Future Prep – Part III

Tyranny In America

There is a lot of debate about the aspects of the coming crash, whether it will be sudden or slow, or somewhere in between. Wrapped up in that same discussion is whether or not the US Government will endure, and whether or not the financial system will undergo such a massive implosion that mortgage holders and debtors will be required to pay their debts.

These questions are all predicated upon the “collapse” of civilization, a process which is now underway and in reality, already underway for the past 30 years. The tipping points on an ecological scale have already been reached several decades ago while civilization continued its destructive advance and put maximum stresses upon planetary systems.

I’ve presented the point of view that it has taken several decades for these human-caused changes to make themselves known and we are only just now at the very shadows of what will probably prove to be a very dark time in history as these climatic and ecological changes are fully felt by this generation.

Governmental tyranny is an extension of environmental stresses. The increasing lack of abundant and easily exploited natural resources reflects itself in negative societal changes. From a capitalist standpoint, freedom means economic opportunity. For a minimalist standpoint, abundant natural resources means freedom. Freedom was and still is dependent upon abundant natural resources. As resources and opportunities decline, fascism sets in.

Today, the world pie has been sliced up into increasingly smaller proportions, regurgitated and reconfigured into innumerable and oft time, unpalatable other dishes, but still, it’s the same pie, with most of the nutrients now gone. There are no more recipes left to be baked and the cooks are now fighting over what’s left.

Like bread dough that rises and then collapses in upon itself, the global civilization has also run out of fermentation because there simply aren’t enough nutrients left in the mix. How big and how sudden this implosion on a global and national scale will be is an important question. Preparing for this future then, becomes a question of just exactly what are you preparing for? Sudden collapse? Slow collapse? Or something in between? Or does it even really matter?

I’ve read various economic “analysis” but my gut feeling tells me they’re dead wrong. Most predict a sudden collapse, based upon a sudden devaluation of the dollar. The argument basically says that the interlocking dependencies of the various financial systems (globally) cannot sustain themselves indefinitely. Fiat money is fiat money, fabricated out of thin air, and it only works as long as the faith of the people remain in the system. Moreover, these financial instruments can only continue to work as long as there is still the fundamental resources which can be leveraged, developed, bought and sold. The constant and continued exchange of property is both growth and development, essential to that “unlimited highway of gold” that has led to the present day world.

We know growth cannot continue forever in a finite world. And we also know that gross indebtedness cannot be sustained forever. Out of these basic arguments is the reasoning for sudden collapse. Yet I do not believe in this model as being accurate.

Clearly, I am no fan of sudden collapse and really, never have been. It is my contention that sudden collapse is self-defeating for all concerned and will not be permitted to occur. Instead, I believe that something far worse will transpire, something that is much more ominous.

Many adherents of the sudden collapse theory believe that the US government will fail and that the bankers will too, and will be unable to collect on mortgages, debts and outstanding loans. I disagree with this position too because it doesn’t make any sense to me. It is the “vested interest” that will have the most to say about collapse. The stakeholders (owners) of this planet aren’t about to be told to go home empty handed, while we keep their property. No, they’ll get their due, of this I’m absolutely certain.

Nor will the US government go away, although many of us wish it would. Sudden collapse during the Depression in America did not see the government fold up shop and pack its bags, and it didn’t happen in Argentina either when their economy imploded. Bills came due and so did the bill collectors. Property forfeiture was massive.

One point I’d like to make or address and that is the assumption that collapse means anarchy. This is not true. The rules of society will not just simply go away, whether collapse is sudden or drawn out. “Rules are rules” as they say and bureaucrats love rules, and so do most people. Bureaucrats won’t be going away. Zoning restrictions and taxes, speed limits and seat belts, all these things will still be in place for the most part.

Why? Because in order for the government and its agents and indeed, society to function in an orderly fashion (more on that in a moment), the rules will still need to be enforced. Even if not in person with say, highway patrolmen stopping speeders because gas now cost $14 a gallon, the speed limit will still be there. And you will be more likely to get turned in by your fellow American for squandering fuel, even though the highways are no longer being patrolled like they once were.

Society functions based upon accepted norms and standards of behavior, many of which are now codified into laws, requirements, restrictions, permits and permission slips. While I disagree with most of this as being unnecessary and an onerous burden on all concerned, that’s not the point. The fact is, society itself doesn’t disagree with it. Society itself will continue to demand it, otherwise, they’d have thrown off these chains off long ago. Lawlessness will not be permitted, certainly not for very long. The idea that anarchy will reign for any length of time is based on a lack of understanding of how societies function – and stay functioning, even when they “collapse”.

Society wants rules and regulations, cops on the streets and lawbreakers punished. Society further wants outlaws run out of town and the streets cleaned up. At the very least, society wants the appearance (illusion) of lawfulness and ordered society – this is what we have today (a massive illusion). But it’s working. And it’s worked very, very well.

Moreover, society will demand, incessantly a return to the standards of life and living they had before. Why else do you think the “American way of life is non-negotiable“? It really isn’t, and it’s about time people admitted it. They are quite willing to send your sons and daughters off to die overseas or even their own sons and daughters if it means that their way of life can be preserved (and even the illusion) for a while longer. Of course, this is exactly what is happening today. Life is cheap, but lifestyle is not. Americans will do a great deal more to protect this way of life – and they will continue to do it right through the collapse. Life will get even cheaper in the collapse. Of course.

Sudden collapse won’t change this demand at all. The societal demands to return to the way things were will still be there. If the collapse is gradual, the entrenched “American Dream” lifestyle will continue to take a very firm root in the vast majority of people. Look around and you will see that this is what is happening today. The collapse is progressing rather nicely, and yet the general awareness and willingness to do without, or change lifestyles or to give up the idea of “getting ahead” is simply beyond most people. They do not “get it”, right now even the warning signs are blaring everywhere.

And they won’t get it, either, but I don’t want to digress too far off topic.Those that do get it, hope that a sudden crash will somehow “protect” them from these societal rules (indebtedness being a primary one). This isn’t going to work. The benevolence of bankers isn’t going to change because the economy collapses. You will still owe those debts. The hard-heartedness of the Depression revealed just how ruthless these people could be (back when people still had morals, no less). Anyone “counting” on forgiveness needs to look around at historical examples to realize that their indebtedness is going to be a deadly chain around their neck.

If sudden collapse were to occur, I also don’t buy the anarchy scenario. Perhaps for a short time, but not very long. Stop and think about it. If say for example, oil hits $300 a barrel (which won’t happen overnight) and then, finally, whammo, the economy finally collapses. Or the housing bubble pops, or the derivatives market, whatever. Then shutdown, of everything. Food, fuel, transportation, employment, all gone. Anarchy could very well commence, but for how long?

Nobody knows. But it’s quite possible it won’t last that long because of the need to take immediate and extreme measures. I would expect the government to immediately nationalize most assets and simply “take over” all aspects of life, as much as possible. Why would they do this? Because it would really be their only choice. The “free market” could not be allowed to do this because of stupendous rates of inflation. When Yugoslavia crashed, they reached inflation rates of 5 quadrillion percent in just over a year. The numerous failed attempts by the government to prevent this only made things worse.

It is the remaining resources that would become absolutely critical in a crash, and whenever it occurs, and whether sudden or slow. These resources aren’t just food, water, fuel, medicine and raw resources. These would all be captured where possible and instantly nationalized (but not on a door-to-door basis, this is logistically unfeasible and dangerous).

Besides corralling the world remaining resources, what other resources remains to be captured? YOU. You are a resource. And what will they use to go after these resources? YOU. To do that, anarchy, which simply means society without government, will not work and can’t be permitted to last very long. You are an asset to the US Government (go look it up, each of us is worth several million dollars as assets). Your warm, breathing, ill-clothed and poorly fed body is still worth something besides cannon fodder. Why? Because of profits. Even as a slave, you can be made to be profitable for the plantation owners of this world. You didn’t just think they’d give up and go away, did you?

And a lot of people will willingly, actively participate in the attempted “resurrection” of any collapsed society, whether the result of slow collapse or a sudden collapse. Just like during the Depression, this will be where the jobs are. And where the jobs are is where the food will be. Work will be required in exchange for food for your wife and kids. Rent-a-cops and security guards, ditch diggers and thugs, the jobs will be there, and perhaps only there in a total collapse.

You will be used whether you like it or not to “rebuild” civilization – or better put, create a new civilization for the plantation owners to ensure the status-quo continues. This will be a New World Order of the worst kind. It’s not a world that you can easily or willingly envision today (more below). The groundwork for this new world order is already well mapped out.

As I’ve already said in my comments to Part I – government is not going to go away. It will get bigger, much bigger and a lot more local then you’ll care to admit. Enlistees and draftees will be inducted into this new service of the Empire because these people will need to eat and to keep the creditors from taking their homes. When the jobs collapse because the economy implodes and there is no more work, the working class will be government employees. I don’t know the current figure, but already something like 5 million people work for the government (civilian and military). I would expect this number to swell dramatically, in excess of 50 million. If you want to know who the survivors of the future are – there’s your answer.

It is precisely because we already have a vast network of governmental employees fulfilling a huge array of functions and because we have such a deeply integrated and vast infrastructure, that I do not believe for a moment that the government itself will actually collapse. In fact, just the opposite will happen, it will grow exponentially as federalism and state-control takes over everything, incorporating even mundane functions in your town.

This, in my opinion, is the logical extension of Empire. What it cannot control beyond its shores (as we are now witnessing) it will do within. And it is perfectly capable of doing that too.

I read the Gray 90’s book (now re-titled to Triple Ought) by Rawles a long time ago, but didn’t agree with it then and definitely don’t agree with it now. Neither anarchy nor governmental collapse will occur. Wipe out all of Congress and they will simply be replaced. Fire every Senator and every government lackey and they will be replaced, probably with something worse.

Remember, these are the people that control and govern the resources for the big corporations (if you thought the public land was yours, I suggest you look around) and the big multi-nationals control the government. (There’s another hint at the future survivors – it’s the same group that controls the money and resources now).

That same protection racket will continue, except you will be forced to become a part of it – or your neighbor will. And you will be instantly identified as a insurgent or a dissident if you don’t agree to go along with the new programs. This is already happening in Bush’s America, with dissent now being outlawed, bloggers being targeted and thought “crimes” on the rise.

These programs will be work camps, debtors prisons and bond servants (indentured slaves). We already have this today with 2 million in prison now working for slave wages (or none at all) contrary to the Constitution, with most Americans being indentured servants to Empire now (indebtedness). What do you really have today that is really your own? Nothing. Everything is subject to confiscation. Modern society is a “pay as you go” society, requiring everyone to participate in the Ponzi scheme of living. But the real point is, don’t expect this to change because of collapse, slow or fast. Expect this to get worse as federalism takes hold.

The only way things will get better is when the collapse is long enough, deep enough and generational enough, for the profiteers themselves to be destroyed and to finally lose control. As long as there are those that will exploit the Earth and it’s people, the systems that they create, control and govern(ment), will continue to worsen the human condition and opportunities for true freedom. They will continue to manipulate the populations and the worlds resources simply because they can and it will remain very profitable for them to do so. Just like now. Collapse will be an extension of what we experience today, only much, much, MUCH worse.

Collapse then, won’t change a thing for the better. Life will get much harder. And remember, whether slow or fast, collapse will only hurt the poor and the middle class. The rich will still be able to afford all the finer things and luxuries in life, and will have many ruthless mercenaries (ex-military) hired to protect them from the starving mobs. The division between haves and have-not’s will grow to even wider chasms then it is today, and the response to the deep resentment that will be revealed won’t be pretty. But that doesn’t mean “anarchy will reign”. Anarchy will probably come and go, depending on location, population, enforcement and local behavior.

An example of this rising “federalism” is happening right now in Venezuela, as Chavez is demanding (and taking) unused or unproductive properties and giving it to the people. The rich are complaining incessantly about how evil this is (while not being hurt one bit), as the people are being given better lives, better working conditions and finally, a living wage. But don’t expect a Bolivian Revolution to happen here – or to work very long there. There aren’t that many rich people in Venezuela, but there are a LOT of rich people in the United States. They will vehemently protect themselves with a vengeance. They’ll go after this. And importantly, our government is designed to protect the rich. What do you think a democracy really is? That won’t change. And a lot of average middle class people will also go along with it, because they will continue to hold the illusions that they too can be one of the elite.

For the rest of us, we will continue to slide down that slippery slope to personal disaster and despair. This is already happening to millions of Americans now as they are being economically compressed to the breaking point, forced to sell off assets just to survive. You can see this everywhere, in job losses, property sales and foreclosures, bankruptcies and even in the classified section of the newspaper.

This will worsen as the collapse progresses. And that is what you and I and millions of others need to prepare for. The system that once sustained us in exchange for our freedom will be turned into a system that will imprison us in exchange for our sustenance. This is already more true today then at any other time in human history.

Think about it. The groundwork for this is already been well laid out. We are already massively dependent upon the system for our sustenance. We call this “work” and “career”, but in reality, we are exchanging our daily freedom for bread and water. We’re presently permitted to have our jet skis and SUV’s, but even that won’t last forever for the “commoner”. In fact, it may not be for much longer, as we are being forced to slim down and sell off these “assets” (they’re not really assets, but anchors) as the economic situation continues to progressively worsen.

Only a very few are “getting ahead” these days and able to accumulate more useless junk and toys. The rest of us are getting further and further behind. Worse, we’re unable to do anything about it. But I’ll tell you what’s even worse then that. We’re unable to break this cycle of dependency on a worsening system of life-support. We remain as dependent today as we ever were, and this is why so many will willingly join the Empire as collapse ensues. They’ll have to. They won’t have any other means to survive. And Empire will want it’s assets working, controlling and enslaving all the other assets (you).

The future of America is a slave-State. This is the logical extension of a modern society that has reached it’s limits of finite resources. The remaining resources will be carved up and divided and exploited for further perpetuation and continuance of the Empire.

It’s ironic as hell that the land of the free became the land of the slave, but this is already well underway. The land of the free is the land of the fee, a situation that is worsening all the time. And when you can’t pay the fee, you will pay with the deed.

It isn’t faith in the system that keeps America afloat anymore, it’s control of the system. They print the money and decide it’s “value”. They spoon feed the media whatever lies and misrepresentations that they want. They rig (s)Elections and appoint their friends. They blatantly transgress the law and declare themselves immune. Now admit it, who wouldn’t want that kind of power? More importantly, who would willing give up that kind of power? Collapse is not going to change that, collapse will only worsen this kind of power abuse. And in order to keep that power, Empire is going to have to turn within onto itself and start abusing its own citizens. This is where the infrastructure is. This is where the resources are (you). This is also where the “need” will be greatest and this is where it can still be controlled in a world full of toppling dominoes.

But do not mistake that “need” as care or concern or benevolence. The Katrina disaster revealed just how much the “concern” there really was as people died of starvation and lack of medicine and dehydration. This should remain a searing reminder for those that think that “collapse” will bring about a positive change and somehow change the inherent behavior of government.

Government allegedly derives their power from the consent of the governed. And without that consent, they simply take it. The US Government has not been a lawful government for decades, the latest transgressions by the Bush Administration is a long series of government excesses, lies, abuse and cover ups spanning a multitude of decades. Even though they have been caught at it hundreds of times, we still have this corrupt government on our hands and we are nearly powerless to do anything about it. Collapse will NOT change that. Do not fall for this lie, it is a myth. Power corrupts, and the absolute power of today corrupts absolutely. They will not let it go.

So, when considering how to prepare for the collapse, you must first understand what you are really facing. Part I, II and III were written to portray my view on what we are really facing, without being too harsh about it. But much more really needs to be said as this is really only the tip of the iceberg. This doesn’t even begin to address the practical details of preparing for collapse, but it does give a few tantalizing hints as to what to expect.


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10 thoughts on “Future Prep – Part III

  • September 23, 2006 at 9:29 am

    The sheepeople will bleat as they go to the shearing shed. They can bleat all they want. It won’t slow down much less halt the shearing. Some will become lamb chops. We are all but so much mutton to the greed-misters. Soylent Neo-Green is also people.

    With the collapse of fiat money and fractional reserve banking, food will once again become the currency de jour. He who controls the food (and water) will be ALL powerful. Period.

  • September 23, 2006 at 10:49 am

    Great! Now if I can just get ’em to line up!

    Seriously though, food will be how this overstressed world is ‘managed’. And it is the only way that it can be managed as the resources dwindle up and the huge population base becomes restless and agitated. People WILL work for food, they’ll kill for it too. In the name of the Fatherland at that.

  • September 23, 2006 at 3:57 pm

    American’s ‘kill’ now for SUV’s, FatDonalds’ and America Idol

    What will they be capable of when their children are staving

    kwashiorkor anyone?

    I didn’t think so!

  • September 25, 2006 at 12:54 pm

    This piece is excellent! This is some of your best work, I think. Clear, direct, and jam-packed with no-nonsense advice. I agree with every single one of your conclusions, too, though of course I find the spectre of it all profoundly depressing.

    You are outdoing yourself these days. Please keep up the good work.

    I’m printing this one out for future reference for myself, to be re-read again and again whenever I find myself needing a reality check.

  • September 30, 2006 at 4:33 pm

    This is a very interesting series. You are discussing concepts that most people – that I know – would think are outrageous and being emitted by a mind that is paranoid in the extreme. Because of my experience with the people in my current community, I’m following your ideas and moving to a new community.

    I do feel that I need to correct you when you state that slavery is unconstitutional. A careful reading of the article that made slavery illegal shows an exception, where it states:


    SECTION 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    This is the key phrase: “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.”

    So all convicted prisoners can be enslaved, legally and constitutionally. With Bush now able to declare any person an enemy, vacuum them up off the streets, and lock them up indefinitely, all he would need is a Stalin-like court to convict them. Or worse, since habeus corpus is gone, they could just disappear a person forever, “Welcome to the Gulag.”

    Robert Conquest’s book, The Great Terror describes Stalinâ’s method that deserves mentioning. Each day he had a list of names of persons to be arrested, and he confirmed each name with his signature next to it. Some lists contained hundreds of names. Today, with signature stamps, I can envision some clerk simply rubber stamping Bush’s name, or whoever the dictator is that follows him.

    One final thought, I think people need to consider escape and evasion tactics if the roundup begins and you get advanced warnings so you can prepare an escape. Things such as a grab-and-go bag need to be ready; how will you travel, by car or on foot at night, hiding during the day; do you have a gun and can you actually use it if you need to keep from being captured; where will escape to; do you have someone who will hide you; in your house, do you have a secret space where you can hide; if you own your house, do you have an escape tunnel? I recently read a news report where the police raided a house only to be foiled because the suspect had a hidden tunnel to a shed in the back yard. Looking back at these last sentences, I can’t really believe I’m saying this, but it’s what I feel is our collective reality. I thought I wouldn’t be frightened, but to fully honest, I’m scared…a lot, and it’s not diminishing. History is filled with examples, quite contemporary as well, of states kidnapping citizens and enslaving or murdering them, as we all know. American exceptionalism will soon end with a giant bitch slap. I dread the day.

  • September 30, 2006 at 5:27 pm

    Good post. But I’d disagree with the ‘duly convicted’ part. At the time the Constitution was written, a fair trial was expected. Not any more. Unless you are rich, very lucky or the prosecution is incompetent, receiving a fair trial is impossible.

    With this new legislation that just passed, it’s a moot point anyway, we are no longer protected by Constitutional law (see today’s post).

    Also, somewhere in this series I commented on the bug out bag, but I can see that this will need a lot more explanation.

    Oh, welcome to the blog!

    (FYI – posts are pre-approved, but only to stop all the spam I get (a lot). You won’t see your comments for a little while until they are first approved.)

  • October 2, 2006 at 8:53 pm

    Here’s an article on prison slave-labor. And I’ve written a bit about this topic on this blog somewhere…

  • October 3, 2006 at 3:21 pm

    Excellent article on prisons and slavery. It is deeply troubling that the use of prisoners for farming is already being done. I guessed that prisoners would be used for farming when we go past peak oil and organic is a necessity. Where else could you get an endless supply of workers to roast under the blazing sun in the California valleys? Itâ’s one thing to be in an air-conditioned factory, itâ’s another to be cooked like a raisin in 115 degree heat. Farmers would probably support this program because they wouldnâ’t have to sell their large acreages. If this comes to pass, these kinds of areas would be our Gulag regions. I would think that it would be natural for farmers to eventually view their “workers” as sub-humans and begin abusing them. It doesnâ’t take much imagination to see how low this could devolve to.

  • February 2, 2007 at 12:23 pm

    This is, without a doubt, the single best article I have ever read on a blog to date. Thank you.

    As for debt slavery, labor camps, and how both relate to future agribusiness, simply
    read (or watch the film) “The Grapes of Wrath” (again) for a graphic illustration of what awaits.

  • January 11, 2008 at 10:46 am

    I was in the federal institution out at Lompoc recently. I was remodeling the guards houses for 10 hours a day 6 days a week, and I was paid $13.00 a month. They gave me the job as soon as they found out I was in construction. Before that, I was working on the dairy farm there shoveling cow shit up to my knees for 6 bucks a month. If I did not want to work, my option was to sit in the hole for thirty days and no privileges for a year.No commissary, phones, letters, visits, etc.The guards at the dairy were taking the milk and sending it to be made into cheese then they would sell it to Safeway and keep the money. That is why when offered early retirement at 75% with a hundred thousand dollar bonus, all offered said HELL NO. They were making too much money off of my sweat. I know this because I got along with my boss and played horseshoes with him every other day, my boss being the guard in charge of the maintanence of all 3 prisons in Lompoc. Did I mention they are building a bigger prison there. All the inmates work, some for Unicor, some for Prison Industries and the rest building and maintaining the facilities. Unicor and P.I. make everything from furniture to signs and everything you can think of. This is all on the Vandenberg Air Force land, which is several hundred thousand acres. There is also a working cattle ranch, slaughterhouse and anything else you can think of. Yes, we should all be scared.

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