awake with a start, shocked at what I seen, and even what I myself had become.

And I’m very glad this happened. I rejected the fame and fortune of my past and became this person that I am today. I am awake, but only just barely alive. Struggling to make my own existence in this world that is hell-bent on destroying me and “my kind”, which hates us with a passionate hatred for all things living and alive.

It is the same hatred that created civilization and the domination of the planet, forcing humans into subservient slavery and miserable existence. It is a deep and abiding hatred for what I have come to understand as being.

You see, I’m still polarized and I know it. I can’t help it still, knowing that those that identify with me are the same way themselves. We’re seeking a better world, a world that we were not born into. This is a world that we are not likely to ever see either. But we still believe in its future existence someday. I suspect that this is the only reason we yet live, holding onto a faint hope despite all the evidence that contradicts this, that this dream world will exist someday, for somebody.

And this is what I think makes us human in the end. We may yet still be robots on the outside, forcing ourselves to go through this life as we must, but inside, we hold onto the dream that we are really not this ‘person’, programmed to be these artificial fabricated creatures with no minds, no thoughts and no life that we are today.

We even know that we hold little hope to become truly human again, but we know that if the human race survives this present day folly and destruction of our planet, somebody might. Someday.

And I think they deserve that chance.

And it is up to us to give it to them.

By any and all means possible.

And this is how we will become alive again. Human.


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11 thoughts on “I, Robot

  • December 8, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    Survival’s a bitch, ain’t it?? Just wait…reality check!! Semper Fi

  • December 8, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    well, viewer-ship seems to be down significantly (or the counter is broken) = so, either SA bloggers are busy ‘doing better things’ aka preparing best they might, or they’re tired of the constant bad news and doom (aren’t we all – and ain’t seen nuttin’ yet).

  • December 8, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    No matter. I’m done here anyway. This was my last post for a while.

    Today’s headline on Drudge: Nationalization.

    Hah! Told you so. But let that not be my final word, because it’s kinda crass.

    Good luck to all.  Learn to fight back.  Stand your ground.

  • December 8, 2008 at 10:24 pm

    Good luck to all. Learn to fight back. Stand your ground.

    By any and all means possible.

    I have been reading this blog for about two and a half years now but this is my first post. The above two statements are in my humble opinion very apt.

    Admin, I keep a very low profile most of the time; however, I just wanted you to know that there are probably alot more people out there just like me who mainly “lurk”.

    That does not preclude us from learning and becoming aware of the real situation that faces us all.

    Thanks for all you have done for me personaly without even knowing it.


  • December 9, 2008 at 11:14 am

    Scary story. But admin’s been ‘banging the drum’ – we need to ignore the denial rhetoric – climate catastrophe and ecological degradation; it’s here, it’s now, it’s unavoidable. Too late? Why scientists say we should expect the worst:

    Anderson, an expert at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at Manchester University, was about to send the gloomiest dispatch yet from the frontline of the war against climate change.

    Despite the political rhetoric, the scientific warnings, the media headlines and the corporate promises, he would say, carbon emissions were soaring way out of control – far above even the bleak scenarios considered by last year’s report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the Stern review. The battle against dangerous climate change had been lost, and the world needed to prepare for things to get very, very bad.

    “As an academic I wanted to be told that it was a very good piece of work and that the conclusions were sound,” Anderson said. “But as a human being I desperately wanted someone to point out a mistake, and to tell me we had got it completely wrong.”

    Nobody did. The cream of the UK climate science community sat in stunned silence as Anderson pointed out that carbon emissions since 2000 have risen much faster than anyone thought possible, driven mainly by the coal-fuelled economic boom in the developing world. So much extra pollution is being pumped out, he said, that most of the climate targets debated by politicians and campaigners are fanciful at best, and “dangerously misguided” at worst.

  • December 9, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    One key bit of polarity programming that makes our lives worse right now seems to be the idea that:
    the only way humans build character is through adversity.

    Events are perennially fluxing from ‘good’ to ‘bad’ and humans stand in-between either of these qualities in this dynamic world.

    It’s true this dynamic shifting is responsible for increasing our character, understanding, and awareness as humans, but people only need to adapt and be flexible to develop… suffering is not required at all. Suffering is a choice.

    If you instantly, emotionally react to that statement and are shrieking that suffering is a fact of life, and mentally immediately start detailing supporting evidence, ask yourself, just what if suffering is optional, how would your actions change?

    If it WERE just programming and not a fact, what better way to make predictable sheeple than having an entire herd coded as avoid-‘bad’ seek-‘good’?

    admin… “By any and all means possible.”
    such a life and so well spent!

  • December 10, 2008 at 7:16 am

    Re “polarity programming”, it’s about all they’ve got to continue to drive wedges between and among all human livestock. And it works. As admin reminded us, the media is totally complicit in programming deep polarizations of views, beliefs, and lifestyles because they, the media, as well as their own handlers want at all costs to continue to divert our attention from what truly matters.

    Admin and others have said it before–civilization and agriculture are the two primary culprits to our dilemma, and of course as a result of both, we have population overshoot.

    It is impossible to believe any human could ever be able to begin to think, truly think, without first removing TV from their lives, cold turkey at that. Once TV is seen for what it is–a propaganda machine–then and only then can a recovering TV watcher begin to think.

  • December 17, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    I find the dilemma much like what was posed in the movie series “The Matrix.” Those that watch all three movies (plus the first animated version – which is interesting because it demonstrates how the Matrix came to be – humans actually destroy the sky in their war against the machines. Madness you say? Not at all. Look at what we’re doing to the Earth!).

    All of us have decided to take the blue pill, to wake up from our unreality – our constructed paradigm of existence. The Matrix presents a synthetic world – an artifice – in which the human mind is an avatar – while the body provides fuel to the machine world. One could easily compare this to the current situation – or the situation that has existed for some time – at least since I was born.

    Admin, I too came to your vision about four years ago. The catalyst was the Iraq War – and since then my break with society has increased. People tell me now that they can tell I don’t watch TV or subscribe to the advertising rag they call a newspaper. I’m beyond all of that. I’ve taken the blue pill.

    The reality is that the human race is likely doomed – it’s only a question of timing. If the feedback loops accelerate and cut the food supply, it will be a horrible awakening. In that case, rather than sticking around, I may take the white pill – several white pills – and disappear into oblivion.

    Until then, I’m with you heart mind and body.

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