Here’s How Trump Is Being Manipulated By Industry and Phony “Climate Science”

If you want to get a “picture” of the disconnect between climate science (facts / reality) and what the Trump Administration “wants” – then read this article:

A look at the climate science sent to Trump

I’ll highlight the important points:

a) The Heartland Institute is a well-known climate denial organization representing big oil and corporate interests. They’re not going to be fair, unbiased or informative to the actual facts (as their history has proven, over and over again).

b) They refused to provide the presentation they’ve sent to the White House “unless they could get a public debate”. Apparently, their “data” will not stand on it’s own (typical of deniers).

c) The presentation was similar to an earlier (and disproved) publication, “Climate Change Reconsidered” in which they falsely claimed “the world needs more fossil fuels and that climate change isn’t a problem.”

d) They believe their the real experts on climate change and “environmental economics” (how to make profits in other words).

e) Will Happer advises the President, and serves on the National Security Council as the senior director for emerging technologies. Happer also heads the CO2 Coalition, which advocates for a rejection of climate science, and he has said the world is in a “CO2 drought” and that rising levels of greenhouse gases are harmless.

f) The CO2 Coalition, Cato Institute and Heartland Institute have all received funding from the Mercer family. The family is one of Trump’s top donors and spent about $4 million in 2016 on groups that fight against climate science, according to tax records.

g) The federal government employs hundreds of climate scientists who could articulate climate science to the president, but there is no indication that he has ever sought a briefing. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, who previously rejected mainstream climate science as an Oklahoma congressman but said his views “evolved” after he took over the space agency, recently said he had no plans to brief Republicans about climate science.

“Look, if I start engaging in what to do about the science that we receive, then it politicizes what NASA is all about, and we don’t want to do that,” Bridenstine told The Atlantic magazine in an interview last week. “All we’re going to do is study the planet and make sure that all of that data and all of that science is made available to the public.”

So there you have it. A climate denying organization (Heartland Institute) puts together a phony slideshow on climate science for the White House which nobody else is allowed to see, which claims that more fossil fuel is needed and climate change isn’t a problem, and NASA now has a climate-change denier at the helm, and he’s got no plans at all to inform the leadership about climate science.

Trump however, has no excuse – and neither does anyone in his Administration. They’ve refused to avail themselves of the information that anybody can lay their hands on. So what’s happening is deliberate, malicious, deceptive, dishonest – and typical for this Administration. It’s also exceedingly dangerous for all of humanity.

Ignoring the most pressing threat to ever face the human race is beyond stupid. Pretending to get your “facts” from climate change denial sources is malicious – and a dereliction of duty. The crime against humanity unfolding here is truly astronomical.


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