I Hate Spammers

The title says it all. They ruin it for everybody. I get my fair share and spend too much time deleting their comments, updating the “blacklist” and banning their IP addresses.

You only get one chance on this blog to fuck up and then I’ll ban you, permanently, forever. Spammers that have done this in the past have been instantly and permanently banned. Go play in your own backyard you lazy scum and stop trying to live off the work of others.

So let this serve as the one and only warning and notice.

From here on out, no external links to outside articles will be permitted unless I first pre-approve the comment / link. For the regulars who post here and those that might – I’ve no problem at all with you posting valid links and will probably approve your comments if they contain such a link.

But for the spammers that want to improve my sex life or increase my muscle mass, GET LOST and get a real life. I will deal with you ruthlessly.

Side note – this is only a small example of what is wrong with our society in general. People taking advantage of other people, seeking to gain something, oftentimes for nothing. Not only are these companies selling useless crap, they’re not even trying to do it in an ethical manner. No surprise there, what would you expect from the dumbed down freeloaders in life?


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