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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the news is full of discussion on “gun control”.  It’s worth paying attention to.

I am not going to bother outlining the ‘merits’ of pro-gun or anti-gun. For the record, I’m very much ‘pro-gun’.  No need to explain why.

What I’d like to do is write the projections of what this latest hysteria is going to mean for gun owners and for the nation.

First, a little history.

For years, gun owners have complied with every demand made of them. Gun laws were enacted, then repealed or allowed to expire. The vagrancies of the current Administration very much dictated what was now “legal” and what wasn’t.

Guns at schools were normal. There were even school shooting sports. Kids from an early age were taught safe gun handling and how to shoot. America wasn’t having an aneurism about this issue back then.

Parents kept their guns wherever they wanted them. In the corner of the room, in the bedroom, above the mantle or in the car. You might even find a gun in the barn where kids were known to play.

You could even buy a gun through the mail, or the Sears catalog. They were cheap, plentiful and available to anybody who wanted one.

Guns were not a problem back then. But as America became increasingly violent in culture and Empire, problems began. The guns that had always been available, became increasingly restricted by hundreds and then thousands of new gun laws. However, new laws didn’t help the problem.

So more laws were passed, year by year.  The problems still remained.  Resolving violence with a gun was always (allegedly) the reason given for passing new laws, but they never managed to stop the violence.

Criminals took advantage of the laws, attacking those who were disarmed. Criminal on criminal violence now occurs frequently. Gun laws have done nothing to curb this activity just like drug laws have done nothing to stop drug use.

It seems that America has finally reached a juncture of sorts, which in no small part is due to the incessant media brainwashing. Gun violence “must be stopped”. Punishing an entire nation of gun owners is their preferred solution.

President Obama, State governors, city mayors and various other (s)Elected officials intend to “do something”, causing no small upset among millions of Americans.  For gun owners, doing anything represent “too much”, having already having to comply with over 20,000 gun laws now. For anti-gun non-owners, nothing less then a complete ban of firearms will suffice.

What will happen is a (temporary) compromise position will be reached. A “renewed” assault weapons ban, restriction on magazines, capacity and ammunition, licensing and registration and increased restrictions will most likely be made “law”. Gun owners are livid – but if they’re still allowed to keep their guns, then not much else will happen.  The anti-gunners will be back of course, as they always do, intending to pass even greater restrictions until their objectives are met (total gun ban in America).

The hypocrisy of this is worth mentioning. The United States is the largest arms exporter in the world. So punishing millions of legal gun owners for the crime of a deranged individual (who is not the first to commit an atrocity) makes little real sense. But they will try to do it nonetheless, while ignoring the millions being slaughtered elsewhere with American guns.  Real smart.

What this is leading to is important.  A showdown between Americans and politicians is coming. It has the potential to be bloody, ugly and shocking beyond belief if things go badly. If it happens, there will be many ‘bystanders’ also hurt.  Political commentators, talk show hosts, columnists and others could be targeted for violence.

Nobody really seems to understand why this is happening.  We’ve seen this type of thing before, passing new legislation always as an “afterthought” to some crime committed (including 9/11), the assumption being that such actions will somehow stop this from ever happening again.

It’s a patently false assumption.  You cannot legislate criminals or criminal behavior to act lawfully, no matter how severe the “law”. Once a criminal has determined to commit a crime, no “law” will make any difference at all.  In particular, gun violence or crimes committed with a gun, especially of the type we witnessed at Columbine and Sandy Hook, the criminals have no intentions of surviving, and therefore no laws, not even the death penalty would have made any difference.

Any new legislation passed into law then, won’t stop gun violence. The harsh truth is nothing will. Not even banning firearms altogether. Gun existence in that hands of anyone means that gun violence is going to happen, even just in the hands of “law enforcement” (or especially in the hands of law enforcement). There are some commentators who think that only law enforcement should be permitted to have firearms. This would be a dreadful mistake. It is the same mistake made all over the world — and violent oppression and genocide was the result.

Can’t happen here? It already is.  America has been waging genocide in countries all over the world. We’ve been exporting our violent tendencies and are perfectly capable of performing them domestically — on Americans.

Those of you that think the military is “on your side” better think again.  The military will do whatever it’s told as it always does.  And since you are not calling the shots, you better realize that simple fact.

I categorically reject the notion that US troops will not harm Americans or not disarm them. They’re quite willing to harm other people and disarm them under orders. This is exactly what they have been trained to do.  They will not come to the rescue of “Americans” when and if the shooting starts here (unless it is against a foreign aggressor).

Those that claim that they will not “violate the Constitution” already have, and they should be fully aware of that fact. They have been completely complicit in Constitutional violations in America for decades, and especially since 9/11.

There is a lot more history that could be included, but I’m more interested in sharing what the projections of new gun legislation is most likely to mean.

Currently, gun use is considered limited to shooting sports, hunting, and self-defense. Many gun owners are very wary of their government and consider the possibility that gun use may include something else — suppressing tyranny.

Gun use for anything other then shooting sports or hunting has some really horrific consequences. Guns used in self-defense almost always result in horrendous legal complications, including the sale of assets to pay for legal fees, the loss of job and income and bankruptcy. Not always, but it happens often enough in self-defense cases that is certainly bears mentioning.There is also rejection by family, friends and neighbors, and even stalking and harassment by police, and the “victims” families (the real victims are those who are attacked, not the dead criminals).  If you’ve managed to stay out of jail, using a gun in self-defense can mean your life is ruined anyway. You may be alive, but you may need to start over also.  In effect, guns used in self-defense could embark you upon a one-way street of legal complications, the possibility of hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs and a nightmarish experience that chews you up and spits you out in the end.  In other words, use a gun in self-defense and it’s going to cost you, no matter what.

Guns used to suppress tyranny are even rarer cases (in modern America) and carry even heavier punishments, almost always resulting in your death. This is going to cost you everything – family, job, savings, retirement, property, plans — anything and everything you ever wanted to do is now gone — forever. Take up arms against the government and they’re not going to stop until your either in prison or dead.

The new gun legislation currently being considered has the potential to launch a guerrilla war against its proponents. Those who elect to do this will be in their minds, “fighting tyranny”. If this happens, they will have embarked upon that ultimate one-way street — there is no turning back.

Revolutionaries all over the world have done exactly this. I rather doubt that Americans are ready for this step, having long since chosen “the path of compromise”, again and again. I also think our government knows this and fully understands it — and will choose incrementalism in the hopes of preventing a violent backlash.  That’s my expectation – but it remains to be seen what will actually transpire.

I’m deeply disappointed in ‘conservatives’ and their attitudes towards guns, politics, freedom and the overall direction this country has taken (and have been for many years). Under Republicans, we lost a huge amount of our freedoms, actions which were fully supported by conservatives. The Patriot Act, Military Detention Act, National Defense Authorization Act, even the “Homeland” Security moniker were widely embraced as necessary and essential for Americans to “stay safe”.

Fighting “terrorism” translated into endless wars and genocide, torture and rendition, and now even the assassination of Americans is considered legal and necessary — all fully supported by ‘conservatives’.

Of course, it was all a load of crap and has done nothing towards making Americans one iota safer. But has done a great deal towards taking away our freedoms and liberties of all Americans.  Now conservatives are (finally) “up in arms” about gun control, which makes no damned sense at all. It seems that they are all willing to give up virtually all their our other freedoms (1st, 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments for example) as long as they’re allowed to “own guns”.

This too is a load of horseshit.

It means that conservatives do not have the sand to stand up for anything and never really will unless it serves their own selfish interests (my recent case against Lewis Albert is a prime example). Unwilling to fight tyranny when it was happening right in front of their noses, they’re unlikely as hell to EVER find the courage to actually fight it on their own. Their blustering is just that — and it most likely means next to nothing. But it’s not a guarantee.

By now, some of you have seen the Alex Jones video, where he explodes into a ranting tirade on prime time television “debate” (which he shouted his way through). Not trusting this self-serving clown one bit, I will not post the link here, but I will say that Alex Jones does NOT and NEVER HAS represented Americans, “patriots” or gun owners or anybody other them himself in this country.

Gun owners do not want a showdown, which is what many “patriot” oriented websites and commentators are trying to create. They’re hoping for a fight. They’re actually trying to provoke a fight too. It’s really evident now. They might even succeed in getting this to happen. Be advised that some of these sites are being run by agent-provocateurs. Just like the fake “protesters” who smashed windows and torched cars, these undercover operatives are actively identifying and engaging with the easily fooled “activists” who follow their lead.

This is where the real danger lies.  A non-authentic protest movement against a gun ban. I have no doubts at all that the gun movement is just as infiltrated and subverted as any other movement in this country. You decide on this issue for yourself — but you have been warned.

Will it be different this time around? Will something finally break loose? Nobody really knows for sure. But what is happening, is definitely different this time around, carrying an air of ominous forebodings.  It seems as if a flashpoint may arrive, and if so, I’m not going to speculate on how that plays out.

The gun control agenda is seriously misguided and misplaced, misidentifying the root causes of gun violence and the failed responsibility of society itself. Overlooking real tyranny in the world and what happens in disarmed countries is simply unforgivable. This “debate” will rage on and on in America unless something truly radical occurs which may yet happen.

Obama is said to be considering another illegal “executive order” which is another load of horseshit, but will carry the force of “law” until challenged and defeated in court.

It won’t solve anything — and will undoubtedly edge America and Americans even closer to the precipice of revolution. That, in the end, is what America is ultimately facing over this issue — eventually, when the absent courage is finally found again, and Americans of all types decide we have finally had “enough”.


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