Harvey Hammers Houston – Hell Unleashed on Global Petrochemical Hub

An enormous storm has engulfed southern Texas – which everyone knows by now. Texas and of course, Houston is a major world-wide petrochemical hub.

Texas has, for the most part, chosen to deny the reality of climate change. The warnings issued years ago fell on increasingly deaf ears:

To the frustration of many, however, that looming threat of the day when, not if, a powerful storm surge descends on one of Texas’ economic engines – ripping above-ground pipes from their fittings, tossing chemical storage tanks like empty soda cans and deluging entire manufacturing plants in brackish salt water – hasn’t led to enough political and economic pressure to build what some consider the region’s only option for keeping a hurricane from sweeping billions of dollars of Houston investment into the sea.

“We are eight years since Hurricane Ike… and we still don’t have that one plan,” said State Sen. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, referencing the last hurricane to wreak havoc across the Houston area. “That’s troubling, but we’re making progress… We will need it. It is not a matter of thinking it may happen some day, it will happen.”

Houston, and its global petrochemical hub, remain in the eye of the storm

Not much has changed. With ocean temperatures continuing to rise and atmospheric water vapor increasing, a “Harvey” was bound to happen.

What looks like a lake with whitecaps – isn’t. A lake that is. It’s where the freeway runs through Beaumont, Texas. The biblical-scale flood from the sky of epic proportions has impacted a significant region of Texas.

Despite the clear warnings from climate scientists, the “superstorms of tomorrow” arrived with nary a whisper of comprehension within America’s ruling class. Undoubtedly, even after the hell-storm of Harvey upon Texas, there will be more strident denials from the same group. Even though Trump visited the state, he still refused to breath a word about ‘climate change’.

He avoided Houston, which is representative of how Trump avoids a lot of things. He’s leading the nation to disaster, totally out of his depth and his legendary incompetence is now showing for all the world to see. Houston and every other impacted hamlet, city and town has to cope with a hell storm without a President providing effective leadership. Public anger and pressure may change some of that in the days ahead – but we should all remember Trump’s visit to Texas – and what he didn’t say.

We love you, you are special, we are here to take care of you. It’s going well…What a crowd, what a turn out.” (The “I” of the storm…)

Even in the midst of catastrophe, the man is incapable admitting his errors. Not a President that anybody should plan on counting on.

It is ironic, almost as if Nature herself has a sense of humor. Hammering a hell storm upon Texas, and in particular the global petrochemical hub. The impact from this storm and the ensuing flooding is going to be absolutely massive. It appears to be the largest rainfall to ever strike the nation. That’s rather significant, in a time when the media dishonestly reports only a 0.8C warming (sometimes reported slightly higher).

If Nature is sending a signal – how much LOUDER could it be? Will humans finally listen? Will they finally acknowledge that the current warming is being caused by human activity? Or will they return back to the realm of fantasy, denial and disinformation?

I’m not taking any bets – but I’ve been working on a post that begins with this:

  • Humans have an amazing, highly developed capacity for a lifetime of self-deception.
  • This is equally matched by our ability to often act like we are something more then what we really are.
  • This happens because we cannot accept the reality of who and what we really are.
  • We have learned to hide behind our various cloaks to prevent further inspection.

There’s much more, but they’re bullet points that I want to share that reveal the real human description.

I’m sitting here, again in a cloud of smoke from a fire roughly 50 miles or so away. It’s bone dry, has been all summer and the forests are burning. I know the cause. I know why its going to continue like this for the rest of my life. Does Texas? Regions already susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes will experience worsening “weather”. Dry regions will have “more dry”. Extreme weather events will happen everywhere. Planetary habitability will decline. I prepared.

Please re-read Prepare for Climate CollapsePart I and Part II. I have been attempting for a pretty long time now to alert the world and particularly Americans about climate collapse.


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