History Will Not Absolve Us

Nice article from Global Research. After reading this, ask yourself if the Bush Administration will go quietly into the night, or will they try to protect themselves? Which of course, they are already doing in numerous ways, such as refusing subpoena and many other things, such as keeping the presidential papers sealed. But I’m talking about martial law and an indefinite presidency or something equally nefarious. The clock ticks, and we edge ever closer.

Just found this on Carolyn’s blog – Wierd Russian Mind Control Research Behind DHS Contract

It should be obvious that if the State and it’s agents are resorting to this kind of technology (and desperation), they are very much aware that the natives won’t always be pacified. Also obvious is how the everyday average Joe is now considered a potential terrorist. Welcome to the brave new world.

Oh, bank runs in England have started (thousands standing in line to withdraw their money). And I’ve been saying this (because I correctly guessed, not because I’m a scientist) for a while now — Global Tipping Points Now Unavoidable.

Just in from Vaughn – Full Spectrum Dominance.  Suggest you read this one too.


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