Hot as Hell

The National Climatic Data Center at the National Oceanic and Astmospheric Administration (NOAA) has an interactive graph plotting the the temperature variations from 1880 to the present.

It’s very obvious that 2014 will be the hottest year every measured, already ranked at 135 (hottest year ever measured) and that the trend line for the future looks even worse.


This is finally coming out (although far too late): “We have not seen an ice free period in the Arctic Ocean for 2.6 million years. However, we may see it in our lifetime.” Compare a human lifetime to 2.6 million years and you begin to gleam the speed at which this unfolding. Desperate attempts at “adaption” are being posed (pay attention here – many more will be forthcoming), all of which still fail to offer anything but hopium.

Sao Paulo (Brazil), home to 20 million people (the largest city in South America) is out of water and is now considering pumping mud from it’s 3rd and final emergency reserve to avoid the deaths of millions of people.

The denial there by the state’s politicians is astounding (only matched by the stupid Republicans in America). Water conservation was significantly delayed for fear of public backlash (during a (s)Election cycle).  More here: Sao Paulo sleepwalking into water crisis

One year of our CO₂ emissions modeled by a supercomputer:


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