Here’s Your Proof

A very informative graphic on human history and stupidity (scroll down to view here).

Fossil fuels were the untouchables. Perhaps they’re all black for a reason. Pure poison to Planet Earth, humanity and all life on Earth. Somehow, the ‘instruction manual’ for humans didn’t seem to include this admonishment – Thou Shalt Not Touch The Black Death, Thou Shalt Not Burn It Else Thou Will Die.

This one, we were left to figure out for ourselves, but somehow still can’t. Humans are an amazingly stupid species.

The only thing missing from this graphic is the gigantic collapse of our civilization, unfolding now. And the claims that “renewables” aren’t also using fossil fuels of course. Of course they are, they always have and always will. It is not more energy we need, but less. Including less people, less “civilization”, less industry, less development, less of EVERYTHING. But basic common sense is entirely absent among the elitists, scientists and idiots that keep advocating we can continue down this path of death. They’re all far too stupid to admit when they’re dead wrong.

So now we have “geocide”, an apt description of human stupidity run amok:

The terrible trends and data have led the venerable progressive political scientist and social-justice advocate Susan George to introduce what she calls “a new phenomenon in the history of humankind.” In a recent lecture to the International Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights in Buenos Aires, she names it “geocide,” meaning “the collective action of a single species among millions of other species which is changing planet Earth to the point that it can become unrecognisable and unfit for life.” Humanity, George says, “is committing geocide against all components of nature, whether microscopic organisms, plants, animals or against itself, homo sapiens, humankind.” George is unstinting in her denunciation of the human species: “Homo sapiens has only existed for roughly 200,000 years. The time we’ve spent on this planet compared to its total age is infinitesimally short, just the tiniest sliver of geological time. It amounts to a mere 0.00004 percent of Earth’s existence. And although any given species of plant or animal—vertebrate or invertebrate—tends to last on average about 10 million years, our species seems determined to cause its own extinction, along with the rest of creation, long before its allotted time.”


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  • September 17, 2016 at 5:03 am
    That graph is so easy to understand even 10-year-old children can understand it. Only politicians, bankers, economists, bureaucrats and corporate CEOs can’t.

    Yes, industrial humans are absolutely determined to bring about their own extinction(and the extinction of most other vertebrate species) by mid-century.

    Atmospheric CO2 is approaching the seasonal minimum, and will soon be headed towards 412 ppm.

    and will probably break through 450 ppm around 2026.

  • September 17, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    It’s going to become very obvious that the posturing everyone is doing on both side of the fence is irrelevant in the end. If the goal was to waste time and money, both sides have accomplished this. But there are no “sides” in reality, it’s just us ignorant humans and the millions of other life forms trying to live on this planet.

    This pictorial graph represents a lot more then it may seem. The hopes, dreams, aspirations, failures and destruction of an entire species; the fabrication of religion and civilization and the lofty dreams of immortality. But it will all be for nothing in the end.

    Government, business and industry are often thought of as the problem to climate change inaction, but it goes much deeper then this. Our civilization is the problem, right down to the individual (you and me). It is intractable and immutable as long as it exists.

    Everything will be done to protect civilization and our so-called “way of life”. Nothing will be done to change any of this. Every individual is responsible. Every scientist, every doctor, every mother, every father, every sister, every brother. Both by virtue of our very existence, and by our silence and by our individual obligation to a habitable future.

    Silencing dissent is just one of a million tactics that will be tried to protect civilization; and so will keeping silent to preserve one’s “job”. It’s always, ALWAYS about self-preservation in the end.

    I’ve come to expect nothing at all from anyone because self-preservation is always the driving reason for human stupidity and indifference. To the guy who wants to keep his job while he helps destroy the planet, you’re just as guilty as I am, who seeks to simply stay alive by participating in this civilization.

    Walking away is an almost an impossible option. I tried and failed. Can’t do it alone. Can’t extract myself far enough. So I tried the exact opposite, as many others have. I tried to change perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, awareness. I failed here too. Civilization has a terrifying hold upon us all, its death-grip is unshakable.

    We’re going to all go down with the ship, there really isn’t any arguing that. And I’ve come to believe that we should. We are major screw-ups as a species, natures rejects and mistakes. It’s not unusual, it’s happened before. We use consciousness and awareness and invented what should not be. Civilization. And now we are discovering that this direction was a disaster but we can’t go back either because our consciousness won’t let us.

    We’re nowhere near as smart as we perceive ourselves to be. We imagine that we can change, but we can’t. We find ourselves in hypocrisy in every proposal, every effort because we insist on ever more civilization. We’re very good a self-deception and hiding from reality, but we’re incredibly unsuited for anything else. See, it all comes down to self-preservation in the end. That’s why we go silent or “join the crowd”. We want to survive, but ultimately know that we won’t. Nobody is asking the obvious. Should we?

    We are a horror show to everything else, even each other. We offer nothing but destruction and death to everything else. Our consciousness deceives us. Imagining ourselves important and valuable, we continue in this nothingness. For as long as we can, which we are certain to do right to the very end.

    It’s all about self-preservation. It always has been. But our survival isn’t what matters anymore. Not when an entire biosphere is dying. We’re too arrogant to admit that if this dies, we die too, so we continue in our nothingness, ensuring that death follows us in everything that we do. That’s our self-deception, our consciousness again deceiving us, insisting how important and necessary we are, and how our civilization must be preserved. It’s pathetic how feeble our minds can really be.

    This is why we will fail. We cannot see any of this, the futility of it all or the source of that futility. We can’t even talk about it or admit to its clear existence. So we will continue to do what we have always done. Ensure the death of every other living thing. It is our “act of self-preservation” that convinces our minds of this essential necessity until we can’t do this anymore and then we will be gone, as it should be.

    By then, there will also be nothing else left alive except some few lower lifeforms who will meekly inherit a newly created hellish Earth, picking their way through the rubble of our “once-great” civilization. We will all be forgotten and with good riddance if such a thought ever becomes possible again. The ruins of our self-destruction and the near-total absence of biological diversity will be the mute testimony for millennia of what we were. And the judgement will be the same then as as it is now, the horror will be finally gone.

  • September 17, 2016 at 7:21 pm
    There are many aspects I did not understand 20 years ago, when I began the ‘truth journey’ that lead me to the dismal conclusion there is no hope.

    I now understand that:

    1. Homo sapiens evolved to be the top predator on this planet, not via huge teeth or claws (the usual evolutionary root to becoming the top predator) but via the ability to construct and use weapons. Sapiens outcompeted contemporaneous homo forms or exterminated them all.

    2. Fixed abode living and development of agriculture resulted in greater numbers of stupider people.

    3. The invention of fractional reserve banking and its establishment throughout most of the world set humanity on course for rapid extinction via the ‘endless need’ for economic growth.

    4. The development of steam pumps put the world onto an even faster trajectory towards extinction.

    5. Capture of the political system and the mass media by banks and corporations resulted in all opposition to the banker-corporate agenda being ignored or crushed, and resulted in the fundamental science that, in the 1970s, predicted energetic, environmental and social collapse being ignored.

    Human societies are the result of the ability of a small portion of a group to impose its will on the rest, usually through violence or threats of violence.

  • September 21, 2016 at 5:24 pm
    Amazing graphic. Afewknow is correct, even a 10-year old child can understand it.

    On a whimsical note, I’m kind of tickled to learn about Pharaoh Iry-Hor, the earliest historical person known by name.

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