How Often Do You Feel Like This?

This is going to become one of my favorite images. Not only do I very often feel like this when discussing the rampant stupidity of this world, I can fully emphasize with this fellow in so many ways.

Lonewolf shared this with me (who else?), where he found it over on Thomas Paine’s Corner, in the “Sentient Like Me” article. I stuck my comments on this article over there and won’t repeat them here.

But going a bit further, I struggle with signs of sentient life among humans, daily. Rampant STUPIDITY abounds everywhere you look in nearly everything you read. I’m not advocating an elitist position here, nor implying that this blog alone is worth reading, there are many excellent sites out there. Read them and learn, they’ll do you in good stead for the rest of your life.

If you have shot your television set yet, I’ll buy the ammo. I’ve probably got the caliber too. That squawk box simply isn’t worth looking at. Your mileage may vary, but it’s nearly 10:00 pm here, that cursed thing hasn’t been on all day.

Ok, how about some educational material? I REALLY DO THINK that the picture above is just incredibly appropriate for these daze and times (send it to all of your friends and enemies) that it’ll be damned hard to improve upon.  But here goes:

I’m reading (shssshhhh!!) anarchist literature!!! Why? Because it’s along the lines of what I’ve been advocating here on this blog for some time now. I think many readers realize much like I do that there is little worth salvaging from this present civilization (which is why the picture of above is just so great!) and anarchists are basically saying the same thing. I think they too would appreciate this picture, who wouldn’t?

I don’t much like labels, and hate pretty much all ism’s, and refuse to stick my head in a box or a can and read out loud the label slapped on the outside by a system that doesn’t even much understand itself, but anarchism is an interesting political theory for shaping society.

Anarchism is not chaos as oft supposed, or ‘no civilization’ either, it is the absence of a hierarchical authority structure, in everything. It ties in directly with both natural rights, personal sovereignty and many other moral and social issues.

What is Anarchism?

Modern civilization faces three potentially catastrophic crises: (1) social breakdown, a shorthand term for rising rates of poverty, homelessness, crime, violence, alienation, drug and alcohol abuse, social isolation, political apathy, dehumanization, the deterioration of community structures of self-help and mutual aid, etc.; (2) destruction of the planet’s delicate ecosystems on which all complex forms of life depend; and (3) the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear weapons.

There are many other definitions worth reading on Anarchism found on the link below. What’s important here, is to realize that there is a rather large driving force in our world today to create an anarchist society. The application here for this blog and the themes I hit on so often is how civilizations collapse is going to potentially bring about an anarchist society among the survivors, and therefore, it is worth understanding.  Consider it survival preps, knowledge is power.

Anarchism IS possible, someday, as much as anything else is possible. Therefore, for your education and reading pleasure, here are some links which might do you in good stead if you can first survive the coming collapse: An Anarchist FAQ

You will be busy there for weeks.  Don’t be fooled, they’ve put a lot of material there.

Hehehehe, that really is a great picture.


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6 thoughts on “How Often Do You Feel Like This?

  • July 9, 2008 at 1:37 am

    Having been an anarchist for the past 36 years, I can state categorically that anarchists are the most humanistic people alive. Essentially, to be an anarchist is to be someone who believes that we can be rational humans who can, if given the chance, form cooperative associations, locally formed, which can take care of the daily business of life.

    Anarchos is the root for the word. It simply means, without rule. That’s all. No overlord at all. Just the purest form of democracy.

    The Andalusian anarchists existed in Spain from 1868-1936. They, in fact, flourished. For anyone who wants to see what human life at its best could represent, I highly recommend that you look up this remarkable movement.

    Thanks, admin, for bringing this up. Most people who hear the word, ANARCHIST, have a complete conniption. They are still reacting to the media hatchet job that capitalists laid on the idea in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

    I have quit admitting my anarchist beliefs for some time due to the completely hysterical reactions I get from the uninformed. I gave up long ago trying to get them to do even a smidgen of research. They won’t do it.

    That is why we will not survive peak oil in any sort of coherent way. The utter lack of interest in taking charge of one’s own life.

    Thanks again.


  • July 9, 2008 at 4:49 am

    Anarchy is the lowest energy intensive form of societal organization, the most ‘primitive’, if you will, the most simplistic and least needy in terms of maintenance costs. Even less so than tribal systems.

    Without the continual supply of cheap energy to maintain the present energy-intensive hierarchal paradigm, it will devolve to a lower energy system, in much the same way as Rome devolved into many smaller, less energy-intensive societies. Lower maintenance costs stem from a less complex, less rigid, less authoritarian, less centralized, less restrictive approach (Tainter, Diamond, etc).

    Expanding the current authority structure will be impossible given the declining energy supplies, despite efforts to the contrary, so it will eventually either consolidate (same level, smaller area of influence), which seems most likely to me (fascism in the urban cores, the rural areas increasingly left to their own devices), as occurred with Rome, or it will slowly devolve into a less energy intensive system, as occurred in the former Soviet Union.

    There is one other nasty side effect, however. In an effort to maintain the present hierarchal authority structure, substitutes for the loss of cheap fossil fuel energy will be employed….most likely in the form of slave labor. It’s what empires used to be built and maintained upon, after all.

  • July 9, 2008 at 8:48 am

    That was a great suggestion, there are articles on the Andalusian online.

    A tree will only flourish where there is fertile soil. Governments that fail to recognize their repression are creating the conditions for rebellion and a demand for new social contracts.

    Most humans seem to want the same things, and when they don’t find them, they will seek ways to create them.

    Opposed to this, which is really to say that they [governments] are actively working against the common human desire to be free, have equal opportunity, they establish a ruling order that oppresses the people for their advantage (preserves the power structure, favoring one group over all the others).

    There is absolutely no need for any government at all. I’ve never agree with the idea that we need to be ruled by anyone.

    Wiki has an extensive and very interesting article on the Andalusian which shows just how evil and corrupt the government really is. Desiring an 8-hour workday to stop the backbreaking labor, the police fire on an unarmed crowd killing dozens. The power of the State was not to be challenged (which continues very much to this day). It’s very easy to see how American government is just as bad today.

    State repression is an amazing but terrible response to the simple needs of the people, like working conditions, wages, etc. “People were often locked up simply for carrying a union card.”  Anarchism seems to be a direct response to repressive government, and a means for a common defense of all men from the State.

  • July 9, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    Cherenkov Says:
    “The utter lack of interest in taking charge of oneâ’s own life.”……

    The Catholic Worker movement advocates Personalism: a philosophy which regards the freedom and dignity of each person as the basis, focus and goal of all metaphysics and morals. In following such wisdom, we move away from a self-centered individualism toward the good of the other. This is to be done by taking personal responsibility for changing conditions, rather than looking to the state or other institutions to provide impersonal “charity.”

  • July 9, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    In a quote from Dorothy Day – “Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy rotten system.”

    I think that says it all……

  • July 10, 2008 at 7:08 am

    Wonderful photo. I’ll remember this gesture the next time I see a government representative.

    I’ve been exploring anarchism off and on for about six years. I find mutch of what it says about mutual aid heartening. I’ve attended and spoken at conventions, and I have friends in our local anarchist movement.

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