Here Is What We Are Up Against

I’m going to share some news on what scientists “think” we need to do to avoid catastrophic climate change. I already know (and can prove) that this is all wrong, but to put this into perspective, it’s important that you know what they’re claiming:

In order to keep the climate from warming beyond 2°C, “to avoid the worst risks of a hotter planet”, these things MUST be done –

1) Global CO2 emissions from energy and industry have to fall in half each decade. That is, in the 2020s, the world cuts emissions in half. Then we do it again in the 2030s. Then we do it again in the 2040s. They dub this a “carbon law.” Lead author Johan Rockström told me they were thinking of an analogy to Moore’s law for transistors; we’ll see why.

2) Net emissions from land use — i.e., from agriculture and deforestation — have to fall steadily to zero by 2050. This would need to happen even as the world population grows and we’re feeding ever more people.

3) Technologies to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere have to start scaling up massively, until we’re artificially pulling 5 gigatons of CO2 per year out of the atmosphere by 2050 — nearly double what all the world’s trees and soils already do.

Scientist made a detailed roadmap for meeting the Paris climate goals. It’s eye-opening.

Now here is the bad news for humans (everyone alive or to be born) – these goals are categorically impossible to achieve, as in it can’t happen – ever.

1) The global growth paradigm is fossil fuel based (and always will be) and will never “agree” to contract voluntarily. Even in a global collapse of the economy, there will still be continued greenhouse gas emissions and growth. That is the long and short of it.

2) Emissions from land use will never fall to zero. Never, ever. Not unless humans are long dead and gone, agriculture (and food) is extinct and thousands of years have passed to restore the natural equilibrium of the planet.

3) No such technologies exist to scale and likely, never will. The requirements of even a single one of these ‘giant vacuums’ (or anything else yet imagined) exceeds every project ever devised by mankind. We lack virtually everything to accomplish even one of these projects proposed so far, the funding, political will, technological expertise and time. And there is a huge question of whether we even have the resources to pull one of these projects off.

The so-called ‘decarbonization’ requirement to keep warming below 2°C is an utter fantasy. It will never, ever happen. And it is a argument / claim that needs to be utterly abandoned because it has always been a lie and nothing is going to change this fact.

The rest of the article linked above will tell you a bit about ‘carbon pricing’ which in a fossil fuel derived world, may sound like it makes sense, but this too is false. Marketing the price of carbon does nothing to change the emissions of carbon as supposed, and does not address any of the root causes of our contributions to greenhouse gases. It is a disingenuous claim that will not stop warming at all, but it will make some people / countries rich in the meanwhile.

The ‘roadmap’ isn’t just staggering – it is impossible, a virtual pipe dream that needs to be called out for what it is – an utter fantasy. And what this claim really means by virtue of its impossibility is there is no way humans are going to stop warming up the planet and making things worse. It’s just not going to happen – ever. Not in ANY of the scenarios described, but I cant think of several not described (volcanism / catastrophic collapse of civilization, global plague / catastrophic collapse of civilization and so forth – none good). Whatever actually happens, its going to be a very rough and difficult time to be alive.

I’m not arguing that we should not try to stop global warming – try we must (read my history on this point). I’m stating, categorically – we will fail with every approach so far devised. And here is the truth of the matter – we will fail because we failed to address the issue long ago when we should have and when we could have. Moreover, we will fail because we refuse to sacrifice this civilization as the carbon emitting heat engine that it really is. Growth / civilization must end – and as you would expect, it’s not on the table and never will be.

I’ve known this for years and years now and find every article, story, claim and wishful hopium ‘argument’ that claims otherwise to be seriously misguided delusional disinformation. We’re being terribly dishonest about the reality of our situation and our willingness to do what it takes. I think it is unlikely that we’ll ever admit to our utter foolishness on this matter.

Therefore, the “large-scale geoengineering” option is definitely what is going to happen. Expect it. It’s also what industry really wants. This way, it allows them to postpone any real effort as long as possible. They can pass this horrifying future off to your children (more on that later). They’ll be very busy claiming how necessary this is while deflecting their own unwillingness to act decisively when they should have. Geoengineering is most definitely in your future – and it’s risky as hell. It also carries the same caveats – as long as we try to preserve this destructive civilization, nothing we do will work in the long term.

In the meanwhile – expect higher and higher temperatures, a massively stalled jet stream with long unendurable “weather” (hot / cold / wet / dry) patterns, rapidly rising food prices and spreading starvation, widespread economic impacts and endless lies, denials, distractions, obfuscation and greedy opportunists trying to cash in from oh, … just about everybody.


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7 thoughts on “Here Is What We Are Up Against

  • April 8, 2017 at 9:48 am

    Actions required to prevent CO2 emissions rendering the Earth largely (or completely) uninhabitable for most extant life forms over the coming decades.

    1. Abandonment of the corrupt and manipulative Fractional Reserve Banking system and abandonment of the charging of interest on loans. In fact abandonment of the current money system.

    2. Abandonment of the ridiculous GDP system as a measure of economic ‘progress’.

    3. Abandonment of the taxation system, whereby a portion of the proceeds of human activity gets siphoned off to support the counter-productive activities of politicians and bureaucrats.

    4. Abandonment of the ridiculous notion that humans are not animals and the ridiculous notion that they can control nature.

    5. Abandonment of the economic system, which is founded on the conversion of mineral and natural resources into stuff humans do not actually need at all, and which is the source of most emissions.

    6. Abandonment of the ridiculous notion that the human population can and must continue to grow.

    7. Abandonment of industrial civilization.

    We know none of those prerequisites for preventing ‘progressive’ meltdown of the planet will ever be adopted under the present regime, which was established under false narratives and is maintained via false narratives.

    It is also perfectly clear that those who obtain and maintain their positions of power via promotion of everything that is fundamentally wrong and unsustainable will continue to promote everything that is fundamentally wrong and unsustainable……until they can’t. And they will continue to lie to the general populace about practically everything until they can’t get away with the lies any longer.

    I believe the capacity of politicians and bureaucrats to maintain their standing in society will collapse by about 2020 (depending on location), and that increasingly fascistic and Nazi-like systems will be imposed on the general populace of most nations as those in power attempt to hang on to what the have.

    Once large numbers of people with white skins start to suffer and those in power have no answers (not that they ever did have any proper answers but the supply of cheap coal and oil allowed the illusion they knew what they were doing to be maintained) you know the end is near.

    • April 8, 2017 at 10:37 am

      Humans alone have the remarkable capacity to self-delude, to deny, to pretend, to fantasize, to envision the impossible – all the while when the real reality utterly refutes our imagination and dreaming.

      We are not the masters of this world, we are not even the masters of our own selves. Over 90% of our DNA isn’t human. In reality, we are the servants to our non-human hosts.

      Our relationship to the Earth is the same – we exist because of the Earth’s abundance and bounty and favorable climate – not in spite of these things. We would do well to remember that and respect that, but we won’t.

      Only humans have the capacity to imagine themselves as the masters and captains of their own fate, all the while shitting in their own nest and ignoring the consequences. A gigantic humbling experience of the entire human race is unfolding now. Will we learn? Probably not.

      • April 10, 2017 at 8:21 am

        I am not sure whether Generation Zero is a group of deluded young people, or whether it is an organization that has been nobbled by the powers that be to promote delusions.

        Whichever is the case, it is blatantly obvious that there can never be any such thing as a ‘zero carbon city’ or even a ‘carbon neutral city’.

        From their website:

        ‘Climate change is the challenge of our generation, and young people are the inheritors of humanity’s response to climate change.
        For that reason – Generation Zero, a youth-led organisation, was founded with the central purpose of providing solutions for New Zealand to cut carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities & independence from fossil fuels.
        We are witnessing a global shift away from polluting fossil fuels, and as New Zealanders, we are fortunate enough to possess an abundance of opportunities to make this transition.’
        We can power our homes, our industries and our economy with clean safe energy. We can build more liveable cities with greater housing and transport choices to attract the best and brightest to New Zealand. We can move beyond fossil fuels and create a safer and healthier nation by doing so.
        These solutions will not come from one minority, one political party, or one ideology. These solutions come from real New Zealanders, from all backgrounds joining together under a central vision.
        It is time for New Zealand to step up, act responsibly and secure a safe thriving zero carbon Aotearoa.’

  • April 10, 2017 at 8:28 am

    The intentional misrepresentation of terms like ‘clean energy’, ‘zero-carbon’, ‘sustainable’ and even ‘climate change’ will lead to utter disaster. Millions of people do not know what any of these terms actually mean and have been taught through repeated exposure the wrong definitions. So when they learn of new technologies, new endeavors that supposedly fulfill for these terms, they have no real idea what they’re getting.

    The only “shift” that is really underway that I can perceive as being truly real is a massive disinformation campaign on “how great we are doing”. It’s all lies of course. It’s not low-carbon, certainly not zero-carbon, it’s not fossil-fuel free either, and there is no such thing as clean energy, or like you shared, a ‘carbon-neutral city’.

    They’re lying. All of them. And it is going to have terrifying repercussions.

    I believe they are doing it in order to move forward to another business model. They needed to find a way to “sell” these concepts to an unwilling government, corporate marketplace and to the public. This way, they can continue their profit-paradigm model while deceiving almost everyone.

    It is clear evidence of gross dishonesty, neglect and ultimately, ecocide for the entire planet.

    • April 10, 2017 at 10:02 am

      The Guardian reports that the Great Barrier is in terminal decline, yet ALL official policy is predicated on increasing the rate at which industrial humans are buggering up the planet. Just what will it take to stop the madness? (Rhetorical question because I already know the answer. And it wont be people.)

      The Guardian item:

      Great Barrier Reef at ‘terminal stage’: scientists despair at latest coral bleaching data
      ‘Last year was bad enough, this is a disaster,’ says one expert as Australia Research Council finds fresh damage across 8,000km
      • ‘Australia’s politicians have betrayed the reef and only the people can save it’

      • April 10, 2017 at 10:14 am

        I despair at the effort to raise awareness of what we are doing to ourselves. It is not working.

        Hey, it’s just coral. It’s not like the world needs this, right? We can always snorkel somewhere else, maybe even in the cesspool off of Miami.

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