Heatwaves Deaths Projected To Increase 5400%, Coastal Floods 3780%, Wildfires 138%, River Floods 54%, Windstorms 20%

You need to dig a little (read) to find this nugget in this article:

Deaths from heatwaves were projected to increase by 5,400 percent, coastal foods by 3,780 percent, wildfires by 138 percent, river floods by 54 percent and windstorms by 20 percent.  European heatwave deaths could skyrocket: climate study

Heatwaves are expected to do the worst damage, jumping from 11 people per million currently to about 700 per million.

I suspect they’ve seriously underestimated most of the figures (again) because they’re simply not projecting the real temperature rise (they’ve assumed a 3°C rise, which is still too low). Nothing was mentioned about wet-bulb temperature deaths / crop losses / famine either, which even at their lower estimates, would still occur in large parts of the world. They did mention rising carbon dioxide levels will dramatically cut the amount of protein in stable crops like rice and wheat in the decades to come. Ahem… it’s a bigger problem then just protein.

In any case, this is pretty bad. Using their lower estimates, there will still be 351 million people exposed per year, up from 25 million. That’s a big jump.

Oddly, they only mention human adaption through better insulation of homes – no consideration seems to be included for what happens to farmland, crops, livestock and other food produced. Or how such temperatures would accelerate biosphere death (plants, marine life) through warming oceans, plankton die-off, anoxic events and so forth. And, as usual, there is the ridiculous Paris Agreement comments, which are pretty much boilerplate “snooze” these daze for climate reporting.

I have to say it – it’s as if climate science is (still) running around with blinders on and disbelieving their own results (and unaware of everybody else’s too). They’re STILL playing catch-up to reality.


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5 thoughts on “Heatwaves Deaths Projected To Increase 5400%, Coastal Floods 3780%, Wildfires 138%, River Floods 54%, Windstorms 20%

  • August 6, 2017 at 1:29 pm

    I’ve been getting no response from the site for months. But we’ve been up all along???

    I kept the link bookmarked for old times sake. Figured I’d click on it in useless remembrance and suddenly—presto—I’m here?

    What happened?

    • August 6, 2017 at 1:39 pm

      The blog was closed and deleted by government order. Survival Acres (admin) and his entire family was renditioned by unknown evil entities and has not been seen or heard from since.

      You missed the shutdown notice? It’s still there.

      • August 6, 2017 at 2:24 pm

        I may have misspoken. I didn’t miss the shutdown notice. I missed the reboot notice. And for some reason, my clicks on the bookmark proved unresponsive even after the July 11 reboot (if that’s indeed when it was).

        Nevertheless, I’m here now, and eager to catch up on my missed reading.

        Too bad about that Survival Acres guy, but I warned him what would happen if he crossed me! 😉

  • August 7, 2017 at 4:36 am

    There’s a word we should start using: “prolicide,” the killing of one’s offspring or descendants.

    We know, for example, that Exxon knew of the reality of climate change decades ago, but not only suppressed the truth, they actively funded and endorsed a program of lies to convince the public that climate change was nonexistent or a hoax. The corporate executive that did this were, therefore, prolicides. Or will be soon enough.

    Climate denialism: how could anyone possibly fall for it?

    People see elites doing nothing about climate change, and not only that, but proposing false solutions that enrich elites, like carbon trading schemes that allow investment banks to “skim” off each transaction. Of course there’s going to be a bunch of people who conclude that the climate change advocates are liars.

    Then there’s Al Gore, advocating NAFTA and still more globalization. I remember his debate with Ross Perot. All of us here know that you can’t advocate for globalization and environmentalism; they don’t fit, as environmentalism slowly leads you to neither anti-capitalist (Marxist) positions, nor pro-capitalist positions (liberal, neoliberal, libertarian, ancap, free marketeer, etcetera), but a kind of pre-capitalism.

    So people realize these are false solutions offered by hypocrites and it’s easy for them to then accept the propaganda that climate change is a hoax. While I don’t want to excuse anything, I do want to understand the processes at work here.

    Anyway, prolicide comes from the Latin root “prove,” meaning “offspring, issue.” A prolocide, then, is someone who kills his own descendants.

    Online Etymology Dictionary: “Prole”:

    The Phrontistery: Killing and Killers:

    The second site lists “prolicide” as meaning not merely the killing of your own offspring or descendants, but also includes the killing of the entire human race. (By humans, of course; if Martians killed us all, it would merely be speciocide.)

    This entire website, its very theme, nearly every article, could perhaps fall under the topic heading of “prolicide.”

  • August 7, 2017 at 6:59 am

    That should instead read:

    >>>>Anyway, prolicide comes from the Latin root “prole,” meaning “offspring, issue.”

    (Spellcheck refuses to acknowledge that a human being can actually mean what he writes.)

    Here are two more useful terms: “monocausal” and “multicausal.”

    How to understand the prevalence of climate denialism? I think here we’re dealing with something that is obviously multicausal.

    At the most shallow level, people are ignorant of science, they haven’t made an effort to dig deep enough. (I find, myself, that most people aren’t really readers or critical thinkers, though, by their very nature.)

    The next cause: the obvious failure by liberal elites to actually tell people the truth, and for them to actively engage in hypocrisy and false answers that stink of lies and inadequacy. We’ve known for decades that growth can’t continue forever; our elites—who have access to the best information and experts—know it undeniably. Yet that all we hear from politicians’ mouths is “growth, growth, growth.”

    Those liberal elites that deeply fathom the truth of our situation find themselves in a kind of “Prisoner’s Dilemma.” If they speak out, they are quickly cut from elite circles. Who would vote for someone who says, “Hey, guys, more of us need to start living like Hobbits”? That candidate would be accused of being the next Pol Pot.

    The worst of these causes, the most culpable, are those prolicides who knew of climate change’s reality (Exxon), but then actively worked to deceive multiple millions. They made the decision to bake their grandchildren in return for the profits of business-as-usual. The wealth thereby acquired is the time-bending manifestation of cannibalizing their own descendants.

    Acres, I know you hate false narratives, but I actually love them. I love to delve inside them and find out what makes them tick. False narratives often have elements of truth hidden inside them, past the distortions. I have learned a great deal by diving into points of view that were originally repellent to me, by listening to speakers and thinkers I despised at first exposure.

    I find now that I can get into a variety of headspaces and dissect them while I sympathize with and understand them. The rewards of decades of practice, perhaps?

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