Houston Mass Casualty Event

Today’s “human stampede” (in the middle of a pandemic) in Houston shows just how insane American culture and attitudes have become. Killing 8 people and injuring hundreds more, the stampede was caused by human arrogance and stupidity and callous disregard for others – characteristics which have been very evident in America for a long, long time but are clearly now much worse.

What’s shocking is the sheer ‘acceptance’ of these antics by those in attendance. Thousands of fans showed a callous disregard to the human crush that killed and crushed those at the front.

I won’t post any photos or links, I categorically reject the 15-seconds of fame many of these people were seeking and won’t be a part of it, period. But I’ve seen the videos, clips and photos, and all I can say is these people are insane. Welcome to the generation of idiots that will be replacing the rest of us. Now you know what is in store for the future.

Mobs of any size – at ANY event should be avoided at all times. You are at risk in many different ways you can’t even see – and there is nothing you can do about it. Your better off just staying away.

We’ve seen “flash mobs”, mass shootings at concerts, deadly nightclub fires and now this. Oh, and the Capitol riot also qualifies. Mob behavior is dangerous, and can be deadly, just ask Ashli Babbitt, caught up in the moment and exhibited profoundly poor judgement and got herself killed.

I cannot even fathom why anybody would even go to one of these events, especially in the middle of a pandemic.


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